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Originally posted by jdfan write such fabulous reviews be it funny or serious ones such awesome poetry just keep doing doing blah blah i don't write good LOL
thats for the sake of formalityROFL if anyone will find them bad  so apologies before LOLbtw i am not much self appreciator so i really don't know how i write but it always feels good when others appreciate youEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by saba113

ok Sidra sweety here are my questions for youTongue
Some Phulwa questions for you

1. First thought that comes to your mind after seeing this pic?Wink

so beautiful and dreamyDay Dreaminghow can i get there in Phulwa's place Day DreamingROFL

2. Write your analysis on  Abhay's famous danda entry scene ?LOL

Ahh danda.entryBig smile which scene you have reminded me how many times I fell for Abhay in  that one single many times I have seen that one scene.Day Dreaming.can't count Confused ..its one of my most favorite scene in PhulwaHeart so many heart attacks in one sceneHeart'the scene of the day Day Dreamingfirst of all Abhay looking so hot in his police uniform Blushingand then the way he took class of Rahul too good Star..his boss giri, his style , his anger ,his hero giri, his dialogues and that police uniform Heart ...o i am fainting ...thud   ...

The scene began with that creep inspector Rahul in lock up troubling poor Gauri  Angrymocking herAngry that she has messed with the wrong people'.a person should mess up with people after seeing his place  now what you got belonged to a dacoit family and you went to thakur's house I ask you went there after thinking what?. After thinking what you went to mess with thakur daroga singh? Now you yourself  got stucked in troubleAngry 'and then he starts his evil laugh Angryand poor Gauri crying Cryand outside I am burning in anger to give this Rahul  a slap .Angry.then that idiot continues  now he will do what has been left...he will bind her in  this case like this that  leave showing knife to anyone she will forget  cutting vegetables with knife Angry .. arrh my mind was screaming at that time  Abhay where in the world are you? Come here this minute ?and save Gauri .. though a part of me was saying he will make an entry as many times in such situations heroes make a super  entry  LOL'Rahul now trying to be stern and angry makes Gauri to look at him forcefully since she was looking down  saying to her  look at me I am talking to you'Angry.and before I could say one more thing to Rahul up comes  a dandaBig smile and I screamed a gaya mera hero PartyDancing'thank God mom wasn't around at that time otherwise my TV would have been banned by now  due to my crazy fan giri ROFLa scared Rahul looks above and become twice more scared seeing  who is there at doorBig smile all eyes at door and whose at door my hero Joint commissioner of police Abhay Rai Singh  standing there like a boss Cool.looking as usual  hot in his police uniform Blushing ...aye haye cvs gave us good view of his uniformWink .that uniform is  just made for fits him so wellEmbarrassed Day Dreaming Blushing ahemLOLnow lets come out of Abhay in  uniform fever LOL and what next'but i must say super super entry Starour hero walking  like a boss giving heart  attacks to girls with his every  step Heartcomes near them under light'ahhh  now we can see his face properly ..ahh such a handsome hunk.Day Dreaming.he had a stern look on his face ..anger clearly visible Day Dreaming'on seeing his boss in front of him Rahul all scared Approve while Gauri had a hopeful smile on seeing Abhay like she knows he has come there to save her Smile'Abhay questions Rahul  like boss in a stern low voice slightly twisting his lips lol now we even notice that  hadh hai'ROFL


Kya ho raha ha(whats going on? )Haye I love his bossy attitudeHeart

 Rahul  replies hesitantly Sir.. woh mein pooch daach kar raha tha (sir I was interrogating? )your interrogation will now begin since your boss is here Big better be scared of my hero Wink ..loved to see itHeart

Abhay again replies sternly

Pooch daach par bahut dhayaan diya jar aha hay aaj kal  ' (now a days too much attention Is given on interrogation ) haye the way he said that can't explain in words ..too good ..Star

Rahul's eyes down'o Rahul now what happened first you were trying to become a lion now since your boss is here you became a scaredy cat in rain'loved itClap

Abhay says  sternly

Inspector Rahul..

Rahul like scaredy cat doing meow says ROFL'Sir...

 Abhay continues

Iss ka jurm abhi sabit nahi hoa hay agar sabit ho bhi gaya to isay saza adalat day gi tum nahi''(her crime has not yet been proved if it will be proved  court will punish her not you)'.wow I am impressed it means he is a man firm on lawClap 'with Phulwa's case he was too much revenge consumed moreover the thing was related to his dad he went to extremes to punish Phulwa  otherwise he is quite firm on law '

Rahul:Right sir...LOL

Abhay orders  Rahul

Jao ja k is ka baiyaan likho'(now go and write down what she has said) ..haye loved to see the way Abhay gives orders like a boss Heart'.Rahul full insulted leaves from there .ROFL.haha loved it ..three cheers to Abhay for taking good class of Rahul..Clap

Then he orders the female guards standing near by to take Gauri outside

Lay k chalo issay'(.take her outside ..)

