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SS|ArHi| Your Just a Cannibal... LastPartPg.24 (Page 10)

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Chapter 2. Take a Bite out of my heart--

*mature content ahead*

Damn that bas***d,
Khushi growled pacing around in her room, now fully dressed and tampering with the knot of her robe. He was just so damn arrogant in his demeanor, as if the whole was just awaiting for his next move. She was strangely surprised at her own actions, how could she have given in so easily, it was not right. Whatever was happening here was not right, she was loosing herself to this man and this was not a fight about ego rather it was a fight for her heart. Piece by piece, she was drowning in him and it scared her. He scared her, his unwillingness to budge made her question her feelings, a person who she could never rely on than how could her heart be at the mercy of his. The idea that her heart was being enveloped by him, jilted her. It was not that she didn't like him rather it was the opposite she was now consumed by him only.And yet she felt with him she would always be standing on the edge always awaiting for that one moment when he would let her fall. How could she afford the fall? Simple, she couldn't, she had risen to never stumble again and no Arnav Singh Raizada was going to make her loose out.

she slid into the warmth of the breezy bed and snuggled up to the comforter, surrounded still by his presence and his leftover scent that still drove her insane just by a whiff of it. This was pure insanity, and in a way it brought her something she hadn't felt in a while for now, she was breathing again. After her mother's death, Khushi had taken into her own little cave refusing to come into contact with anyone and everything except for her father. Oh' her father, he had always made sure, she knew she was wanted but when the time  came to prove it, his doors would be always found closed. His words were there to soothe her but never had she felt the warmth and care she needed as a child growing up, and, somehow that always had never been enough. A part of her had gone missing for the longest of while, only to be found again when she met arnav. He brought life back into her, and as much as she despised him for it, she was that much more grateful. He in a way made her whole again.

The window was open, and the light wind danced around his whole face, as his shadow illuminated against the moonlight trespassing into the room. This was his life, entrapped within this Mansion never finding his way out, or maybe he never really tried hard enough. If a stumble prevented a fall, than a fall ensured shields, walls, and everything beyond to never let it hurt again. His mother had always told him, you are the strongest when at the grace of your heart ,but he had witnessed the pain twice to know, what the heart was capable of. He'd watched his mother and sister become victims to the cruelty love brought. It did not make you stronger, infact it was your biggest weakness, to know that someone else controls your emotions was their biggest leverage and your weakest moment.Which is why, he refused to let his emotions control him, infact he tried to stay away from the rest of the world as much as possible.

But all that seemed to change, having come in contact with Khushi, he still vaguely remembered the first time he had met her. She had walked gracefully in her stride into his office and took a seat before it was even offered, as if she knew this place was rightfully hers. The way she had gone through the whole deal with him like a professional business women never faltering at moment due to his aura was a total surprise for him, but had he known she had already undressed him in her mind, within ten seconds of walking into the room, he would have definitely hit on her right there. She just had this essence about her that unknowingly pulled him towards and not long after, he had found himself deeply engrossed in this enigma called Khushi Gupta. She was total surprise, at every step, he found new layers to her and in all honestly, it was a great break from the throwing themselves at him girls. She had rather walked away from his pursue only to bid him a little time, before he actually became serious about her. And Now that she was everywhere, he wanted to shake her off, but he couldn't. It was completely impossible to rid of this warm feeling he had whenever, his thoughts were engrossed in her.

turning around he walked back to the settee, and took a seat carefully leaning back, he closed his eyes. Sleep was afar from him, but still his eyes needed that moment of peace -- but how could he find calm when his reason for insanity was breathing but at a distance from him. He yearned to be near her regardless of the fact that he had been with her just hours ago, it was beyond his control. His feelings for khushi were beyond his control, he tried to cage them but they'd find a way out some way or another and it was starting infuriate him to the core.


the sun rays were bright and coloring hinting at the wonderful day it was suppose to be, but for some reason, Khushi neither felt good or looked forward to today. There was unknown gist of feeling inside her that made her want to crawl inside the comforter again and be lost in her dreams again. But that was a lost cause as much as hiding out for the day, too many responsibilities were on her shoulder and too many people depended on her.

taking a quick shower, she pulled on a black pencil skirt with a crisp white cotton shirt tucked in, stepped into a pair black velvet pumps and combed her hair into a high ponytail. She grabbed her bb from the dresser and headed about the day.

sparing some breakfast, khushi left just in time to make it for her 10.00 am appointment today.

