Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VIRMAN FF: TTOML #31- 2nd thread link: Pg 1 (Page 5)

ndp102 Groupbie

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
WOW!!! I absolutely loved it!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!

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MTBT_12071316 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
osum...cntinue soon.waiting 4 nxt part

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ElenaElenor Senior Member

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Posted: 12 April 2012 at 6:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shivrajput52

Awesome awesome awesome... I 2 like bad boys...;) and i lyk ur concept... And want u 2 cntinue lyk dis nly... Wow...
LOL Bad boys is where it is at! Planning to keep this concept, thanks for liking it! Big smile

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hooriaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2012 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
Fabulous i loved it especially the encounter of virman and please make maya get out of here as soon as possible i cant stand her
Do pm me when u update please

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virman-fan Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2012 at 12:22am | IP Logged
gud work
waiting  next part

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kajenvirman Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2012 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
omg! omg! omg! omg! omg!
i loved this! its something new and its something amazing
i love this behaviour of virat
and can't wait for virman to fall for each other !!
please PM me for your next update :)

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Let-It-Go IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Went throu both parts... Tooo good ... Update nxt part siooon

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ElenaElenor Senior Member

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
Heyy Big smile An earlier update then planned Wink You know what to do... comment, like, let me know. As this was an earlier update, I am expecting more and lengthy comments LOL Ok enough of the blabbing Smile Please add me as a buddy for future updates. Going through the posts and deciding if I have pm before is confusing. Smile
"They say, when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that's true. What they don't tell you is that when it starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up."
Chapter 3

Maanvi walked out of the registration room with her new friend. They had been talking about their ambitions, goals, likes and dislikes. They had instantly got off following the similar taste in movies and views on life. The sun was beaming much brightly then it had in the morning. The heat immersed, polluting the air. They decided to go to the little cafe in the college to get something to drink. On their way, Drushti realized she had forgotten her mobile in the registration room and asked Maanvi to wait in the canteen as canteen queues would be longer due to lunchtime. Maanvi agreed readily as she was craving a sip of water due to the intense heat.

'Just go straight and up the stairs to the hallway on the right and then walk down and take a turn to the left', Drushti instructed easily.

Maanvi listened confusedly, baffled by the maze directions. Her eyes opened wide to take in all the instructions. She nodded in understanding and her new friend smiled and rushed to the registration building, walking lazily to the directions Drushti had informed her until she came to the end of the long hallway.

'Was it right or left', she wondered, biting her finger in confusion as she slowly looked left and right several times.

'Maanvi, this can be solved instantly', she talked to herself. 'Eeene meene mine moo', she sang pointing her finger to the left and right until her song stopped to the right hand side, she hesitated and looked around to find the hallway empty with no people she could ask and carried on walking. As she walked down the left she saw a far door in the end. Hesitantly she opened it, to her surprise it was a large hall. Unfinished painted walls, white in some parts and beige in the others, desks and chairs were scattered around and the white marble floor was now covered in dust and paint droplets. Her eyes took in the dirty hall in front of her and she stumbled back to leave until her eyes caught something on one of the desk. A floral wallet was placed in the middle, it was lightly dusted.

'Someone might have forgotten it here. I'll hand it to the lost property', she mumbled, dragging her feet in. She walked up the wooden desk, looking around to see if she was being watched. Clutching her fist together and annoyed at being paranoid in a place which held so many distant memories. As her hands began lingering on the wallet, she failed to pick it up. She kept moving her fingers, above the wallet. At that moment, the hallway door was pushed open, making a thundering noise, which echoed in the hollow hall. Maanvi without thinking, hid behind the white pillar which stood near the desk. She had her back to the main door and refused to look at the main door, clutching her books near her heart and breathing heavily. 'Wait, why am I hiding? I wasn't going to steal the dirty wallet', she wondered, slapping her forehead at her stupidity. As she was about to come forward, she heard a familiar voice. The same deep husky voice she had heard this morning.

'Where is the pouch?' Virat asked. 'What pouch', she wondered curiously, leaning slightly forward to look at the three boys that stood at the far end, leaning against the wall and smoking. She stood there motionless, she didn't want to see him again and be on the verge of his insensitivity so she decided to stay back till they were gone, her head playing out all the scenarios of the content in the pouch that she failed to notice a particular presence around, yanking her arm to stand in front of him. In front of Virat.

Virat had not failed to see a particular silk scarf in sight behind the white pillar. He recognized the scarf. He had seen it this morning. He wanted to ask why she was there. Why she was snooping? As she stood there, taking in all his words, his useless deeming words. She decided she couldn't take it anymore and planned to put him out of his misery and kick him when a particular annoyed voice stopped her track.

'What are you two doing here?' asked a woman's voice. Her tone slightly angry.

Maanvi looked up to see a middle aged woman, with a few books in her hand and her eyes glaring through her thick glasses. She pushed Virat back and he stumbled back in intentionally.

'I-mm sorry. I got lost. I am a fresher', Maanvi said quietly. Looking up to meet her eyes.

