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The Regal Princess: April 10th Analysis (Page 2)

LizBennet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by postmodernist

Getting addicted to ur posts!! As usual, you always have that intensity and depth in ur analysis!! Wendy is spot on to mark you"Miss optimism"!!

LOLLOL Thank you SOO MUCH!!! ALways a lovely compliment to receive! Thank you for the appreciation,it's lovely for being appreciated by always trying to bring out the bigger picture in the midst of constant DEK chaos! LOLWink

Ohhh, you guys ARE SO SWEET!!! I just want to give both you BIG hugs, but sadly I only have this emoticon to give Hug

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LizBennet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Inkpen4877

Ack! This completely made my day! I now have something to look forward to after work!

Your VERY welcome!!!Big smile I am so glad because today's episode was just fabulous...I tell you! WinkLOL
ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
really i always wait for u'r post so good u always encourage to see next episode...luu n u'r post

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barun_roxx Senior Member

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Gr8 analysis. Manveer track iz awesome. Love their scences.

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LizBennet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shana0127

really i always wait for u'r post so good u always encourage to see next episode...luu n u'r post

Thank you so much for the appreciation Shana and the wonderful compliment dear!!! It is my always my pleasure! Big smile
LizBennet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by fire_princess

Gr8 analysis. Manveer track iz awesome. Love their scences.

Thank you so much!!! ManVeer track is just incredible, I agree I love them too!! Big smile
LizBennet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by DEKfan2012


First off,

J-UV scene

Well UV used seduction to get J's phone, and he kissed J...although they made it seem like they you know...but I don't think that's what happened because UV is disgusted with J and even he won't go that far...after all he is a Yuvraaj. BUT I have to say...our Yuvraaj is pretty BRILLIANT...give J the chemistry and take the phone away. Plus even though I am not happy with UV kissing J, I must say it's better than him being at J's beck and call...I am sure now he is going to be playing the dog instead of being the dogWink...FINALLY AND THANK THE HEAVENS! NO MORE PANICKED UV at J's feet!Dead Our clever Prince is back! Clap (I MUST say I had several heart attacks just watching THIS scene)LOL

What a relief...although in the precap Jay still has her phone.  I don't know if UV actually deleted that video.  If he had taken her phone then for sure she would have noticed and stopped trusting him, so maybe he deleted it.  


J wakes up happily and VB congratulates her on getting EVERYONE on her side and taking everything away from Manyata. Angry...Whatever no use being angry because all will be snatched away by Manyata, once again!!!LOL 

Scene switches to M, who ladies and gentleman WHAT WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR TO SEE...DRUMROLL PLEASE...A UV FLASHBACK in MANYATA"S MIND!!!! She has feelings and the girl is in DENIAL TO THE T!!!! SHe remembers their "Jodha Akbar" scene when trying to tie the dori behind her and tries shaking it off by saying she doesn't need anyone's help. Accha Manyata? Toh phir aapko hamari Yuvraj ko YAAD KYU kiya???? Bataaiye???LOL Jawab hai kay nahin? Chalo...we will let you off the hook for now...but how long will you be able to run from your true feelings for your Yuvraaj. Wink Like the quote I mentioned in the previous post, If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second!!!!Wink

I was sooo incredibly happy with this...the first time Manyeta remembers UV and NOT Akash...

VB makes commentary on M's new attire and M retorts that she sent her stylist to J, because more than me J needs a stylist. J gets pissed at her comments, and VB says calm down you have everything. J says she will be punished for acting in such a manner to Yuvraani Jainandini...SO ANNOYING THIS GIRL Angry She just uses her status to get whatever she wants...THATs ALL. She never EVEN THINKS to use it for GOOD.