''good morning mam'' lisa stood up patiently and grabbed Khushi's stuff, detailing with the latest information '' the Sharma's are seated and ready. Your presentation is hooked up just need to press space and also Ajay has tuned into the sample results, supposedly they are doing really well'' before leading her to the conference room. Inside everyone was already seated awaiting for the presentation to begin. Khushi went through the new innovative ideas they had come up with, whilst keeping their bill low and making it affordable for the consumer also. The whole room was pleased with what she had presented and they discussed to meet again later in the week with their proposition.

khushi walked out of the room to be greeted by a cheerful lisa, '' seriously we need to change your name, your always smiling!'' she groaned leading through the hallway towards her office.

''and your not!'' lisa replied vaguely going over her checklist, '' you should live a little mam''

stopping in her tracks, khushi turned around, '' i am living, how much more do you want me to suffer?''

''living is not suffering, its enjoying'' pausing she grabbed a black package from her desk, '' which reminds me, the sharma gala tonight, your dress is here''

muttering something under her breath khushi pushed open the door and took a seat behind the desk, '' and what if i don't want to go?''

''would this be because of a certain Raizada''

khushi sighed, '' if i were to say yes, would that mean i am a coward?'' Lisa shook her head and took a seat near khushi, ''to give away your heart is not an easy thing, it comes with all kinds of insecurities'' Khushi was appalled, was it written on her face that she was in love with Arnav. She hoped not, she was in no position to hand over all her cards just yet, she wanted to keep playing.

''does it show?'' frowning, she continued, '' i am not really sure, what it is? When i am near him, its the only place i want to be but than i come back to reality and realize he is not the kind of man who keeps his feet on the ground. We are from two different worlds, he lives for the thrill and i take each step with a pre-cautionary measure, but still above everything with him, its just right''

''you must listen to your heart'' Lisa added not wanting to intrude, her boss had no idea how much she had fallen for the city's playboy. Maybe it was the perfect match, they both in ways needed each other, he closed in by being arrogant and Khushi closed in by hiding away, both were floating in the same boat of loneliness and pure despair.

Khushi thought about it for a moment, and than looked sharply at the dress lying in the corner '' give me that dress, i am going to be turning tables tonight and he won't even know what hit him''

''just as long as you are careful'' Khushi smiled down at lisa and walked over to the window, '' sometimes you have to take risks for the desired results''

''and what would that be?''

''Raizada is going to regret his every word tonight'' Khushi grabbed the dress from the sofa and headed out. If Arnav didn't want to admit his feelings, well she wouldn't force him either. In fact by the time she would be done tonight, he would groveling in front of her, so what if he made the game, she would beat him at his own game.


''really? tell me more about yourself'' the women laced herself upon him as clearly as she could, only to be pushed away again, '' look like i said, i have other plans'' Arnav rolled his eyes suggestively hoping, she would catch the drift, but the woman was stuck to him like glue unwilling to let go.

''do those plans include me?'' she asked tracing his jawline, ASR gritted his teeth and pulled at her hand. He had been trying to be a gentleman so far but this lady was nuts, despite his many efforts to tell her, he is not interested she was not bothered.

''No, my plans do not include, you today or tomorrow'' pushing her away, Arnav headed for the bar only to be stopped short, His eyes caught her, and right than his nerves sprouted in his veins, and he clenched his fists in anger. And not to his surprise, she was grinning right back at him. If only looks could kill, he was sure, she and the man groping her would have been dead but damn his luck.

He was dressed in a black armani suit that did wonders to his presence, in the whole room his being was the only that seemed to catch her eyes. Indeed he looked like the perfect gentleman but khushi knew him too well and understood the devil beneath who knew how to get what he desired.

Plastering a smile on his face, he headed in their direction, as he neared, he realized in his anger, he had completely ignored how breathtaking she looked tonight. She was adorned in a red strapless dress with a heart shaped neckline that hugged her at the top perfectly curving at her breasts and than falling in a gathered fashion like swirl, not too loose neither too tight just perfectly lush and emphasizing her body line to mere perfection. She had bundled her hair at the neckline in a loose bun with strands falling out, while her face was nude like with only cherry plump lips that seemed to be calling him at the moment. He just wanted to ravish her at the moment but sadly he couldn't, instead he had to bear through her scheme of making him jealous.

he swallowed a light chuckle and strode towards them never leaving her gaze for a flick of a second. Even in a room filled with countless people, it felt as if they were the only ones there. Their eyes conveyed what their lips refused to utter and their breaths quickened with each step that brought him closer to her.

