Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VIRMAN FF: TTOML #31- 2nd thread link: Pg 1 (Page 74)

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Sorry for the excessively late comment! I had a test, so was only able to read this just now!

Need I say that this was amazing? I'm glad that Rohan didn't try and put Virat in a bad light in front of Manvi, but tried to screw things up for him, while Manvi has to save him. I don't know why, but I feel Maya is going to be involved in here..

Forgive me for the short comment, but I'm in my lecture, and my prof seems to be shooting daggers at me through his eyes, so I'd better run off and start my work!

Once again, thanks for the PM and sorry for the late reply!



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Nooo! Virat.. I can't believe you left me hanging. Uff you kill me with your cliff hangers and then the late updates.. What are we going to do? Oh and if we haven't already established the fact that you already kill me with your amazing writing then ... whatever is stated before above this comes first :) But I really like this ff. I loved Closer but this gives you a better playing field. I have to say I this baby of yours so please continue soon along with Humsafar!!!

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OH no,, now virat have trapped by maya..
cliff ending elena,, please continue soon
thanks for the PM

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 11:52am | IP Logged
This is my 50000th post after this I will become IF Rocker and I so wanted it to be on my most favorite FF.. So I'm replying so late..

Need I say that update was wonderful.. and I loved the fact that Manvi is as crazy about Virat as he is about her and both of them are each others' weakness.. Nice comebacks by Manvi to Rahul.. She is so possessive about Virat that she can't stand anyone bad-mouthing him.. I really admired Manvi's guts to stand up against Rahul and not to believe him even one iota and the slap was like cherry on top.. That bast**** so deserved it.. and I just hope that the Bi*** Maya does not do anything and later scream rape... I so want Manvi to reach to Virat at right time and save him from all the unwanted situation.. well why I'm worrying I'm sure you will make Manvi reach there at apt time and she will kick Maya's Arse.. LOL.. will love that and still waiting for royal butt kick of Rahul courtesy Virat..!!!

Plz people stop disturbing Elena if she is not able to update at time.. I'm a die hard fan of this FF too.. But we shud respect the fact that others have lot of things to do in their personal lives.. and if you want her to give updates then pls for courtesy sake post comments and appreciate her lovely efforts b'cos she is doing an excellent job.. Hats off to you Elena.. *Clap Clap*

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Posted: 03 July 2012 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
                                                      20th update! Party *steals some dance moves from -PhoenixAsh-WinkBig smile

To put you all out of your misery; I have organized my update: Humsafar updates will be in the weekdays and TTOML will be on weekends... not regular updates since I have a summer to live through before going back to hectic life but I will be trying to put in updates whenever I have time but now you know the time span of my updates! Smile

For those keen minds that spam my updates with threats of updating! You know who you all are! LOL Send some chocolates my way; I like dark chocolate probably dark chocolate galaxy or any Ben and Jerry's ice-cream will do.Big smile I love how much you have grown to love these characters as much as I have and how lovely your comments have always been; inspiring.


''The mist starts to form as we stand close to one another. It is a distant fog that rises from the horizon, and I find that I grow fearful as it approaches. It slowly creeps in, enveloping the world around us, fencing us in as if to prevent escape. Like a rolling cloud, it blankets everything, closing, until there is nothing left but the two of us."

'Where are we going?' Tina asked as she followed him inside the room; her eyes were covered by Daboo's hands and she walked in front of him. 'Wait for it', he commanded and she giggled in anticipation of her birthday surprise. The smell of tulips gave away the surprise yet her lips remained tightly shut.

'Open your eyes', he said as she did as the Grande room came in sight. The private room was decorated with tulips and fairy lights and a small table lay in the middle with champagne. She gawked and mummed something unintelligent while he laughed at her childlike behaviour.

'What is this?' she asked as she spun around to take the whole room in sight and he walked over to her and held out her hand and she looked up in confusion.' Tina, I know we are young and you will probably think it's too soon but I don't need to find anyone else when you are with me. I want you in my forever and I love you a lot. Tina, will you marry me?' he said in one breath and she stared on, catching some words and then the last clear phrase. Her mouth formed an o shape and she looked around the room for an April fool's surprise or a private prank.

