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Vow nice post about Pava Gadh(so There is a MAle river in that HillLOL)...MInakshi...there seems to be so many steps to reach there thank much ...

@Maithili ur SOmanath description is mind blowing yaar ...thank you 

@ shruthi.nil hey what a coincidental one week before i just came to know about this temple through a documentary film about travels and tourism u have posted now...nice ...pic is beautiful 

@ Krishna JOgulambha temple is super... we expect more information about temples of Andra from u ...   

@ straw bella I agree with uSmile

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Originally posted by vanadhi

Vow nice post about Pava Gadh(so There is a MAle river in that HillLOL)...MInakshi...there seems to be so many steps to reach there thank much ...
 Vanadhi, there is a rope way now, so it's easy to reach.Big smile 
 Vishwamitri is not a male riverLOL

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Sri Chamundeshwari temple- Chamundi hills- Mysore 

The famous Sri Chamundeswari Temple is located on top of picturesque Chamundi Hills near Mysore in the state of Karnataka. Standing as the crown jewel of Mysore, Chamundi Hills is the abode of all powerful Goddess, Chamundi or Chamundeswari. It is at a height of 1065 meters above sea leave and about 800 feet above Mysore city. On the top of the hill is the Chamundeshwari temple that dates back to the 11th century. Goddess Chamundeshwari is an incarnation of Goddess Parvathi who took this form to destroy the demon king Mahishasura.

The temple has a seven story tall and 40 metre high 'gopuram' adorned with intricate carvings. Major attraction of the temple is the idol of the Chamunda Devi which is said to be made of solid gold. Even the gates of the temple are made of silver. A 16-foot-high statue of the demon Mahishasura near the temple is another significant feature of Sri Chamundeswari Temple. This is so because Mahishasura was slain by the goddess Chamundeswari (Durga or Parvati) to protect the area. Hence Chamundi Devi is also lovingly known as the Goddess of Mysore. The word 'Chamundi' means terrible, and this is another name for Parvati, who is in an angry mood to slay the demon.It is believed that left shoulder of Goddess Sati had fallen here.

Tuesdays and Fridays are considered to be the auspicious days to visit the Chamundi Devi temple hence a large number of devotees throng the temple on these days. Best time to visit the temple is during 'Dussehra Festival' in September or October.

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                      Chidambaram(Chitrambalam) Thillai Natarajar Temple

