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~ZINDAGI~ Maaneet ff~ On Hold (Page 2)

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Part 3

Armaan:"So what do u guys want?"

Shriya:"Maasa I want a new doll house set"

Sameer:"Maasa I want the latest version of PSP"

Mahi:"Maasa I want ke hum sab Darjeeling aur Shillong jaye iss vacation ke liye plzzz"

Hearing this Geet:"Aree S hona hum iss vaction mein nahi next vacation mein saath jayenge"

Maan:"Shona maasi aur maasa ki abhi shaadi huvi hai na isiliye hum next time jayenge"

Mahi:"Thik he papa hum sab saath mein next time jayenge" n faked a smile.

She agreed bcoz she knew her papa would never refuse her if she was right but she was feeling bad as she had made ADI sit with her n they both had done research about Darjeeling n Shillong before coming to Bangalore for the wedding.

She then brought Armaan's shoes which she had hid behind Maan's chair n said:" Ye liye maasa aapke jhoote"

Armaan:"Shriya I will buy u a new doll set tmrw n Sameer even ur PSP"

Hearing that her maasa was not giving her anything her face fell.

Seeing her gloomy face,Shilpa tried to change the topic so:"Aree Mahi u told me na ke aaj after the wedding u have a surprise for me.So what is the surprise plz tell na I am waiting for it very eagerly"

Then Mahi remembered about the surprise n told all of them to come to the other hall which was quite bigger than this one after 10 mins n she along with Shriya n Sameer ran off to the other hall.
   As Yash n Meera entered their fav song started being played which changed to Maan n Geet's fav as they entered n finally to the newly wedded couple Armaan n Shilpa's fav song.

they then saw that there were 3 mats spread for each couple to sit along with cushions to make themselves comfortable.

Yash made himself comfortableusing the cushion n Meera kept her head on his shoulder.

Maan hugged Geet from backn leaned on the wall n sat.

Armaan Hugged Shilpa n they sat like that n when all were comfortable the lights got dim n a video started being played.

The video had some of Meera,Geet n Shilpa's childhood pics n then it changed to Yash n Meera's wedding pics n then pics when Shriya n Sameer were born n some of their moments like the first walk n they playing.Then the video showed Maan n Geet's wedding pics n then when pics after Mahi was born n some of her moments n finally the video showed pics of Armaan n Shilpa's engagement,sangeet n even marriage n then all the Members of Maaneet Express video recording was played in ehich they wished Armaan n Shilpa a successful married life n then the video stopped playing n a song started being played on which Mahi,Shriya n Sameer danced.

After the dance finished the lights came back n all were in tears seeing the video n the dance.

Then Mahi hugged Maan n Geet,Shriya hugged Meera n Yash n Sameer went n hugged Shilpa n Armaan n they after hugging told HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

[you all must be confused as why Sameer went n hugged Shilpa n wished her HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY actually in our family it is said that Maasi is next to our own Maa so I thought why not use the saying here.Hope all of u r not confused anymore]

Then again the 3 went behind the screen n then suddenly the lights went dim n a spotlight started moving n then came out Rakhi di with Sid jiju,Hima di with Venkat jiju n Ram n Hari,Avani di with Raj jiju,Muskan di with her husband,Shruti di with her husband, Khushi di,
Keya ,Ansah ,Dia ,Jyoti, Roopali ,Pooja, Muski ,Wardah ,Sana ,Ash Susana, Samara ,Reva, 
Sanya, Priya, Eva, Swati ,Sonali, Parul, Pratima n Kate n then the lights came back n then all the 3 couples went to meet them.

After all the greetings was over they called out for Mahi,Shriya n Sameer.

Shriya n Sameer came n they told that Mahi told them that she will come back in 15 mins.
All were getting tensed as why Mahi had not returned even after 20 mins.

Maan told Geet that he was going to search for Mahi.

Maan searched the whole house but did not find her.
Where is Mahi?
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Maan searched the whole house but did not find Mahi.Then he went to the terrace to check there n saw Mahi sitting there with her teddy Softy n talking t it.Maan sighed in relief n then he saw that Mahi was crying so he ran to her n took her in his arms.

He soothingly rubbed her back so that shewould calm doen.After sometime Mahi calmed down n he asked her worriedly:"Shona aap kyu ro rahi ho?"

Mahi:"Woh papa 'sob' mujhe na Sweetu aur 'sob' MK ki yaad agayi 'sob' mama ko aapni friends ko milte dekh 'sob' karke aur aaj Sweetu aur MK se baat bhi nahi huvi na 'sob'"

Maan:"Olle mera baby.Shona aap mujhe bata de thi mein aapko Sweetu se baat karva deta"

Mahi:"Nahi papa 'sob' aap aaj subah se Shilpa maasi ki shaadi se tayari mein 'sob' busy the aur waise bhi mein unko todhi der mein 'sob' phone karne wali thi"

Maan:"Thik hai hum abhi Sweetu se baat karte hai.Thik hai".

saying so he made Mahi sit on the slan n took out his mobile n dialed Sweetu's house number n gave to Mahi.

Mahi then started talking to Sweetu n  she told about her day n the surprise n all other things.

Meanwhile Maan was listening to her talks n lovingly caressing her face.

