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Walking In My Shoes~|AR Mini FF| Epilogue PG:15 (Page 9)

KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2012 at 3:43pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
part 3
loved armaans pov
AR 1st meeting was hilerious
ridzy was sooo cure
cant wait 4 more
con soon

sorry 4 da L8 comment
been abroad

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Blue.Rose IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2012 at 7:07pm | IP Logged

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kashish_23,  peachgirl,  ojaswi96,  nIhArIkA,  cutie13,  maryamdiggi,  akshad,  pinky.padda,  awesomescorpio95,  nacima,  KaJen_addiction,  priyanki,  AMMY12,  cutiepreet,  teenorchid,  vidu87,  KaSh-Maneet-Fan,  samades,  Nori.KaShian,  sweetdesire,  mijanur
Originally posted by BeautyfulDesire

This part was so cute!! HAHAHA Suman Lata Dalmia. This time she is after Armaan...oh gosh LOL! Armaan and Riddhima's first meeting is so unique then what I've read in other FFs. It was Armaan getting embarrassed and not flirting LOL! I love the cute talks and scenes of AR. Can't wait for more :P Update soon Tashu!! This part was amazing!!
Originally posted by ojaswi96

very nice update...cont soon...thnqs for d pmSmileSmileSmile
Originally posted by AMMY12

Super cute part yar.
Luvd it.
Thanx 4 d pm.
Update asap.
Originally posted by sweetdesire

Tashu...OMG, I just love the was choo chweettt...Reading Aramnn POV is treat to read...Awiee,flashback moment is too funny...AR first meeting is quite interesting...And what can I say about Suamn lata ji..he he he. She is a character I tell you...And u r so right, AR just can't keep there hand's off each other. All in all love the whole chapter a lot...waiting for more so do try ton continue soon...Thanks for the PM...Take care


Lots of Love


Originally posted by priyanki

awesome part
Originally posted by cutiepreet

awww this part was sooo cute and adorable just like AR/KAJEN...<3
wowww loved Armaan was a nice change to see him talking..:) 
btw their first meeting was quite unique and 
and ahhh  susu has a huge crush on 
awww AR r sooo cute..<3 cant get enough of
cont soon..:)
Originally posted by KaJen_addiction

awesome part Tashu!
loved Armaan's POV!
da flashback was hilarious! RIdz's reaction seeing Armaan was funny!
u've also introduced Suman lata! nd she has crush on Armaan LOL
AR scenes r lovely! they just can't keep their hands off eachother!
loved da whole part!
can't wait 4 more! cont asap
thnx 4 pm


Thank you all soo much! I'm glad ur all liking the ff! your comments made me :)

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Blue.Rose IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2012 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vidu87

super awesome part
luvd it
thnx 4 d pm
cont soonish
Originally posted by 1D_D3-Crazy

superb update, it was just too good and thanks for the pm :D

Nikki <3
Originally posted by teenorchid

i m in lov wid this ff...
Originally posted by mijanur

Superb update
Originally posted by nacima

i think that that was a brilliant idea , trying to chane AR's povs... and i really likes armaan's that was sooo sweet and cute , ohh they are so much in love just like their real life !!!
continue soon, i'm loving your ff Smile
Originally posted by kiah008

loved Heart it...plz cnt..soon..
Originally posted by anishaalluri

Hey I came across ur ff just today n I loved it..
I sent u a buddy request plzz add me n pm me the further part
Originally posted by pinky.padda

hey tashu absolutely brilliant cant wait for next part please pm me
thank you guys for ur sweet comments I'm glad ur liking the FF!
Blue.Rose IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2012 at 7:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by KaSh-Maneet-Fan

awesome update
loved it
part 3
loved armaans pov
AR 1st meeting was hilerious
ridzy was sooo cure
cant wait 4 more
con soon

sorry 4 da L8 comment
been abroad
Originally posted by KaSh-Maneet-Fan

awesome update
loved it
part 2
AR sooo cute
loved da dancing
atul nd anji r sooo sweet
cant wait 4 more
con soon

sorry 4 da L8 comment
been abroad
Originally posted by KaSh-Maneet-Fan

congrats on da new ff
awesome start
loved it
loved ridzy
sooo bubbly
loved AR
cant wait 4 more
con soon

sorry 4 da L8 comment
been abroad
thank you so much for liking the story so far!