                        Thiru-Chitrambalam(Sree-Small Shaba)-Thillai(Milky Mangrove Tree ) Ambalathar(Head of Shabha)-Koothan(Dancer) kovil(Temple) -is famously called as Chidambaram Natarajar Temple .Chidambaram is foremost temple for all  the Shiv temples in TAmilNadu .Where the Lord here is in the Form Of Both  "AHkasha Lingam"(Sky  , Formless form ,Divine Ether Space as Linga  ) one identified by Yogi's and Natarajar with his divine enchantress "Devi Sivakama Sundari" for normal human vision .
             According to Chidambaram Mahatmayam (Recorded Scared history of this temple with is mentioned in Skanda Purana too ) Once in the forest of Thillai (Near the present Pichavaram Wetlands in Eastern coast of Bey of Bengal,Tamil Nadu ) there lived a group of sages who believe in black Magics and started experimenting them in all demi gods to defeat them with their powers . Hence all the demi gods surrendered Lord Shiva for help.Lord shiv called Lord Vishnu hence he came in MOhini Form to help him.LOrd shiv took the most enchanting lusterious "Bhikshandar"  Avator (simple mendicant seeking alms) with Mohini (Vishnu in disguise ) as his wife (May be living together Wink who knows LOL )and entered the Thillai forest where the sages are residing .The Rishi Patnis became mad at the sight of Bhikshandar and began to follow him where ever he goes and the Young Disciples are mad at the sight of Mohini and followed her all her way .This angered their Masters and they commanded a black snake to kill Bhikshandar .But to their surprise LOrd used the snake as a garland around his neck and the Masters commanded a wild tiger to kill him ,secondly Lord used its skin as a Waist cloth for him.Masters out of peak anger formed a demon with all their ignorance and commanded him to kill Bhikshandar . when the demon(Muyalagan) arrived Bhikshander defeated him to the land  and began to dance over him .Thus the Cosmic dance is delivered by LOrd  with the world reverberating to his steps ,which makes the Rishi's and co to realize their ignorance that God is out all magics and powers of this world . Hence the ignorance of the sages got vanished and they surrendered to the foot of lord .Lord accepted to consize himself and perform the Cosmic dance as Ahnanda Thandav for ever in that place .
                Apart from all the crap activities of the Sages One couple remained constraint in all rituals and habits according to dharma ,They are Sage  Vasista and his wife  Arundathi   ,even they are not attracted by Mohini and Bhishandars Charisma 's . So Lord gave them a special place in Shapta Rishi Mandal of Stars in Sky .                 
                    Adjacent to Lord Natarajar (King Of Dance) ,there resides Lord Govinda Raja Swami ,its is because that ,Once when LOrd shiv was performing Ahnanda Thandav which was experienced by Lord Vishnu in the  form of vibirations in his body . The weight of the body is varies from second to second and became unbearable to SheshNag .SO Adhi Sheshan the serpent bed of Lord vishnu Questions him for the reason behind his Constant Vibrating Body. Lord Vishnu in his blissful state explains the shutra's  of Cosmic Dance delivered by LOrd shiv,being his Ahrdanari (Shankara Narayan form) ,he is also enjoying the same bliss and vision of Lord Shiv 's Dance . By hearing this ,Shesh Nag desired the vision of Lord Shiv's Ahnanda Thandav for himself .So Lord Vishnu advised him to take the form of Rishi Patanjali and mediate on Lord Shiv for his Vision of Cosmic Dance. Engrossed in love and devotion Shesh Nag descended on  Earth as Rishi Patanjali and traveled towards Chidambaram as directed by Lord Vishnu ,he meditated there and enlightened with the vision of Lord Shiv's Cosmic dance .
Hence Lord Govindha Raja Swamy is believed  to be eternally enjoying Shiva's Cosmic dance forever in that Temple residing adjacent to him .             
                                                Competition :                                                           
                    World knows MA kali is the Queen  Goddess for all Black magicians ,so Thillai KAli was worshipped by all locals and Rishivars on that time ,so she felt the Disturbance ,that Lord shiv is dancing inside her domain area (Pitchavaram wetlands ).So she Opponents the Decision of Lord Residing there Forever .   Lord Shiva therefore challenged Her to a dance competition on condition that if He won then She would be banished from that area. The competition began. While Naradha played the veena, Nandikeswara played the drums and other celestial musicians accompanied with their instruments Lord Shiva danced with his hair flung in all directions. With the 'vedas' as his anklets, the serpent as his waist band, the tiger skin as his attire with Ganga and the crescent moon on his crest, He performed the 'Ananda thandavam'. At one stage Lord Shiva took a pose with His left foot raised above His head but modesty prevented Goddess Kali can't match the same pose. Thus She lost the competition and had taken residence in the northern end of Chidambaram in the Thillaiamman temple. Hence Ma kali remembered her true self as Parvati and became his consort in the name Of Sivakama sundari by joining his Nirtiya of Cosmic dance .
                               Patanjali , VyagraPathar And Other Sages.
         Lord Shiva is pleased by the Penance of Rishi Patanjali and Blessed him to prophet the Benefits  Yoga Sastra  through written records by him.Hence Rishi Patanjali stayed there for a long time by enjoying the vision of Cosmic Dance of lord every day.
         It is said that  Rishi Madyandinar had a son . He, under the direction of his father, came to the forest of Thillai and worshipped the 'Lingam', which had self  appeared there. He usually got up early before daybreak to collect flowers with which to perform his pooja. One morning he could not collect the flowers early as it was dark and cloudy and he could not see the flowers. After daybreak he went to collect the flowers and found that the flowers had been polluted by the bees and was grief stricken. Lord Shiva on seeing his devotee grief stricken took pity on him and gave him the eyes and limbs of a tiger so that he could see in the dark and climb trees easily to collect the flowers. Thus he came to be known as 'Vyagrapadar' and the forest where he lived as 'Vyagrapuram' or 'Puliyoor' (city of Tiger) .Both Patanjali and Vyagrapathar is envisioned by Lord till their Samadhi state . 
There are Said to be 18 Siddas in TamilNadu where most of them are from Various parts of World even from Java,China etc ...Where Siddar Thiru Mular is crown among them is said to be in samadhi here (Chidambaram temple).