'It's ok. Please go out you two. You shouldn't be here, especially you Virat', she warned, her tone still angrily like before. Maanvi walked fast to the main door with Virat following few steps behind. 'Kids these days' she thought, walking out of the hall in the opposite direction to Maanvi and Virat.

As Maanvi came out of the door and walked down to the opposite end of the hallway, a hand clutched her arms tightly as she stumbled back at the pain. Her head colliding with his strong chest. 'We are not finished yet', he stated, gritting through his teeth. Maanvi was beginning to get tired of his ah-so-cool attitude. She had seen guys such as him before and had always called them bunch of attention seekers. Who had nothing to do but prey on poor innocent girls? 'Innocent girl?' she wondered, thinking about herself and mentally ruled that out. 'I am a strong willed girl', she thought.

'Are you always high?' she asked, using her other hand to try to free her arm from his hand. Her nails faintly scratching his hand in the process but he failed to notice. 'Are you always annoying?' came the reply from him. His tone was beginning to show a bit of amusement but his anger was still there, in his darkening eyes. 'Oh I'm sorry. I Interrupted your little drugs get together', she said and patted herself mentally for such a comeback. She suddenly grew more courageous, his words back in the hall were still ringing in her ear like the credit card company's call.

'Don't ever talk to me like that', he sternly replied. Groups of girls are boys were walking past, their eyes briefly looking at their direction, on the right hand side and then walked ahead, avoiding any mess to do with Virat Vadhera.

'Oh I'm sorry. I interrupted your little drug get together, your highness', she sarcastically stated and at the next moment, his eyes creased slightly, holding back a smirk. 'Let go or I'll shout', she warned after a few minutes of silence and her trying to get out of his grip but failing miserably. 'You want to shout', Virat chuckled, his laugh seeming forced. 'Go ahead!' he challenged, coming to stand closer to her then before. Her face inches away from his. She tried to move back but as she did, she got pulled back harshly to the same position. 'Help! This guy is trying to force himself on me', she said loudly, looking back at the bunch of people walking past but no one bothered to do anything. They stared at her but as their eyes landed on Virat Vadhera and his fixed gaze on the girl in front of him, they walked away without witnessing anything.

'You', Maanvi moved her other hand around and pointed at a skinny boy with glasses 'Can't you see I am in trouble', she shouted. He stumbled back at her tone and walked faster down the hallway then he was before'. 'Bunch of wimps', she shot as she looked back to him and noticed her darkening gaze still there. 'I am not edible. Don't look at me like you are about to eat me. Unless you're a vampire, then it would be really awkward since I am a vegetarian', she babbled on. She wasn't sure why she was blabbing or what was the electrifying connection that jolted down her spine when he was looking at her. All she wanted was that hateful gaze to end.

'Do you shine also? Because I think vampires who shine are fairies in disguise. Wait, are you a fairy? Oh sorry, take that back. Fairies don't go around smoking illegal substances' she accused. 'Unless they are really unhappy', she murmured as his eyes grew wider. His lips curling into a slight smile. 'Ok fine, I get your point. Now let me go', she quietly stated. At that moment, her hand was set free as her head snapped up to see the dark eyes amused at her comment. 'I am still not done with you' Virat said as she moved back a fair distance. 'What the hell is that supposed to mean. Is that a threat?' she asked. Rubbing her hand in the process. 'Something like that', he replied. Walking down the hallway.

'Maanvi di?' a voice in the distant shouted. Maanvi spun around to see her brother running down the hallway, bumping into few of the people. He finally halted and stood in front of her, trying to catch his breath.

'Yes!' she said angrily. Agitated from the earlier events. 'Why are you so angry?' he asked, looking offended by her tone of voice. 'Nothing. What's up?' she shrugged off and smiled brightly. Wrapping her arms around his and walking together down the hallway. She wasn't going to let his darkness affect her. She had enough in the past.

'We are going to a party tonight', he said excitedly. 'Party?' Maanvi repeated, facing him as they walked together down the steps out of the main building.

'Well second year students have organized it. Few of the last year and freshers are invited. It's at this my friend's farmhouse. Do you want to go? I mean I can understand if you don't. It can get boring', he reasoned and looked at her beaming face and her eyes lit up with excitement. He instantly knew what her decision was.

'Of course I want to go', Maanvi replied excitedly and then talked in a lower voice' You know the events earlier in my life taught me to live life to the fullest!', she exclaimed. As he suddenly stopped, grabbing her arm softly. 'Maanvi di, you're absolutely fine now. Why are talking about this again? That was 5 years ago. You beat cancer. ', he said, clutching her hand tightly in assurance. Smiling at her sadden expression.

'Just wondering, how people choose to throw away their life in an instant and where I was 5 years ago. I just wanted to live', she said, smiling to herself. 'Waste of space', she reflected on his words and closed her fist tightly to snap her out of it.

'Oh Drushti', she realized and tugged on his arm, pulling him along to the canteen that she was now aware of.

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