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2012 at 7:35pm | IP Logged

-Part 4-


So it's 12am and I am standing outside the door of my soon to be own house.  Okay I know that made no sense to anyone of you but let me explain. See once I get married this house will also be mine as well as the person who lives in it! Basically'


"Oh god ridzi give me that!"


"Owww! What was that for?"


"Sorry but your taking to long!"


What she's trying to say is that we as in me (Muski) and Ridzi are standing outside of Armaan's house! And ridzi here will tell you why!


We are standing outside of Armaan's house because' because I'm'I'm going to ask him to marry me! EEE! I know it's so amazing! But seriously I have waited 4 years!! And I can't wait any longer and so instead of waiting for Dork face to do anything I'm just going to do it myself! I mean after last week's events when he came over to my house and di saw us I think it's time don't you! Anyways wish me luck! Man I haven't been this nervous since I told Armaan that I loved him! I still remember that day I was so scared and nervous! I mean it was the first time that I had fallen in love and I didn't know what I was going to expect'.




Armaan and I had been dating for about a year now and were going pretty steady. Everyone by now knew about us even our parents and where really happy for us and they could all tell that we were in love. The only problem was that despite us knowing that we loved each other we still hadn't said it to each other! I know were so lame! We had been dating for a year and never did we take 2 minutes out of our life to say 3 words! I mean how hard is it to say I Love You to someone!! I mean I say it everyday to my parents to my sister to my nani then how hard can it be to say it to my own boyfriend! And so I decided that I couldn't wait any longer and was just going to tell him that I loved him. I didn't care what the outcome was going to be but I just had to tell him and so as soon as my shift at the hospital was over I went home changed into clean clothes and drove to his house.


I knocked on his front door and waited for someone to open it. I was nervous and I had no idea what I was going to say as I hadn't sat in front of the mirror and practiced what I was going to say I mean I had always seen in movies how the hero or heroin would just say what ever came from there heart they didn't practice anything. I think it was because they knew that they would end up forgetting things so they just winged it. Oh well I'm going to do the same! Just say what's in my heart like SRK did in Kal Ho Naa Ho when he read from the diary at the train station and nothing was really written in it. Okay Ridzi this is it brace your self!


The door finally opened a few seconds later and Armaan's mom Ananya greeted me. Ananya is like my second mom! She never made me feel out of place. She always treated me more like I was one of her girlfriends rather then a daughter. I could talk to her about anything and she would listen to me as if I was talking to muski or di.


"Hi auntie how are you?"


"Hi beta I'm good how are you? come in!"


"Thanks auntie! I'm fine but where is everyone?"


"Oh your uncle is gone out for a meeting and armaan is upstairs in his room you can go see him!"


"Okay auntie thanks I'll be back!"


I slowly started making my way up the stairs and towards his room with my heart pounding a 100 miles an hour! I felt like my heart was going to fall out of my chest at any minute. I reached his door and after knocking once I opened it and peeked inside to see no one in the room. The lights were on, the room was clean and yet there was no sign of Armaan anywhere! How is this possible? Auntie said he was in his room! Then where is he? I slowly walked into the room and started looking around for him thinking that maybe he was hiding somewhere or had walked outside to the balcony for some air. I was about to open the balcony door when I heard a door open from behind me. I spun around in my spot and turned to see Armaan walking out of the bathroom in a loose pair of Capri pants and a black t-shirt wiping his face with a towel.


Okay ridzi this is it just say it!


"Hey baby when did you get here?"


"Oh just now!"


"Oh okay so what's up? You look nervous? Is something wrong?"


"I..I have to umm tell..I mean say something"


"Okay what?"


Oh god if you're there please help me! Okay deep breath here goes!