After Mahi finished her phone call, she gave the mobile back to Maan n then kissed his cheeks n hugged him n said:"U r the best papa in the world.I love u papa"

Maan:"N u r the world's best daughter n I love u too"

He then carried Mahi n turned towards the door n saw that Geet was smiling with tears in her eyes.

She went near them n took Mahi from Maan's arms n kissed all over her face.

Mahi:"Mama aap ro kyu rahi ho?"

Geet:"Kuch nahi Shona"

Maan understanding Geet's anxiety hugged them both.Then they went down n then Shilpa hugged Mahi n then told:"Thank u so much baby for the surprise.I loved it sooo much"

Mahi:"Maasi thank u mujhe nahi sab ko boliye kyunki agar yeh nahi aate toh ye surprise hi nahi hota"

Ansah:"Arre Mahi ye sab toh tunhara plan tha.Hum sab toh tere plan ko sunne ke baad hi yaha aane ka plan kiya"

Jyoti:"Ha Mahi hum sab toh yaha tumhare bulane pe hi aaye hai.Warna yaha par koi ha jisse aapni friends ki parwa tak nahi hai aur aapni behen ki shaadi ke liye bhi nahi bulaya hume"

Geet:"Arre Jyo gussa kyu ho rahi hai?Tunne hi toh kaha tha ke tu Mumbai ja rahi hai aapne bhai ke saath"

Jyoti:"Geeet mein tujhe ye baat isliye baati thi kyunki Mahi ne mujhe phele hi ye plan bata diya tha aur tujhe plan na pata chale karke tujhe jhoot bola tha par tu invitation card nahi bhej sakti thi kya?"

N the usual fight started between the two.The others rolled their eyes n after 5 mins Rakhi di stopped them n said:"Geet aur jyoti bas karo yaar.Tum dono toh kahe pe bi shuru ho jaati ho.Arre Geet tujhe toh yaad hona chailye na ke teri 5 saal ki beti hai aur aaj teri choti behen ki shaadi hai"

Hearing this Geet made a pouting face n seeing that Jyoti couldn't resist n laughed n hugged her.

Seeing Her Jyo Maasi hugging her Mama,Mahi also went n hugged both of them.
Some flashbacks about Geet's life 
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part 5

After the Bidaai finished all returned to the hotel as they had to return early the next morning.

Geet n Meera bid goodbye to all the Maaneet Express friends.

Then later Maan,Geet,Mahi,Yash,Meera,Shriya,Sameer along with Armaan n Shilpaleft for the airport.

Then Armaan n Shilpa boarded the flight to Shimla for their honeymoon n the others left for Delhi.

Geet remembered the first time she had come to Delhi to find a job after comlpleting her architecture course in Bangalore.

Geet was very nervous in the flight as she was going away from home like this alone for the first time but calmed down as Shilpa was accompaning her for a few days as she had holidays.

They were staying in a flat which was Geet's uncle's but now was in Geet's name as he had passed away.

They reached the flat n then freshened up n then they went to Akshardham Mandir to get blessings for her new life.

There Shilpa had gone inside the temple but Geet was outside buying some items for the puja.There she saw a pregnant lady who was having difficulty in holding the puja ki thal so Geet went to her n asked her:"Excuse me,kya mein aapki koi madat kar sakti hu?"

Lady:"Can u plz help me to climb the stairs n carry this puja ki thal.Actually my husband has gone to attend a important call so can u help me n sorry for the trouble" n smiled at Geet.

Geet:"Surely" n she takes the puja ki thal n helps the lady to climb the stairs.

As Geet enters the temple along with the lady,Shilpa comes to her n says:"Geet didi aap kaha reh gayi thi mein tabse aapka intezaar kar rahi thi"

Lady:"I'm sorry Geet ji I caused u n ur sister  trouble"

Geet:"Plz dont say sorry n u have caused us no trouble but I have felt happy by helping u"

Shilpa seeing the lady understood that her Geet didi was helping her n said:"Plz dont say sorry"

Geet:"Hey Babaji mein toh aapka naam hi puchna bhool gayi?"to the lady

Lady:"Mera naam Sammera hai"

Geet:"Sameera ji hum puja kar lete hai phir baaki bate karenge"

Sameera:"Thik hai" n they do the puja n then Shilpa n Geet help Sameera to walkdown the stairs.

They went n sat on the benches there.

Geet:"Sameera ji kya mein aapse kuch puch sakti hu?"

Sameera:"Ha pucheye na"

Geet:"Aapki age kitni hai?"

Sameera:"Geet ji mein toh 21 years ki hu par aapne ye sawal kyu pucha?"

Geet:"Woh aapko dekh kar mujhe aapni badi behen ki yaad agayi isiliye aur woh bhi 21 years ki hai aur unsko na twins hai.Ha uar aap mujhe Geet ji mat boliye.Aap mujhse badi hai toh Geet hi boliye"

Sameera:"Thik hai Geet.Acha tum Delhi mein hi rehti ho kya?"

Geet:"Nahi actually hum dono aaj hi yaha aye hai aur kya mein aapko Di bula sakti hu?"

Sameera:"Ha kyu nahi mujhe toh aaj ek choti behen mil gayi" n hugged Geet.

