Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

New OS"Shackles of Love"Pt:1Pg:1(NOTE Pg24 -OCT19)

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I have been searching for your touch
Unlike any touch I've ever known

Afraid nothing can save me but the sound of your voice

You cut out all the noise

I have been bound by the shackles of love

And I don't mind if I die tied up,

With your shackles of 'love',

You hold me down.

To the earth beneath your feet.
Your words have slithered;
Into my mind.

I have been bound by the shackles of love

But I don't understand the meaning of love
And I don't mind if I die tied up

Seeing you in front of me
Bound I am by my desires..

Seeing you in front of me
Bound I am by your eyes...

Seeing you in front of me
Bound I am by some sensation..

Seeing you in front of me
Stuck I am in the SHACKLES OF LOVE..

Unknown to me
You're hypnotising me..

Unknown to me
You're holding on to me..

Unknown to me
You're awakening my desires..

Unknown to me
You're drowning me into the SHACKLES OF LOVE!!

THis one by Abby ClapEmbarrassed

I am back with a New OS/SS. I will tell you one thing that this is a very hot and passionate story of maaneet that is in store for you. I decided to try something new and give it a go. I know i have other works pending , plz bare with me Embarrassed


He scrunches his eyes as the sunrays crept in from the window blinds disturbing his sleep. "Ufff. . .bloody hell!, " he said giving up and waking up irritated. He tries to stand up but his eyes all of a sudden black out causing him to hold the wall for support.  His head was spinning profusely, that's what he got for partying and drinking all night.  He shakes it off and grabs himself a towel to head for the shower, when he hears, " Hey sexy! Mind if I join you?"
Maan looks over to the bedside and sees a woman who was covering herself with the white sheet covers. She looked like she was in her early twenties, I guess to other men she would be a whopping 10, but to Maan Singh Khurana no type of women could catch his attention for more than a few hours. 
" Your still here! I have a better idea why don't you move your fat ass out of here!"
"Do you know who I am! Samira Roy! Guys dream of touching me and you are kicking me out!", she fumed.