They take her outside  while Abhay  stands like a boss with hands on his pocketsHeart( what a style Day Dreamingsees  Gauri  going out and like he is thinking over the issue ..i think he has doubts on this matter from the start ..he knows Gauri quite well she cannot do anything like this ..butI am gone after seeing so much hotness Heartand  Abhay's hero giriHearthis boss giri..Heart...thud ..splash of water and I am back to sensesLOL

Outside Rahul writing down while Gauri was seated on a bench ..and again Abhay comes walking  like a boss towards Rahul Heartand Rahul stands up from his chair 'haha  my hero is the boss here  Starand asks from Abhay

Sirf chori ka ilzaam lagana hay ya attempt to murder  k bhi?'(only charge her with theft of murder attempt too?)

And came a female voice

Jhootay hi ilzaam laganya hain to kitnay bhi laga lena (how many false blames you want to put on her do put)

The way Abhay looks up to see after hearing the familiar voice like saying with his expressions she  came here too LOL lol his first expression was quite irritated one LOL.and there stands Phulwa  and she continues her sentence

lakin zamanat k baad' (but after bail)'must say a super entry from Phulwa too Starbut wish she would have come early Winkseeing Abhay's hero giri the way he took class of Rahul  instead of cupid's arrow his full hammer would have hit her head ROFLand Phulwa couldn't get up till one month Winklol but no worries in next episode it her head seeing him taking class of kulbuhsan..LOLPhulwa officially gone in love Wink LOL

on hearing bail word Abhay's expression changed like thinking Phulwa will bail out Gauri? becomes happy on seeing Phulwa while Abhay and Phulwa's  eyelock  situation like some war about to beginLOLaah no enemies type but like two very honest people  having a big difference on some matter  came face to face with each otherLOL

really love this scene Heart after this episode and seeing  next episodes and  loads of hero giri from my hero Abhay i was only singing these lines ..for my hero Abhay from his number fan girl SidraWink Embarrassed

Tu hay mera superman
mein hoon teri number one fan

Tu nay lay liya meray dil ka chain

Tenu mein love kardi , bematlab nahi kardi

Aise hi herogiri dikha mujhe,

Ta k mein aur appreciate karon tujhe

Teri gazab ki hai ada , hoi mein jis pay fida

Tu bada hot lagda

Bahut handsome, cute lagda

Aise hi herogiri dikha mujhe,

Ta k mein aur appreciate karon tujhe

Subah say lay k sham tak friends k saath discuss karon tujhe

 aur  sab say yehi  kahon tujhe

Tu mera hero..
O o o..oo
Tu mera hero..
O o o..ooPartyDancingCool

3.  Choose some heart warming  song according to your choice on Abhay Phulwa pre Abhay's  accident when he broke down on knowing thakur's truth and Phulwa was consoling him( why this situation because you have fit on almost all ...this one i don't remember LOL)

 according to Phulwa's  hopeful dialogues to Abhay at that time and her feelings for him at that time  and Abhay being so broken and hopeless  ...right now this song is coming in my mind LOL...don't know you find it appropriate or not LOL  because seriously right now only this song is coming in mindLOL .. it is a beautiful heart warming song full of hopes .from Phulwa to Abhay...this song same song is available in  single male and female voices but the thing is in male voice its more popular than female so couldn't find female one's link

 kushiyon ka mausam ek din aye ga

meheki baharain pyar ki laye ga 

gham ko bhula k meray yaar hans do naa

humrahi meray ek baar hans do na


kushiyon ka mausam ek din aye ga


raatein dhalen gi phir say ho ga sawera 

rehta nahi hay saathi har pal andhera

aansoon mein na dubao apni zindagi 

tum chura lo aa k meray hoonton say hansi

karlo tum mera aitbaar hans do naa

gham ko bhula k meray yaar hans do naa


kushiyon ka mausam ek din aye ga

meheki baharain pyar ki laye ga 


maan mein umeedon wali khusbo chupa k

 kaliyan khili hain dekho kaanton mein aa k

jo kisi bhi mor na haray honsla

woh nikalay dhoodh k manzil ka raasta

humdum na aise mano haar hans do naa

gham ko bhula k meray yaar hans do naa


kushiyon ka mausam ek din aye ga

meheki baharain pyar ki laye ga 

gham ko bhula k meray yaar hans do naa

humrahi meray ek baar hans do naa

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Originally posted by saba113

4.Give lyrics of three songs in Phulwa  used as BG LOL

Kuch iss tarah


kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de 
Aansu tere saare meri palakon pe saja de

Kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de 

Kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de 
Aansu tere saare meri palakon pe saja de 

Tu har ghadi har waqt mere saath raha hai 
Haan ye jism kabhi door kabhi paas raha hai
Jo bhi gham hain ye tere unhe tu mera pata de 
Kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de 
Aansu tere saare meri palakon pe saja de 

Mujhko ko to tere chehare pe ye ghum nahi jhachta 
Jaayiz nahi lagta mujhe ghum se tera rishta 
Sun meri guzarish ise chehare se hata de 
kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de 
Aansu tere saare meri palakon pe saja de

O re Piya

 O re piya haye..

O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..

Udne laga kyon man baawla re
Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..

Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haaye bunti hawa
Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan

Sagish mein shaamil sara jahan hai
Har zare zare ki yeh iltija hai

O re Piya
O re Piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re Piya

ni re ,re re ga
ga ga ma
ma ma pa
pa ma ga re sa
sa re re sa
ga ga re
ma ma ga
pa pa ma
dha dha pa
ni ni sa sa pa
pa sa ma pa dha ni sa ni
re ni sa sa sa.. . . . ..