Shilpa:"Arre aap dono toh mujhe bhool hi gaye" n faked anger.

Geet:"Arre meri himmat ke mein apni Shilpa ko bhool jao" n hugged her.

Shilpa:"Kya Di aapne mera introduction hi nahi karvaya"

Geet:"Oh sorry Shilpa,Sameera Di yeh Shilpa hai meri choti behen"

Shilpa forwarded her hand n said:"Hi Sameera Di Im Shilpa"

Sameera shook her hand n said:"Hi Shilpa" n hugged her.

They were talking when Sameera's phone rang.She picked it up n talked for 5 mins.

Sameera:"Sorry Geet n Shilpa had to attend the call as it was my husband's call"

Geet:"Koi baat nahi Di"

Sameera:"Guys kyu na hum mere ghar chale abhi mere husband ek important meeting ke liye gaye hai aur mein akeli hu"

Geet:"Lekin Di hum kese aap ke ghar asakte hai?"

Sameera:"Arre Geet kuch nahi hoga plz chalo na"

Shilpa:"Ha Geet Didi chalte hai waise bhi hamare paas activa hai he toh ghar jane mein bhi koi pareshaani nahi hogi"

Geet:"Thik hai" n so the three left for Sameera's house.
living room
white and wood baby nursery furniture sets by Paidi 5 554x415 530x397 Blend of Pink and Red For Baby Room
Sameera ordered the servants to bring some snacks n they sat in the living room chatting.

Suddenly a black BMW Z4 stopped in the driveway n a young man got down from the car n walked into the house n as he entered the living room,the servants all became silent n then Sameera got up n went near the man n smiled at him n then hugged him.

Sameera:"Aap mandir se bina baitaye kyu chake gaye?"

Man:"Sorry Sameera woh ek important meeting agayi thi toh jana pada plz maaf kardo"

Sameera:"Thik hai.Aye mein aapko kisi se milana chati hu" n pulled the man to where Geet n Shilpa were there.

Sameera:"Geet,Shilpa inse milo yeh mere pati aur yeh [pointing towards Geet n Shilpa] inse milye yeh hai Geet aur yeh hai Shilpa jinhone aaj mandir mein meri help ki"

Man:"Hi Geet.Hi Shilpa thank u for helping my wife today.Im Maan,Maan Singh Khurana"

Geet:"Mr.Maan Singh Khurana???" n her jaws dropped open.

More about Maan,Geet n Sameera

P.S-The BLACK BMW Z4 is my sister Roops fav.
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Part 6 -

Geet:"Mr.Maan Singh Khurana" n her jaws dropped open.

Shilpa nudged her n Geet closed her mouth.

Geet:"Sameera Di ye aapke pati hai???"

Sameera:"Ha Geet ye meri hi pati hai"

Geet:"Di ye sadoo aapke pati kaise ho sakte hai"

Maan said with anger:"Excuse me,tumne mujhe sadoo kaha???"

Geet:"Ab sadoo ko sadoo na kahu toh kya kahu?"

Sameera:"Geet tum Maan ko sadoo kyu bola rahi ho?"

Geet:"Mr.Maan Singh Khurana aap shayad bhool gaye hai ki mein kon hu?"

Maan:"Kya hum phele mile hai?"

Geet:"Oh toh aap sach much bhool gaye.Koi baat nahi abhi yaad dila deti hu.Aapko yaad hai last year aap KC Bangalore Branch mein ek project ke liye aaye the"

Maan:"Ha par ye tumhe kaise pata???"

Geet:"Toh aapko woh intern yaad hai GEET MEHTA jo aapko is project mein help kar rahi thi???"

Maan:"Ha mujhe yaad hai"

Geet:"Geet Mehta mein hi hu"

Maan:"Ho toh Miss Bangalore Express kaise he aap???" n smirked as he knew Geet would get irritated by calling her Miss Bangalore Express.

Geet murmered:"Dusht Danav aaj tak woh naam nahi bhoole" which was heard by Shilpa.

Shilpa:"Oh toh yeh the aapke boss Geet Didi" n smiled mockingly at Geet which she didnt miss to understand so Geet whacked Shilpa's arm n glared at her.

Sameera:"Oh Geet toh tum ho Miss Bangalore Express" n started laughing.

Geet:"Sameera Di aap bhi mujhe pe haas rahi ho" n faked anger.

Maan:"Ha Sameera isse gussa mat dilo warna yaha pe volcano phat jayega"

Geet:"Aapna gussa kabhi dekha hai hamesha naak pe behta rehta hai tayar phatne ko"

Shilpa helped Sameera to sit back as she knew the fun would start now.

Maan:"Acha toh batao uss din office mein uss bechari Anjali pe aapna gussa kyu nikala???"

Geet:"Ah ha ha Bechari aur woh bhi woh Anjali.Dekha Sameera Di yeh agar Anjali ko bechri kahenge toh koi bechari ladki ko kya kahenge???"

Maan:"Ha toh tumhi baat do ke Anjali ne kya kiya tha?"

Geet remembered the fight she had with Anjali bcoz Anjali saw her hugging the guy in the parking lot n then going to dinner with him n later entering his house.

Geet:"Woh mein aapko nahi baata sakti" n felt tears stinging her eyes.

