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SS:Teri meri prem kahani (arshi) Part 3 updated (Page 2)

chocolate15 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 3:52pm | IP Logged
Please continue lool

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Thank-you for the great feedback.  Its my first time writing and I've been a silent reader for ages and really have appreciated that ppl are enjoying my story.Big smile

Part two

Arnav is bought out of his daze as he feels two soft arms snake themselves around his waist from behind. He turns suddenly to find khushi staring at him with her sparkling brown eyes.  She questions 'ab taak naraz ho?' then she rest her head against his chest and listens to his heart beat which is now racing. 'Aacha sorry baba, forgive me na?' and all that arnav could think is WHAT THE!!!!!!!!!


All of a sudden their room door swings open and Anjali stumbles into the room.  She manages out a 'sorry didn't realise you two were busy' and scrambles out of the room.  Anjali smiles to herself thinking perhaps the letter she swapped over has done the trick and atleast they making up today.


Khushi pushes away from Arnav.  Arnav still caught up in the moment is stationery and manages a 'what was that?' 'Kya?' Khushi retorts back.


'Did you see di, is that why you did this?'


Khushi responded 'haan, aur ko vaja toh nahin hai' On hearing this Arnav grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into his tight grip.  He held her against him his arms tightly gripped around her waist. Khushi started to panick what was he doing.  She hated being so close to him as his closeness bought havoc to her senses.  Her heart was racing, it was beating so loud that she felt the whole world could hear it.  He caressed her back and she started to relax in his hold… melting against him.


Again their room door swung open 'sorry to interrupt again chottey, but I forgot to tell you the good news Miss B is coming, she will be here in a few hours'


Arnav smiled widely and as he did he tightened his grip again around Khushi 'Ok di, well I will go and receive her at the Airport' With that said Anjali left the room.  Leaving the two 'love birds' alone.


As soon as Anjali left the room, Arnav releases his grip.  Khushi not expecting this sudden change in mood struggles to maintain her balance.


Khushi angrily asks 'who kya tha?' 'Kya?'Arnav responds in a nonchalant manner. 'Apne di ko dekha, is liye apne aisa kiya? She questioned to which he smartly responds 'haan, aur ko vaja toh nahin hai'. After saying that he sternly says 'I don't have time for this, I have to go collect my girlfriend from the airport' Arnav grabs his towel and heads for the bathroom.


Khushi is shell shocked. Had he just said girlfriend. I know he doesn't believe in this marriage and all but he was going to go collect his girlfriend and have her stay with them. Had he lost his mind. How could di do this to her have his gf stay with them??? She needed to figure out what was going on here the laad governor isn't going to tell her so di or nani is the next best bet.


Khushi realises that the bathroom is free and quickly gets ready so that speak with Anjali. She runs out of the room trying to find Anjali who she finds in the kitchen. 'Di, yeh Miss B kyon hai? Trying to be blas about the matter.  'Khushiji voh toh hamara parivaar ka hissa hai or Chottey toh unpe jaan chiraacteh hain'.  Khushi while cutting carrots starts making mince of them she was fuming her face going red as a tomatoe and muttered under her breathe 'itni pyaar usse karte hain to uski saat shaadi kyun nahi ki usne' 'Kya huwa khushiji, aap itna laal kyun hogaye?' Khushi excuses herself and runs out of the kitchen back to her room.


'How could he'…. Almost in tears 'mere soutan layega.  Beshaaram, behaya laad governor' She moped about in her room.  Everyone was hard at work to welcome Miss B. 'Khushiji, aap jaldi niche aaye…hamari guest abhi anwali hain' The door bell rang and Khushi went to open the door.  Her heart skipped a beat.  Her mind was taken over by jealous thoughts of how modern and beautiful she would be and what they had been up too getting home has the flight had landed 3 hours ago and the time it takes to get home from the airport is only and hour.  Where had they been for two hours.  She shuddered at her racing thoughts.


She prepared herself and closed her eyes and when she opened them she was shocked too see her husband standing there with Miss B in his arms…..Shocked

Please like/comment as it is real great motivation to keep going.  Hopefully you like it and sorry if it crap.Big smile

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update soon 
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update soon dear
sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Haha, Someone Is Getting Jealous LOL
kishu789 Senior Member

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Part 3


She prepared herself and closed her eyes and when she opened them she was shocked too see her husband standing there with Miss B in his arms…..


Khushi was shocked to see a girl aged no more than 8 in her husband's arms. Was this Miss B she thought to herself?


'who is that?' the little girl spoke in a posh voice pointing at Khushi.


'Girlfriend. She is my wife Khushi' Arnav casually stated.


A wave of relief washed over Khushi as she realised she was overreacting and upset for no reason. Miss B his gf was actually just a little girl his cousin.  Khushi moved closer to the little girl and gave her a big hug and kiss.


Miss B just threw her a look and said 'Excuse me only my family are allowed to give me hugs and kisses' Khushi stood shocked. This little girl was a miniature laad governor. But Khushi was not one to give up so easily.


'Hi Miss B, I'm Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, thus part of your family, but what I would love to be is your didi? What say?' Khushi puts forward her hand to shake.  Miss B raises her eyebrow at Khushi and then turns to Arnav and says 'lets go boyfriend'. Arnav smirks and they walk away hand in hand to meet the rest of the family who were waiting in the living room.