so i would like to share the story of Thirumular which less known to common people beyond Tamilnadu...
                   A Shiva saint named Sundaranathan, a vedha scholar from Kailash, wanted to visit and stay with sage Agasthyar at the podhikai mountains which is modern day Tamil Nadu(India). He started on his journey southwards, praying at holy temples - Kedar, Shirshailam, Thirukkalththi, Alavanam, Kanchi taking holy bath in sacred rivers like Ganga, reached river Cauvery. After taking bath in the holy river and praying at the temple Thiruvavaduthurai, continued his journey southwards and then went back  his destination Podhikai Hills where Sage Agasthyar still residing . Nearing the outskirts of the village Chaththanur of Cholanadu, he saw a herd of cows in great distress. Their herdsman (Idayan) by name Moolan has died on the banks of the river and the cows were in grief. The Yogi realizing that the cows would be consoled only if Moolan comes alive, a splendid sidhdha through his yogic powers transmigrated his Atma to the body of Moolan through air, hid his own body nearby and he rose as thirumoolar.The relieved cows grazed happily on the riverbanks and went back to the village in the evening cared by Thirumoolar. Thirumoolar waited there till all the cows entered their respective houses.Then he searched his Original body ,but to his surprise ,that disappeared ,so he took this as god's wish to stay in a Tamilian Body ,hence returned .Moolan's wife saw him going to a mut (a place where bhakthas or saintly personalities live) instead of their house. To her laments,the learned elderly people of the town told the girl that Moolar has entered the shivayoga. Then he Started mediating for nearly 3000 years and recorded the text in palm leaves every year ,when he wake ups from deep maditation .Which is later called Thirumandiram .

                   Thirumandiram, is indeed a spiritual encyclopaedia. It contains a synthesis of all knowledge right from the Upanishad times down to the then-modern days of devotional revival, goes through all the maze and mystery of yoga and tantra, contains very strong criticisms of idol worships, condemns external gymnastics of occult practices, and expounds the esoteric significance of almost every kind of ritual and tradition. He even wrote in Thirumandiram about the various stages of development of a baby in its mothers womb. It is profound to the core, set in simple and cryptic style. The careful and rhythmic way in most of the verses can be enjoyed if one knows Tamil language Properly . He is said to have absorbed the teachings of Shri Patanjali Maharishi. He is said to be Transformed his Soul to three bodies in his Lifetime .But Mulan is the Body he has entered first ,so he is called by this name Thirumular (Sree Mular) fully throughout his life .After finishing Thirumandiram (It cant be easily interpret by even learned scholars ,Because each and every Mantra is an outcome of One full year of wisdom gained through Mediation ),He attained Samadhi in Chidambaram by dually envisioning Cosmic Dance Of Lord Shiv.
Thirumular is one 64  Nayanmars too (Tamil saints).
             Where Nandanar one among the 64 Nayanmars Is a Dalit. During his period Dalits are not allowed to go inside the temple by Temple priest.Hence all the dalits just can have the vision of "Raja Gopura " and can worship it from a distance .Once Nandan a dalit aspire to worship LOrd Nataraja inside temple complex ,so he  have a habit of    telling every one that he is going to Chidambaram tomorrow out of love towards Lord Nataraj (So people call him Thiru nallai povar (will Go on Honored tomorrow) ) .So Nandan asked permission to leave for Chidambaram from his Master who is a land Lord .The master accept at one condition that ,he can depart only after harvesting all the fields with in two days .Nandan astonished that , being rainy season it takes nearly two  full months to harvast the crops.So he cried for help towards Shivji. To his surprise all the crops are fully grown and harvested in the last minute . It is said Shivji Ordered Bhudagana's to do all works with in seconds for Nandan.Hence by fulling his Masters Task he started his journey towards Chidambaram from his home town Ahdanur . Where Lord shiv Appeared in dream of all 3000 Priest of Chidambaram and asked to welcome  Nandan a pure hearted dalit with all honor. Hence he is welcomed with all appellations and hence Nandanar is accepted as one of the Nayanmar by Lord and he merged with Lord Nataraj In the Inner sanctum through a Holy Fire which emerged there .  