Maan:"Ha tumhare pass koi explaination hi nahi hai toh Anjali sahi hi hogi"

Hearing this Geet felt very bad that Maan without knowing the whole matter camr to conclusions n tears started coming.

Geet just ran away from there.

Shilpa:"Geet Didiii"

Shilpa said sorry to both Sameera n Maan n went behind Geet.

Sameera n Maan were left behind confused.

"Mama mama hum ghar pooch gaye" Mahi shaked Geet.

Hearing to Mahi's voice Geet came out of her thoughts n they went inside the house.

Mahi,Shriya n Sameer went to play in Mahi's playroom.

Maan n Yash went to his study to discuss their new project n Meera went to her room to freshen up.Meanwhile Geet went to the kitchen to make coffee for Maan n Yash.

Later at night,Geet called Sameera n said:"Sameera Di I'm sorry mein aapko bina bataye hi chali gayi"

Sameera:"Koi baat nahi Geet actually mujhe sorry kehna chaiye Maan ke wajah se tum ro rahi thi"

Geet:"Sameera Di aap sorry mat bolo aur mein Maan ji ke wajah se nahi ro rahi thi actually kuch purani yaade yaad agayi aur mein emotional hogayi"

Sameera:"Thik hai Geet agar tum kehti ho toh mein sorry nahi bolungi.Acha hum kal kahi milte hai plz mein ghar mein akeli bore ho jaati hu"

Geet:"Thik hai Sameera Di kal hum movie dekhne jaate hai"

Geet woke up early n went to the park near to her flat.There she 2 young girls playing badminton n Geet went near them n they asked her if she would join n so they started talking.

Geet:"Aapka naam kya hai???"

Girl 1:"Mera naam Roopali hai" n smiled.

Girl 2:"Aur mera naam Pooja hai" n she asked:" Aapka naam kya hai Didi???"

Geet:"Mera naam Geet hai aur Roopali mein tumhe Roops bolungi aur Pooja tumhe Poo.Thik hai"

Roops:"Thik hai Geet Di.Friends???" n brought her hand forward

Geet:"Friends..." n shaked her hands n then Poo's n then all 3 shared a group hug.

Roops:"Geet Didi aap Delhi mein nayi ho kya???"

Geet:"Ha Roops.Tumhe kaise pata???"

Poo:"Woh Di hum yaha har subha aate hai par aapko aaj tak nahi dekha isiliye"

Geet:"Oh ok.Acha chalo mein chalti hu mujhe late ho raha hai.Hum kal phirse isi time pe milenge aur tumhara ghar kaha hai???"

Roops:"Di hum yaha padhai ke liye aye he aur hum XXX apartment mein rehte hai"

Geet:"Arre wah mein bhi ussi apartment mein rehti hu chalo chalte hai" n all the 3 left together.
Geet n Sameera watching movie

P.S.-you all must be wondering who is Roopali n Pooja actually Roopali [rsroopali] is my elder sister n Pooja [poojaaddis] is her best friend n a good friend n sister to me n they both r the closest persons in my life n so thought to add them here.

guys this is Roopali

n this is Pooja
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Part 7 -

Geet:"Aree Roops aur Poo tumhara flat no. kya hai?"

Poo:"Di himara 21 hai aur aapka?"

Geet:"Mera toh 22 hai.Hum toh neighbours hai aur tum dono abhi mere ghar arahe ho breakfast ke liye" in a stern voice.

Roops:"Phir di aapko itni mehnat karne ki zaroorat nahi hai kyunki mein breakfast nahi karti par mein coffee zaroor piyungi"

Geet:"Nahi mein toh dono kr liye breakfast bana rahi hu aur tum logo ko khana bhi padega"

Poo:"Thik hai di hum ready hoke aate hai" n they both went to their flat to get ready.

Here Geet came n woke Shilpa n told her that 2 of her friends are coming so get ready fast n went to prepare breakfast.

Roops n Poo came to Geet's flat n met Shilpa n the 3 hit on from the start as they were of the same age n shared mostly common interests.

Then Geet called them to the dining table to have breakfast.Geet had made aloo paratha n forced Roops to eat 3.

After breakfast all 3 were in the kitchen helping Geet clean the dishes.

Roops:"Wah di aap toh kitna acha khana banati ho.Aaj se mein yahi pe khana kahungi agar aapko koi problem na ho toh"

Geet:"Arre mujhe kya problem hogi.Jab maan kare ajana khana khane"

Poo:"Acha di aap aur Shilpa kya plan hai aaj ke liye?"

Shilpa:"Mein toh free hu"

Roops:"Toh Shilpa tu humare saath chal na shopping"

Geet:"Arre aaj suddenly shopping kaise colg nahi hai kya?"

Roops:"Nahi di Pooja ki exams khatam hui kal hi toh usko abhi holidays hai aur meri kal exam shuru ho rahi hai toh study holiday"

Shilpa:"Study holiday mein shopping study karna nahi hai kya?"

Poo:"Arre Shilpa tumhe nahi samajh ayenga ye na tedi hai kabhi sedha kaam nahi karti"

Shilpa:"Thik hai chalte hai"

Roops:"Arre di aap nahi arahi kya?"

