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IP REDUX; Jhooti Muti Mitwa !! *updated* (Page 72)

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by slmu

I'm off girls. Catch you all tomorrow.

Stay safe all.

bye shanthi n tc

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RiyaDutta IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by monsi08

Discoverer... n u too tells... so that we can meet up and discuss IPK face 2 face sipping tea @EatnMeet or @Kadamba... LOLLOLLOL
WOW...mine InventorWink
LOlsss haan na or go to Park SquareLOLLOLLOL

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Nia.D Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by sea.nymph

To be truly honest - at first I didn't like this episode - couldn't find much sense in it.. but I'm slowly changing my mind about it... writing down helped clear my thoughts about it...

I agree with Payasa's statements that it is a two fold track - the MU, and the character. I did mention a similar opinion regarding the 'character' angle in my post yesterday, but I perhaps failed to drive out the message clearly.


What I love about the current path of the story is that they are showing gradual changes in Arnav's behaviour. I wish they would show the same for Khushi too, they did for her only during the B&B episode where, in my last post,  said that she was controlling her emotions, keeping them to herself.

Kushi's character keeps fluctuating no end, sometimes I feel she  has a worse case of bipolar disorder than Arnav. The B&B story started out well with Khushi vocalizing the image of Arnav that resides in her head. But then, the very next day she's back to her child-like antics - with though very adorable, and hilarious, do not link with her silent treatment of the previous day.

I would venture to say that this could be because of Khushi's character trait of making hay while the sun shines - She's been given an opportunity by Anjali to peek into this man's deepest secret (and as DB rightly said - it's just that he doesn't know 'how' to express his feelings). and Khushi taking advantage of this 'secret' uses it in her natural 'prankster' fashion. And why so? This is because, this girl has a penchant to see the brighter side of things on any gloomy, end-of-the-world-day - she can't remain sad, angry, miserable or frustrated for long - the child in her invokes her to have fun whenever possible.

I would like to put another view here , it is not just  prank, she really is curious to know whether Arnav is indeed allergic to Love..she is probing him, wanting  either confirmation or negation ..she is interested in him and that interrest can come about only when u love the person...Unknowingly in peeling him, she is also peeling herself !!

Yes, Khushi has always been shown as the one and only bubbly-spirit-in-the-face-of-adversity Khushi (wonder if anyone can pretend to be so care-free!), and it is this undying spirit of hers that makes her who she is - a tireless crusader who plonks in the middle of turmoil but fights it with her own unconventional skills to pass through it. This girl has enormous reserves of strength to keep going on, her heart may be thoroughly confused and sensitive (have lost count of the number of times she's cried), but her will to keep walking on (or dancing, or fooling around - her style of walking on) shows that when the time of heart-break comes, she'll probably cry herself dry, and she may withdraw into a shell, but not for long - she will, in time, pick herself up and move on.

... and Arnav (well, besides being total eye-candy during the whole episode, he was the 'growing character' again - will come to it in a while).

To be updated...

The Beauty and the Beast took us all to childhood, fairyland, only for us to recall Arnav's words to Khushi 'don't get lost in fairy-tales' and rightly so, today's episode brought us back to reality of the CV's whims and wishes with a thump and a dazed 'what the!' look on our faces.

Arnav, who is now getting quite used to his equally bipolar disordered 'patni' (sangati ka asar hai, i guess) waits impatiently for her in their room - Monday's delayed reaction of missing her for two days came in play today! He looks twice at the clock, battling with himself whether he wants to see her, or if he just doesn't care, but of course Arnav dear, you may be confused, but we aren't - we know you long for a glimpse of her! Wink

ASR reigns in this debate, and Arnav decides to skip waiting for Khushi, and closes his eyes - just then Khushi enters reluctantly into her Shaitan ka Mahal... sees him asleep, and converses in soft whispers to her new best friend Laxmi, who seems bent upon becoming a kebab mein haddi... Tongue (my brains have gone for a toss this time)

