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Walking In My Shoes~|AR Mini FF| Epilogue PG:15 (Page 13)

Blue.Rose IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 May 2012 at 4:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mijanur

superb update
Originally posted by awesome

Originally posted by KaSh-Maneet-Fan

awesome update
loved it
ridzy is 1 original piece
she is sooo different
AR sooo cute
cant wait 4 more
con soon
Originally posted by priyanki

awesomeee update...
loved it...
plz dont end dis ff so soon...

Originally posted by sweetdesire

Hey dear...Awwiiee the update is just too The flashback where Ridzy confess her love first time or the present one where Ridzy propose Armaan for marriage...I just love the whole chapter too much...Really waiting for more so do try to continue soon...Thanks for the PM...Take care


Lots of Love


Originally posted by kiah008

aww again i jus lovd it..Heart
tht ws so lovely...i wan more..plz
cont soon..:-))
thankz everyone u all made my day!

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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 -Part 5-


If I have to smile for the camera one more time I'm going to scream! Oh hello! Well as you can see from all the aunties dancing, the decorations lighting up the house that a marriage is going on but guess whose wedding it is? I'll give you a hint you're looking at the groom! Yup me! Armaan Mallik is getting married! Don't worry the bride is still Riddhima! But seriously who would have thought that within a week the news of Riddhima proposing to me would spread like wild fire! I mean one minute she's in front of me asking me to marry her and the next minute both of our families are setting a date and now I have to sit around all these aunties that I have never met and let them feed me and pinch my cheeks! This is so unfair! I want to have fun too! But no I have to sit here and be bored!


"Hello darling!"


"Shut up rahul!"


"Oh but I wont'! and there is nothing you can do about it! See this is YOUR wedding and I am going to take full advantage in taking revenge for all the times that you made fun of me so get ready sweetheart you're screwed!"


"If I didn't have to sit here I would so kill you right now!"


"He he you can't and you won't when I tell you something about someone that you have been wanting to see for like the past oh I don't know 5 days!"


"Tell me!"


"Oh I will but first say it!"

"I'm not saying it! just tell me!"


"Okay fine I won't tell you!"


"Urghh fine… I love you rahul and you're so pretty!"


"Good boy! Now listen very carefully in a few seconds I want you to make an excuse that you have to use the washroom and instead of actually going there I want you to go to your room and lock it because there waiting in your room is a special person who is soon going to be my bhabi! Oh and she also wanted to me say that if you don't tell her how hot she looks she will scream! Now go!"



I sat for a few seconds and then when the time was right I "informed" everyone that I was going to the bathroom. I ran up the stairs skipping steps as I made my way to my room. I opened the door and locked it just as quick so no one would see me and when I turned around before I could even see, say or for that matter do anything Riddhima grabbed my face pulling it towards her and smacked her lips on mine and pulled them off just as fast.


"What took you so long!"




"Do you know that I have been waiting here for the past 20 minutes in this heavy suit trying to hide myself every time someone entered the room!"


"I'm sorry! It was all the aunties fault! They wouldn't let me leave! Then rahul came and told me that you were here and so I told every one that I'm going to the bathroom!"


"Yeah yeah now tell me how do I look!"


"You look…


I looked at her standing infront of me in a blue halter style suit with silver embroidery on it. Her hair was up in a bun and she wasn't wearing that much make up. Over all I didn't have words to describe how amazingly beautiful she looked. Man I can't wait until we are married!


"Well.. I'm waiting!"




"Really I look beautiful!"


"Not just beautiful but Hot as well!"


"That's more like it! Good job you saved your self from being killed!"


"Thank you!"


"Can you believe that we are seeing each other after 5 whole days! I missed you so much! It was so hard not being able to see or talk to you!"


"I know baby I was going through the same,"


"How much longer!"


"A few hours more and then you will officially be Mrs.Riddhima Baby Mallik!"


"Baby? Really?"


"Okay no baby how about Minnie Mouse!"


"No that's even worse!"


"How about Basket?"


"Eh that's not bad but…


"But what? You have a better idea!"


"As a matter of fact I do!"


"And what is it?"




"Armaan? But that's my name!"


"Yes dorkface!"


"I don't get it!"


"Omg you're so dumb! I don't want to be Mrs.Riddhima Baby Mallik I want to be Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik!"


"Oh yeah that does sound better! Okay fine Mrs.soon to be Riddhima Armaan Mallik!"


*Knock Knock*


"Oh crap someone's here! Hide!"


"But where?"


"In the bathroom!"


"In the bathroom but you're supposed to be there!"


"Which he is but he's not!"


We both turned around breaking out of each other's embrace as we had snuggled with each other during our conversation to see Rahul standing at the door with a naughty grin on his face.


"Dude it's just you!"


"Your lucky it's just me cause your mom was about to come up here but I stopped her just in time. Now if you both are done being all over yourself then can the groom please come down before he gets into trouble and then bride I'm sorry but you will have to return home before your dear sister calls me one more time and says and I quote "YOU MORON WHERE IS THE BRIDE!!!!!!!" and Muski beats the crap out of me!"


"Sorry Rahul! I'll leave right now! and besides it's getting late anyways! I'll see ya! Bye! Oh and don't worry about Muski and di I'll handle them!"


"Thanks Ridzi!"


"No problem! Bye!


"Bye Ridzi!"


"Bye dorkface I love you!"


"Bye baby I love you too!"


I waved goodbye as she slowly started climbing out of the window that I found out later that she had climbed through to get in. I couldn't believe that she was even able to climb in that outfit of hers and with those high heels that she was wearing. Man was she a doctor or superwoman. I mean I was used to climbing her drain pipe and landing into her room but I could never do it wearing a heavy suit like that! That thought made me smile and my mind automatically went back to the time when I had first climbed Riddhima's drain pipe and that to just to say sorry.