Nazrein bolen duniya bole
dil ki zaban haaye dil ki zubaan
Ishq maange ishq chahe koi toofan

Chalna aahiste ishq naya hai
Pehla yeh vada humne kiya hai

O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya

yehhh piya

Nange pairo pe angaro
chalti rahi haaye chalti rahi
Lagta hai ke gairo mein
Palti rahi haaye
le chal wahan jo
Mulk tera hai
Jahil zamana
dushman mera hai


O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye.. 


Hona tha pyar


 Hona tha pyar'..

Hona tha pyar'..
Hua mere yaar'.

Hona tha pyar'..
Hua mere yaar'.

Aaye nazar''h
Chehre hazaa..r

Hona tha pyar'..

Hua mere yaar'. mere yaar'.
Hona tha pyar'..Hunm'

Tere dil ke shehar mein
Ghar mera ho gaya
Ho gaya'.

Sapna dekha jo tum behr
Woh mera ho gya
Ho gaya'.

Doobey toh yun'. Doobey toh yun
Jaise ho paar'. Jaise ho paar'.

Hona tha pyar'.. Hunm'
Hua mere yaar'. mere yaar'.
Hona tha pyar'..Hunm'


Thame dilon ki baahein
Hum aate saalo mein
Saalo mein..

Paye jawab hum ne
Tere sawalo mein
Sawalo mein..

Khwabon Ki dor'. Khwabon Ki dor
Toote na yaar'. Toote na yaa'a'''..r

Hona tha pyar'.. Hona tha pyar'..
Hua mere yaar'. Hua mere yaar'.
Hona tha pyar'.. Mere yaa''.a''r

Mere yaar'.Hunm'Yaa''.a''r
Mere yaar'.Hunm'Ow'''
. tha pyar

5. Write ten dialogues Phulwa on your choice ...Wink

1 .To Abhay :- Arey tumharay liye to hum apni jaan aise hi dai dain jab chahye ho maang lena 

2To Sharbati :  Jis Phulwa ki zindagi tum thakuron nay barbaad karnay ki koshish ki thi aaj ussi Phulwa ka phir say ghar basnay ja raha hay'...Phulwa nay apni khushi doondh li hai..dhoondh lia hai woh saath jisey duniya ki burai nahi choda sakti

3. To Abhay  :-Baaz ko chidya hara day andharay ko purva... bhaag say hiran ladh jaye aur haar say Phulwa

 4.To Abhay: 'yeh sab tou waqt ki baat hay kabhi neechay la k jaata hai kabhi upar , kabhi dukh daita hai tou kabhi sukh ...'hum dono mil kar khusi dhoondh lain gay.. ..misaal k tor humain hi lay lo ...humara sab kuch cheen liya tha uss nay phir ap ko humari daala humari johli mein  jab woh hum say kuch cheenta hai naa tou uss say badh chadh kar daita hai aur hum  hain hum aap ka saath kbahi nahi chodain gain.

5.To Abhay :..Hum vaada kartay hain aap say ab hum yeh haath kabhi nahi chodain gay... Kabhi kabhi humain uss upar walay ka khel hi samjh nahi ata..jab humain pehli baar aap say milaya tha tou ... humain dar tha k kehen humara sapna toot na jaye phir uss nay humara sapna tora lakin ek naye duniya dekhai... aur ab aik baar phir hum dono ko aik kiya hai bina kisi dar k...hum aik doosray ka har roop dekh chukay hain acha bura sab kuch phir hum nay aik doosray kai saath  rehanay ka paran liya hai... har darr dukh ankhar , jhoot  iss nakli duniya say door jahan sirf hum aur aap hon gay aur jahan sirf humara pyar barahay ga

6..To Abhay :-aap k bina humara koi wajood nahi kuch nahi hain hum ..humain kuch mily naa milay agar ap paas hain na

7..To dadi:-hum dono ek doosray k bina kuch nahi...agar hum shareer hain tou Abhay humari dhadkhan and agar kehen yeh dhadkhan ruk gaye tu khatam ho jaye gi yeh Phulwa

8.To Abhay :-aap k liye khoon bhi bahana padey naa to woh bhi humain manzoor hay 

9.To Arjun:  hum aap k gunahgaar hain ...Abhay nahi... humari ek samasya hay...humain Abhay k agay duniya dekhai nahi daiti jism ek jaan... jab inhain dard hota hay naa ...woh humain bhi dard hota hay... yeh theek hain to hum theek hain ...inhain theek kar di jaye...aap humain jo bhi saza dain gay humain qabool hay... humaray pati ka elaaj kar dijaye 

 10 To Arjun:  hum parhay likhey nahi hain naa..neam , qanoon yeh sab nahi samjhtay...hum to bus wohi kartay hain jo humara dil hum say kehta hay...aur is baar bhi hum nay wohi ek patni ko apnay pati k liye karna chahye...ap parhay likhay hain...hum say zaida duniya dekhi hay ap nay..sahi galat najaiz , jaiz in sab mein fark pata hay..lekin bus ek baar k liye ...un sab cheezon ko bhula k..humari is harkat k peechay..humari neeyat ko dekhiyay...aap samjh jaen gay k hum nay aisa kyun waqt Abhay ko hum say zaida ap ki zaroorat hay.


