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IP REDUX; Jhooti Muti Mitwa !! *updated* (Page 8)

Sofna IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
I liked the epi... Laughed all way thru ..ROFL...dialogues, antics, expressions... thoroughly enjoyed it...LOL... as a stand alone epi...Cool.
But I'm absoloutely tired of the drag..Sleepy.. The cv'z dragged the revelation of Anj huby...The revelation to Khushi who her fiance was... But this is unbelievable...Disapprove... Since their marriage I have enjoyed few epi's here or there on their own.Thumbs Down... N i DEFINITELY prefer the wonderful analysis done here MORE than waht has been dished out to us onscreen.HugStar..
Why are ArHi shouldering the entire epi...Confused...? There are so many characters... so many paralllel tracks that could be touched upon... Shyam-Anjali, PayAsh, Mama-mami... Have the Gupta's left the show??..I won't be suprised to read articles that those actors are doing diff shows... I just don't understand... Every single actor is doing justice to their role...Y aren't they entitled to screen time...???... y concentrate ONLY on Khushi IRRITATING ASR???... These scenes can b squeezed between other tracks tooo... Even giving us insight in to characters is possible without this pathetic dragging... i don't know... There's no way they can drag till this IPL is over ...cause by then...EVEN.the TRP audience will have given up cOMPLETELY ...
*off to read all analysis*

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Doodle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 6:31pm | IP Logged
Me updated Big smile but am still proof reading and will be changing the colors but the matter is ready... check kar sakte ho. Smile

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Lizzy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
@doods-wonderful,exhilarated that somebody shares my POV on the episode.have written the same things but in Lizzy style on Pg2.I have mentioned there that today's episode was all about love and the different styles that ppl potray it in.I have also likened ASR to a jackfruit .if one tries unraveling his approach one really has to first go through   the coarse outer surface after that the other tasteless inner layer which is unfit to eat and then would one get to taste the sweet I guess Khushi has got a clue about it from Anjali..I hope the PH uses this to weave a good plot..
I found nothing wrong with way Khushi is dealing with this issue.this comic sense is part of her makeup.though I loved the Arnav,Khushi and anjali parts,I also have problem with two things-1.the stagnation of the other plots ,2.continuation of this comic track (though intertwined with message ) will really put some people off watching Ipkknd.

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imaan Senior Member

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 7:44pm | IP Logged
nice post ...epioside was not sooo good bt tanthya nad doods your analysis are enough to make it watch...better...

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kpk1002 Groupbie

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Great post Clap and a wonderful analysis of today's episode.Clap

I have to admit, after watching the episode every day, I wait for the Redux post. Reading each analysis is like finding another piece to this puzzle called IPKKND. Big smile

@Doods, your thought process is just mind blowing. The time and energy you and Tanthya spend analyzing each minute detail is amazing and the analysis you put forth is eye opening. I agree with you completely when you say that neither Anjali nor Khushi have understood ASR and his capacity to love.

 One character trait that Arnav has, that commands my respect, is his honesty. He has a very strong sense of right and wrong...stronger than Khushi's  too, because her actions are ruled by love and concern for others feelings, while Arnav's reactions are ruled by setting things right, no matter the cost. Whenever he finds out that he has done something wrong, he immediately goes about correcting this breaking his engagement with Lavanya (as you mentioned), apologizing to Khushi (in his own way) for his anger or apologizing to Payal (for breaking her marriage). I love the way he doesn't wait...he realizes his mistake and immediately starts working on setting things right. I can't wait to see what he does when he finds out about Khushi's innocenceDay Dreaming and the extent of Shyams deceit Angry

I guess for now we have Miss B to look forward to. Between her and the other kids, the rest of the week should be fun. Now, if only they could keep Shyam away for a bit longer Wink

Tanthya, thank you so much for the PMSmile

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abavi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 8:26pm | IP Logged

Hello Reduxians!!!

