Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VIRMAN FF: TTOML #31- 2nd thread link: Pg 1 (Page 80)

Adenah.NiShal Goldie

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AWESOME!!! I love it..pls pm me when u updateSmile

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ElenaElenor Senior Member

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Hellooo! Big smile I have realized that when I try to write longer updates; my story tends to go off the point so I'll be writing how much I feel comfortable with Smile


''Its better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what your not... Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple'.


Being closer to him had always provided solace, the way he touched her made her feel protective, the way he looked at her, she knew he would be with her forever but she had never realized she would be the cause of his distress. Her eyes lingered onto the figure in front of her who lay with an oxygen mask on his face and his eyes closed with steady breaths, much steadier then before. The doctors had concluded that he was out of danger, which had left her with a less heavy heart but unsolved emotions of tomorrow but moreover with a new found happiness. She shut her eyes, not being able to face the reality anymore. No matter how much of a coward this made her but at that moment, she felt vulnerable and longed for the 'forever' that he had promised. She continued to keep her eyes shut,her eyes missing everything, remembering the moments they shared together. But in all that time she did not look back, and be haunted by the visions of her struggling with unseen enemies.

'Maanvi', he heard a familiar voice from behind and her eyes snapped open. She turned around to face her brother whose white shirt had traces of blood and droplets on his jeans too. She couldn't help but gasp lightly and quickly averted her gaze away, unable to look at his suffering. She smiled briefly at her brother and said 'thank you'. It was a sincere thank you for saving his life and in a way hers too. She narrowed her eyes to his confused face, who looked anything but content of carrying out a heroic deed. 'We need to talk', he stated as a warning and her heavy heart returned.

She didn't want to know anything else that she knew; this night had been a nightmare. A living nightmare that she would never forget but she desperately wanted to, more desperate of forgetting a memory then she had ever been. She had experienced death, for herself and for others around her. She was aware of the tragedies that had happened in her life and his but she could never go through them again. She didn't have the strength to give away a loved one to the shadowed world. It was a fate which she wanted to avoid for people around her. The only thing she cared about right now was being close to Virat even if it made her selfish. She was willing to be labeled as such then being away from his unconscious sight.

'Can it wait?' she said, it was a statement rather than a question as she looked back to Virat's sleeping form and held his strong hand in hers; feeling much comfortable than ever before. Knowing he was with her as tears prickled her eyes. 'We can talk on our way back to the house', he answered. 'Let's go', he said as he opened the door swiftly and waited a few seconds for her before she answered. 'I am not going anywhere', she said sternly. 'Hell you are Maanvi. You are going and you are going now', he informed her, without looking in her direction as he knew he was being a jackass but he couldn't leave her there, alone in a hospital.

'I am not going to leave Virat', she said out loud as if talking to someone else, her voice held a hidden anger that rose in her tone. He was taken back at the harshness of her tone, the unfamiliarity of it. 'He is an adult who is out of danger with professional medical attendants. I am sure they can take care of him while you are away. He is not going to wake up anytime soon, the doctor said he will wake up tomorrow', he informed rapidly. 'I'll wait till tomorrow', she said as she brushed his hair away from the bandaged forehead.

'It's alright', Tina said as she placed her hands on Daboo's shoulder. 'She will be fine', she stated as she held his hand and moved him out of the room and his eyes traced back to his sister who noted and acknowledged nothing from their side. She was smiling down at Virat while she held her hand securely around hers. 'Tina, I'll drop you home', he said as they had walked out of the hospital into Daboo's car. 'Aren't you going to go home?' she asked quietly, feeling better than before. 'I am sorry for before Daboo, I was in shock and didn't know what to do, I--', she trailed off as her eyes began to get moist, knowing if she was alone in the valley, she wouldn't have the braveness to deal with such situation as she had never faced such violent reality, she had always been protective of the other side of life. 'It's alright', he whispered as he pulled her against him and she sighed.