'Will you?' he asked again in insobriety and she hugged him, taking him by surprise. 'Yes, a thousand times yes! 'She squealed, jumping up and down and he laughed, pulling her closer and kissing her forehead.


She looked around downstairs, pushing people out of the crowded place as some boys tried to feel her up but instead of giving them a piece of her mind like she usually did, she ignored it and ran around from person to person but was unable to find him anywhere. She had ran outside the men toilets and asked few guys, describing Virat's description but they couldn't find him in there and she had no one to ask for help as she couldn't find Daboo and Tina and from how she knew it; asking other's people's help would account for more trouble;

because the past was always around her and might return at any time. It prowled the world searching for her, and she knew it was growing angrier at every passing day.

'Where is he?' Maanvi commanded as she came and stood by Maaya who was looking anything but pleased by the sudden question; she crossed her arms and frowned. 'What the hell-' she began but was cut off by an angry Maanvi, who narrowed her eyes on her and ran her hands through her hair in annoyance. This was wasting time.

'Tell me now and your nose might still be intact by the end of this conversation', she warned, pointing her finger at her 'How dare- ' she started but was again cut off. 'Keep this for later; tell me where he is?' she insisted impatiently, glancing around her as she stood near the staircase which led down to the club. She had caught a glimpse of what looked like Maaya and had run over to the stairs to confront her. She needed to know where Virat was before Rahul got his hands on him. The same Rahul who was meant to be her friend but acted nothing but a psycho a few minutes ago and she hated to admit it but she had thought of the worse for Virat after encountering Rahul. He could go to any lengths to make him suffer even to the breach of death. 'No', she whispered suddenly at the turn of her thoughts. She needed to think positively and needed to find Virat before anything happened.

'First of all, your pathetic boyfriend can go anywhere for my liking. He has a life too; why don't you leave him alone to breathe? He might need that after being constantly glued to you.' she shot back, flipping her raven hair out of her face. 'Now can you get over to the part where you tell me where he is?' Maanvi pleaded earning a frowned expression. She was ready to hit her and looked around for anything to put some sense into her as wandering eyes looked onto the two girls knowing there that a fight will break out.

'No because that part is not coming. This is all I had to say. I don't know where he is and I don't care', she said; only she know how much she cared. She had done what she needed to do. 'You're the last person he talked to; he was talking to you before he disappeared', she said calmly as she realized the anger wouldn't do anything but resort to a fight and she didn't have the time for that.

'Listen Maanvi, I don't know where he is', Maaya replied sincerely. She looked into her eyes, looking for any kind of bluffness that the girl was masking but she looked serious and that broke her heart. Her only hope had turned her down now she had no way or direction to go to. She rushed through the others to find the smug figure leaning by the far wall.

'Where is he?' she demanded slightly out of breath. 'You expect me to answer that?' he chuckled as he rolled his eyes. 'Don't play games', she said sternly. A piece of her wanted to punch him right there but then a lone voice called out to her and she acknowledged the trouble that would put Virat in.

'I thought you wanted to play along. Hide and seek; find him and you win. Can't find him... well there is not much you can do on that part', he smiled. He was enjoying this time, seeing her like this. He had been like this when he had Malvika taken away from him, when Virat had introduced Maanvi as his girlfriend. It was all in his favour now and he was pleased with life; knowing what goes around always comes around. It was his turn to suffer and what better suffering then making his love suffer.

It was going to break him apart in inches, he had waited for the day he had an attachment to someone so he could take her away from him but he had been a form without emotions until Maanvi came along. The day he had realized what fool he had been to take her away from him emotionally, he would do it physically when they were together so he would be hurt, the same hurt he was drained in.

'It was in the past; get over it', she stated. 'Get over that he took away the love of my life. Get over the fact that I got in the drugs business because of him; get over to the fact that he took away someone I loved again', he said as he reached for her arm but she backed off. His jaw clenched and his lips twitch in fustration. Even if Maanvi was a bait, she still was his obsession. He realized when he would be away from her, she would come around to him. Yes, she only needed time. Time will solve this problem.

