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FF: LOVE TO LIVE (Kria's POV) (Page 32)

savniprida Groupbie

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 2:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by asmaju

Awesoime update .
thanks for the pm.
plz dont stop at such point.
Hope Kriyaansh meet again.
update soon.

Thanks :) And I wont stop!!

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savniprida Groupbie

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Originally posted by 1D_D3-Crazy

Awesome update and thanks for the pm :D
I loved how the gifts had KR/RAY on them

Nikki <3

thanks!! :)
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Originally posted by tinatartari

tats relly beautiful
kr n rayban!!!!plx update nxt soon!!!
oh!she z struck between a gud daughter n a gud lover!!

Yeah... we all are in a dilemma many a times!!! Though i love Kria's maturity!!
savniprida Groupbie

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Originally posted by ArmanSuchita88

good one !!!!!!!!!
continue writingSmile

savniprida Groupbie

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 3:08am | IP Logged

This time its a LONG update!! Enjoy, like, comment and criticism and suggestions are welcome!!!!

Chapter 8 -


*Sharon's POV*



I never knew when my ego melted. When that divide between me and Swayam disappeared. All I knew that I was in love with him, and was now ready to accept it. it was as if destiny had planned everything for us. at first, I was Sharon, the diva, the dazzler, and he, a nobody. Through dance, he got his identity in college, and he became the most loved guy in college. And I had always thought he was poor, but he wasn't poor also. All those things I had held against him had all disappeared. I am not saying I started loving him because I found out he had money. No, never. I wasn't that cheap. And of all people, Swayam was the only one who knew me for who I was. A simple girl, with my own problems and insecurities, hidden behind the mask of Sharon, the diva. I loved him for the simple fact that he did not care if I loved him or not, he still wanted to see me happy. And that I had realized after he had consoled me. I had always been rude to him, always. But he had not cared. He had been there for me, with the promise that he'd always be there. I switched on the radio beside me bed, and the song that played described Swayam beautifully.. I almost laughed at the last two lines!!


Who dekhnay me kaisa seedha saadha lagta

Hai bolta ki wo to kuch nahi samajhta..

Andar se kitni tez hain

Kabhi ajeeb sa kabhi haseen lagta

Kabhi kisi kitaab ka hai scene lagta

Philosophy ka craze hai

Ho… kehta hai ki ye ek phase hai… :)



The sun fell on my face, and I smiled. It was a going to be a beautiful day. I turned and saw a huge, beautiful bouquet of flowers on my bedside, with a note. It read, "Good Morning Sunshine. Happy Birthday! I am sorry I couldn't be there to wish you myself, I'll be back by night though. Lots of love. Dad." A big smile reached my face. Dad would be back by night. I loved him, and I knew he loved me too. That's all that had mattered. For him, dance had always been his first love, but without him I wouldn't have been a dancer; Swayam was right. Just then my cell phone vibrated. I had a truckload of missed calls and messages, but I had slept early, with my phone on silent. My phone rang, and Swayam's name flashed on the screen.



"Sharon! Thank God you picked up the phone! Are you okay? Why weren't you picking up? I… we were so worried about you!" I know you are worried about me Swayam, and you can say that out loud to me now.


"Shh. Don't worry Swayam, I am fine."


There was a silence after that. I was sure he was heaving a sigh of relief. "So are you not going to wish me?" I asked him.


"Oh yeah, sorry." His voice almost blushed. I had a silent laugh over it. "Happy Birthday Sharon! Hope all your wishes come true."


"Thanks. And thanks for everything." I said, meaning it from my heart.


"You don't have to say that. Anyways, I will go now. I am sure you must have other important calls to attend to. Bye. See you in college." and he cut the phone.


I shook my head irritated. He was behaving weird now. But I knew it was my mistake. I agreed to it. a lot of things had become clear over the past few days to me. I smiled as my phone buzzed again, and Rey, Simi, Vicky, Rini and everyone else were asking me hurry to college. I had a bath, and then stood in front of my cupboard wondering what to wear. I knew I always looked good, but today, I wanted to look good for him.


I went down, and I saw dad waiting for me on the table. I was shocked!! "Dad????!!! I thought you were coming by night!! What a beautiful surprise!!" I ran and hugged him. He picked me up and twirled me round. This had been our usual way of greeting. Whenever dad andi met after his trip, he would always pick me up and turn me round. "Happy Birthday sunshine. How could I not be here for your birthday." He smiled at me. I smiled back at him, and sat on the table. "Thank you dad! I love you! And how was your show?"
"Oh, it was great! And do you know, I am the chairperson for the National Dance Fest! I got selected! Cool na?" he said with excitement. Even I was excited! Rey and Swayam, along with me and the entire Dazzlers and Weakling teams were part of the India Fest as organizers. "That's awesome dad!! We are the student organizers for the fest! It'll be so much fun to have you around! And many of my friends are your fans!" He laughed.

"Come on, I got you a gift! We're going, come on!" and saying so he went out of the house. I looked at him curious. I texted Rey telling him I'd be late, as I was spending time with dad and I went out. Waiting for me, at the gate, was a beautiful, sovereign blue sportscar. I jumped with joy! "Dad!!!" I shouted and hugged him. "I love you!!! This is awesome!!!" He was very happy at my enthusiasm. I could see it on his face. "I am glad you like it sunshine! Come on, lets go for a ride." I agreed, and we went for a drive on the outskirts, away from the city traffic. We roamed around quite a bit, and the car was wonderful. Finally he directed me to an open field, with a small hut like place built in the centre. We got down, and stretched our legs. I was admiring the car, and dad went and sat in the hut. There were scarcely any people around. And even though the road was awesome to drive on, there were no vehicles seen. Only a lone, yet beautiful house stood in the distance, and I saw dad staring at it. I went and sat beside him.