And yet again, like yesterday, I'm glad they've decided to 'upgrade' Arnav's listening skills - what with him listening to 'him' being Khushi's 'Shaitan and Rajkumar' and today listening to her voice her decision to stay out of his way (which she didn't follow the next morning) Wacko But, if you ignore that, then it is touching to see that Arnav is disturbed by what he hears, he actually feels concerned about her - it all showed through those half-closed eye-lids. (Good going Barun!!) Clap

And then, the bestest awww-worthy scene ever - I swear I could feel my heart just vaporize and float on a heavenly plain!! She tip-toes silently to her side of the bed, he is sleeping straight on his recliner/couch... and then he peeks, turns to her side, and watches with a soft satisfaction, with a gentle sense of comfort and a pinch of gladness - at the 'sleeping beauty' in front of his eyes. (I shall forever cherish this moment - Barun... damn you!) Heart

Once he intakes all that beauty, all that innocence, all that love - he closes his eyes happy in the comfort that she's there with him tonight. Her presence in his life means a lot. He's just like a small boy - sleeping with the assurance that the angel is there by his side!

And she, Smile she sneaks a glance at him, her Rajkumar, sleeping like an innocent child, with contentment all over his face... and she drifts off to sleep, probably lost in her dreamland fairytale where her Shaitan-cum-Rajkumar is the Rajumar she has always dreamed of all these years! The old IPKKND magic spell-bound me for some moments in this scene! Star

Arnav wakes up to Khushi busy with her dabba service preparations, and on getting ready for office, meets Anjali who is with her favourite item - puja ki thaal, she proceeds to give him prasad, and puts a tika for him... something no one else is allowed to do by ASR (was glad to have got to hear the 'old' ASR).

Continuing from yesterday, Anjali, who now knows that all is not well between these bickering love-birds, tries to talk sense to her little brother, but has he ever listened to her? Naa-ah, not much, especially when it comes to Khushi, so Anjali, using her brains, for once, goes to the more sensible one who is open to listening to her advice - Khushiji!

Anjali gives Khushi a significant background on why Arnav is the way he is. She explains to Khushi, that Arnav does not like any show of affection or love, he does love, he does care, but he finds it hard to 'express' them. That he gets annoyed by 'actions' of love and affection, and that Khushi needs to step into his way of thinking if she needs to draw out his love.

A big round of applause for Anjali here! Clap Too good Anjali!! She finally decided to use her brains, and not only that, she used her brain to deliver the right message to the right person. You know that Khushi is someone who you can trust to make things right - like you said, arnav finds it difficult to show his affection, so Khushi then, has to be the one to understand where he comes from, and Khushi  is the one who, like before, can bring out the child, the lover, the vulnerable boy that hide within those tough, rude layers of his personality.

And now, this is where I'm stuck in a quagmire of doubt - in an earlier thread today, I said that I didn't like the way Khushi used this valuable piece of information given by Anjali, but the more I think of it, the more I feel that I'm wrong  out here.

Khushi has always been a victim of Murphy's law - she is the one who starts out to do something good and ends up messing up everything, or she goes out with something in mind only to wind up with something totally different than what she originally thought (she did manage some plans excellently, but there were others int he initial episodes where she fumbled) - and so it is with this, that I feel, that by indulging in all these antics to irritate Arnav and to make him throw her out of the house - the total opposite will happen.

If you remember, it was this, innocent, child-like, happy-go-lucky, full-of-life, comic character nature of Khushi that Arnav fell so hopelessly in love with (he's still not out of it, even after witnessing the terrace scene - imagine the depth of love!) Now, by giving a free exhibition to Arnav, of all the minute characteristics of hers he fell in love with - I find it difficult to believe that he will throw her out, in fact, he will get irritated (yawwwn.. classic ASR weird-defence-mechanism), but the irritation will be out of fondness for this cartoon character (who he can't live with or without in his life).