11.:To Arjun : Mantay hain... lekin kabhi kisi k pyar ko jagah di hay aap nay apnay dil mein ?koi to ho ga aisa jisay dekh kar aap k dil nay kaha ho ga . k iss k liye aap k dil kaha ho ga k iss k liye ap kuch bhi kar saktay hain koi to ho ga jis k liye kuch karnay say aap ko khushi mili ho giaur phir uski khushi aap ki zindagi ka maqsad ban gaye ho gi ) bus us insaan ko ek baar humari aur Abhay ki jagah rakh kar dekhaye( .

12. To Abhay: hum akele nahi aap hain naa aap hain agar akele hotay tou shaid naa kar paatay aap humaray saath aap humari takat hain aur yeh takat Phulwa say kuch bhi karawa sakti hay

13 To Abhay : aap hum say kyun naraz hotay hain aap jab bhi hum say naraz hotay hain humari saansain thum jati hain

ok you asked for 10 i gave you 13 Wink

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Originally posted by saba113

some more questions for youEmbarrassed

  1. . family or friends..... first family then friendsSmile
  2. .do you  keep your  things organized?... .yes Smile
  3. .Do you like to take shower in rain?  YesBig smile ever took... .yes  many timesBig smile
  4. Ever got electrocuted?  No thank GodBig smile
  5. .Do you  diet? No  or ever did? no
  6. .any lucky charms? yes my parents and their blessings my lucky charmSmile
  7. your hobbies ? ..Reading , creative writing , music, cooking, collecting coins , interesting pictures and of course pictures of my favorite actors and actresses, collecting interesting  facts and information about world ,also collecting favorite songs ,  favorite movies , videos, episodes , books if they are easily available, love drawing and painting too,  love photography tooEmbarrassed
  8. your favorite holiday spot? Many ...the thing is every spot becomes my favorite holiday spot wherever I go with family or friends for holidays or trips ..have so much fun there with themSmile
  9. .do u like to be a leader or follower? depends on the situation..if there is already a good leader then i have no problem in becoming a follower Smile but i will never follow a wrong leader then i will become a leader myselfSmilebut then again who doesnt want to be a leader SmileLOL
  10. ever broke a promise? yes but I was really bound to do it due to such cirmcumstancesOuch
  11. Were your dream ever came true? yes
  12. .Do you go to gym?  no
  13.  Do you go to morning walk every day ? yes
  14. ..ever rode on a horse?  Yes
  15. .ever been on a boat, ferry? yes
  16. .Do like to go to sea side ? yes love to
  17. Do you like shopping? yes love shopping
  18.  .Favorite teacher ? our grade 6 and 7 mathematics teacher Miss Maria Rafaqat 'I remember we never loved maths that much before the day she entered in our lives as maths teacher 'she made maths such a fun subject for us  that It became our favorite subject and she became our most favorite teacher ..she was so nice. kind , loving and caring ..she never needed to be strict to her students .to make them learn something ...her teaching style was so nice we automatically wanted to learn and do our work on time Smile
  19. Ever got any crush on a teacher or male student Wink .no not yet so sadOuchLOL
  20. Do you like to fool people on April fool day? yes but never cross limits attempt is only to have a good laugh with a person over it ..never cross the limits some people really crack stupid jokes..which are  too much 
  21.  Have you also been April fooled ? yes many timesLOL
  22. . Do you celebrate valentines day? yes but with family and friends till now LOL..its day of love so tell them how much I love themEmbarrassed
  23. . Similarly other days friendship day , mothers day , father's day etc ? yes
  24. .Favorite sweet dish? kheerTongue
  25. . Favorite snacks ? lays , love popcorn too
  26. . Favorite drink? fresh juices  apple , mango, pineapple . love lemonade too, love lassi tooTongue
  27.  Favorite cookies ? the ones my grandmother ( dadi) makes she can make all types of cookies and you won't find such delicious cookies anywhere ..home made , tastyTongue
  28. Favorite chocolate? Cadburry Dairy Milk, Bournville , snickers
  29. . Pizza Hut or Dominos ? Pizza hut but love desserts of dominos
  30.  KFC or MacDonalds? KFC but  love Mac's ice cream
  31.  Favorite  ice cream?currently in love  with Cornetto's fruity yo
  32. . You have long hair or short hair or medium sized ? LongEmbarrassed
  33. . Do you use fairness cream? no I use natural remedies more  have a fair color but just to keep my skin smooth and nice use them 'I never used fairness cream neither my mom did'she always told us creams destroy your skin and yes they really do... have seen girls their skins completely ruined by constant use of these fainess creams
  34.  .How many times you brush your teeth daily?ConfusedROFL twice a day  in the morning and before going to bedLOL
  35.  As a kid did you like to play your doll's marriage  game with friends ? yes
  36. .Do you like creative writing writing poems stories etc   yes love to 
  37.  Can you draw or paint? ..yes
  38. .Do you write a dairy? yes
  39.  Who is most influential person in your life ? who inspires you the most? my parents
  40. . Do you like fast food ? yes how much ? normal 'not vey much I love traditional dishes more
  41.  Yahoo or Google  Google uncle the great
  42. . Ymail or Gmail  Gmail
  43. . Facebook or twitter  facebook
  44.  . If you get a chance to change one thing in the world what would that be ? this power hungry thinking of people...this mine mine mine ..i  am powerful and the other is below me ..this one thinking is reponsible for most of  the troubles and destruction in the world since ages ...people take each others  lives for the sake of establishing their authority...just look at all the destruction right now going in the world ..for what? just to establish one's power,  authority , superiority over the other and who is suffering in between these power fights .. innocent ..if this thought can be changed then world can  become a paradise to live in wars, no destruction , no crimes , no wastage of precious lives ...everything well..but the thing  is no one can change your thinking  the other person can only lecture you but its up to you how you act upon it and change yourself one can change you only you yourself  can... the other person can only influence you
  45.  if you a get a chance  to change one thing in your own country what would that be  the same thing answer of 4th question the power hungry thinking of people
  46. .Life is .. gift of God .. .
  47.  Friendship is ... blessing
  48. . Any plans to go abroad for further studies ?  my dad wants me to go to UK for further studies my aunt lives there and she too wants me to come study there i am confused ..a part of me wants to go and a part of me don't because it means leaving my family and friends behind Ouch..and go there and only come to meet them in vacations Ouch ..but lets see I will try but the thing is if I get admission there in the same city where my aunt lives because I am going to live with her if I went there ..not anywhere elseLOL so lets see
  49. . Since you want to be a doctor any thoughts in which field in that you will go? I haven't decided that yetLOL because right now mind wants to do a lot but this thing can ony be decided when you enter the field especially in this field of being doctor because then you can decide which area suits you and what you can do better so first let me get admission in medical collegeLOL and do MBBSLOL...with passage of time will decide which area here fits me better or I can do better
  50.  write down one of your favorite quote about friendship Friendship that flows from the heart cannot be frozen by adversity, as the water that flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter... -  by James Fenimore Cooper  