"Sharon.." he said after a while.


"Yeah, dad?"


"I wanted to talk to you. I don't know if I should tell this to you today, but I think its time for you to know. My girl is a big girl now, and I am an old man now."


I looked at him curiously. I had a clue what he was going to tell me, and I knew my reply, but I wanted to hear it from him.


"Sharon.. I don't know where I should start. I have… I don't…" He was not finding the right words. I decided to speak finally.

"I know what you want to say dad. That I am adopted, right?" I looked at him in his eye. There was pain in his eyes, and a tear escaped his eye. "So you know? How?" he asked me quietly. In a few words, I told him how I'd found out. "And?" he asked me, he was tensed, but he'd have to accept whatever I told him. He was like that. He'd never forced anything on me. He'd letme have my way most of the times. "And.." I said after a pause. "And, it does not matter to me. I don't care whether I am adopted or not. You are my father. And I am your daughter. We are a family, and I don't care what a piece of paper has to say." Tears escaped his eyes. "You have become a lot mature Sharon. My girl is a big girl." He repeated. "I love you sunshine!" And he hugged me tight, and I hugged my dad back. "I am sorry Sharon" he said after a while. I disengaged myself from him, looked at him, and said, "Dad, don't be sorry. If you hadn't taken me, god knows where I would have been. I just want to know why my parents left me, and how did you become my father?"

He smiled. "It's a long story." "I am not going anywhere," I smiled back at him.


"Okay then. Listen. Many years ago, you were a toddler then. I was married to a wonderful woman. I loved her, and she loved me too. I sired a daughter with her. We were happy together, but we both failed to recognize where our happiness lay. I was young, and dance meant the world to me. She failed to understand that. And she loved me, and I was the world for her. I failed to understand that. Misunderstandings crept up, and she left me along with our daughter. I tried to get her back, but I couldn't leave dance. I do not regret having dance as a part of me, but in the process, I lost my better half. She and our daughter went away somewhere far away. I became a full-time dancer, and on weekends, I taught kids at the local school. One day, on the school gathering, I met two wonderful people: Mr and Mrs Malik. They had come to see their daughter dance. Your sister. You were not born then, but listening to our conversation from your mom's tummy. Your parents requested me to come to your house to teach them dance too, along with your sister. So whenever I had time in my busy schedule, I used to come up to your house. I taught them dance, and in a period of almost 6-7 months, we became great friends. You were born, and there was much happiness in the house. But it didn't last long. You all were travelling somewhere when an accident occurred. I was the first to appear in the hospital, your parents did not have any close relatives, but so many friends came for them. Your mom and sister died on the spot, and your dad was nearing his end. He called me in his room, and said his last words- "Take care of my daughter. Make her a wonderful dancer. Like you. Give her everything she wants, treat her like your own daughter." I agreed to his last request, and adopted you. He knew about my own wife and daughter. He knew i missed them. And he also knew that I treated you and your sister like my own. I took you home, and here you are. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. You're the reason I lived when times seemed dark, and there was no one to share my loneliness with. You became my life. This is the truth." We both had tears in our eyes. My parents had loved me. I was happy for that. I wondered how life would have been had they been with me today. But then I remembered a few words You should never think about what could have been, or what once was. You should always think about what is in the present. Even though our loved ones leave us, life moves on, it goes on. And we have to learn to move on with a smile along with life. Swayam had said them to me once. I smiled. Swayam to the rescue as always. I looked at dad, staring at my face quietly, his cheeks streaked with tears. "Do you hate me Sharon? I am so sorry." He said softly. "No dad. I can't hate you. All that I know is that you are my father, and I am pretty sure even if my dad would have been there, he wouldn't have brought me up the way you did. You are my dad, my dance idol, everything for me. I wish my parents and sister would have been there but I am happy with you, and I don't ask anything more from life." He smiled at me. "Come on, You must me getting late for college. I kept you for a long time."

"Of course not dad." I replied. We came to the car, and then dad said, "Before going Sharon, there's something I want to show you." We drove to the lone house in the field. It was beautiful, like a mansion. It wasn't very huge, but had a homely feeling. "This is your house Sharon. Your parents' house. Your dad left it in my care till you reached 21 years of age. Now that you're 21, its all yours." I looked at the house. And a tear escaped my eye. I wiped it. "We can go inside, but I forgot the key. It's in my study. Take it whenever you feel like going there." Dad said. I nodded, and we went back.


Dad was driving, and I received a call from the national dance fest people. They wanted a few details. They asked me my full name, and I smiled at dad. He smiled back, and I answered confidently into the phone, "Sharon Gautam Raiprakash."




*Kria's POV*


But before that, I needed to know a few more things. "Mom," I asked, "What is my father's name? And where does he live?" I looked at her straight in the eye. She looked at me and replied quietly, "Gautam Raiprakash."



*To be continued*

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awsome one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rIDhid3rox IF-Rockerz

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amazing and awesome update sharon's POV was so beautifully described... i loved the update...thanks a lot for the iam badly waiting for kria's pov and her reaction...
moon_cupcake IF-Sizzlerz

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Its mind blowing!!!!!
Luved sharon n gautam's convo
n kriya also got to her father's name...eagerly waiting for the next part...

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