'For God sake Rahul, you don't love me; you just like the idea that you are in love. You were my friend; a good friend but you ruined the chance. Cause when we love people; we don't hurt them', she explained in disgust. She mentally smacked herself for not seeing the real him, the numerous situations she was protected by Virat and asked to be away yet she went back to him, went back to the source of his suffering. 'If it means better for them in the end then there is no problem; hurting them on the way' he answered back, a slight glimmer in his eyes as he looked upon her. 'What are you? Delusional? Can you hear yourself talking?' she shouted as she dialed his number again. She had lost the time she had done so without a response.

'My left cheek hurts Maanvi. Soothe it and I might tell you where he is', he said as his eyes lit up. 'Get the hell away from me', she shouted as she thought upon his words. 'Fine then; go and look for him, remember every second is precious; life and death', he answered in a mocking voice as the tone of his phase got higher, almost blaming her for the mess she had put him through.

In another time and place, she might have felt differently, but thinking along those lines was pointless now.

'If I sat that your mine. Is that too blunt?'

'No, it's not', she thought as she closed her eyes tightly. The vivid memories appearing in chunks; the first time they had met outside the college; his burning eyes to the tender orbs which were only for her. The journey of obstacles and hurdles they had crossed had only but them into a compromising situation.

"But like a gambler at a slot machine, hoping the next spin would change her life for the better, she closed in before she lost her nerve.

'Careful, I am beginning to think you care about me'.

She slid her trembling hand on his clenched jawline, feeling the disgust and revulsion in her bones. She patted the face lightly as his contact made her skin break out in sweat. Her eyes were still closed; refusing to acknowledge the sight in front of her which she knew would be nothing but smug at her helplessness but she had to do this for Virat. It was the only choice she had and she had reasons to.


'He's outside, go outside the door and 5 minutes' walk to your left and then you will find your beloved', she heard him say and her eyes snapped open and her hands dropped to her side; clutching the fabric of her dress in disgust. She turned around and ran to the stairs until she bumped into a familiar girl, who held her back to her annoyance. She spun around to see the raven haired girl.

'Maanvi, calm down', the voice called. 'I can help you', Maaya said as she looked onto her worried expression and her eyes blinked rapidly; forming a decision. 'What?' Maanvi asked in confusion. 'I can help you Maanvi', she repeated with sincerity and she wondered why she was standing her listening to her when she should be out looking for Virat. 'just get away from me Maaya, I am not in the mood', she shot back and moved out of the door but Maaya held her back again. 'Just listen for God's sake', she shouted. 'For Virat', she added and she had Maanvi's attention who moved out of the narrow door and to the side to hear what she had to say and if she knew something about Virat. Maaya filled in the detailed of the events in her absence and how the events of the night had turned out to be; leaving a shocked Maanvi who steadied herself by leaning onto the wall and tears ran down her face.

'Maanvi wanted you; there has been a fight', Maaya came up to Virat and told him. Her breathing ragged and squeaky as she held his hand. 'There's blood', she whispered and he dropped his drink which crashed onto the floor but made no noise over the blasting music. He spun her around and ushered her to go and he would follow but he stumbled back as haziness took hold over him again. He tried shaking it off and clutching his hands but to no use, it was refusing to leave him. His mind spun around as groups of people seemed disoriented and flashes of lights had turned into a merge of colours.

'Are you okay Virat? This way', Maaya said as she led his stumbled form to a separate room near the door which was a private lounge and Rahul was already present in the room; his left cheek burned up from the encounter of a slap. A slap he was willing to return in the form of Virat. Of the form of his downfall in the pit of hell.

'Just take him downstairs and outside and then are bouncers outside, just tell him he's high and leave the rest up to me and he tried to force himself on you. Batter up your clothes and cry a lot', he said as he walked up to Virat and shuffled some packet into his jean's pocket.