'No, I have to stay with Maanvi. She can't stay alone here', he said and Tina nodded in understanding as they drove off to Tina's house. The happiest day of their life had gone unnoticed as both sat there with their own private thoughts, racing down the streets of Chandigarh.


Bright sun rays flashed from the window behind her as her shadow formed a figure on to far wall. Her eyes fluttered open to take in the intrusion and she moved her cramped neck slightly, wincing in pain. She had her head resting on his bed, near the hand she was clutching closer to her. She moved up and away from the bed to look at him smiling down at her and her eyes lit up and she threw back her head, almost breaking her neck by her actions. 'Careful', he whispered in a hoarse voice. His brown orbs drowsy and half closed and she bit back the laughter. He held the hospital bed with machines around him and he was worried for her neck, she nodded her head in disappointment, from the lack of rational thinking that came when she was in the situation.

'I doubt the hospital wants a patient this early, even before they indulged into butter croissants', he whispered and she grinned widely, feeling the colour return to her cheeks and the life return to her lifeless form. 'I am sure, I can extend their business', she said as he held out her hand and she took it, he pulled her against him but she remained in her place. Not wanting to discomfort or hurt him but he furrowed his eyebrows together, this time he pulled her with all the strength he had and she moved up over him before he moved over to make room for her and Maanvi lay besides him.

'Can you talk less and rest more?' she scolded and he laughed faintly, gritting his teeth as if to hold back the pain which resulted from his actions and she instantly stiffened in her position. ''Whatt- ' he began as she placed her hand on his mouth to keep him from talking and he kissed it replacing her pursed lips with a smile. 'Just rest for now', she said as he wasn't ready to hear the reality and she wasn't ready to narrate it. He drew in closer to her, not before taking her hand and bringing it on top of his heart to rest there; where she rightfully belonged... because it was then, as he held her in his unwavering gaze, that she knew she was in love with him as well.


'You came back?' Maanvi stood before Daboo who had his head leaning onto the wall as he sat on the chair outside the ICU; he had changed his clothes and was now sitting in casual jeans and a blue t-shirt. He shrugged his shoulder in response and added, 'I couldn't leave you here, could I?' he stated as she sat down on the chair next to him and he handed her the pieces of her phone. 'Drushti found it', he informed as she nodded, taking her phone in her lap and looking at the broken phone and the last person she had the conversation with. 'Do you know who did it?' she asked, not looking at him but staring at the wall in front of them.

'I know what did it', he stated as she narrowed her eyes and her forehead creased in confusion. 'You were wrong about him. I told you he wasn't right for you, he's not right for anyone. That boy is messed up and he will take you down with him', he shrieked out as she opened her mouth to defend him but closed it again taking the wrath she knew that was coming. 'He is involved in drugs', he whispered in horror as her eyes snapped to his face in shock. 'I found a packet of it in his pocket, last night when I found him', he said quietly. 'Probably gang rivalry', he added.

'You think after a gang fight with drug dealers or rivalry group, they would beat him up and leave him there to die without taking the drugs off him?' she questioned and he shook his head, not understanding the defenses she still had for the boy. 'You know what did it. I know who did it', she stated in disgust. 'Rahul. Rahul tried to kill him', she said as she looked onto Daboo's confused face which burned in fury. 'Maanvi, you have lost your mind!' he exclaimed. . It takes a long time to grow an old friend. Trust is built one single moment at a time.

'I haven't lost my mind, he is the one who drugged him and took him somewhere then probably did this to him', she answered calmly. 'What? You are blaming your friend? Why in the world would he drug Virat?' he questioned. ''To get back at him for taking away Malvika away from him', she answered simply, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 'What? Malvika?' he repeated in confusion, hearing the name for the first time in his life.

