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Walking In My Shoes~|AR Mini FF| Epilogue PG:15 (Page 8)

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-Part 3-


Good morning to all the beautiful ladies out there! I know your used to seeing Riddhima first but since I woke up before her I thought why not let me take a crack at this and plus I have no idea what she has been telling you about me but it's all LIES!!  I'm nothing like she says that I am! For those of you who are seeing me for the first time let me introduce myself I'm Armaan Mallik! nice to meet you all! As you can see Riddhima is still a sleep in my arms and sleeping like a baby! Aww how cute is she! I love her so much! Anyways before I have to wake her up I would just like to take a few minutes of your time and tell you something's about her that she won't tell you or should I say she won't want you to know! 1.) She snores! Yes it's true she does and really loud! I even told her once but she just wouldn't believe me! she just points her finger at me and say's "I DON'T SNORE U DO!" 2.) She loves to poke my dimples! I don't know why! I mean every time I smile for any reason she has to come and poke them! She says it just makes her feel good! I hate it! I mean I know my smile is all sexy and everything but people please don't poke my face! Anyways 3.) She loves to drink Tea! Yes Riddhima Gupta is a tea freak! That's all she drinks! I tried to make her drink other things but no she won't! 4.) She loves to read! This woman can get so engrossed into a book that she will not notice a thing that is going on around her! Even me! I know how can anyone ignore me! I'm soo cute! And 5.) Riddhima is the master at problem solving! She can solve anything be it a big problem or something totally small she will solve it! I don't know how she does it and I have given up trying to figure it out! Okay I think I'm going to have to cut this short! She's starting to move! I'll try to get back to you guys later! I have much more to say!


I put the camera on pause and putting it back on the side table I turned my attention back to Riddhima before she noticed that I had done anything.


"Good Morning Minnie Mouse!"




" Baby wake up!"


"Hmmm……. Sleep!"


This is another thing you should know about Miss.Gupta here; she won't wake up when she is around me! If it's anyone else she will get up at the drop of a hat, but with me she just continues to stick to me like glue on paper. She says that she has the best sleep when she has her head against my bare chest and feels the safest. She says that it's like sleeping with a teddy bear. Girls I tell you there so weird! Anyways the only way to make her get up is to remind her of the one thing that she hates the most Bad News!


"Baby if you don't get up now Anji is going to be home any minute and she is going to see us like this now is that what you want?"








"That's like a good girl now go freshen up!"


"But I don't want to! I want to stay with you!"


Okay are you all watching this? Do you see how she has become all whiny and clingy! She only does this when she is either sick or she doesn't agree with something and in this case she doesn't want to listen to me. But it's okay I know exactly what to do. Play Along!


"Aww you want to stay with me! Okay then let's both go and freshen up together!"


And,,,,,Bam! Look at her face it's gone into freak out mode! Which means that it worked!


"No…No it's okay I'll go by myself!"


"Okay if that's what you want!"


I sat on the bed and watched as she grabbed some cloths and ran into the bathroom without making any eye contact with me. I couldn't help but laugh at her cuteness! She was just too adorable! I could still remember the first time I met her. She was so bubbly and talkative with everyone, there were times that I thought she would never stop! She always had something to say about everything.  But despite all that she had a big heart. She took care of her patients as if they were part of her family she never treated them like strangers. She was always willing to help others in anyway that she could. If something wasn't right she would fight to fix it. I smiled and leaning back on to the pillow remembering old memories spotted the camera still on the table I decided to grab it and continue where I left off while I waited for riddhima to come out of the bathroom.


Hi I'm back again! Okay so Riddhima is in the bathroom and while I wait for her I decided to come back and finish where I left off. So where was I… um.. ooo I can't remember! Oh well! Oh how about this! I'll tell you all about the first time I met Riddhima! You want to hear it's a little embarrassing? But okay here goes….