                                       Temple's  Unique Construction.
The place where the Lord delivered Cosmic Dance is in center of the Equator Line (Like a radius to a circle  ) .Hence it is believed to be the most powerful Astral point on earth .
It is said that lord decided to reside here ,for better balancing of World ,where its indirectly maintaining the Magnetic force to connect all the tectonical  plates in  a appealing way. Other central end is believed to Bermuda Triangle . Where Chidambaram(Sky) is one of the" Pancha Bhutha Sthalas"(Five elements of nature-Fire,Sky ,Air,Earth,Water ) .All these temples are located in South India  with four of these temples at Tamil Nadu and one at Andra Pradesh. The five elements are believed to be enshrined in the five lingams and each of the lingams representing Shiva in the temple have five different names based on the elements they represent. In the temple, Shiva is said to have manifested himself in the form of sky(Ahgasa Lingam). The Five  manifestations are 

Ahgasa Lingam(representing Sky) at Chidambaram Temple,Chidambaram.
Prithivi Lingam (representing land) at Ekambareshwar Temple,Kanchipuram.
Appu Lingam (representing Water) at Thiruvanaikaval Temple.Trichy.
Agni Lingam (representing fire) at Annamalaiyar  Temple. Thiruannamalai.
Vayu Lingam (representing air) at Srikalahasthi Temple.Near Tripathi.

             Three of the five Panchaboothasthala temples, those at Kalahasti, Kanchipuram and Chidambaram all stand on a straight line exactly at 79 degree 41 minutes East longitude - truly an engineering, astrological and geographical wonder. Of the other two temples, Tiruvanaikkaval is located at around 3 degrees to the south and exactly 1 degree to the west of the northern tip of this divine axis, while Tiruvannamalai is around midway (1.5 degree to the south and 0.5 degree to the west).
           The First Inner Sanctum is constructed by a Architect called PerumThachan.Lord Chidambaranathar is the Royal Family Deity For Chola Kings (who coronate's  their royal heir in this temple complex from time to time under Lord Natarajar's Grace) .BUt many other Kings from various Dynasties Patronaged several gifts and uplifted the elevations of the Temple complexes many times.It is said, when there exist a shortage for Priest for the temple Offerings and service (Since all of them went to Pandiyan Kingdom due to high Hostage) .The Earlier Chola Kings imported 3000 Priest(called Dikshitars who follow Vedic rituals not Ahgama rules which is followed by AdhiTamil Saivate priest ) from Kasi as per Lords Wish (ordered in their dream) and allocated separate town for them in around Chidambaram temple and instructed them to render the service for Lord Natarajar forever .Hence till now after 2500 years too ,their descendants are serving Lord Natarajar in Chidambaram Temple. The puranas, Sangam literature and the Tirumurai canon (works of songs based on Shiv in Tamil )join several epigraphs and murals in highlighting the brilliance of the temple site and the devotion of Patajali, Vyaghrapada-Pulikaalmunivar and patanjali to Nataraja at Thillai. The sthala puranam as well as umapathi sivacharya's koyil puranam give an account of how an ancient chola prince of kritayugam or first of epochal ages. worshipped the lord's feet at chidambaram and being blessed with a vision of his was further helped by saint vyaghrapada to consecrate a place of worship therewith. The temple Stone Inscriptions  and some cholan and pandyan literature refer to this sthala puranam. 
Inscriptions Stated that 
                   Chola King Kocengannan who reigned in the first half of the 2nd century CE was born after his parents King Subhadevan and Kamaladevi worshipped in the Thillai Golden Hall (Pon Ambalam ) for a child. He expanded the shrine in his later life and added further to unfinished decorations.And later the travelling Pallava-Chola king Simhavarman (II or III) to get rid of his sin, who reigned in the 5th-6th century CE was cured of leprosy by bathing in the Shivagangai tank(Temple tank) and in gratitude made extensive repairs and additions to the temple. He changed his name to Hiranyavarman or "golden bodied." . The sangam (Tamil sangams )works refer to the temple being favoured and donated huge sum of money for construction purpose ,by all the three ancient crowns of south, the Neriyan (cholas), chezhiyan (pandyas) and uthiyan (cheras), even if the temple was in what was traditionally chola country.