'What the hell are you doing? I thought we were going to take him home to his family members. You didn't tell me there were going to security involved. This will land him in more trouble. The police if they find out. He could go to jail', she yelled, grabbing his collar but he yanked her hands off and pushed her off.

'Shut up Maaya and play your part. You go and account for it. He is nothing but a freak, don't you want him to suffer for his behaviour?' he asked rhetorically, not wanting an answer.

'Why don't you do it?' she asked as she took hold of Virat's hand but he shoved it away, pulling himself from the sofa but sinking into it.

'Because I am not in his friend's circle and it's not believable as I have a history and this will land me in trouble', he said calmly. He wasn't expecting her to turn out into care; he thought she would go with him into putting misery on Virat. The heartbroken feelings she had felt, he thought it would be relatable to his own and wounded into one word; revenge.

What about Virat then? Wouldn't it land him in trouble? Your game is petty and I am done. You said he wouldn't get in trouble or get hurt. I am done', she said as she walked over to the door but his voice stopped her. 'You are going back on the plan; what's a thing like this for you? A girl who sleeps around with rich guys because she likes the lifestyle', he mocked with a ringing laugh which pushed her over the edge.

'You can stoop lower than expected. You disgust me', she spat without looking back in his directon and walked out of the room, stumbling over the steps and down the dance floor. If she realized he would twist the game in the end, she would have never got involved. She had things to finish off for Virat; to make him suffer but never to this extent. She cared about him and knew he was a good guy behind all the walls he put up. He had never given her false hopes about the kind of relationship they had. She still wanted a place in his life, he was a genuine guy covered up in darkened shadows. He had the kind of lifestyle that she wanted but she was not going to be going to these lengths to prove her point and she had no revenge to take from Virat. If only she had stopped the mess before it started; if only she told him.


He hid behind the pillar and leant forward slowly, watching his parents argue over something as his father strode up to his mother yanking her forward, demanding answers and she answered; keeping up her head high and muttering something on love. He blinked his eyes and rubbed them together. He had got out of his bed carrying his favourite red toy car wanting to show his dad that the tire wore off last night when it hit the bedside table. He had walked sleeplessly down the long hallway before encountering loud voice; waking him up from his sleep.

'You slept with him'.

He sat on the wooden bench; somewhere he didn't recognize as loud voices rang in his ears and blurry faces came upon, demanding answers from him. He couldn't recognize the faces as they faded away and emerged. Vivid colours appeared; gracing him into a dream. His eyes felt heavy from the intoxication and he sprawled on to the bench.

'Your parents love you'.

He yanked his hands in the air; pushing someone away who got close to him and grabbed him but he tried to fight him off as he kept saying something; something that sounded like security but he couldn't think. He wanted to sit here; by himself... no one was giving him space. He wanted to think, to dwell on the past. To think if he was ever good enough. To think about her and why everything had gone.

'I know the past can't be changed but we can rise above it. Sometimes, our future is dictated by where we are, opposed to what we want'.

Maanvi? Where was she? Her sheer voice bought him back; he would never give it in for her. He tried to get up from the bench but landed on the hard ground, stumbling in the process. The hard rock in the surface hit his forehead as he landed on the curb. The dark red blood oozed out of his forehead, trailing down to his cheek; gathering a pool of blood around him.

'But you don't want to keep me, either, do you?'

'I always do Maanvi... I always do', he thought as his eye lids closed over the heavy drowsiness he felt. It pulled him in; demanding his attention and he gave up, closing his eyes into the darkened shadows. 'I love you Maanvi', he breathed as he closed his eyes.

"...and all I could think was that I would like to spend every morning for the rest of my life waking up beside her"


I know what kind of mails I will be getting so clarifying- ' Virat is not dead'. Smile

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OMG that was awesome...y cliff hanger...update soon

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Originally posted by littles12

OMG that was awesome...y cliff hanger...update soon
Thankyouu  Big smile because it was too tempting not to LOL 
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LOVE! Amazingly written. I loved how each and every conversation was carried out. It truly is your baby! Its perfect. Keep up with such amazing updates! Always excited to read what you write :)

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