Maanvi began to tell him the story from the night Virat had shared his concern with Maanvi, the dinner where Malvika had been. The night he had told her about Rahul's intentions with Malvika and last night, how he had threatened her and took away Virat but leaving the parts of Virat's past away from the conversation and the drugs fiasco, knowing her brother was not as forgiving as her.

'You are listening to a drug dealer. He is messing up your mind, can't you see that? I thought you were above it, you are too naive for this', he accused her, flatly. It was time her sister learned the lessons of life the hard way. He should have been more protective of her, leaving her in a club with the string of trust he had for Virat was broken. Who took off, leaving her in the midst of the crowd she was not familiar with. 'And I thought you trusted me?' she asked with hurtful eyes. The only reason that they had been there was to convince others that Virat wasn't like how they thought he was and now she felt foolish for her acts, for dragging him into this. These people were judgmental and above listening to anything that made him look better in their eyes.

'I trust you Maanvi, not his words', he stated, glaring at her. 'What about my words, how Rahul talked to me? How close he had been with me? How much he had told me? Why can't you trust me?' she shot back. The fact that her brother chose to believe in his friend's words more then hers cut deeply through her heart.

'I know Rahul- ' he tried to explain but Maanvi's anger got the best of her and she shrieked in disappointment, the vital information he was missing in whatever he was about to say.'2 years. Only 2 years', she stated as her tone got louder, catching the attention of the wandering nurses. 'You don't know him that well. Virat has known him for life. Maaya also knows about him', she informed him and he laughed at her stupidity, recognising the words as coming from Virat.

'So now you want me to trust in Maaya's words? Do you even know what kind of girl-' he said as Maanvi cut in. Maaya had been a great help with Virat, Maaya hated her and she understood this and was not willing to change the fact but Virat; she cared about him. She had opted out of the situation that had meant destruction for him, surely that would mean something.

'Better then Rahul. A thousand times better than him. Where are you going?' she said as he moved up from the seat and began to walk. 'To call Rahul and ask him to snap some sense into you', he stated and Maanvi sighed in anger. It was her words yet twisted. She had the same blind faith in Rahul that her brother had. The same faith she had argued with Virat about, the same faith which had temporarily created distance between them but she couldn't drag her brother down the path of self-destruction. Rahul was someone he should stay away from, not someone who he should be friends with. She had learned this the hard way but she needed to protect her brother before anything happened to him. ' I trust my friend', he replied.

'You want evidence don't you?' she called out as she got up from her seat and walked towards him. She frantically pulled the phone together as the screen had been scratched beyond repair but when she fixed the battery in and after a few seconds, the phone loaded with a light blue flashing screen and she sighed in relief. She wanted to say that all this talk of trust were irrelevant, when it concerned a devil like Rahul. That emotions come and go and can't be controlled. That in the end, people should be judged by their actions, since in the end, it was actions that defined everyone.

She went through the contacts as Daboo looked at her disoriented state and her trembling hands which tapped onto the loud speaker hold and she held the phone near him in anticipation of the unexpected. The truth may prevail or it may fail; either way, today was the day that a friend or a sister would be lost. The ringing went on for a few times before he picked it up and his husky voice came through.

'I knew you were missing me'.

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that was soo good! i hope Dabbu trusts Manvi instead of Rahul. Great update and thanx for the pm :D

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Awesome Update Elena, glad Virat is fine, I loved that scene between him and Manvi. Hope Daboo gets to see Rahul's true colours.

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Awesome... Virat is conscious againParty Hope Daboo realizes Rahul's true coloursErmm Thank you so much for the pmHeart You are an excellent writerThumbs Up

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Great update really can't wait for the next part. I want
Dabbu to see Rahul's true colours.

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Let-It-Go IF-Sizzlerz

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I so wish Daboo makes the right choice .
Great updt =]]

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Dat was super amazing...i think nw rahul's identity
Will be reveald...bt as its yr story ...i knw it will
be an unpredictble one
update soon nd thanx 4 d pm

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