                                           Human Anatomy in temple Architecture. 

                   There are nine gateways in the Temple which Signifies the 9 orifices in the human body.The Chitsabai or Ponnambalam, the sanctum sanctorum represents the heart (it is slightly left not in the middle of temple map ,representing the human heart which is left to the body ) is reached by a flight of 5 stairs called the Panchaatchara padi - pancha meaning 5,achhara ' indestructible syllables  "SI VA YA NA MA"(by reciting this five syllable mantra one can reach moksha ,keeping this mantra in human heart is symbolically stated here), from a raised anterior dias - the Kanakasabai(hall where main deity resides ). The access to the Sabhai is through the sides of the stage (and not from the front as in most temples). The Chit sabha roof is supported by four pillars symbolic of the four vedas like four veins in our heart The Ponnambalam or the Sanctum sanctorum is held by 28 pillars representing the 28 agamas or set methodologies for the worship of Shiva. The roof is held by a set of 64 beams representing" Ahyarkalai Arbathinalu" and ( the 64 forms of art )is held by several cross beams representing the innumerable blood vessels. The roof has been laid by 21,600 golden tiles (ponkurai -Goden hut ) with the word "SI VA YA NA MA"inscribed on them representing 21600 breaths. The golden tiles are fixed using 72,000 golden nails which represents the no of nadis (nerval points ) exists in human body. This golden roof is constructed by the king named Paranthaka Cholan I of 9 Cent A.D.The roof is topped by a set of 9 sacred pots or kalasams, representing the 9 forms of energy. The artha mandapa(sanctum) has six pillars denoting the six shastras (holy texts).The hall next to the artha mantapa has eighteen pillars symbolizing the eighteen puranas.
There are 5 ambalams or sabhas (halls) inside the temple.

Chit Ambalam or Chit Sabha          -       
Lord Nataraja with is Consort Sivakami resides (Main deity).                                                                                      

Pon Ambalam or Kanaka Sabha    -        
It is the golden hall (upper ceiling is made up of  gold ,can notice still now)in front of the Chit Ambalam (connected to it), from where the daily rituals are conducted.                                                             
Nrithya sabhai or Natya sabhai       -        
56 pillared hall near temple flag mast where Lord  Nataraja and kali danced. .                                                                                      
Raja sabhai or the 1000-pillared hall   -     
Its represents the Crown Chakra of  human body  which having 1000 petal lotus as its shape.Which is visualized by our third eye .                                                                                        

Deva Sabha or Pancha Moorthi shabha-    
Ganesh, Somaskanda (seated posture of Siva with Pavarthi with Skanda in their middle) Sivananda Nayaki, Skanda and Chandikeshwar.   