''Khushi'' he greeted with a smile, khushi nodded, '' Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada'' managing a smile she turned to  her date only to be stopped short, Arnav held her hand in his grip, very cunningly bringing her hand closer to his lips and grazed them lightly, '' a pleasure'' he hovered over her hand for a moment before khushi caught on harshly pulling her hand away.

Arnav turned to the man, but his eyes were focused on the hand he had around khushi's waist, his khushi, growling he plainly look at him and than khushi, '' this is Karan, Karan meet Arnav Singh Raizada'' they shook hands and as expected Arnav's bulging out veins were a clear signal of her plan working, now time to take it up a level.

''karan, lets go and dance'' khushi suggested, not missing the miserable flicker of anger arnav tried to hide from her, smirking, she held on to karan's arm and lead him past Arnav, only to stop as something fell to the floor, ''oh dear, clumsy me'' khushi pouted and bent down to pick up her purse, giving arnav a clear view of her bra, the red lingerie,  his breathing quickened and she glistened in the glory whilst looking at him. Her goal was accomplished, she'd just wanted Arnav to see just exactly what he was missing tonight. Standing up straight, passing a fake smile to a now tense Arnav, she walked away with Karan.

That little tease!, swallowing his temper, Arnav walked away to the bar, she had dropped the purse, on purpose. He knew her to well to mistake the taunting look in her eyes, that told him just what he would be missing out on tonight, but if he would have his way than he would surely not miss anything '' give me a shot'' he ordered harshly, his eyes never leaving that one couple on the dance floor. Khushi had her arms now entangled around his neck and Karan's hands were resting on her waist, moving slowly to the rhythm of the beat. Picking up the drink, Arnav gulped it down in one sip and got up furiously, heading towards the dance floor.

Khushi saw Arnav heading towards them and her heart skipped a beat. How could someone look so passionate just with raw anger and that look in his concealed eyes but the fire blazing beneath them was not missed by her. She was now anticipating the moment where he would pull her into his arms, as much as she liked dancing with Karan,it was a given they didn't have any spark between them. In fact, she was feeling rather like a child lead by a parent, there was no match here. Where there was match, he was heading her way just now, there eyes caught on to each other and moments transpired, just when she thought he would hold her, he brushed right by her. Khushi stood shocked for a moment, whereas karan was confused.

Arnav rushed up the spiral stairs leaving khushi stunned at this unexpected sight in front of her, the least she thought he would do was grab one of the ladies from the dance floor . Khushi gave an irritated sigh, what was this man up to? Maybe it was time they stop playing the games and started confronting, she needed to know. Now it was a do or die situation, either he would oblige to her demand or they would be over. Separating from karan, Khushi waved a easy smile and left without a word, tracing the same steps Arnav had walked upon just minutes ago.

''look i am already involved with someone'' arnav managed, holding the already drunk lady who trying to get intimate with him, there was a time, when he would have actually appreciated her efforts but now, it was a different story,

'' so what i am taken also, but that doesn't mean i can't enjoy myself with someone else'' she whispered near his ear, pushing ASR to the verge of almost pushing her down but he held on to his control.

''i want you' tracing his jawline, she smiled and leaned on in, Arnav was trying to push her back, right when a familiar face walked in on them, ''khushi'''arnav whispered..

'silly boy my name is taniya, not some khushi''taniya corrected pulling on his collar.

something broke a little and she was very much sure it was a piece of her heart but Khushi kept up her stride and didn't let those betraying tears fill her eyes, 'i am sorry, i shouldn't be here'' she spoke calm as the wind of a summer night, trying to depict that she was unaffected.

''this is not what it looks like'' Arnav tried but Khushi had already on her heels, pushing away a drunk taniya now he followed behind, 'where are you going?''

flipping around with no emotion in her eyes, she muttered in a undertone, 'we are done'' and with that she managed to get a few steps in before she was harshly pulled by the arm and entrapped against the hard wall of another room.

 '' the hell we are'' arnav tightened his hold on her arm, and crushed her body with his, ' that woman does not mean anything'' he declared in a berated voice, pressing into her as if his life depended on it, the few minutes she had walked away, it actually felt as if he had lost her but Arnav Singh Raizada does not fold until he decides too.

struggling in his grip, Khushi tried to pretend that what she saw didn't leave a mark but it did, all those feelings of closed doors and never being wanted swirled into her, pricking her being, '' did i say anything? and let me go'' she said with the most composed voice she could find, not wanting to show him her weakness.

Arnav slowly ran his hands up her upper body treasuring each curve and the warmth hidden beneath them, his hands cupped one of her breast and harshly squeezed, '' not letting you go in this lifetime '' his lips lowered to her already bare and available neckline, smothering kisses pushed her harder into the wall, having a check on his emotions at this moment was close to impossible.