Geet:"Nahi Roops mujhe Sameera di ke ghar jana hai"

So Roops,Poo n Shilpa left for shopping n Geet left for Khurana Mansion.

Sameera:"Hiii Geet.Kaise he tu?" n hugged her.

Geet:"Hiii di mein thik hu aap kaise ho"

Sameera:"Actually tabiyat todhi kharab hai toh hum ghar mein hi movie dekh te hai"

Geet:"Thik hai di" n they started watching BABUL.

During the whole movie Geet was restless n tears started flowing when the lead lost her husband which didnt go unnoticed by Sameera.She had flashbacks of her life in Bangalore but then she wiped her tears n said in her mind:"I have promised u that I wont cry but see I broke the promise I made to u"

After sometime Sameera turned towards Geet n saw that Geet had dozed off n she saw trail of tears on her face n she decided to talk to Geet.

Later Geet woke up n was searching for Sameera as she was not in the living room when her phone rang.It was Shilpa who called to inform her not to prepare dinner for them as they would eat in the mall itself.

Geet then reached the kitchen n saw that Sameera was making pasta.

Geet:"Di aap kyu khana bana rahi ho.Mujhe utha diya hota?"

Sameera:"Arre Geet tum itni aram se so rahi thi isliye nahi uthaya"

Geet:"Thik hai di par ab aap yaha bethiye aur mein aapke liye pasta banati hu" n made Sameera to sit on the chair n started making pasta.

After a few minutes,Sameera asked Geet:"Geet tu mujhe di bol thi hai na toh kya mein uss haq se tujhse ek baat puch sakti hu?"

Geet:"Ha di aap mujhse kuch bhi puch sakti hai"

Sameera:"Aisa kya huva hai teri life mein ki tu itni pain mein hai.Plz agar tu mujhe di bolti hai toh tu mujhse kuch nahi chupayegi"

Geet rememberingher life in Bangalore started havingtears in her eyes:"Di mein aapko sab kuch batungi pa aap promise karo ke aap kisi ko kuch nahi batayengi"

Sameera:"Thik hai Geetmein kisi konahi batungi"

Geet:"Aelo baato baato mein aapke pasta ban gaye" n served Sameera the pasta n then she left as it was getting late.

Geet reached home n ther she saw Shilpa,Roops n Poo sitting with many shopping bags.

Geet:"Tum log agaye.Acha dekhao kya kya shopping ki hai?"

Then all spent an hour in seeing the shopping n then Geet prepared her dinner n had it.

After dinner all of them watched some movie n then Roops n Poo went to their flat n slept.

Geet laid down on the bed n thought of today n remembered the promise she made to Sameera to tell her the truth n slept off.

In the evening,Geet logged in IF n she chatted on Maaneet Express n had a good time.Then she went to kitchen to prepare dinner n Meera came n helped her.

Then she saw that Maan was busy in the study n Mahi was playing with Shriya,Sameer n Abhay.So she went to the terrace alone n sat there.

After sometime when she was coming back she went to the room next to the terrace which had all her memories of her life in Bangalore.

Geet then saw a pic of her when she went to her colg for the first time n remembered telling Sameera about her perfect life in Bangalore which turned into a imperfect life bcoz of one incident.
Geet's life in Bangalore

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Part 8

Next morning Geet woke up early n saw that even Shilpa was awake.She freshened up n then they both went to the park n met Roops n Poo there n played badminton for an hour n then Geet went n made breakfast n after sometime the 3 returned n had breakfast.

Roops:"Acha di mein chalti hu aaj meri exam hai"

Geet:"Arre Roops ruk yeh dahi sakar kha ke ja tera kaam ache se hoga"

Then Roops took the keys n left.

Shilpa:"Toh Pooaaj kya kar rahi hai?"

Poo:"Mein toh ghar ki safayi kar rahi hu.Kitna ghanda hogaya hai"

Geet:"Shilpa tu Poo ke saath unke flat mein rehna mujhe kuch kaam hai toh mein late ho jaungi aur mein lunch banake jati hu"

Poo:"Arre di aap mat banao mein bana lungi"

Then Poo n Shilpa go to the flat after Geet gives their flat keys to Shilpa.

Geet gets ready n takes a small box from her suitcase n keeps it in her handbag.Then she prays in the small mandir she made in one of the shelf of her room n left for Khurana Mansion.
As Geet reached Sameera came n they both hugged.

Sameera:"Geet tum agayi tum thik toh ho na"

Geet:"Ha di mein thik hu aur aap bahar kyu ayi"

Sameera:"Woh actually mein Maan ko bye kehne ayi thi woh do din ke liye Mumbai ja rahi hai"

Geet:"Oh di aap toh ghar mein akeli hogayi hogi na"

Sameera:"Ha par mujhe iski adat hai"

Geet:"Di dont worry mein hu na mein yahi rahungi Maanji delhi wapas ajaye tab tak"

Sameera:"Lekin Geet Shilpa akei ho jayegi na"

Geet:"Dont worry di woh akeli nahi hai woh humare neighbours ke saath rehegi aur woh humare friends bhi hai"

Sameera:"Thik hai par ek bar usko call kar lena"

Geet:"Chalo di hum terrace pe jate hai" n they go to terrace n Geet helps Sameera to sit comfortably.