It was the end of our second day as senior doctors at Sanjeevani and I had come in a bit early in the morning to finish off some paperwork that I had left unfinished from the previous day, and now after a long day of patients and supervising interns I was tired and just wanted to go home and sleep and so before heading to my locker to grab my stuff I walked into the change room to change since one it was hot outside and two one of the interns who I was supervising had spilled coffee on me. Riddhima on the other hand who I didn't know at the time was walking into the locker room as soon as I entered the changing room was engrossed in a book that she was reading didn't seem to see where she was going, and instead of going to her locker she ended up walking into the changing room where I was. I had just taken my shirt off and was busy looking for a clean one when I suddenly heard a loud scream. I turned around and there standing in front of me was a woman in a blue pair of skinny jeans and a black t-shirt that said "I'm hotter then you!" she was standing there looking at me with wide green eyes and moving them up and down as if she was checking me out. I kind of felt violated yet for some reason I didn't have a problem standing in front of her bare chested. I know it's strange but then again how was I supposed to know that this was the start of our love story. I was going to say something to her when she out of no where started talking stopping me from opening my mouth.






"Okay seriously I have never seen anyone as hot as you!"




"Omg! You have tattoos and a six pack! AHHH! Can I touch it please?"




"Please! I'll be gentle!"


Okay there is something seriously wrong with this woman! Dude run!


"Look whatever your name is…


"Riddhima! Dr.Riddhima Gupta!"


"Okay Riddhima look I'm very flattered and thank you for the complements but I got to go! okay bye!"




I quickly grabbed the first shirt I saw put it on and ran out of the changing room as fast as I could away from her.


I know it looked bad but what did you expect me to do let an unknown woman touch me! I mean I know I'm a very naughty and outgoing person but dude I have my rules! After that incident I had gone straight home and called Rahul! I mean he's my best friend and he knows me better then anyone else and so I told him what happened and guess what he did? Yeah that's right he laughed at me! Can you believe it me Armaan Mallik was getting laughed at! And I wasn't going to take that lightly and so I first got Rahul to shut up and then I asked him for help! I mean I had to find a way to avoid her! I just didn't trust her. And so after thinking for hours Rahul finally came up with the idea to just talk to her and tell her that I wasn't interested in her. I know that sounds lame and it does but it actually worked! The next day when I entered the locker room she was already there sitting on the bench reading through a file. I took a deep breath and walked up to her and with a lot of courage I started talking.




"Oh Hi…


"Armaan. Dr.Armaan Mallik but you can call me Armaan!"


"Okay.. What's up Armaan?"


"Well I wanted to talk to you about yesterday!"


"Oh well about that I'm really sorry! I know I shouldn't have acted that way with you! I mean I don't even know you and I behaved that way! I'm really really sorry!"


"It's okay!"






"Oh good! Cause I was so worried! I mean I spent the whole night thinking I hope he forgives me! and you did! Thank you! So Friends?"




-Flashback Ends-


And that was how we first met. After that we started talking more and getting to know each other and we soon became good friends. I mean yes we had our share of fights and arguments but that didn't last long as you can all see things are not the same anymore. We fell in love and have been for the past 4 years now! The only thing left is marriage but let's not go there yet!

Anyways I think Riddhima is done so I will see all of you later hopefully but for right now I got to go before she sees me! Bye!


 I put back the camera and pretended that I was busy with my phone when the door of the bathroom opened and out came Riddhima wrapped in a towel with her hair dripping wet and water droplets falling down her back disappearing into the towel. She was passing by me when she stopped turned back smiling at me and then bent down and gently kissed my lips and then backing out she simply said


"You can use the bathroom now!"


"Umm Baby what was that for?"


"What was what for?


"That kiss? What was that for?"


"Oh that! I don't know I just felt like kissing you!"


"Really? Are you sure?"


"Yes why is there a problem?"


"No! There is no problem it's just that you have never kissed me for no reason! I mean usually there is one!"


"That's true usually there is a reason but I guess I just felt like trying something new! But if you don't like it I can stop it's not a big deal!"


"NO! I mean its fine with me! Don't stop!"


"Okay! Anyways as I said before you can use the bathroom now!"


"Right! I'll be right back!"