               where the temple having more 1000 rooms and 100 secret ways to various parts of the city  connected underground (they are closed now).The famous Thevaram (tamil hyms sung by Nayanmars Tamil saints)  in palm leaves are stored in one the 1000 rooms of temple, which is later unnoticed by all the priest . so in due course they forgot the exact room in which they have stored (that much complex to find a room in vast temple building).So The chola king called  "RAja Rajan the Great"(FATHER of Mighty Rajendran cholan who defeated the Pala king of Bengal and ruled nearly 80 % east Asian sea route countries in 10 cent A.D)  requested the Pure Devotee of LOrd ganesh named Nambhi Ander Nambhi (holy bhramin ,when he was 5 yrs lord Ganesh himself took the food offered by him from his very own hands )  to find the whereabouts of palm leaves which contains thevaram songs . Hence he requested Lord Ganesh to help him ,hence Lord pointed a direction towards a room from which all the remaining of hymns are collected by the king .from this incident people called  the Lord Ganesh's idol as "Sutti Vinayagar" (One who shows way or direction). Later Nambhi Ander nambhi   wrote a book about the  LIfe of various Nyanmars from the recused Hymns .
Which is later elaborated by  Sekkilar in his Periyapuranam(4,272 verses) . It is said When Chola  king called Ahnabhayan or KUlathungan Cholan II of 12 centh A.D asked  Poet Sekkilar to compose the Periyapuranam(Periya - Large, purana  which contains all the stories of Nyanmars 64 in no)    .Poet seeked the help Of Lord Natarajar of Chitambaram ,SO LOrd helped him by giving the staring words of the Hymn as "Ulagellam" (Whole World ) . 

                        Chidambara Rahasiyam or The Secret of Chidambaram Temple .            
              Lord Nataraj (Gold idols )with his Goddess Sivakami .To his Left is that  Lord Shiva in his manifestation of formlessness is worshipped in Chidambaram. The Lord is said to continuously dance in a state of eternal bliss "Aananda thaandava", with his consort Sakthi  or energy called Sivagami. A curtain covers this ether space which when drawn reveals strands of golden 'Vilva'(bael tree) leaves hung to indicate the Lord's presence. The curtain is dark on its exterior side (indicating ignorance) and bright red on the interior side (indicating wisdom and bliss). Chidambara Rahasya - represented by strands of gold Vilva leaves. To the right is the idol of His Consort Goddess Sivagamasundari.   
            Where Lord Nataraj depicts the master of Kuthu - Barathanatyam in the   Anthropomorphic (dancing Statue)  form rather than Lingam .The Chitsabha houses a small sphatika(crystal) linga (Chandramoulisvara), believed to be a piece that fell from the crescent adorning Shiva's head and installed by Adi shankara . The linga is associated with the intangible fifth element, akasha (ether or space),and offered puja for it .Chidambaram offers a combination of the three apects of Shaiva worship - of the form (Nataraja), of the form and the formlessness (linga) and of the formless "omnipresence". The last is suggested by a "Chidambara rahasya", a chakra inscribed on a wall and blackened by applying "punugu" (civet) and over which hangs a string of golden villa (bael) leaves. This can be viewed through the square chinks when the priest draws aside the  "curtain of ignorance" the dark one above.   
                                  Official Website :

                                                                        Completed ...
                              my next post will be after may 6 on Thiruvannamalai Temple  pg7


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                    Mahakaali temple- Kaali Ghat- Calcutta
Kalighat Kali Temple, Kolkata
Kalighat Kali Temple is a renowned shrine that observes hundreds and thousands of devotes every year. Located at Kalighat in Kolkata, the temple can be easily reached by the means of local transport from the city. In the southern part of Kolkata, Kalighat is a small locality that is well-known for its Kali temple. Kalighat Kali Temple is considered as one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Shakti.

Goddess Kali is regarded as the most complex goddess of the Hindu pantheon. Usually depicted in a fearful form, Kali is the destroyer as well as the liberator. Goddess Kali, in her wrathful form, is worshipped by thousand of devotees, who come all the way from distant parts of India and the World. The temple attracts a major portion of visitors to Kolkata. 

It is believed that the right toe of Sati fell here and subsequently; the temple was erected to commemorate the Goddess. Goddess Kalika is the presiding deity in the Kalighat Temple.
 Kalighat Kali Temple Calcutta

Another legend says that once a devotee saw a bright ray of light impending from Bhagirathi River. He located the light and discovered a piece of stone in the form of a human toe. In its vicinity, he also found a 'Svayambhu Lingam' of Nakuleshwar Bhairav. He placed the images in a small temple and started worshipping them in the forest.