Khushi closed her fists in desperation and prayed to god to will her the self - control she so desired at the moment. He was doing terrible things to her and she wanted to him continue, no rather her body wanted to continue. She tried to not respond to him, but her body was already acting like a traitor, drowning in his every touch, '' arnav i said let me go'' his lips were now tracing her jawline, biting and smothering, leaving her breathless but she didn't let him see that.

Her chest was already heaving from the turmoil he was causing her, '' like i said, not in this lifetime''claiming her lips in a slow subtle kiss and drank, he awaited for her to respond, but she stayed frozen. Arnav tried to push his tongue inside her mouth but khushi kept her teeth gritted and stared into his eyes with something close to nonchalant attitude. This only aggravated his primal instincts further and he wanted to show her that she was affected by him. He unzipped her dress and ran his hands all over her bare back,picking her up, he threw her on the bed. Lying next to her, he savaged his way around her marking every spot on her bare upper body, bruising and soothing and yet she stayed put refusing to respond to him. Pushing himself into her , he caught the flicker of annoyance and before he knew it, he was pushed onto the other side lying with his backside down, 'what the hell?''

Khushi got up zipped her dress and checked herself in the mirror, '' well that was nice, but like i said, the day i don't want to be with you, you won't be able to do anything about it Mr Raizada'' Arnav who was now disassembled quite like her, got up and walked around, standing behind her. His arms went around her waist and in a swift motion pulled her against himself, 'and if i remember my words correctly, i  had said you are mine''

'' i don't belong to anyone except myself'' her eyes met with his in the mirror and she slowly entangled his arm from her waist but his other hand caught up and held it up in the air, whilst the other released her hair from the bun letting her wild tresses flow fall upon her back, '' you know it and i know it, this game just got a little harsher''

''i have a date waiting, now if you would let me go?'' and that snapped it for Arnav'
'' f**k your date, & f**k you also, you are staying right here'' let her dress fall in a pool at her feet and pressed her against the wall. For a few moments he was sure he forgot his sanity, the red lingerie was hugging her so perfectly, lazily his fingers traced above her breasts making her shiver in return. In the same fashion, he outline the red clothing, almost as if savoring her memorizing each inviting curve of her body. And than he came back up  biting her stuck up jaw, his hands explored the lines beneath, finally releasing a slow but subtle moan out of khushi. She had tried to resist but there was a limited amount of self control she had. He held up both of her hands against the wall,his touch was not soft like the other times, they had made love.His each touch burned her skin and in a craze her body ached for more.

hands in her hair, pulling her closer, he savored her lips, and never really giving in until she begged and pleaded for that release. Arnav had understood her indifference but he wouldn't let it affect him. She wiggled her hands out of his hold, and pressed herself against him, whilst he was fully dressed, pulling at his hair and bit his lips with pure vengeance that flowed into the intended bruise she surfaced upon his rough lips, when she was sure he had lost himself in the kiss, she parted and then walked away, leaving him amidst pure vain pleasure '' and that Arnav Singh Raizada is how its done'' pulling on her dress she ran her hand through her hair before walking out the the door announcing, '' we are done''  In those few moments he stood there avid of her and her presence, it hit him the hardest, like someone had just punched him in the gut. What he feared the most had just come true, he was no longer a prisoner abandoned, he was in love with this woman who just brought his worst fears true by walking away, something stung within and yet again agony choked his breaths.


Since i got a lot of requests to continue, i thought to turn it into a SS. It would probably have two or three more parts :) And once again thank you for the kind words that were really encouraging.

Please buddy me if you wish to receive a PM :)

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First to comment.. yipeee :)
Terrific!! I feel really sad for Arnav Khushi both... Come on they love each other and are not realizing it.. I hope they do soon... You have beautifully sketched out both their pasts in the start... Loving it.. Btw is there any Shyam track here.. I am sort of confused because you mentioned Anjali falling prey to the cruelty of love?? Also I love Khushi's character here.. rofl I think i mentioned that last time.. but well I love her here :D

Looking forward to the other parts.. And thanks for the pm :)

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reserved :D

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That was Hawt...
loved the strong Khushii...
arnav is gooing to pay big
continue soon

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Thats so is under control..and managed it well...she is doing it on purpose and well she have to succeed in that...

Nice work...

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Nice update plz pm me the next update

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Beautiful. Arnav jealous. Haha. loved it. and the steamy romance. awsum update. thnx a ton for d pm. =D

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I love it, cntinue plz!! :)

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