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Originally posted by saba113

51.   . Do you like to do experiments with things ?..yes I have a scientific brain from childhoodWink love doing experimentation with things and my mom is fed up with my this habitLOL

52.   . . are you a teachers pet or were you ever a teacher's pet? ..i never liked running behind teachers and doing their work to please them never 'that's why I never became a teacher's pet ...whatever position and marks I got in exams that were and are  due to my own effort

53.   . Your favorite way to exercise ? morning walk is good for healthLOL

54.    Ever done yoga?yes but many times slept in betweenROFL

55.   .Do you consider yourself lazy?Wink  sometimes I do get  a bit lazy otherwise I am active person

56.   Do you read newspaper and mags ? yes read both

57.   Have you ever written anything on mags as well ?...yes some got printed tooEmbarrassed

58.   . Your views on the present war on terrorism'this is not war on terrosim but war for creating more terror   what these so called super powers have done so far to eliminate this terrorism ..are these terrorists some super men? that so many world powers couldn't yet put an end to this game instead of helping in their mission ...they were taking innocent lives 'so are these fighters of terrorism only innocent are dying  o osama died so what? new leader there so after him'and story continues ..whom are these fooling..?. 'there are  so many loop holes in this terrorists game ..just read various views of experts many people are bound to say this is just a drama no war on terrorism'ever since this war started terrorism has increased  no way decreased ..feel terrible seeing so many innocents dying 'I only pray to God do justice with these innocents and punish these culprits who for their selfish reasons snatching innocent lives  ' Ameen

59.    Do you like to watch Japansese anime ? yes love them

60.   Do you go to cinema ..yes

61.    Last joke you have heard ?Three guys, stranded on a desert island, find a magic lantern containing a genie, who grants them each one wish. The first guy wishes he was off the island and back home. The second guy wishes the same. The third guy says "I'm lonely. I wish my friends were back hereLOL

63.   Last song you have heard'...   Oh jaaneman do you know.. Haan hume tumse mohabbat hui hai Oh jaaneman do you know..   Iss dil se sharart hui hai... Oh jaaneman do ...from Housefull2

65.    Do you believe in love marriage or arranged marriage '..both go for me but conditions apply from both in arrange marriage there should be given some time for both persons to get some familiar with each other  before marriage 'think over the fact are they appropriate for each other ?after all they have to spend their lives give them some time to fall in love with each other ...'in love marriage it should be done on parents will not without their will'.if they not agreeing convince them don't take decisions in haste ,,..your parents have done the most for you don't hurt them hurting them you won't get peace in you life that's a fact no matter what type of parents are they ? they are your parents 'convince they will agree just give them some time 

66.   Any wishes how your prince charming will be ?Wink someone who will make a  special place in my heart.. and make me say this is my real prince charming my true life partner  Embarrassed