Wonderful Analysis all of you!ClapClapClap
The episode did give two important messages for me in the midst of Humor
1. From Anjali's words, its clear that even though Kushi tries to show she is cheerful and happy, Anjali has sensed that she is not her usual self, the bubbly one that used to come to RM...Anjali thinks that Kushi is searching for happiness...and she relates it to Arnav fighting with Kushi. The moment Anjali told that Kushi has gone quiet nowadays and seems like she is searching for her happiness- what would have Arnav thought? yeah she is not happy obviously... She wants Shyam and I cant give her what she wants!
2. And when Anjali told Kushi that he fears being pampered and loved because he cannot do the same to others.. I think she meant not being loved in actual sense, she meant being expressive..
But if Kushi tries to think on these lines, she would realise that this guy is not at all in-expressive when it comes to love, he cannot be all lovey dovey like gifting bouquets of roses and chocolates every other day...He is not the type who would say "I Love you" or "I missed you so much"... He is bad with words and these expressions are all implicit for him... He is not someone who would call her Jaan/baby/honey/sweetheart very often.. these expressions would be there... probably reserved for very special occasions...  but he is expressive in his own way!
Did'nt he Kiss her when he realised that she had put A on her mehendi? didnt he serve food along with her and take it on the stride when someone called him server? Didnt he go all hyper when she fainted, ordering everyone around, didnt he get her bangles when she hinted him about it? doesnt he shout/hold/stop her everytime she falls, trips/dashes against something?
Its not that he does go expressive only when he fears losing his near and dear, he does express even otherwise... Only that the person has to relate and understand his way of expressing it. He expresses it but he cannot stand the other person going gaga over it... simply because he cant handle them when they go gaga.. he feels being teased!
- And this is the same reason, he got kushi the bangles, but wouldnt agree openly, because he doesnt want her to gaga over it, simply because he cant handle it, He does'nt know how to react when someone does that... He did agree to it when she demands and fights with him.. that is something that he can handle!
- this is the same reason why he tried to escape when Kushi went gaga over the fact that he helped her serve food...
- What I thought was Kushi knows his expressions of love- otherwise how did she recognise the Rajkumar in Shaitan, only that now she is into irritating him, so doesnt think much about it.
- And Anjali is probably the one who doesnt understand his expressions of Love- In the FB scene also, Its 12 and and little Arnav is sitting on his bed writing something.. Why should someone as little as an 8 year old sit and write something at that hour... was it because he knew his sis would come and wish him? and when she does, he doesnt want to show he has been waiting.. because he knows Anjali would go gaga over the fact he was actually waiting to be wished, he diverts the attention by bursting the balloon!
Apart from these two points to ponder, the episode was funny
Some thoughts on OTT
Start Music:
chingucha chingucha Manja coloru chingucha Pacha coloru chingucha segappu coloru chingucha vanna vanna shirtunga vaga vagaiyana shirtunga vaanavilla pilinju vanthu sayam potta shirtunga...
chingucha chingucha
1. If she had removed all his shirts, cant he use one of his sweat shirts or T shirts?
2. Isnt it the same shirt he wore for SPA Song?Arnav on red... I mean, i was reminded of the famous Ramarajan shirts (girls who watched his movies would have murdered me now for comparing Arnie with RR...if they could reach me through the virtual world!)  he can use a waist coat on top of it, it would'nt look that bad like now...purely IMO Some liked him on it infact... NOM
3.Swami really? even though it is to piss him off, I was wondering if there is a equivalent of Athan, Mama, Machan, bava in Hindi? romantic but isnt really outdated kindof? I mean in south, I have seen young ladies(I know someone well edcuated and employed ladies as well) using it, if not on regular basis... they do call their hubbies by name and do use these words sometimes in public as wellWink... but swami?
4. where did her suits go? I am seeing only shirts now?
5. when Payal was reluctant initially to let Mamorama in, I was thinking of something else WinkLOL

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Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pamk06




Yesterday, I had promised you that I will see the episode with no expectations and I did exactly that.  What can I say,  I loved the first 5 mins and I was ROFLing the next 15 mins. Who needs Comedy Circus when you have  IPKKND. It  gives you, your daily dose of  laughter with romance and an added bonus of no MU, no villain.  But I would be lying if I said that I did not like the episode, I did, not for the obvious reasons, of course, but because of the subtle messages that CV's gave today. 