I got up from the bed kissed her back and then ran into the bathroom to shower. I walked out 10 minutes later with a towel around my waist and hair dripping wet to find the room completely empty. I looked around and tried to see if Riddhima was hiding somewhere but when she didn't pop out I walked out of the room and decided to check the rest of the house. I started walking towards the kitchen thinking that she was making breakfast when the doorbell rang stopping me in my tracks.


Oh god who is here at this hour? I walked towards the door not knowing who it was and forgetting the fact that I was only wearing a towel opened the door to see a woman standing at the door. Good Lord not her!! Oh sorry allow me to introduce you all to Suman Lata Dalmia, She is riddhima's next door neighbor and she is one of the strangest people I have ever met. She never leaves a chance to hit on me why you ask? Because the woman has a major crush on me! For the past 4 years that I have been with riddhima suman lata has been after me and leaves no chance to touch me or talk to me. The more I run away from her the more she comes after me! I seriously don't know what to do anymore! Also if you can see she is wearing a red and pink suit and she as two braids resting on either side of her face. She wears a pair of black glasses which makes you feel like you're looking at a 6 year old girl who has been playing outside and has come to ask for her ball back. Another thing is that every time she sees me she will stand there and stare at me with wide eyes and a bit of blush on her cheeks and look me up and down as if she has never seen a man before. Oh and another thing about her that you all need to know is that she calls everyone by different names see she calls riddhima Riddhima sishter, Me she calls Armaan ji! And if muski or rahul are around she will call them muski sishter and rahul bhai. But when it comes to talking to her she only wants to be called SuSu or Suman lata ji! I know she's lame! But for gods sake what does she want today!


"Yes suman lata ji can I help you?"


"Huh…umm… is…is…riddhima sishter here?"


"Riddhima umm yeah she is why?"


"Oh well I needed to um ask her something can I come in?"


"Of course you can SuSu!"


We both turned around hearing a third voice and there standing behind us with a huge smile on her face was Riddhima.


"Thank you sishter!"



I moved out of the way and reluctantly let her in. What I can't stand the woman okay! I only tolerate her because of Riddhima. I know I'm mean but people you have no idea! Just watch and you will all see what I have to go through!


"So SuSu what can I do for you?"


"Well sishter I was wondering if you could help me?"


"Help you with what?"


"I need you to help me with a boy that I like!"


Omg! Suman Lata Dalmia likes a guy! Can I please roll on the floor and laugh! Please!! HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!! Um never mind the way Riddhima is looking at me I better wipe the smirk off my face before she kills me!


"Armaan why don't you go and put SOME CLOTHS ON while I talk to SuSu!"


"H.. Um yeah I'll be right back!"


"Okay Armaan ji! I'll still be here! but it's a shame I mean you're so hot! And sishter is making you get dressed but it's okay next time!"


See! Did you all hear that! That's what she does to me every single time! Urghhh! I hate her!! I left the room and ran into the bedroom to get changed before Suman Lata came after me!


I walked back out of the bedroom 5 minutes later and found that Suman Lata was gone! YES! She's gone! Freedom!! Thank you god! Sighing in relief I made my way to the couch to watch some t.v. to find Riddhima already sitting there watching t.v. while drinking her coffee at the same time.


"Where's your dear SuSu?"


"Oh she left! She had to get ready for work!"


"Oh so did you help her?"

"Yeah she had some questions and I answered them for her that's all"


"Yeah and what did she ask you?"


"Why are you so interested? You don't even like her!"


"I know but I'm just curious to know!"


"Okay well she asked me how do you know if a guy likes you?"


"And you told her what?"


"I told her that if the guy really likes you then he will go out of his way to take extra care of you, he will be a bit nervous around you because he won't want to mess up anything. And most importantly he will always try to make you smile somehow and that to from the heart!"


"Wow baby I love that answer!"


"Well thank you!"


"Did she ask anything else?"


"Nothing big just the general stuff! And if you are trying to ask me if she said anything about you then NO she didn't!"


"Thank god! See this is why I love you!"


"I know! I love me also!"


"Oh so you don't love me?"


"Do I love you? Ummm……."