Geet:"Di aapko meri life ke bare mein jana hai toh mera bachpan bhi jana hoga"
Ninteen years back,
Hiten Mehta was very happy that his wife Gouri had given birth to twins,a boy n a girl.

Hiten along with his princess Meera went to see the twins.Te boy had features similar to him n the girl was like her mother but her eyes were the same shade of hazel as her father.

They named the boy Yug as he was the first son in the new generation n named the girl Geet as she would be the song of their life.Gouri was very happy to have her babies safe n healthy in her arms.
Yug n Geet were the apples of everyone's eyes n Meera was too protective about them.She has also got 1 more sister named Shilpa 2 years back.

ON 1st JUNE,
Geet n Yug had joined the school.It was their first day n like all the kids even they were nervous n excited also.

Hiten n Gouri had left Meera,Geet n Yug in the school n left for the office.

Yug made a new friend named Vrinda n both sat together.As the class started all the benches were filled except 1 where a cute looking boy was sitting.

Geet went n sat next to him n said:"Hi My name is Geet"

Boy:"Hi My name is Prem" n they shaked hands n started talking.

During lunch breakYug came to Geet n called her:"Geet chalo waha jakar lunch karte hai" n Geet agreed n they went.

After they finished their lunch Geet went to wash her hands at a open tap which was near the place where they were sitting.Some boys came n pushed her when she was about to wash her hands.Yug saw this n he came to help Geet but the boys pushed him also.

Then Prem came along with a teacher n the boys were punished for misbehaving.Then he helped Yug n Geet to get up.

Yug said Thank You n went near Geet n checked whether she was hurt n saw that her knees were scarped n blood was coming.Prem then gavehis white handkerchief to Yug who tied it n then he hugged Geet who was crying.

Yug:"Shh Geet dekh tu ab thik hai na toh ro mat plz"

Geet then calmed down n said Thank You to Prem.

That evening when they left school Yug n Geet had made 2 friends Vrinda n Prem n from then on they became the best of friends.
Geet after sometime went to kitchen n told the servant to serve dinner n she went n called everyone.All had the dinner n then they called it a day.

Meanwhile Geet was clearing the table n the phone rang.

Geet(self thought):"Bilkul sahi samay pe phone aya hai" n picked the phone.

Geet:"Ha Bhai yaha sab thik se hogaya"

Geet:"Toh aap log kab arahe ho???"

Geet:"Bhai Mithun ko phone toh do mujhe usse baat karni hai.Kitne din hogaya usse baat nahi huvi"

Why Hiten hates Geet???
n more about her time in Bangalore

Who is Mithun???
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Part 9


Geet :"Kaise hu baby???"
Geet :"Ha yaha sab thik hai aur Mahi bhi"
Geet :"Acha tum kab arahe ho???"
Geet :"Tum kal arahe ho na.Thik hai tumhari fav hi banaongi aur ha Maan tumhe lene ajayenge aur bhaiya aur bhabhi arahe hai na???"
Geet :"Thik hai. Chalo mein phone rakhti thi hu tum aapna khaya rakhna aur Bhaiya ko zyada pareshaan mat karna think hai" n cut the call.
In Maaneet Bedroom,
Maan was busy doing his work when Geet enterd their room n then she changed n went n took the laptop from Maan n told him that Mithun,Bhaiya n Bhabhi were coming tmrw so he had to go to pick them up from the airport.

So Maan :"Mithun ne toh mujhe kuch nahi bataya"

n then Geet told :"Ha woh Mahi ko surprise dena chatha hai aur agar aapko phele bata diya hota toh aap Mahi ko bata dete isliye"

Maan :"Oh toh Maa - Bete ne mujhse baate bhi chupa ne lage hai.Ab toh sazaa zaroor milege" n gave a naughty smile to Geet.

Geet understanding his intentions started moving back while Maan started moving towards her n when she was cornered Maan in a husky voice said :"Ab kaha jaogi Mrs.Khurana" n started kissing all are face except her lips to tease her.Geet having enough of his teasing smacked her lips on him n kissed him passionately n when they were about to go further someone knocked their room door breaking the moment.

Geet :"Maan jao na Mahi hogi" n then Maan opened the door n saw Mahi standing there with her fav Brown Teddy.


 Geet giggled seeing Mahi there while Maan carried Mahi with him n kept her on the bed n then he slept on 1 side while Geet slept on the other side.Both hugged Mahi n then kissed her forehead n slept holding each others hand.
The Next Morning,
Geet was busy preparing all Mithun's fav dishes,Mithun Maan n Sameera's son but from when he was Geet was the one who took care of him n she was his mother only.

As she was preparing Mahi came n said :"Mama,Papa aap ko study mein bula rahe hai" n left to play with Shriya n Sameer.