Today,  when the episode ended, I was in a dilemma that why is Khushi doing all this, what is her objective. I even discussed this with Lucky but I was totally blank. Then I remembered  Khushi promising Arnav, after Payal fiasco that she will stay in this marriage without any questions, she will fulfill the 6 months contract but that time she also promised herself that she will do everything so that Arnav will himself throw her out of the house. This is her strategy and this is what she is trying to achieve. What I could not fathom was does her promise to Arnav, that she will stay with him for 6 months also automatically include that she will not ask him the reason behind the marriage.  I guessed it was so because she is giving more importance to getting thrown out of the house. 

This did not make sense and then I remembered Dood's "Arnav-Khushi  Equation" theory and realized what the CV's were trying to do. Doods has time and again said that their love for each other will give rise confusion on Arnav's side but then how will the confusion built, if there is no foundation,  of understanding, of knowledge, of trust,  if he is not aware of the basic nature that makes Khushi Kumari Gupta -Singh Raizada and vice versa. I felt today was the foundation, yes the methods were hilarious, but the message was definitely there.

So now let me repeat my daily mantra "Fantastic post, Tanthya"


Below is my analysis:


Today, I am going to use the same scenes to explain two different perspectives that I saw in the episode.


If you ask a person  in a relationship, what is the most important thing for a relationship to survive,  the answer 90% of the time will be "UNDERSTANDING". A word so simple but which is as important or sometimes more important than love, trust and respect.  If you understand your partner, you will be able to trust and respect him.  It is a word that is so difficult to understand but few months into a relationship and this will be your answer to all those single men and women. 

Today's episode, I felt was all about understanding, understanding that comes when two people start living together, when two people unknowingly start picking up each other's habits, when two people unknowingly start anticipating each other's needs  and when two people start sharing or recognizing  the other's thought processes. Let me explain:


Khushi: Subconsciously she knows what is going to affect Arnav and she used exactly those tools. 

First one was her tears which is such an important weapon against him , a weapon that in spite of his wishes, affect him, a weapon that can, in seconds change his anger , his irritation into care and this girl who is one hell of a manipulative gal used it to maximum effect.  

Second is use of "Shudh Hindi". She knows it baffles him, confuses him when she uses words that he cannot comprehend. He is a person who is used to having complete understanding of a situation and it irritates him when he does not, his mind stops working and she uses this fact to her complete advantage. Get him confused and he forgets why he was irritated. I would say, perfect wifely strategy. 

Third, was his clothes. She knows him so well that she knew he was going to ask HP for the laundry clothes and so she took measures that he just cannot get hold of his clothes in any way.  Well, Aakash was just luck on her part but still the important part is how well has Khushi started understanding Arnav, his habits and his thought processes.


Arnav: As soon as he saw Khushi's new avatar, he knew she was up to something. He did not even have to think for a second. His immediate reaction was "Tell me what you are up to". He knows he cannot take anything she does at face value especially when she is acting so sweet, that there is an ulterior motive and hence he kept ensuring that she has not done anything fishy, be it with the removal of shoes or be it the towel and perfume. When she told him about his clothes, he though angry just accepted it. He knew there was no point arguing with her and he just started finding  alternatives. Another thing that showed that he has started noticing her habits was the way he kept watching her till she left the room, he knew she was going to bang into the door, both times he cautioned her but alas he could not save her from hurt the second time.

Today this understanding was Khushi's weapon and Arnav's defense but tomorrow this on-going building understanding will be their defense against the coming threat, against Shyam who despite his ministration will not be able to shake it, this understanding will help them understand the other's actions of the past, present and future, this understanding will force them to regret and repent their actions and this understanding will help them forgive themselves as well as the other when the time comes.