"I guess i am", he says nonchalantly. 
I am one the hotest model in India and you are telling me I have a fat ass! Go F*** yourself!" she says putting her clothes back as she continued to rant at him.
"Awww did I hurt your feelings. . . am sure tonight you will be moaning some other rich bachelor's name so I could give a damn" he says with a smirk.
"Screw you! Won't be surprised if you rot a lonely hag!", she says before storming out of his grand room fit for a prince.
Her words didn't affect him. He already had fun with her last night, so there was no need for her to be here anymore.  It was always lust in his book and every girl knew that about him. It's their fault if he gives them attention for a few moments and they think they are the one. He chuckles at his own thought and murmurs, "Desperate b*****" before heading off to take a shower. 
"Oh my God. . . you here that! He is coming" , the whispers started as the girls heard the loud and hungry roar of an engine. The girls ran getting ready for his arrival, and not surprisingly so did some middle aged women. They all took deep breaths trying to embrace themselves and steady their heartbeats for what was to come.
He jumps off his motorbike and took off his jet-black helmet, as he ran his fingers through his sleek hair.
All the girls' hearts were already racing, but the way he ran his fingers through his hair were making them go weak to their knees. 
" It's a crime!  This can't be legal" one of the girls voiced as she hyperventilated over this sexy being.  They were stripping him with their eyes as they traced down the sharp angle of his jaw, covered in a manly stubble, ending in perfectly M shaped lips below a straight nose and. . . oh no they did not dare look into his eyes.  They tried to resist the urge, but failed like always.
He moves his face to the side, where the girls could get a good view of his eyes, and once their eyes met his, their hearts got pierced! His dark brown eyes, warm but so intense that the girls couldn't help but drown in them and dwell in its ecstasy.
"Oh Sweet Lord have mercy" another controlled her shriek as he drove his sensuously fingers down and unzipped his jacket, his muscular and broad chest just oozing out of his shirt. 
He takes the jacket off, and starts to walk over to the main entrance where the girls stood.  They just laid frozen as their eyes stared at his broad shoulders, down his v-neck shirt. . . imagining the rest.  How they wished they could get a glimpse of his yummy abs!
"I'd give up everything for just one night in bed with him", Maan heard one of the girls say as he was about to pass her.
He stops in his tracks as a smirk played on his face.  He didn't even have to try and she was ready to give up everything for him.  He decided to have some fun and takes a few steps backwards and looks at the girl straight in the eyes.
Her breath gets stuck in her throat, as he backs her up against the wall eyeing her lips. He had to admit she was hot, which made this little game all the more fun. He ever so tortuously brushes his lips up the side of her face, reaching her ear as he whispered in his sexy baritone voice, " You sure about that?" while giving her buttocks a tight squeeze and backing away giving her a one last wink before walking off. 
" Hold me please", she whispered trying to control her uneven breathing.  Her friends were seething with jealously. Oh why couldn't it be them?
Another sexy smirk crept on his lips as he walked away.  He probably just made her whole lifetime, and not just day.  He could feel the burning stares as he walked along the hallway, and yes he loved it.   He was a charmer . . . didn't even have to try hard and he had girls all over him. He loved the attention and the pride that came with it. Oh how could he forget the Pleasure that came with it. That's what women were in his book, only for pleasure!  Give them any other importance in your life and you are digging your own grave!
" Mr. Maan Singh Khurana finally made his presence in college and that too on time'. Gasp!" he heard someone say.
He turns his gaze to the side and sees his friends sitting in a corner having their girlfriends in their arms.
" Oh shut up Vicky.  You know I always come on time", he says with a smirk.
Dev: Of course you do! When your Maan singh Khurana there are exceptions to every rule.  Only if I could live such a life. . .  Sigh!
Maan just roles his eyes.
Adi: Only Maan Singh Khurana could make girls faint.  I think you have more mercy on girls Dev than Maan does.  I don't think you could lead such a life as him.
Maan: Oh come on guys.  I didn't make any girl faint today! So please spare me the lecture.
Vicky: Oh you didn't? Why don't you turn around and see yourself.
Maan turns around and the girl who had teased earlier had literally fainted and her friends were splashing water on her face.
Maan just chuckles.
Maan: what can I say! I am a charmer!
Everybody just shakes his or her heads. 
" You know Maan you will eat your words soon. What if the new girl that is joining college today doesn't fall for your charm? Hmmm'..then what are you going to do?" Meera, Vicky's girlfriend says.
Everybody makes an " OOOhhh" sound and laugh.
" No such thing will ever happen.  There is no one that can resist me, if you can fall for me Meera anyone can," Maan replies with confidence.
Everybody just laughs and Meera replies back, " That was a moment of weakness, I wouldn't call that falling for you".
" Maan she is coming from America. She has gotten a taste of Hot, blond, and blue eyed boys. . . so she has seen better . . . sorry to burst your bubble sweetheart" Naintara, Dev's girlfriend says.
" From wherever she is coming, I will show her what it means to be a Desi boy" he says as he winks.
Everbody bursts out to a even bigger fit of laughter . Vicky and Dev start whistling and Maan couldn't help but laugh with them. 
Just then the college door opens. Maan all of a sudden started to get this weird vibe, this unknown feeling in his heart.  There was something familiar and yet unfamiliar about this feeling.  There was something different in the air all of a sudden, but he couldn't put his finger on it.
He brushes it aside and gets up saying, " Alright guys. You continue making fun of me. But before that girl spends 5 minutes into this building she will be in my arms" he boasts in confidence with chin held up high.
Meera: Having so much confidence isn't good for the health. Let's place a bet. If you don't end up winning her over then you will send and pay for a week vacation for of all us to Paris.