Geet then went to the study n Maan  pulled her on his lap n said :"Geet mein aaj office nahi ja raha so jaldi se kaam khatam karlo phir hum Yash aur meera aur bacho ke saath bahar ghumne chalte hai " 

But Geet told :"Nahi Maan mujhe aaj bohut kaam hai mujhe aaj Mithun ka fav khana bana na hai aur Bhaiya - Bhabhi ka room bhi saaf kar wana hai" but Maan didnt listen to her as he was busy playing with her hairs n then Geet waked his hand that was playing with her hair n got up to leave but Maan pulled her back n said :"Plz Geet mana mat karo na plz phir kal se toh Mithun ajayega toh tum kaha mere saath time spend karogi" n made a baby face n Geet just couldnt refuse him n said :"Thik hai phele mujhe khana bana ne do phir hum bahar chalenge" n gave a peck on his lips n ran away before her could catch her.

Geet prepared Mithun's fav dishes n then they all went out to theKINGDOM OF DREAMS whcih had recently opened in Delhi n all enjoyed a lot


[Plz do see this website to know more about KINGDOM OF DREAMS
 In the evening they had dinner in a Chinese restaurant n then Maan,Geet n Mahi dropped Yash,Meera,Shriya n Sameer at KM n left for the airport.

While going to the airport Mahi fell asleep on Geet's lap n Geet was caressing her head lovingly n after Maan saw Mahi alseep he held Geet's hand n Geet smiled.
At The Airport,
Maan was carrying Mahi n Geet was getting restless as the flight has not yet arrived.Maan held Geet's hand n rubbed his thumb on her hand to calm her down.

After 15 mins the flight arrival was announced n then after 15 mins came Mithun n took her blessings first n then hugged her n said :"Missed u Mama"

Geet :"Missed u too baby"

Yug :"Acha sirf bete ko miss kiya hume nahi" n made a fake angry face.

Geet then hugged Vrinda n told :"Nahi Bhaiya aapko miss nahi kiya par bhabhi ko bohut miss kiya " n showed her tongue to Yug.

Yug :"Thik hai tumne mujhe miss nahi kiya na toh mein chala jata hu" n turned back to leave when Geet stopped him n said :"Bhaiya aapko bohut miss kiya" n hugged him n tears started flowing from her eyes.

By then Mahi had got up n she hugged her Bhaiya n was asking him all questions. Meanwhile Yug n Maan hugged.

Geet stopped her n told :"Mahi baki baad mein puch lena abhi chalo ghar jana hai na sab thak gaye hai" n then Mahi went n hugged her Maama n Maami n they all went to KM.

why Geet's dad hates her?????

Sorry guys no past in this part as i wanted to introduce Mithun soon
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Part 10


As they reached Khurana Mansion Meera, Yash n the kids all met with Yug, Vrinda n Mithun n they talked for sometime. All this while Mithun had kept his head on Geet's lap n she was carressing it n he dozed off like that only.

After a while Maan saw Mithun n smiled n then told everyone to n sleep as it was already very late n all must be tired bcoz of the flight n outing n all left for their room while Geet woke up Mithun n took him to the kids room n Maan carried Mahi to the kids room. 

Maaneet made sure that both are comfortable n then dimmed the light n went to their room. After changing both snuggled into each other n slept as soon as their heads hit the pillow as they were very tired.

The next morning,
Geet got up n went to the kids room n saw checked up on them n then left to the terrace for her yoga. After finishing yoga she was going back when she saw the box open in the room n as she went to close it she saw a pic n smiled unknowningly.

Seeing it she remembered the time she told Sameera about her life,


As Geet n  Prem's friendship grew stronger their feelings towars each other also started getting stronger while Yug n Vrinda would always keep fighting with each other.

On Geet n Yug's 10th birthday as Geet, Yug n Gouri were returning from the orphanage where they used to every year go for charity on their birthday Geet ran a bit ahead of Yug n Gouri as she saw a ice cream vendor n she wanted to eat Orange Candy n so she went ahead but she didnt see that a truck was coming her way n Gouri saw it n to save Geet she pushed her out of the way but couldnt get away herself n her accident happened. 

Geet didnt know what to do n seeing her mom unconsicous n bleeding she started crying but Yug took his mom's mobile n called his Dad who left all his work n reached there as soon as possible.

He took Gouri in his arms n rushed to the hospital while Meera consoled Yug n Geet.

The doctors told that Gouri had lost lot of blood n was very critical n chances of survival were very less. Hiten became numb hearing all this n didnt know what to do n then went to pray but God was in no mood to listen to him n Gouri passed away.

Hiten did all the final rituals mechanically while Geet stopped talking to all n kept crying. Meera n Yug tried to make her come out of her shell but she didnt n she used to talk to only Prem.

Hiten in his pain forgot about his kids n started working more n drowned himself in work n he after that day stopped talking to Geet as he felt that bcoz of her only Gouri died.

Geet was not able to bear her father's silence but she couldnt do anything bcoz she herself didnt understand what the reason was??? Meera being a bit elder understood her condition n she started taking care of Geet more n fought with her for all silly reasons n tried to make her feel happy.

Meera now had to take care of not only herself but also of Geet, Yug n Shilpa. She used to ask her Chachi whenever she was free to teach her household works n her Chachi used to take care of Shilpa as her own daughter bcoz she couldnt be a mother. 

Hiten started staying away from all n his hatred towards Geet increased n bcoz of that he forgoteven to see that she was his daughter n she needed him. Hiten's brother Veer n his wife Rani used to take care of Meera, Geet, Yug n Shilpa.