J asks fakely in a nice manner to M to sit with her at the breakfast table. J makes a snarky comment to VB about how some people still run the race even after the race is finished. VB says he knows such foolish people, especially a particular special foolish person. J says you're right VB these kind of people are called foolish. M says people who run after their dreams aren't foolish, because dreams become our words, words become our deeds, deeds become our habits, and habits become our character and characters make our destiny. So don't make fun at people who dream because those who don't dream they are the ones who are foolish.ClapClapClap Quite philosophical our Princess,na??? I really love that quote, I have heard it several times, but it NEVER get's old to hear. I AM SO PROUD OF M. Such maturity arises from her in matters of difficulty aur yeh JAI??? In matters of difficult times, J toh bas aur childish hoti jaati hai. Dead J retorts that I am not the only one who says dreamers are foolish, the whole world says so too. M says fine than I am foolish! Clap Loving Manyata right now...she has truly grown as a character!!!! From where she started and where she is now...yes she has lots of growth to go, but it's great to see the REALISTIC results after such time! Clap 

I totally detest Jay, more than I did before if that is possible.  She is beneath contempt now too.
UGH...J is just so annoying.  I really wish she could go away to the Bahamas or somewhere for two weeks to give  Manveer some time to develop.  

DS looks annoyed at J and M's loud banter bc she is on the phone. J then decides to do her petty childish antic of pressing the foot of the chair on M's foot. SERIOUSLY J??? SIGH. I shake my head at this child. M screams and DS is annoyed at M and everyone looks at M in annoyance. J is satisfied with being petty. Dead M is upset and crying because J still has her chair leg on M's foot. And THANK GOD Komal NOTICES!!! Komal demands that J apologize to M, J makes her snarky comments that you always take M's side thinking I am the one to be blamed and retorts to Komal's comments about her upbringing that yes you raised me to always condescend to me that I was beneath M and now that I am in M's place you can't take it can you??? GOD, what is WRONG WITH J?? I understand she is 16 yrs of bitterness built up, but just two days ago she thought Komal was happy for her and NOW she can't stand Komal because Komal caught her. Brijraj looks like a monkey taking J's side, seriously what kind of a father is HE...just terrible...wait I FORGOT, he killed a watchman's family and could have cared less, the REASON why M's was kidnapped in the first place...father toh kya, he is a terrible person with no values! Angry

Agree and what is up with DS, seriously and all those phone calls?  I don't remember her being on so many calls before. Something is cooking there too, I tell you!

Bichaari M decides to actually TAKE the blame and says I am always swinging my foot around, it's my fault...seriously felt so sorry for M. Ouch Kaisi behen mili usko...zeher jaisi hai.Dead 

Manyeta is changing and growing more mature...DS was paying attention here and she was observing more than she let on.

Bua-VB scene

Bua asks VB what happened at the table. VB and Bua want to know why UV has taken J side. VB says she has something on him that has changed the entire game and Bua says that may these sisters always fight, thats all we want, because all we want is the Taj. Dead

Not a chance!

A sweet scene between Komal and M occurs AFTER SO LONG!!! Big smile

They reconnect when Komal brings malam for her foot. Komal says she is so proud that you took the blame for your sister. You gave me a lesson that giving forgiveness may badapaan hai. THat after J becomes Yuvraani, you will always be her big sister, but also that you are the oldest rajkumaari in this house and that this right no one can take away from you. Komal says I am with you always and kisses her on the forehead and tells her to take rest. IT WAS SUCH A SWEET Mother Daughter SCENE!!! Big smile I LOVED IT...Really missed those scenes between mother and daughter.

I loved it too...I loved how Komal also stood up for Manyeta and brought J's childishness to her attention...even DS looked shocked and then affected by it.

UV asks VB where M is and VB retorts does he mean J? VB makes his usual commentary and then informs UV he should have been there at the breakfast table where J hurt M...and UV asks where is M? VB shrugs and asks/pesters UV about what him and J were doing last night. UV retorts that VB is J's spare tire while VB retorts that you are J's driver aaj kal Angry SERIOUSLY I ROLLED MY EYES...but was loving UV's concern for M and you can clearly tell this man is not changing his mind/heart about M anytime soonWink

AND now for what we have all been waiting for...

Manveer SCENE!!!