67.   Are you afraid of heights or water ?

68.   What is God for you?...someone who has made this whole universe ..someone who is more close to us than our hearts..someone who always stays with us .never leaves us , someone who is always there for us in our good and bad times in everything .,the most trustable one , someone who loves His human beings , someone who is aware of our every action , aware of everything what's in our hearts., someone to whom we can look up for anything and He won't disappoint us His court there can be late but no one leaves empty handed ..that late is for betterment for us ..He always wants better of His human beings  we cannot see it and get frustrated but He knows everything when it is appropriate time for anything ,,what is better for this person ..if He closes one door for a person open thousand others ...'for Him there is no rich and poor no black and white difference in humen..'He listens to all..shower all with His blessings ...we human beings we can never repay for his one blessing '..we do thousand mistakes but He still blesses us with Hs blessings ..He is the most beneficiant, merciful , kind more than your thinking can go...'just take His name for once and ask something from Him you will feel more better than asking the same thing from your parents .He always do justice with his human beings..if someone did injustice with anyone more than the worldly courts who many times cheat for money and don't do justice He does ..God do justice ...My God is more close to me than my life 'He has showered me with so many blessings in my life so far that how much I thank Him for them  it be will less ..i always feel better praying him and always feel better taking His name Approve

69. Can you swim?...yes

70.   What type of student are you ? good , brilliant, average ?....i mostly get good marks in my tests and exams so you can call me good studentEmbarrassed

71. Ever stood first in your class ?..yes many times ..i have been topper in  my class in school only two times dropped to second position otherwise with grace of God  mostly I stood first in my class in schoolEmbarrassed

72. do you like katrina kaif ? as an actress I don't like her at all..she is pretty lady I won't deny that ...have good personality'she dances quite well but her acting is really bad she always looks like she is acting ..a person cannot get involved with her character because you feel its all fake and she is acting 'even on songs she don't act well ..the way she moves her lips and whats the song you will feel its being played behind her ..her acting isn't good at all and she isn't famous for her acting she is more famous for her looks 'ever heard anyone saying kat is a fantastic actress no people mostly say she is hot , she is pretty etcLOL

73. Do you watch disney series ? yes but leave them after sometime..disney series have one problem they start so well fun to watch but later they too run out of ideas and it only looks a circus  with so many useless characters goofing around

74.Do you watch supernatural'yes

75.If yes your favorite Dean or Sam   DeanBlushing

ok now let me see how much intelligent are you?


76..I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?

The letter e. End, timE, spacE, Every placETongue


77 .What is in seasons, seconds, centuries and minutes but not in decades, years or days?

The letter 'n'.Tongue

78.The person who makes it, sells it. The person who buys it never uses it and the person who uses it doesn't know they are. What is it?

A coffinTongue

79.I give you a group of three. One is sitting down, and will never get up. The second eats as much as is given to him, yet is always hungry. The third goes away and never returns

. Stove, fire, smokeTongue

80 .All about, but cannot be seen,
Can be captured, cannot be held,
No throat, but can be heard.


The windTongue

78.Say my name and I disappear. What am I?



.81..A box without hinges, lock or key, yet golden treasure lies within. What is it?


An eggTongue


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BeautifulSoul_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 5:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jdfan

ok if you say so...Wink

here my questions ...i know you very well almost know answers of many but still keep in

formality of grilling you  not a very long list don't worry just keeping the formality of grilling youLOL

o wow such a short list..just 70 questions Big smile  won't leave you let your turn come LOL

1.   fountain pen or ballpoint... love to use fountain pen for good hand writing but due to always  ink finishing problemLOL    have to use ball point 

2  . school or  life is more fun

3.     prevention or cure...prevention is better than cure 

4.     disco or movies...movies 

5.     reading or TV ...i think both have their sides of fun so I enjoy both

 6.     swimming or walking (exercise)...walking 

7.     lie to save a friend or truth whatever happens the friend has to face ... well if  my freind hasn't done something much wrong and in such position that where my lie can save her from some big damage and its not much her fault that she landed into this trouble then can lie for her because such lie is not lie then it becomes equal to truth

8.     do you make,a 'to do ' list everyday ?...yes

9.     do you always complete the task on your list ? LOL in the end it goes in dustbinLOL

10.   . how many times were you late for your class? ...not much times but yes few times due to huge traffic  jam  on road LOL

11.   Are you usually late, early or right on time? ...somehow i manage to be right on time or few minutes early LOLfew times have been late too sometimes have been early but mostly right on time or few minutes early but this is usual rountine mainly due to traffic otherwise we leave from home early but on exams i am usually early at my exam place..

12.   .are you a non-interrupting listener...?...try too but can't control myself and speak upLOL then o no ok you continue I am listening  LOLeven during lectures I control myself a ,lot harder to wait till teacher finishes what is saying  and then I ask my questionLOL but I do try hence I listen to others first and then speak up no matter how hard is it for me

 13.   are you the worrying type...?