Maan: and if I win you all will have to do my college assignments while I bask in the arms and beds of those French girls for a week.
" It's a bet", everyone says at the same time.  Although they knew they had no hopes of winning, but were crossing their fingers.
Maan says, " It's a bet then" and was about to leave when Adi's girlfriend, Pinky, calls out to him.
" Wait Maan what if she turns out to be fat and ugly. . . you don't even turn to the direction of a girl unless she is a scorching 9 or 10" Pinky adds.
Maan was walking backwards as he said, " I doubt it. . .kuch toh baat hogi usme . . ." with a smirk, and just when he is about to turn around and walk away he slams into somebody. 
The poor girl got hit by the side of Maan's body and could feel herself twirling expecting to hit the hard cold ground when two pair of strong arms grabbed her by the waist as she held on to his neck for her dear life. Her scarf fell on Maan's head as he tried to fathom why he was getting electrocuted with these unknown yet known feelings as soon as his body made contact with this stranger in his arms. Maan's friends watched on not making a sound, wanting to see how this unfolds.
He tried looking to see who she was even through the scarf, and he could vaguely get a glimpse of her face.  Only one thing stood out to him even through the scarf that stood as a barrier between both of them -- her eyes.  He grabs the scarf and slowly starts to pull if off himself.  He silently sucked his own breathe as TIME STOOD STILL as his eyes fell on her starting from her big hazel brown eyes, which had innocence written all over it.  His eyes roamed down her perfectly and flawless face to her pink and plump lips.  He had a sudden urge to taste them and feel them against his own lips and unconsciously he was moving toward them.
"EXCUSE ME", she blurts out and pushes him off her.
" What the hell do you think you are doing? How Dare You!"
Maan stood there shocked for a second, trying to get a grasp of what was taking place.  Was. . . was a girl yelling at him?
She grabs her scarf from his hand and places it over her neck!
"First time seeing a girl!" she says slamming him against the wall running her index finger down his cheekbone.  She moves in closer her scent driving his senses wild, that the beast in him would of taken her right then and there, but something held him back and he didn't even know what. She hovers her lips millimeters away from his face and closes in onto to his ear, seductively whispering, " Sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Handsome, but you are not my type" giving one last wink before walking off.
Everyone most importantly Maan watched this unknown by sexy girl walk away as her 5-inch heels went click clock click clock. Maan's eyes started to run up her smooth and sexy legs, but Vicky interrupts his train of thoughts.
Vicky: Woahhh! Someone pinch me. . . I think I am dreaming!
Meera: Nahi darling, it's not you who is dreaming and needs to wake up. . . it's our dear Maan babu!
Dev: For the first time a girl, and a smoking hot girl too yelled at Maan.  No no  no not just yelled at him but cornered him to the wall, and took charge of the situation leaving maan Blank, and then drops the bomb so seductively that he is not her type.  HOLY SHIT this has to be a dream!
Naintara: You were right Maan. Kuch toh baat hai usme. Meet Geet Handa!
Pinky: Mr. Casanova looks like you met your match. 
" She has innocence written all over her eyes and face, but the sting and poison of a scorpion.  She is like Maan but in a girl form", Adi gulps down in fear.
Meera:  I will give you props Maan.  You got her in your arms in the 5 minutes she was in this building, but so much for your first impression. Tsk Tsk.
Vicky: Paris here we come!
" To early to be getting your hopes up guys. She is a feisty one. Well what do you know. . . feisty is just my type  " he says with an emphasis as a smirk plays on his lips that reached up all the way to his eyes.
He was right. Kuch toh baat hai usme.  He looks at his hand, where the essence of her touch still lingered. He didn't notice, but his heart was rejoicing as if it found something it had been waiting for a very long time. He was already getting attracted to her like a moth to a flame. Her big hazel eyes flashed before his own eyes and so did her pink plump lips.  He didn't know why he desperately wanted to hear her moan his name from those very lips.  I desire he would certainly fulfill! CASANAVA KA VAADA!!!
Maan was walking to class when he saw the same girl walking toward his direction all engrossed in some papers.  She was wearing a one-shoulder top with a mini skirt, her wavy placed all on one side. Maan breaks away from her spell and a naughty smile starts to play on his lips as he moves toward her.
Geet finds herself bumping into someone and her papers fall on the ground.  They both blurt out a "sorry" as they both bend down to grab the papers when their hands touch. 
Maan's breath hitches once their hands make contact and again he found himself admiring her. Geet finally looks up to see who it was, and her eyes enlarge as she blurts out, " TUM!".
She grabs her papers in a hurry and irritated away.  She stands up and was about to walk away from Maan's left side when Maan blocks her and stands in her way.  She turns to the right side to walk away, when Maan also moves and stands in her way again.
"LISTEN YOU . . ." she was about to say when she feels herself get slammed against the wall.
Her eyes enlarge with shock as he closed in on her with his body and was mere inches away from her face.
"Miss American Express agar tum apni super fast speed ko kam karogi tabi to me kuch bhol paoon. Mera naam Maan Singh khurana hai. . .Naam to sona hi hoga" he says in his sexy baritone tone.
" Nahi suna? Well than I am all yours sweetheart. Before you know it you will have my name engraved in your heart" he says tucking her hair strand behind her ear and then slowly runs down his finger pointing to her heart.
Geet's heart was fluttering and the way he drove his finger down her body to her heart was giving her Goosebumps. 
His words "you will have my name engraved in your heart" hit her really hard, but she brushed it off by looking straight into his eyes.
Geet then ever so slowly grabs the collar of his shirt and gives a quick tug, bringing his lips so close they were practically touching. Their breaths were mingling and diffusing into one, hearts racing against each other's bodies.
How bad do you want me Khurana?" she says almost as a moan driving the monster in Maan to a complete frenzy.