The popularity of the temple grew with the times and it got the recognition of Kalighat Kali Temple. The present structure of Kali Temple was constructed about 200 years ago. In 1809, Kalighat Kali Temple was built by Sabarna Roy Chowdhury of Barisha. Kalighat Temple has been often referred in the texts like Mansar Bhasan of 15th century.

The original temple was built by Raja Basanta Roy, who was the uncle of Pratapaditya and the King of Jessore (Bangladesh). The original temple was sited on the banks of Hooghly; however the river has shifted away from the temple with the period of time. In the past days, traders used to take stop at Kalighat to pay their obeisance to Goddess Kali.

Situated on the banks of Adi Ganga, the temple has a sanctum sanctorum in the company of a huge hall by the name of Nat Mandir. In the north-east of this sanctum, there is a Shiva Temple. There is one more shrine dedicated to Radha Krishna. The main attraction of this temple lies in the image of Goddess Kali that bears a long protruded tongue made out of gold.

The main shrine comprises the image of Goddess Kali. The image of the deity appears incomplete. On the initial level, the face of the goddess was made and further tongue and hands made of gold and silver were added to the image. On the day of 'Snan Yatra' (Bathing Ceremony), the priests cover their eyes with cloth strips, while giving the ceremonial bath to the Goddess. Festivals like Kali Puja, Durga Puja, Poila Boishakh, the Bengali New Year day and Sankranti witness huge number of devotees at the temple with offerings.

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                                  Baucharaji Mata Temple  (Mehsana,Gujarat)


                                             Shri Bahucharaji Mataji's temple is one of the Shakti Pith where Daksha's daughter Ma Bhagwati Sati's hands had fallen. This place is a sidha Shakti Pith. In this complex of religious importance, there are three main temples viz. Adhya Sthan, Madhya Sthan and Main Temple . In the main temple, gold studded Bala Yantra made of crystal is being worshipped. Among the ten main goddesses in the whole universe, Sh. Balatripur Sundari Shri Bahucharma is a sidh shakti. Here many devotees come for darshan. From religious point this place has the same importance as other religious places like Ambaji, Pavagadh, Dwarka, Somnath, Palitana, Girnar and Dakor.

                 Sh. Bahucharaji Mata rides rooster. During Solanki dynasty period in Gujarat, rooster was a symbol on the state's flag. There are many miracles and legend associated with the Mataji's rooster. Devotees of Mataji consider rooster sacred and worship it.

                Gujarati spread across the world when they come to India they do visit this scared temple of Mataji . Parents desirous of children and parents of new born children having physical disability or for their well being offer various offerings to Mataji with devotion.

                      Chaul kriya (babri-cutting down hairs for the first time after birth) is one of the 16 sankskars as per Hindu religion and is performed by offering hair of children near the Mansarovar lake. Its being said that even Lord Krishna's babri was also performed at this lake. Shri Bahucharaji Mata is kuldevi for many castes in Gujarat and they all come here with devotion and reverence and carry out chaul kriya (babri) of their children.

                            Besides the three main temples within the temple complex, there are others temple of Shri Ganesh, Shri Narsangveer Mandir, Shri Neelkanth Mahadev, Shri Saheriya Mahadev, Shri Sidhanath Mahadev, Shri Gutaeshwar Mahadev, Shri Bhuleshwar Mahadev, Shri Kachrolia Hanuman, Shri Chachar. Opposite Shri Chachar there is Hanuman temple, Havan place, Akshayapatra ni deri, cock house, Mataji's seat, Dipmala, and guest houses with decorative arches and pillars.

                           In a true sense Bahucharaji is a religious place where Tripur Sundari Bahucharaji resides at adya Shakti place. At this place Ma Bahgwati came personally to help her devotees.