On Geet n Yug's 15th birthday,
Hiten was at home n so Geet came to him to take his blessings but when he saw Geet he got very angry bcoz it was the same day that his Gouri left him n so he shouted on Geet n told her many things like he hated her n to never ever come in front of him. Poor Geet she got so scared when he shouted on her n then when she heard him tell all those painful words she couldnt bear it n fainted.

Hiten left from there without even caring to see what happened to Geet n Meera came in searching for her after an hour n when she saw her fainted she called her Chachu n Chachi n they took Geet to the hospital n the doctor told that she is affected by her mom's death very badly n maybe she is not able to come out of it n so her she is getting weak. Chachi cried hearing this as her daughter was suffering n she couldnt do anything n then she n Veer decided that they would bring Geet out of the trauma n asked the doctor for advise n left after Geet came back to conciousness n took her n told her to rest properly.

After this incident they shifted to their other apartment along with the kids n when asked Hiten to move along he refused as this house was where he had many memories of Gouri n he couldnt leave it.

Slowly with Chachi's constant care n love n all her siblings support n Prem's support Geet came out of the trauma n started living her life happily.

Now she would always smile n had great fun fighting with Meera n teasing Shilpa joining hands with Meera n playing pranks on Yug n running around the house helping her Chachi n helping her Chachu when ever her Chachi was upset on him.

On her 18th birthday Prem proposed her in front of the whole college n she was so overjoyed. Later she told everyone in the family n all were happy about it.

Yug then left to London for his further studies but Geet refused as she didnt want to go away from all n she studied for architecture in Bangalore itself.

After her second year Chachu n Chachi told her to get married to Prem as Meera was well settled with Yash in Jaipur n they wanted her also to settle down n they had a low profile marriage but she didnt tell about her marriage in her college as she wanted to complete her studies n then tell about it. 

After 2 years when in her final year she joined Khurana Constructions for internship n meet Maan there.

Once when she was going to dinner with Prem when Anjali saw her n followed her as she was very jealous of Geet bcoz she was praised for her works.

The next day Anjali tried to create a scene by telling everyone about what she saw yesterday n all started gossiping about it but Geet shouted on Anjali n said "The guy u saw is my husband" n all were dumbstruck bcoz they thought there was something going in between Maan n Geet.

After that Anjali always tried to insult Geet but she was never successful n after that Geet finished her internship n gave her final exams n passed with flying colours.

As she got her results she got a call from their family doctor n told her that the reports of her routine check up have come n she wants to discuss something so she should come as soon as possible.

As Geet reached the Doctor's cabin she got the biggest news of her life that she was pregnant. She was so happy n decided to surprise Prem n so she made all the arrangements n then told him n he was very happy.

Prem used to take care of all her needs n she loved being pampered by not only Prem but also Chachu n Chachi. Meera couldnt come to Bangalore as she herself was expecting n doctors had told her complete bed rest as there were some complications in her pregnancy n Geet had strictly warned her to be careful or else no one could save Meera from Geet's warth.

Soon 5 months passed n all was going well until that unfortunate day...


Geet came out of her thoughts when she felt someone hugging her from back n as she realised his touch she leaned back into him n sighed. 

Maan :Kya soch rahi thi Mishti???

Geet :Kuch nahi Maan bas yeh Prem ki tasveer dekhi toh purani baatein yaad agayi.

Maan :Mishti tum kyu un batao ko yaad karti ho jab tumhe pata hai ke woh baatein tumhe sirf takleef deti hai.

Geet smiled n turned n hugged him n said : Main un baatein ko yaad nahi kar rahi thi jo mujhe takleef dethi hai bal ki un palo ko yaad kar ahi thi jab main,Chachu,Chachi,Di,Yug,Shilpa aur Prem ne saath main guzaare hai. Woh haseen palo ko yaad kar rahi thi jo maine unke saath bitaye hai.

Maan smiled n said :Acha toh tumhe woh lamhe yaad hai jo tumhne mere saath office main jaghte guzare hai.

Geet :Main un palo ko bhi kabhi nahi bhula sakti. Acha chaliye ab hum neeche chalte hai Bache uthne wale honge.

Maan :Nahi Geet mujhe neeche nahi jana.Ek baar tum kaam main lag gayi toh tum sab bhool jati ho aur mere saath toh tum aaj kal theek se samay bhi nahi bita rahi ho. Main tumhe neeche nahi jane dunga n hugged her tightly.

Geet smiled at his daily complaint n kissed his heart n said :Acha baba main aapke saath ache se time bitungi aur hum dher saari batae bhi karenge aur... but stopped n turned red.

Maan smiled mischievous n to tease her said huskily: Aur kya Geet???

Geet just turned more red if that was possible n whacked his chest n said : Aap jante ho toh phir kyu mujhe tang kar rahe ho???
Maan :Tumhe uh sharmate huve dekh ke mujhe bohut acha lagta hai isiliye.

Geet :Acha ab chailye na neeche.

Maan nodded in no n said :Phele mujhe meri morning kiss chaiye phir tumhe jane dunga.

Geet saw her n there n then gave a peck on his lips n was about to run away but Maan knowing her was too quick n held her tightly n gave her a deep liplock n then left her when both were breathless n then they went down.

Precap -
The unfortunate incident in Geet's life
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