 Maan crushes her body against the wall, entrapping her between his muscular arms, as he slams his lips against the nape of her neck, making her bit her lip suppressing the load moans that desperately searched for an escape.  In between his wet kisses he murmurs, " I want you in me" and before she knew it Geet finds herself getting dragged by the wrist.  She just looked at this very man who she just came across in the last 20 minutes, and yet she was allowing him to treat her in every way he pleased.  She had to admit she was dazzled by him. But was this right?  She knows how this is going to end right? Except why couldn't she stop herself.
Before she could answer her own questions she found herself in a dark room.  In a few second the lights turn on and Geet finds herself in a grand room with a bed right in the middle.  The whole place decorated romantically with rose petals and candles everywhere.  In just one tug she found herself against his chest.  " So now where were we. . ." he saying inching toward her lips. 


"Sss . ." he hisses in desire millimeters away from her lips.

" If you continue to torment my senses like this then you just might not have clothes left to leave from here".

aaahhh nervous how was it? *biting nails* 

Plz do drop a comment and say how u liked it/criticize it.

If you liked the update do it the like button pleejEmbarrassed


If you want to get pmed for future updates.

I made a Facebook account and page for my maaneet stores. Hopefully it will be more convenient for all of you.  Faster alerts and all :) as well as to better keep in touch with all of uEmbarrassed

Facebook account link: Zee Khurana

Facebook Fanpage link: Mrs.ZSK Fictions

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Yayy..Finally hehe my first post after i am backErmm i thinkkLOL
awww is it dedicated to me zee?Embarrassed just kidding haha
thankkk youu soo much dont know how much it means to me...
^^ hayee im looking soo cute..only for you CCEmbarrassedROFL
anyways coming back to the SS...Day Dreaming
only words that were coming out of my mouth was
Every time you face is gonna be like strawberries..Blushing
so i better be reading this away from my parents
if they see what i am reading..MAN i am DEADDROFL

HAYEE..FINALLY I can feel the real MSK..Day Dreaming
ALL Girls going fida overr him hayeeSilly
DHAK DHAKKEmbarrassedBlushingDay Dreaming

This SS is gonna make all maaneetians insanee haha
You should have put a Disclaimerr CC..kisi ko heart attack aagaya tohShockedROFL

I loved Geet's attitude..Maan toh dekhta hi rehgaya..lolzLOL
Yeh kya does maan have his "Special Bedroom" in college too?ShockedROFL
in what 5 min they were in bedroom woh bhi decorated with flowers and allROFLROFL
i cant wait to know the secret of thisROFL

In between his wet kisses he murmurs, " I want you in me" and before she knew it Geet finds herself getting dragged by the wrist
this line..just killed me right thereBlushing
HOT HOT HOTTT...Embarrassed
Precap looks amazinggg CC
 ahhh i cant wait to read moree...
update sooonn and thank youu so much againn
lovee youu muahh
ur CCEmbarrassed


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Nice Part 

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
awesome Zee kya baat hai
lovely starting but yaar how could u manage
this SS with ur pending works
ar is SS ki Update i want jaldi jaldi as i cant wait
to read more and more
waise yeh koi nayi baat to nahi hai ki ur every update make
me carve for more

OMGShocked maan is a Casanova and the way u explained Maan was making me week
plz yaar atleast give us a warning that waht is in store
u know i was blushing like anything thank god that nobody cam ein my room else   i dont know what my parents would think about meLOLLOLLOL

so plz is dhukyari ki baat suno and update thsii SS soon
adn also ur FF dont know from when w all r waiting for itLOLLOLLOL

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
awesome Zee
loved it
update soon

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kamiya Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
mind blowing updateWink

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zee...zeee...zeee...somebody told me its too difficult to write hot passionate updates...and what have you done...???
Omg...that was awesome.
Now you should be ready to listen all the ooohhs n aaahhs.
and you better update soon.

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maaneetfanatic Goldie

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Wow this was awesome...i loved itTongue  Love this ice and fire effect in maaneet..continue soonWink

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