14.   do you pray everyday ?...yes five times a day

15.   have you ever cheated in your exams ? i believe in my own knowledge no matter if i know answer of some question or not ..not sure about it ...i don't ask from others in exams or ever cheated ..don't know how people do it I feel so shame in it ..and its of no use if you get caught or what other person is telling you is wrong then? so better believe in your knowledge and trust God 

 16.   if accused of a wrong doing you prefer to attack or defend ?...defend

17.   . do u wear western outfits...yes ...yes sometimes wear jeans and t shirts ..sometimes have worn a gown too... as a kid worn a lot  western outifts

 18.   Are you afraid of thunder or lightening ?...yes who isn't 

 19.   your favorite Vegetable ...potato and carrots , peas , mustard , cucumber 

20.   Favorite month of the year... october 

21.   Favorite day of  the week...friday and saturday

22.   .The most expensive gift you have given my brother  four  years ago  on his birthday gave  him a  cricket  bag was expensive beyond my expectations  according to my pocket money  that I had  collected at that time because of the autogrpahs of cricket stars on it and all were his favorite players so we three sisters collected our pocket money Smileand he was like what was the need of  such an  expensive gift  we said  for your expensive smile and he was so happy and hugged us  even my mom and dad were so happy that we  have so much love with each other that we used our money to get him this gift otherwise we could have asked them for help but we sisters decided to join hands and get him his giftSmile

  23.   The cutest gift you received     ..all gifts I have received were cute but  one white teddy bear that my dad gave me on 6th birthday its really cute ..seriously its very cute and soft and warm ..Embarrassed

24.   .The cutest gift you gave ...all gifts I give looks cute to me  don't know how others find it but in front of me they appreciate my choice .i really  cannot differentiate which was  the cutest

25.   your most cherished gift...'.i cherish every gift I receive feel happy and excited on every whether its only a pencil ...someone gifted it to me so feel happy receiving gifts who doesn'tBig smile

26.   The most cherished compliment you received parents whenever say to me I am a good daughter , my siblings when say to me I am a good sister , when my friends say to me I am a good friend'when my  teachers say I am a good student ...when people say I am a good human being... with grace of God I have received all these compliments and I am on stars after receiving them feel so happyBig smile

27.   thing you would like to change about yourself if any ...change no ..i am happy being myself I am satisfied with myself and what I feel if some mistakes happens from me I am happy I have that shame thing in me soul is alive I feel on them  ..regret on them and try to repent them for which  I am thankful to God for giving me this quality

 28.   Do you lose your temper

29.   Are you

30.   Are you practical...yes 

31.   which type of a person irritates you the most...cheat, liars , back biters. proud , all the selfish people  who snatch others rights , even take innocent lives I hate such people

 32.   Are you a good I become a lot confused and get caught easily if I ever I try to lie or make some lame excusesLOL

33.   Party person or not you like to give parties or go to parties ...'.yes I like going to parties and also like giving parties but not obsessed with them like some people who just give party everyday or go to a party everyday..i know many such people in real life i always look at them jaw dropped Confused don't they get tired with so many parties Confused

 34 .Are you a people's person or do you prefer your own company?...people's person but i am not like  jidhar ki hawa udhar k hum  type wherever people go though wrong i will follow them blindly this case i prefer my own company

35.   Whom do you like to get stuck for life on an island? family

36.   .Love is --------considering and honoring others, care of others , feel for them , be there for them in good and bad times , trust them , giving without expecting anything in return , no lust and no greed

 37.   Marriage is -------a life long pure relation-a vow to be  with each other in every circumstances be It 'good or bad... to be each other's support..a relationship based on love . care ,, trust

38.   Are you a feminist or equality believer ...i am  firm equality believer ..i believe males and females are  equal in many levels what males can do females can do too God has made them equal but if one has  some quality other one got some too... God hasn't done injustice with any so they both are equal and I too believe in equality

39.   What kind of boys and girls you hate ? offs , who do disgusting cheap things to look cool , proud , who don't respect their elders don't listen to them 

 40.   .What scares you the most and why?..fear of losing a dear one ..i always pray for their long life and good health

41.   Do you like rainy days or snowy winter days more?...snowy days are not here where i live so rainy days but not like the idea of all day  raining  because excess anything is not good in my opinion

42.   Are you a nature lover?...yes

43.   Name 3 things in nature you find most beautiful? Birds , all the greenery , flowers 

44.  Which is your favorite part of the human face and why?...Eyes which enable us to see all

45.  Something or someone you miss the most from childhood?i miss my childhood Cry

46.  Are you addicted to anything? Yes musicLOL

47.  Which mistakes of the others  you can easily forgive ?...the ones which haven't caused any serious harm to anyone especially my dear ones

 48.  If your life was a movie, what would it be titled?...English This is the Life . ApproveHindi issi ka naam hay zindagiApprove

49.  If you could have one superpower what would it be ?...Ben 10 's alien watchWink I want it Tongueall powers of all superheroes in one watch wow ..Big smile

50.  Which is worse, when a good friend moves away, or losing touch with a good friend who lives right near you?Ouchsecond one losing touch with your good friend who lives right near you ..because he / she will be infront of your eyes but you cannot talk  to him ...the  memories of good moments that you have spend together will always be in front of your eyes and pain of not talking to the person right infront of you once your close friend is unbearable 



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BeautifulSoul_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by jdfan

 51.  What is your happiest childhood memory?  What makes it so special?many yaar  it's difficult to choose one ..i have spent quite a happy childhood with blessings of God ...i was quite a lively child ..always having fun Big smile

52.  Do you wear contacts/glasses?  neither 

53.  Favorite T.V. Commercial?LOLMany but currently in love with Ajay's moblink ADWink which i have now seen LOLhaye he is looking so handsome in this ADDay Dreaming

54.  Who was the last person to do something extra special for you...all my family members today I was feeling a bit down felt like going to have a fever and everyone was around me  caring I became fit and fine so soonLOL

 55.  Do you believe in love at first sight...yes Embarrassed

56.  You're having a bad day. Who do you want to talk to? sisters and my best friend in my neighbors too she is like my third sister ..