When you read the words Snowstorm you automatically think to yourself I'm staying indoors at all cost and that was what most of the population of Dehil was doing except for yours truly. Me Armaan Mallik bundled up from head to toe was outside of his girlfriend's house in -16 degree weather during a snowstorm climbing her drain pipe all because of the word "sorry"!

I know your all wondering what I did right? Well I… I kind of forgot to wish my girlfriend of 1 year a happy anniversary! I know I know I'm stupid and an idiot and I shouldn't be forgiven but it's not really my fault I got stuck in operations, double duty and piles of paper work that I forgot and by the time I remembered or more like yelled at by riddhima did I come here to say sorry! And now I'm climbing up her drain pipe in a snowstorm. I just hope she forgives me!  I jumped on to the balcony and slowly walked towards her balcony door hoping to find her awake so she would let me in. I looked in threw the window and sure enough she was wide awake and was pacing back and forth in anger. Good going Armaan now you have to deal with an angry woman! I raised my hand and taking a deep breath and praying to god I knocked on the door.


She stopped pacing and looked in my direction and first she rubbed her eyes thinking that it was a dream but when I knocked on the door again did she realize that I was actually here and opened the door to let me in.


"What the hell are you doing here! and that to in a snowstorm!"


"I came to say sorry!"


"You came to say sorry!"


"Yes I felt bad for forgetting our first anniversary and not doing anything and then when you yelled me I felt even worse. I mean you came and gave me a gift and everything and I didn't even do a thing. So I came to say sorry and promise to make it up to you! I'm sorry Riddhima please forgive me! I promise never to do this again and I will make it up to you!"


She just stood there staring at me and I began to wonder if she was even listening to me. Did I just make her more angry! I'm such an idiot! I shouldn't have come here she's clearly still made and I just made things worse. I looked at her once more and still not seeing any reaction I slowly turned to leave when I felt a hand on my shoulder stopping me in my tracks.




"I'm sorry I shouldn't have come I know I just made you even more angry then you already were I..


"It's okay!"




"It's okay I forgive you!"




"Yes. I mean you came all the way here that to in a snowstorm all because you wanted to say sorry and you expect me stay mad at you! No way!"


"Thank you thank you thank you!"


I hugged her not being able to hold myself anymore. I was so relived that she forgave me and as promised I did make it up to her by taking her to dinner and to the beach of a nice long romantic walk. I even gave her a bunch or red lilies and a silver necklace with earrings to match.


-Flashback Ends-



Oh and I should also tell you all that after that incident I never forgot an important day again and so far I have been pretty good. The rest of the evening went off with a bang. My whole family was over the moon that finally they were getting a daughter in the house. Rahul, Abhi and Atul didn't leave a chance to make fun of me. They kept trying to embarrass me in front of everyone when ever they got a chance using Riddhima as a weapon. I swear when it's there turn to get married I'm taking revenge! I mean come on I'm just the groom at least try to be nice to me but no! I had to go through every single ritual and eat loads of sweets but the most irritating thing was all the aunties pulling my dimples! I mean why! What did I ever to them! Why couldn't they go pull somebody else's! It's not like I didn't ask them to stop I did a number of times but they would just reply saying that they had never seen such perfect dimples before and so they ignored my pleas and stretched my face. God I wish I was with Riddhima she would save me from all these people! But she's not! God when will this all be over and I can finally be free! It's okay Armaan it's only a few more hours and this will all be over and then it will just be you and riddhima and no one else!


"Armaan It's time to leave!"


"Okay mom!"

Well this it! Armaan Mallik is leaving this room single and coming home with the Mrs and a married man! Wish me luck!


Well the wedding is finally over Thank god! As you can see we just had our first night as a married couple! I'm finally free and now I get to spend the rest of my life with this gorgeous woman sleeping beside me! Yes Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik is sleeping next to me! Dude that felt good to say! And this is only the start! I get to say that for the rest of my life. Anyways We were both a little nervous at first but that didn't last long he he he! Okay I'll stop now before I go too far! who knows maybe one day our children would watch this video so I better keep it clean! Anyways I'm going to sleep with my wife and I hope to see you all again very soon. Bye from Mr.and Mrs. Mallik.  Turning off the camera I lay down holding riddhima close to me and kissing her forehead one last time I closed my eyes dreaming of our future together. 

That was part 5 short I know sorry but I hope u enjoy it. also that was pretty much the end! sorry for any errors! There will be an epilogue so stay tuned! Index is updated also!

okies I'm out! Peace out! oh and thankz for enjoying my nonsense! ROFL



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hosanna.. IF-Stunnerz

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I loved every single bit of it!! LOL Riddhima climbing pipes that is something new. It would have been something to see in DMG. Armaan and Riddhima are married!! Woo! Aw its the final part :( But I can't wait for the epilogue as you said!!! :) Post the epilogue soon too!

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SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Nice One Tashu.

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 May 2012 at 6:51pm | IP Logged
awwwiee. Nyc part. Every part makes me love ths ff more. Um glad they r married nw. Waitng fr the epilogue.
Climbing pipes ws so cute.

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 May 2012 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
Awsm and cute part.
Superb one.
Luvd it.
Update asap.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 May 2012 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
OMG... it ended already...:(
but it was one of my fav ff..:) it was really cute..<3
loved they got married..:) 
wowww Ridz climbing pipe...unique for a
loved the part...:)
cant wait for the epilogue..:)
cont soon..:)

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ksg_ritika Goldie

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loved it ... cant believe u ended it so soon ...

thanx 4 d pm n continue soon ...


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