Pratham Pragatya (occurrence)

As described in Puranas, area surrounding Bahucharji was under the control of Dandasur demon. His capital was Rajpura (Detroj). Bahuchraji Mata in the form of young girl killed Dandasur and re-established vedic religion.

Second Pragatya

On Bhagvan Kapil muni and Kardam muni's prayers she gave darshan to them.

Third Pragatya

In the forest of varakhadi (boru), shepherd boys had cooked rice in small earthen pots to be offered as prasad to Mataji. One king came there with his troops and challenged the Shepard boys to serve prasad to his troops. The boys served prasad to the whole troops from the small earthen pots.

Fourth Pragatya

A princess was born the queen of Kalari's Solanki King Vajesingh. However, they declared that a son is born and was named Tejpal. He was married to Chavada King of Patan. But when his in-laws came to know about his secret he ran away on his horse and sat at Mataji's place in boruvan. He saw a bitch transforming to a dog and his female horse transforming to a male horse, he too went to take a dip in the lake and was transformed from female to male.

Shri Mataji gave darshan to Vallabh Bhat at the age of 13 yrs. and blessed him as Devi Saraswati(Goddess of Knowledge) and he wrote 'Anand no Garbo'(Garbo-A traditional folk style of singing bhajans which are sung during Navratris and people dance to the tunes). A regular singing of Anand no Garbo leads to fulfilment of one's desires.

There are many other miracles associated with Shri Mataji.

1) Shrinathji at Nathdwara   wore a nose ring. 

2)The dead cocks ate by soldiers of Allaudin Khilji were re-born. 

3)Srimant Manajirao Gakewad was cured of disease. 

4)To honour the word of devotee Vallabh Bhat even without season, food with mango juice was served. 

5)Goddess attended the marriage ceremony of devotee Jaduram Bhat's son.

Mataji are worshiped  in  3different forms;

First form is of young girl,

Second is of sundari or married woman and the 

Third one is of mature lady or mother.

Among 3 Shakti-piths in Gujarat, Baucharaji is worshipped as Bala(young girl)

Ambaji as Ambika(Married woman) and as Kalika (Mother) at Pavagadh.


Myths and Legends associated with Baucharaji

             One important myth concerns a king who prayed before Bahuchara Mata to bring him a son. Bahuchara complied but the prince Jetho, who was born to the king, was impotent. One night Bahuchara appeared to Jetho in a dream and ordered him to cut off his genitals, wear women's clothes and become her servant. Bahuchara Mata identified impotent men and commanded them to do the same. If they refused, she punished them by arranging that during their next seven incarnations they would be born impotent. This is how the cult of Bahuchara Mata, whose devotees are required to self-castrate and remain celibate, developed.In one of the many folk stories associated with Bahuchara Mata, the goddess was once a princess who castrated her husband because he preferred going to the forest and "behaving as a woman" instead of coming to her bridal bed. In another story, a man who attempted to molest Bahuchara Mata was cursed with impotence. He was forgiven only after he gave up his masculinity, dressed as a woman, and worshipped the goddess. Another theory says that she is one of the goddesses in Sri Chakra. The real symbol of her vehicle is kurkut which means the serpent which has two mouths. Bahucharaji is seated on low end and other end goes to sahastrar, which means that Bahucharaji is the goddess of starting the awakening of kundlini which eventually leads the liberation or moksha.

                            During Mahabharata period Drupad's  son Sikhandi prayed for valour and virility before going for the fight against Guru Dhonacharya.

                            Another legends states that before going to Viratnagar  as Bruhanala,Arjun donned the dress of eunuch  at Bhaucharaji.

                            Before donning eunuch's dress,Arjun  hid his bow and arrow in the Sami tree.From then onwards,on every Dashera, Sami tree is worshipped.


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@ Vanadhi, the Chdambaram's Nataraaj temple is good, thanks.
@ Maithly, the info about The Bahucharaji's temple is nice, thanks.

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Originally posted by mnx12

@ Vanadhi, the Chdambaram's Nataraaj temple is good, thanks.
@ Maithly, the info about The Bahucharaji's temple is nice, thanks.
No thanks dear...Big smile...

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