Khushi's is back to her cheery, prankster self - donning the cloak of Gopi Bahu, sorry, donning the 'ghoonghat' look of Gopi Bahu, she tries taking off 'patti-dev's' shoes after he comes home tired from work, she serves him garma-garam bed tea in the morning (though not before getting lost in his soft, innocent demeanor as he sleeps, and softly ruffling his hair to one side, only to remember her mission and messing it all over!) LOL She doesn't stop here, she goes on to keep his towel and 'parrfume' ready for his bath. Even more than that she changes his whole wardrobe to showcase a range of shirts that depict his love for gardening (chuckles LOL)... Me thinks, that Khushi, with her love, will change Arnav's character - she will bring out his bright, colourful, funny side someday... (She's already doing it, Arnav was quite impish with the children in the B&B episode). The change brought about her in his wardrobe seems to suggest a change for the better in Arnav in the future (though I LOVE my ASR... let's see what happens).

Arnav, gawd this guy is getting good at knowing his wife, immediately checks his shoe in the first place, and the towel and parrfume to see if this mischievious lady has meddled around with his stuff (but for once she hasn't, all she is meddling around with are his brains and his heart - well, confusing his heart, not meddling).

While all this drama is going on between these two dolt-heads, I couldn't help noticing Arnav's reactions to all of it - he knew that this nautanki is in her drama-mode, and he wasn't  rude even once! Yes, he did tell her to stop japoing 'Swami, Swami' (cackles LOL), and loved his dialogue "Swami se accha toh Laad Governor hi thaa" Big smile but yeah, he was enjoying it  - kyun Arnavji? missed all this for two days, did you?

I'm telling you, these two have slipped into the roles of wife-husband so smoothly, that they don't even know it. Arnav's instant shout out to her to 'take care', 'dhyaan se' when she's about to bang into the door the first time, and bangs her hand against it the second time - is proof enough that deep down this man cares helluva lot for this crazy child-woman - Sanaya's milli-second expression of awareness, acknowledgement, and wonder to Arnav's 'dhyaan se' the second time - was spectacularly portrayed! Clap Clap Star She veiled that by instantly getting into Gopi bahu's skin though...

Mami-Payal-Akash were fun to watch too... especially couldn't divert my eyes from Mami's loud purple eyeshadow.. (sorry, but it WAS quite bright and eye-grabbing!!) Payal is dressed in a nice night-suit.. but what about her behana Khushi? Will reserve another post for the riddles that jumped on me in this episode. So, Miss B is coming, like Tanthya said, I hope this child, with her bright innocence and clarity, helps make these two frozen-minds see each  other as their Rajkumar and Sundari soon! Or if not that, then make them realize their love for one another! Or, just help the track progress along properly!!

To end with... Barun in a hot pink, or red (it's a fine line) shirt (credit goes to whacko patni who gave away all his 'black-and-white-zamaane ke shirts)!! I thought that with someone who looks so freakin' hot in that shirt, the shirt would just burn away in a brilliant flame - phoof.. summer over here doesn't ease the heat!!

I just realized that I wrote quite a lot, should try and write shorter posts... will update some more, since I'm nowhere near done with this Big smile


Beautiful, Nymph..Loved each and every line... Smile

M In blue

@BOLD oh yes!!! how did I forget that point!!! Shocked

Yes, true as you said Tants (hope you don't mind the short-form)... that she is testing him, and while she's at it, she is equally being tested in this process. I am glad that they are showing Khushi's 'feelings' for him, they may not be as expressive and verbal as Arnav's (but like I've always maintained, Khushi does show her love through her impulsiveness, care and actions). She probably doesn't vocalize her feelings because she is yet to 'accept', understand and acknowledge them. The main point with Khushi when it comes to understanding things is that she neglects to ask the most fundamental and important question - 'WHY'. Once she asks that question (for any 'effect' that is right now in her life) - a lot of her confusions, doubts, fears will be dispelled.