Another thought that just struck me here was Arnav always warns her before she gets hurt by the door. It has happened many time and she most of the times will get hurt. Makes one wonder that will he warn her about the dark, will he try to save her from heartbreak but is it still doomed to happen. 

"Yeh sab karne ke liye mein kabhi kisiko allow nahi karunga"


This statement was said by Arnav to Anjali but how untrue this statement has become and it was proved so subtly by the CV's today. 

Anjali is Arnav's light. For her he can do anything. He accepts all her ministrations with reluctance but he does not disappoint her. He cares for her health ,for her happiness and ensure that nothing bad ever touches her. He hates it when she does not take care of herself and shows it with his irritation. 

Now think, doesn't he do all this with Khushi too. Let's take today for example, Khushi did everything to irritate him, she took him out of his comfort zones and threw him into an uncomfortable pit but did he object? NO, he reluctantly accepted. He did not disappoint her, he hates it when she gets hurt and he shows it with irritation. He needs her as much he needs his sister.  He misses her and without him realizing she is become that last person who he wants to see before sleeping and first person that he searches for after waking up. She has unknowingly become an important part of him whom he will allow do anything and does allow even now.

There is but one main difference in these two relationships and that is "Trust", where he trusts Anjali blindly, he takes everything from Khushi with a pinch of salt. Two simple scenes, without questioning he took the Prasad from Anjali but he checked and double checked the bed, towel and the perfume that Khushi gave him. 



But there will be time when both these relationship will attain the equal status in his heart and mind, both these relationship will have equal amount of trust, respect and love. Then he will have to choose between them, a decision which he will not will be able to take, will be unable to do so. Khushi will be the one who will decide for him, who will leave him,who will do the sacrifice because she will realize that Anjali is and always will be important to Arnav.



  1. Why do the chimes  ring only when Arnav enters the room and they do not make a sound when Khushi enters the room ?
  2. Why was she cutting onions on the poolside?

 @ Pam Bang on: Such a positive way of seeing the understanding Very nice.

Abt The  PS:
As per me Arnav takes the things on Face off so everytime he enters the room, he doesnt avoid the chimes so they ring, But everytime she enters, she is always compaasionate abt other ppl, so carefully avoids them so as Arnav doesnt get irritated
Cutting onions, as she has to shown herself teary eyed, and actually isnt crying so  to get the tear effect, may she had got the tea ready & went to poolside, cut onions, teary eyed & entered the room 



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payasa Goldie

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 8:50pm | IP Logged
thanks tantya for the reference. i felt happy being mentioned by eminent writer.

@ db,anna tantya ...beutiful review.

i have not read pams and others yet. later in the day i do it.

as i said yesterday the story is being concentrated on arnav-khushi emotional journey together. their understanding, their feelings. .shyam's story is taking a back seat. That is O.K and good for the story as it belongs to a-khushi.

 In doing so, why the cv's are showing khushi doing all kinds of stupid things in the world.? right from dabba service to seethi brother's incident to swami.
Its beyond my understanding. 

though today's episode was entertaining,enjoyable though it did not do anything help review khushi, i loved it for barun.

what i dont understand is regarding kushi why they are moving back to square one. two days back i was happy that now on wards khuhi's feelings will b shown. ... today she is back to her stupid pranks...wen the same things could have been shown without OTT / n with some genuine concern... 

i wonder is she the same khushi who respected the sanctity of mocking the same. she is irritating at times. dont understand what actually she wants.

some good scenes i really liked are

1. his going to sleep peacefully watching her
2. short glimpse of her love while waking him up.

i agree with u,

1.  regarding secracy of new entries/ the story. they should maintain these kinds of things under wrap to generate curiosity. it takes away the real interest / eagerness to watch the episode.

2. wen payal can be given classy look, why cant khushi ? i dont like her dresses at all. lets donate her some.

3. i feel cv's are answering the critisism through their episodes. ...there was big cry for the change in wardrobe for arnav... now they got him all colourful shirts.
                Take dabba service...arnav is mouthing same words we used to.  
   What do u people say?


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