M is walking in pain, UV says he knows what happend, and she says to go away to your girlfriend and have a good laugh then! ANd UV says Manyata, bas sweetly...and takes her and has her sit. UV takes off her sandal and UV says really princess you are big fool and M retorts your gf said the same thing. UV said M how did you even let J do this to you? M says BELIEVE ME the old Moniya would have punished her and UV says vakaaye main princess you have changed, now you wisely choose your battles. Clap M says because I have understand that I don't want to fight any battle with J, my manzil is way ahead of her and for her to get there bas prerna ki zaroorat hai and UV says tumhare prerna aapki saamne hai. UV shows her ancestral lineage through her family portraits on the wall. He familiarizes her with all her was just fabulous!!! He tells her that her family has always thought about others and faced difficulties head on. And M says and here I am worrying about some small chair (throne)LOL...UV Says that's why I am saying Princess to take your taqdeer by both hands. Clap

I love this ENTIRE SCENE!!!! U and M were just absolutely adorable. Love how UV gives strength to M through teaching her about her family and their troubles/triumphs. HOW he AWAKENS the strong princess within her!!! Their hate-love story continues!!!! They had their fight and UV to usko manaa bhi liya!!! But I think it happened so easily because M was missing HER PRINCE!!! Jealousy hai, par pyaar bhi hai!!! EmbarrassedClap Aakhir hamari princess uski yuvraaj seh door kaise reh payengi...???Wink

Nothing to add here, you captured it all beautifully.

DS's office with Brij, Komal, and Bua

UV and M enter while DS is talking about Ram Noumi ki Pooja to Bua and M says she wants to participate in the pooja. DS, Brij look upset and Komal looks happy while UV smiles in support! YES, OUR PRINCESS is participating and looks strong and ready to take action after taking many humiliation pills!!! Clap

PRE-CAP: SUCH AN EXCITING PRECAP!!! VB is panicking saying that in some days your Taj Paushi is happening and before that the Pooja, do you remember anything, or has UV's kiss made you forget everything?? J happily distracted says whats going to happen VB? VB says a lot, A LOT, a lot is going to happen!!! 

I don't know if VB will snap J out of it...I HOPE NOT...she deserves to be played!!! All I can think is HOW EXCITING these two weeks are going to be!!!! I am waiting with bated breath to see how DS's ploy pans out...ShockedClap

I sooo hope J stays distracted now!  

EEEKSSS!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW!!!!! DEK is getting MORE and MORe interesting by the episode. LOVING IT ALL!!!!ClapStarClap

Thanks again for an awesome analysis is really interesting to read your comments...mine are in green and bold throughout!

I know J may have had her phone in the morning, but who knows...maybe he deleted it OR he has yet to return her phone and perhaps there will be another UV-J SceneDead where he puts it back in tomorrow's episode which is before the morning scene?? 

Yes, so glad she was thinking about UV for once! Big smile

Lol, if only, but I think CVs will use her to create conflicts between them which will only bring them together when they overcome them. Wink

Yes, DS these days has many phone calls probably because of upcoming pooja and taj paushi?? But yes, I agree even then, she has had too many phone calls. Indeed that wise, clever Queen is up to something. WinkWinkLOL

Agreed, M has grown up and DS definitely was paying MORE attention than she was letting on, she is so clever, na?? Already seeing M change and probably hoping for more progress day by day, that wise old clever DS! Wink

SO glad that Komal noticed J's idiocy! UGH...Yes DS prob believes it was J being petty but again she's not taking any risks by taking M's side! LOL

Truly loved the Manveer Scene. I think M also didn't say anything because that girl does not want to admit how much UV affects her. If she started a fight, she would have to admit she was feeling something...and so our princess continues to deny her true feelings LOLWink

It is always my pleasure and thank you very much for the wonderful compliment, like I always say, it's always nice to be appreciated! No need to remind meBig smile, I have come to recognize this as your signature font!Big smile

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BlueRobbin Senior Member

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 5:41pm | IP Logged
amazing!!, that was an awesome post. sometimes i feel like saying the same thing but i don't think i can write it as beautifully as u do!
i hated jai so much today-this is why i never empathised her from the start, she really doesn't deserve it. I mean does a rajkumari do that-manyata can get crazy and sometimes make her family look bad-but she never learned these things(she never went to school hello or got a proper parverish) At least she learns from her mistakes. When jai put the chair on manyatas foot and she was crying- i felt like crying too-and she took the blame for it-i thought jai would feel a bit guilty but no she gave a smirk, so sick really
and uv really confuse me as well
jai needs to control her hormones-isko tho bilkol bhi sharm nahi hai

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