 "Armaan ever since you came into my life you have changed it forever. You have taught me how to smile, how to love and how to be a better person. You have held my hand when I needed you and even at times when I didn't. I don't know how you do it! You always manage to make the impossible into the possible and always leave me wondering how you do it! I know in the start of our relationship we had our ups and downs but as long as you were by my side we made it through and I hope that as our bond grows closer and stronger that you will still be by my side and I just want to say something that I should have said much earlier'. I love you dork face'I love you!"


There I said it! It wasn't that bad, okay so it wasn't like SRK in Kal Ho Naa Ho but still it was decent! Oh I just hope he feels the same way I mean I hope I didn't rush into anything! Okay why is he walking towards me with a blank face? Oh no! I did screw up!




"What! I know I messed up I..


"I love you too!"






"'me too?"


"Yes stupid!"


"Did you just call me st..


Okay seriously why can't he ever let me finish my sentence! He has to kiss me! Oh well! Why complain WE ARE IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!


-Flashback Ends-


That was one of the best day's of my life and today I'm about to make another one! The door finally opened and instead of seeing Armaan's help Maria oh I forget Armaan doesn't live with his parents anymore he moved out! Ooopps I forget to tell you! Sorry! Anways.. We found Rahul and Atul standing at the door wide awake standing in there pj's.


"Hey Ridzi! Hey baby what are you guys doing here at midnight?"


"We could ask you the same Rahul what are you and jeeju doing here?"


"Well we came over to have a boys night why are you here?"


Oh god! What do I say now! If I tell them the truth they are going to laugh at me!! I know lie!


"We are here because I'


"We are here because we need to see Armaan about something important and he is the only one who can help us right ridzi!"


"Yes! Muski is right! We need to see him now!"


"Umm..okay! come in!"


"Thank you! now where is he?"


"He's upstairs he went to get batteries for the Wii!"


"Okay Muski I'll be right back!"




Phew! Thank god I brought Muski with me! Okay now focus the second you have his attention just say it! I walked towards his room and taking a deep breath I walked in to find him bent down looking through a drawer and mumbling to himself! He he he's so cute! Awww he's wearing that t-shirt I got him the one with tin-tin on it and his.. Um Hello ridzi snap out of it and get back to why you are here now get his attention you can check him out later!!


"Dork Face!"


"Oh crap! Baby what are you doing here? You scared the crap out of me! Is everything okay?"

"Everything is fine. I just came here because I need to ask you something and I couldn't wait!"


"Okay what did you need to ask me that you couldn't wait?"


Okay here goes! I dug into my pocket and taking out the ring that I had spent hours trying to find bent down on one knee and staring him in the eyes I started.


"There comes a time in every girl's life when she has to make one of the biggest decisions in her life of who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. I too have come to that phase of my life where I am ready to make that decision of who I want to spend my life with and after a lot of searching and waiting I finally found that person. The person who I want to spend my whole life with, have children with, grow old with and love forever as long as I live! I know girls don't usually do this but I don't care and so I Riddhima Gupta ask you Mr. Armaan Dork Face Mallik'Can I steal your last name and never give it back' please?"


Omg why isn't he saying anything? Is he crying? Omg I made him cry!


"I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry! I shouldn't have done this! I should go! I'll see you!"


I turned to leave as my heart began to break. I had come here full of happiness and wanting to join me and armaan in a new relationship but I guess it wasn't the right time. I was almost at the door when he's voice from behind me stopped me in my tracks.


"You forgot to put the ring on my finger!"


I turned around and saw Armaan standing there with a big smile on his face and he had his hand out stretched waiting for me to put the ring on his finger. I ran back to him and taking the ring I slipped it on to his finger. He brought his hands up and cupping my face he kissed my forehead and then wrapping his arms around my back hugged me. I rested my head on his chest allowing myself to absorb what had just happened. We hugged for a few minutes and then broke apart. I looked up into his eyes and could see nothing but love in them. I thanked god for bring this moment and this man into my life.


 "Um can we come in now!"


"Please! We can't take it anymore!"


We both turned around and there standing at the door with the biggest smiles on there faces were Muski,Rahul and Atul. How long have they been here? Omg did they see everything!


"Yes come on in!"




"So what?"




"Okay fine yes Me and Riddhima are engaged are you happy now!"