Khushi is dumbstuck.  Like it wasn't enough that there was one Arnav Singh Raizada and now he has a mini terror with him too.  ' Hey devi-mayain, mere raksha karna' she mumbled to herself as she followed them into the living room.  She couldn't help but admire the sight of that lay infront of her.  Miss B or Bubbly as she found out the mini ASR name was. Was like a breathe of fresh air.  She bought a smile to everyone's face and especially to Arnav's.  Khushi looked away as Arnav caught her staring at him on so many occasions.  She couldn't understand that a man that normally didn't like the annoyance of children, was so kind and soft with them.  She thought to herself that he would make a wonderful papa one day.


Khushi was jolted out of her day dream when her jiji called out to her.  She made her way to the kitchen.  Khushi loved children and one thing she knew is how to get them on her side.  Plus Bubbly was the most adorable munchkin she had ever seen.


'Jiji, kya tumko pata hai ke bubbly ko kya khane mein pasand hain?'


'Ji di keh rehi thi unko noodles bohut ache lagte hain' Payal answered


Khushi smiled that 100 watt smile of hers and got to work.  She knew what she had to do.


Back in the living room Bubbly loudly proclaimed 'I'm so hungry!! Today I feel like noodles…' just as she said that Khushi walks in with a noodle dish specially made for bubbly.


Everyone smiled.  Bubbly looked at Khushi excited and then remembered she still had to test her before she gave her approval.  But the noodles smelt delicious and she really was hungry. So she went to grab the plate.  Khushi inched the plate away saying 'what do you say?'




Khushi smiled 'sirf thank-you se kaam nahin chalenga, ab aap humko didi mano gi and usi naam se pukar na, teek hai?'


Bubbly jumped up and gave her a hug and said ' Thanks didi' and dug straight into eating the noodles they were so yummy she didn't even offer to share.


Arnav couldn't help but stare at Khushi and wonder how easily she had just won bubbly heart and approval.


Bubbly finished the noodles really quickly and decided that she wanted everyone to play a game. Dum sharads.  Arnav didn't want to play but he couldn't say no to his adorable cousin so he decided to play for a bit.  Arnav and khushi were on one team, Akash and payal on one, Anjali and shayam on another, if they failed to guess what the other was doing there would be punishment that Bubbly would decide.


They were playing well no one had to suffer a punishment as yet.  It came to Khushi and Arnav go.  Khushi picked up the chit and read it said 'pyar kiya to darna kya' she smiled as she knew they could win this.


'Your time starts now!' naniji exclaimed


'Hurry up Khushi' khushi indicates 5 words in hindi to which arnav comprehends.  Then she points to her heart to which Arnav is like 'heart...dil…dhak dhak…pyar' Khushi gets excited as he gets the first word.


Khushi indicates the 4th word and she points at arnav and then at herself and then tries to look scary.  To which arnav only looked confused and managed a 'What the'


'only 10 secs left' nanaji announced.


'Come on Khushi hurry up!' Arnav yelled.  After his reaction Khushi got annoyed and waited for the time to run out.


Bubbly yelled excitedly 'hahah you lost boyfriend and didi so now for punishment' as Khushi came and sat on the other side of Bubbly on the sofa.


Bubbly thinks for a bit and gets a twinkle in her eye and decidedly announces 'your punishment is that didi and boyfriend both have to give me a kiss at the same time'


Both Khushi and Arnav were relieved that it was something so simple and nothing embarrassing.  So Bubbly sat forward in between them on the sofa with her cheeks ready for both of them to kiss her on either side. So the family counted down ' 3…2…1' as both Arnav and khushi moved forward to kiss bubbly she moved her head from the space leaving Arnav and Khushi a mere millimetres apart. They were engrossed in each others eyes that they didn't realise that bubbly moved forward and asked them what they were doing.  As she did the shock of coming back to reality led their lips to met for just a split second.Embarrassed


Khushi went a bright red, she felt her face burning up.


Mama ji spoke up 'yeh saaza hai, ya maaza' which had the whole family in hysterics.


Khushi was so embarrassed she ran to her room.  Arnav took this chance to make his escape aswell and followed Khushi to their room. Arnav wanted to be alone with her, the split second touch of their lips has caused a frenzy inside of him.  He wanted their lips to meet again and that too properly.  He closed the door behind him as he walked in.  Khushi turned around suddenly not expecting anyone to have followed her. Khushi still noticeably blushing managed an 'voh, maine kuch nahin kiya..voh sirf hogaya'


Arnav moved forward closing the distance between them.  Khushi stepped back for every step he took forward until her back collided with the wall.  Khushi went to speak only to be hush by a 'Chup' from arnav as he place his finger on her lips. He traced his finger around her lips.  They were so inviting to him.


Khushi wanted to push him away but couldn't.  She loved when she was so close to him, the smell of his cologne the rough stubble on his face against her soft skin. He leaned forward.  Khushi could barely contain her excitement.  This would be her first real kiss from the man she loved. Khushi heart was racing her breathing became ragged. He leaned forward and just as his lips reached hers.




Suddenly Arnav's phone rings and he was out of his trance. He steps away from Khushi who is left bemused by what almost happened.  Perhaps she had expected too much, this was the man who would go to any lengths to hurt her and make her suffer.


Khushi manages to gather herself as bubbly skips into the room insisting that she play a game with her. ' Which game?' Khushi asked.  To which she responded 'hide and seek'.  She requested for Khushi  to hide and she will come and find her. Khushi runs off trying to find a good hiding spot.  As she make her way past the store room she is grabbed from behind and pulled into the room. The door is slammed shut.  She looks up to see who it is… AAP????

Hope you like this part.  Tried to input a few rabba ve moments. Please comment and like as it helps to keep motivated in updating. Thanks for reading!

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Haha, Miss B Is Really Naughty ;) Sad That Arnav Once Again Hurt Her, Hope It's Arnav & NOT Shyammm Embarrassed

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