57.  Right-handed or Left-handed?...right

58.  What makes you unique ?...i am unique ..the one only piece in the worldLOL  every person is unique the world in his/her waySmile

59.  Who do you have a crush on now?...ConfusedHmmm besides old crushes still there  some  new ones added in the list Abhay Rai Singh also the actor playing the character Ajay Singh ChaudharyBlushing also  Dean  of supernatural the actor playing the character Dean ...Jensen Ackles Blushing..old crushes are still there new ones keep adding in the list'Stern SmileD'ohROFL I am also in love with Depp's character Gilbert Grape in What's eating Gilbert GrapeBlushing since I have seen the movie recently'but I hope you know what kind of crushes I have to the limit of fan girl and have fun that's it I never cross limits like some girls dream of marrying their favorites and day and night only these keep roaming in mind... on their marriage cry that's called obsession I am certainly not obsessed with anyLOLi just enjoy being a fan girl have fun with friends Embarrassed

60.  What according to you is your most treasured possession?...My family and their honor and my own honor

 61.  if you had to choose, which one would it be: intelligent, but not that good looking, or good looking but not that intelligent?if i have  to choose between these two then i will choose intelligent but not good looking.. what you will do of good looks when the person is braindead ..dumbness can be very harmful

62.  Ever been to a dance

63.  Do you like to play video games?...yes 

64.  The most romantic song right now you are in love...Hota hay pyar ka asar chupke chupke ..milen dil say dil agar chupke chupkeDay Dreaming' not a new song but I heard it now ..again a Kumar Sanu song haha I am really a big fanLOL ..his voice is so different , flawless and beautiful


65.  What kind of music you don't like...rap .or hip hop,  I don't understand what kind of music is this even I don't understand  heavy metal death rock ..which songs many times  only contain bashes , abuses , strange  disgusting language Confused which only looks weird but many times it looks fun too many songs are fun with good guitar  so I won't call this heavy metal and death rock completely bad music  some songs are bad but some are fun too ..but rap or hip hop I fail to understand this kind of tune , no poetry , no singing just keep talking non stop..Confused


66.  Western Music or Indian Music...Indian music 

67.  Do you trust people

68.  Describe your best friend...cute , lovely , jolly , full of life , charming , honest and sincere friend to be with..every day she makes me smile , laugh no matter how much bad mood i am in  ..always ready to help whenever one need her  and she is here on IF  Jaya ..she is just like my sisterHug


69.  200000000000000000000000*44444444444444444444 +256788990000000/212009398278 = errorROFL

70.  dedicate a song to me ...

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey
Tera Dil Mera Thikana Mera Dil Tera Thikana
Tera Dil Mera Thikana Mera Dil Tera Thikana
Dostana Tode Se Na Tutega Yeh Dostana
Dostana Tode Se Na Tutega Yeh Dostana
Tera Dil Mera Thikana Mera Dil Tera Thikana
Dostana Tode Se Na Tutega Yeh Dostana
Dostana Tode Se Na Tutega Yeh Dostana

Apna Pyaar Hai Ek Ajooba
Apna Saath Hai Jaise Mehbooba
Apna Pyaar Hai Ek Ajooba
Apna Saath Hai Jaise Mehbooba
Dikhne Mein Do Dikhte Hai Lekin Ek Jaan Hai
Tu Meri Hai Dhadkan Tu Meri Pehchaan Hai
Tu Meri Pehchaan Hai
Tera Saath Mujhko Nibhaana Mera Saath Tujhko Nibhaana 
Tera Saath Mujhko Nibhaana Mera Saath Tujhko Nibhaana 
Dostana Chode Se Na Chodega Yeh Dostana
Dostana Bhule Se Na Bhulega Yeh Dostana

Yeh Duniya Gol Hai Ander Se Bol Hai
Tere Mere Pyaar Ka Nahin Koi Mol Hai
Yeh Duniya Gol Hai Ander Se Bol Hai
Tere Mere Pyaar Ka Nahin Koi Mol Hai
Tere Mere Seene Mein Dil Ka Double Role Hai
Sachi Apni Yaari Baaki Sab Jhol Hai
Bahki Sab Jhol Hai
Tera Dil Mera Deewana Mera Dil Tera Deewana 
Tera Dil Mera Deewana Mera Dil Tera Deewana 
Dostana Bhule Se Na Bhulega Yeh Dostana
Dostana Bhule Se Na Bhulega Yeh Dostana
Tera Dil Mera Thikana Mera Dil Tera Thikana
Dostana Tode Se Na Tutega Yeh Dostana
Dostana Tode Se Na Tutega Yeh Dostana






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BeautifulSoul_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Finally i have done answering all questions DancingLOL

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