Both of them, unknowingly are slowly getting habituated to each other (the last glance at each other before they sleep was on incidence of this), as the days go by, both are getting to know each other well, and they are now quite well attuned to each other's reactions, habits, and behaviours.

P.S: I was wishing that you had written a longer post today Big smile  It was nice to see a cheerful, optimistic you - thanks to Zuzana, who helped perk you up, and then you in turn helped perk us up!! LOL

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RiyaDutta IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by vasiraju

May tho Hot dog hi kavungi..teek ahi..LOLWinkROFL
Haan na and imagine HOTWA *ahem* Evil SmileROFLROFL

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tanthya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by asumi

Originally posted by tanthya

The essence does not stay true for long, does it..once it comes in contact with other essence, it mingles, changes form..although the core remains the same, the  outer fabric may change ... we are witnessing that change .

Thank You , Sumi..

Would love to see more of u..but  no Pressures Smile

@blue - absolutely true- change is the only permanent thing - but somehow only a few changes are palpable, rest of the changes are soo abrupt or totally out of order - i don't know what to do with those moments LOL and that is when i end up pulling my hair!

Yes, Some changes come over without proper buildup ..when I would get irked when it totally gets out of sync and when I cant weave it in into the character ...By weave it in, I do not expect  that the trait shud blend immediately but would like to see it merging slowly..

like arnav and anjali- was no not a happy kid till his teens? then why did they show a sad bachpan? :\ Confused and Anjali????

I think he was a intense kid  but not a unhappy kid ...!!

we will get a few answers by next year i am sure :D


:) i read almost all the comments of this thread but i sometimes dont know where to comment and where not to :D

thank you soo much! will try and be a part as much as i can :)

Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by vasiraju

Originally posted by --Anna--

Originally posted by sunflower52

@Payasa and Anna,

 About Khushi I am the biggest critic because of the way it is written. 

Well I hope you are right about Khushi's repentance as it's needed as well, for not understanding that he shows his loves with action not words. What ever words he says are meaningless, it his way of hiding his true feelings

She also needs to realize that humans can not be categorize in same way like she is, every person is different and she needs to accept this fact.

Then she will accept Asr the way he is and no matter what she does can not change a person nature and should not even try.   
I know! LOL I get your point salma! she needs to grow into a women and stop being a kid! Somethings are handled maturedly and she needs to know that difference! And till it is done I cannot understand her!
I like the comedy - but do I want to see it when such an MU is going on!? No! I caught on with someother shows yesterday and none have a messed up story line - everywhere it is fast paced. However yahan toh except Arnav and Khushi track all other tracks are halted!
More than anything I want to know where does Shyam disappear suddenly!? Where the hell is Abhaas!? I cannot wait for Shyam these days - atleast it gives the show a push!

Anna  i think CV's want to show us the comic way of married couple  fighting's  as they married and leaving with each other..they want to finish  some comic scenes before they enter in shaym's plan..

once  shyamu enters they can't drag the single plot..they have already dragged they kept shyam a side,,

I would have preferred if they had shown the comic after the MU track. 

Arnav's serious repentance and during the wooing back of Khushi they could have shown some comic element there would have been better. 

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Originally posted by monsi08

Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by cool_tweety

Hello ladies Hug,wat are we discussing today..

**Sigh**..The Girls are having a Virtual Kitty Party, while the poor Moi is slaving over the post OuchLOLLOL

Yeah ...partying with the earth playing her rock music in the background LOL
plus water about to start ballet lessons!!!!LOLLOLLOL

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Originally posted by RiyaDutta

Originally posted by Supna9

oh i never read comp in my school n college time but taught n m teaching . So i v nt so much knwledge of computer.

yaar me too...I never read any comp books in collegeLOLme Electrical EnggEmbarrassed

But ab dekho IT mein aake phas gayiD'ohLOLLOL

@Monsi lolssLOLLOLLOLab toh buiding bhi bataa de!!!!WinkROFL

@Appy...haan naa here also its the same pictureROFL

its mean we r on da same boat hehehe me too learn computer after done my edu.

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