"Haww you don't love me! Fine I'm going!"


I got up from the sofa only to be pulled back a second later and before I could say anything my lips had been smacked against riddhimas. She kissed me with such need and hunger that I felt like I was going to faint. I could feel her hand's pulling my face more towards her so that we were pressed against each other with no space in between, it was as if we were glued together. We were slowly loosing ourselves in the kiss with our hands exploring each others bodies as if it was for the first time. I could feel riddhima's hands slowly move up my chest and slowly start to open the buttons of my shirt. I was loosing it! She was driving me nuts and I couldn't take it anymore. I gathered her into my arms and picking her up walked towards the bedroom without breaking the lip lock and forgetting the fact that Anji was coming home soon.


Umm okay I'm back! Yes me Riddhima not Armaan!


"Excuse me I'm still here!"


"Okay sorry!"


I meant WE are back! So as you can see we got carried away and..


"WE got carried away?"


Urghh fine I got carried away!


"That's more like it!"


Anyways it's late in the afternoon now and we are in bed once again with sheets around us just like this morning! I'm sorry I know you are all probably thinking dude these two just can't keep there hand's off each other! Well it's not that it's just that…. Okay maybe it is but it's not my fault! When you have been… would excuse me for one sec! Thanks!


"Will you please stop kissing my neck I'm trying to talk!"




Sorry about that! But I guess he's not going to stop! So where was I oh yes when you have been with Armaan for 4 years some things are bound to rub off on you! And I guess the naughtiness part rubbed off on me but that's not the worse part! The worst part is that Di came home! Yup she came home and the first thing she did was enter my room. She walked in and saw me and armaan but thank god we were decent and not doing anything! She said a quick hi to both of us and left saying that she was going to sleep for a few hours. I know right! Close call! Anyways I'm hungry now I need to get Armaan to stop necking me!


"Dork Face say bye!"




 Okay I better get this dude off me he's starting to pull down my sheet! I'll see ya guys later! Bye!

That was part 3 it was in Armaan's POV mostly! I will be doing that often changing Pov's so it won't always be Ridzi! Anyways I hope u enjoy it and sorry for any errors! Also make sure that if u want a pm then go to page 1 other wise I will miss you! index is updated also! And one last thing:IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO UNDO UR RES THEN PLEASE DON'T RES IN THE FIRST PLACE! I HATE to see spots that only have RES in them it makes me sad =(

okies I'm out! Peace out!



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hosanna.. IF-Stunnerz

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This part was so cute!! HAHAHA Suman Lata Dalmia. This time she is after Armaan...oh gosh LOL! Armaan and Riddhima's first meeting is so unique then what I've read in other FFs. It was Armaan getting embarrassed and not flirting LOL! I love the cute talks and scenes of AR. Can't wait for more :P Update soon Tashu!! This part was amazing!!

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very nice update...cont soon...thnqs for d pmSmileSmileSmile

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Super cute part yar.
Luvd it.
Thanx 4 d pm.
Update asap.

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Tashu...OMG, I just love the was choo chweettt...Reading Aramnn POV is treat to read...Awiee,flashback moment is too funny...AR first meeting is quite interesting...And what can I say about Suamn lata ji..he he he. She is a character I tell you...And u r so right, AR just can't keep there hand's off each other. All in all love the whole chapter a lot...waiting for more so do try ton continue soon...Thanks for the PM...Take care


Lots of Love


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29priya IF-Dazzler

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awesome part

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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awww this part was sooo cute and adorable just like AR/KAJEN...<3
wowww loved Armaan was a nice change to see him talking..:) 
btw their first meeting was quite unique and 
and ahhh  susu has a huge crush on 
awww AR r sooo cute..<3 cant get enough of
cont soon..:)

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KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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awesome part Tashu!
loved Armaan's POV!
da flashback was hilarious! RIdz's reaction seeing Armaan was funny!
u've also introduced Suman lata! nd she has crush on Armaan LOL
AR scenes r lovely! they just can't keep their hands off eachother!
loved da whole part!
can't wait 4 more! cont asap
thnx 4 pm


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