The next few minutes or for that matter hours were a blur as all I could comprehend was that things were being said and I was being hugged okay no rather squashed by everyone present in the room. Don't get me wrong I mean I know everyone is all happy for us but do they have to squash me to death! I need to breathe people!


"Okay guys that's enough! Now do you mind I would like to spend some time alone with my new fianc."


Wow! He called me his fianc! OMG! That sounds so hot! Me Riddhima Gupta is Armaan Mallik's fianc! EEE! I Love this man!


"Fine fine were going! and once again congratulations guys were so happy for you!"


"Thank's rahul, muski and champ!"


"Yeah thanks everyone!"


"Okay where is my ring?"


"Excuse me!"




"I don't have a ring!"


"What! You don't have a ring! WHY!!!!!"


"Because I didn't know I was supposed to have one!"


"But I gave you one now you have to give me one!"


"Well I'm sorry but if I had known that you were going to propose to me then I would have gotten you one too but since I had no clue I didn't get you one!"


He didn't have a ring! I could feel my eyes begin to blur as tears made there way into my eyes. He didn't have a ring for me and here I was hopping that he would! I had seen in movies that the hero would always have a ring ready to give to the girl who he loved but my hero didn't have one! Why me!!


I looked at armaan and saw that he was totally unaffected by my tears and was just standing there with a smile on his face as if everything was fine.


"You think this is funny! I'm hurt here! I waited 4 years for this moment to come and instead of waiting for you to do anything I decided to put myself out there and do something totally unexpected and instead of trying to make me feel better you're standing there with a smile on your face as if nothing is wrong!"

"Baby there is something crawling on your left hand!"




"There is something crawling on your left hand!"


"Have you lost your mind?"


"Will you just look!"


"Urghh fine! But if there is nothing there I'm going to kill you!"


I brought my left hand up so I could see what was crawling on it and instead of seeing a bug or spider there resting on my ring finger was'. a big fat diamond ring? What the hell? How did that get there? I didn't come with a ring on? Then?


"How'Ring'Finger.. Me'


"Um allow me to explain! See when you were busy rambling your nonsense I put the ring on your finger! Now before you go on again just tell me do you like it?"


"I' I'I love it!"


I looked at my finger again and it was still there shinning away at me. OMG! It's not a dream! I looked back at armaan and instead of saying anything I just went up to him grabbed his face and smacked my lips on his. I mean what better way then to show how much I loved the ring and him! I could feel his hands tighten themselves around my waist pressing me against his chest closing the distance between us. His lips were playing havoc with mine and I was slowly losing myself. I wanted to pull out of the kiss before it was too late but as his lips moved from my lips to my neck everything went down hill. It was like I had been drugged and the affects of it were slowly taking over me and before I knew it we had succumbed to temptation and had drowned in our need for each other.


Okay so before you all ask I don't know how long we made love but I'm exhausted now and armaan is already sleeping so I think I'll go now since my eyes are closing as you can see but I can't help but think that this is only the start of my life ahead with the man I love. Man I'm so lucky! Anyways guys sleepy time I'll see ya later! Bye!

That was part 4 I hope u enjoy it and sorry for any errors! Also make sure that if u want a pm then go to page 1 other wise I will miss you! index is updated also! Another thing I will be ending this soon not sure how many parts but I have decided to make it a mini ff not a long one! And one last thing:IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO UNDO UR RES THEN PLEASE DON'T RES IN THE FIRST PLACE! I HATE to see spots that only have RES in them it makes me sad =(

okies I'm out! Peace out!



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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2012 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
omggg...i seriously wait for an update from u with eagerness and excitement...:) as ur ff is amazing n i totally love AR's relationship in;s very open, cute, and awesome..<3
awww loved the part...but i always had a feeling that Ridz will propose to Armaan rather than being the regular way but i thought  Armaan will say he's not ready or smthg which will make Ridz sad...but glad nthg happened accrdng to imagination..:) soo happy...;)
awww loved the part..;)
cont soon..:)
AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2012 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
Awsm part.
Super cute update.
Luvd it.
Thanx 4 d pm.
-Antu-_-Aslan- IF-Rockerz

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