Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VIRMAN FF: TTOML #31- 2nd thread link: Pg 1 (Page 3)

kkekaishi Groupbie

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Clap amazing updateClap
virat and maanvi in college and dabuu in a totally new avtar wow,cant wait to see wht happens nxt
continue and do pm me ,
its lovely.Thumbs Up

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ElenaElenor Senior Member

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Originally posted by kkekaishi

Clap amazing updateClap
virat and maanvi in college and dabuu in a totally new avtar wow,cant wait to see wht happens nxt
continue and do pm me ,
its lovely.Thumbs Up
Thanks for liking it! Big smilePlease add me as a buddy for future pm Smile
Hot.Pink.Heels IF-Rockerz

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continue soon

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ElenaElenor Senior Member

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Hellooo! SmileMy uni is starting next week that means going back to uni land and leaving home behind. Nahiii! GeekA few of you and wondering what the story is about well there are a few points I would like to state before continuing.

Virat is not a prince charming in this story so don't expect it soon ( he is a troubled guy thus his behaviour). I know some of you will not be liking the traits but what can I say. I never really liked nice guysEmbarrassed LOLThis SS is going to be longer then my last one. How long? Umm.. long.  WackoI am not sure as of who is going to be making an appearance next. I might add Viren, emphasis on the word 'might'. This story focuses on a troubled agressive guy and a strong willed girl coming together and their relationship through the days in their college while others are merely going to be extras for now. I know this SS might not be for everyone but let me know if you want me to continue this as a dark love story or a romantic comedy (Since most of my OS and my previous SS was a romantic comedy, I wanted to write something different). Ok enough of the blabbing. Wink

Hope you like it and please add me as buddy for future pm


''One Often Meets His Destiny On The Road He Takes To Avoid It"

Chapter 2

Can't you see where your going?, shouted the dark figure coming close to stand infront of her. He moved his steps further until he was inches away from her face. Maanvi stumbled back at the promixity, determined to keep an appropriate distance between them. His heated gaze was making her uncomforable as she shifted her weight to her other foot and looked up to his handsome face to speak.

Placing her hands on her hips. ' This is parking not the runway. Hold your horses and drive carefully'. His eyes grew bigger and he smirked at her comments, taken back by the attitude of the simple girl that stood infront of him.

'You were in the way', he replied calmly. Casually leaning back by the side door of his car. He looked her up and down and her eyes opened wider at his gaze.

'I was crossing the freaking road', she said, her tone coming off slightly angry then she had meant to.

'Well cross the freaking road not stand there', he immitated her angry tone. He wasn't liking the tone she was putting on making him stiffen in response.

'What is wrong with you?', she shrieked. She wasn't having anyone talking to her like this. ' Who was this guy and why is he so rude', she thought, her eyes were blinking rapidly at the warm rays of the sun that was beaming on her face.

'Do you know who your talking to?', he answered proudly, a sly smile creeping up on his lips as he crossed his arms. Her eyes stared at his features to recognise ' Is he famous?', she thought, her eyes lingering on his handsome features, his eyes were the deepest brown covered by the thickest eyeslashes. Her eyes began travelling down to his lips and a sudden noise in the distance stopped her tracks as she looked up to his eyes to carry on to answer.

'Why? What's so great about you?', she asked. Nodding her head in disagreement.

'If you knew you wouldn't be saying that', he answered. His anger was easing and he was finally noting the girl who was standing infront of him. Her eyes were big, chocolate brown and her cheeks were rosy from the anger.

'Well enlighten me', she sarcastically smiled. He looked down at her face and his blank expression returned to his face, vanishing his earlier smile.

'Would love to sweetheart but I don't have time to do so now.', he replied, checking his watch and walking away without a second glance in her direction. Her mouth hung open at his actions and her eyes bore into his black SUV that stood in the middle of the parking. 'Who does he think he is', she thought, registrating the fact that he hadn't parked his car and just left it there. She moved back and took a few steps forward to see a group of girls watching her and giggling in amusement. She brushed past them, ignoring them and suddenly heard a girl's voice from behind. She turned back to look at a girl was walking towards her.

'Hey, are you ok?', she asked, smiling brightly. Her eyes were grey and her hair were curly. She was wearing a black jumpsuit and brown gladiators with a large handbag in her hand.

'Yeh I am fine. What is wrong with him?', she said as her eyes followed his figure making his way to the main campus as few guys came up to him and slapped his hand in acknowledgement and girls stared at his every move, gawking at his movement.

'He is Virat Vadhera', she spoke dreamily and Maanvi caught her tone and looked at her way in disgust to liking such a rude person.' The grandson of the most famous lawyer in Chandighar. His family is really influential', she added.

'That explains the bad attitude', she said and the girl laughed.' Spoiled brat!', she mummered as turned back to his figure but he was no longer in sight. Maanvi sighed in relief at the short encounter with him and never having to see him again.

'He doesn't have the best reputation. I suggest you should keep your distance', she said. Maanvi looked in her way and nodded as she was stating the most obvious fact in the world. She sighed and looked up to forget her earlier events and to making new friends.

'I will, anyway I am Maanvi Choudhary', she grinned.

'Drushti Singhania. Nice to meet you', she enthusiastically stated.

'Are you a fresher too?', Maanvi asked, looking around to see many people were already gathered in small groups as she wasn't sure if she was in the right place.

'Yes, It's my first day', she replied.

'Mine too', Maanvi replied.' How do you know about him then?', she asked, not being able to stop herself from asking further questions.

'Oh everyone in Chandighar is aware of his deeds. Told you he doesn't have the best reputation', she replied. 'Ahh ok', Maanvi replied as she looked over to see large quantities of students making their way into the registration building. 'I think registration has started, lets go', she said.

'Yes lets go', Drushi replied as they walked together to the registration building.


'Virat, where have you been man?', asked a group of boys leaning against the wall in the foyer. Two of them stood in the foyer with a hidden lit cigarette hiding from sight.

'I'm here now', snapped Virat. The boys weren't that suprise from his behaviour. Virat wasn't the guy who could hold a long conversations. His answers were rather snappy and his anger would always get the best of him. He would never let anyone know too much about him and kept his walls up, sheilding himself from unnecessary emotions as he would always say.He looked over to scan the hallway around and suddenly felt a movement behind him.

Virat felt a girls arms winding around his neck and he turned around to face her. She brushed her lips against his cheeks and he moved away from her grip as she looked on, her eyes visible from the hurt.

'Maaya', he stated. A girl stood infront of him with a short red dress and her long raven black hair framing her face. Smiling brightly, she stood there waiting for him to say something but he didn't as she sighed in disappointment and started talking.

'You didn't even come and say hi', she whispered in his ear and he leaned back to look at her face.

Virat unwinded his arms and walked away with the group of guys inside the campus and she stood behind him and he heard her calling him in the distance.


'When is the bike race?', asked the first guy, standing against the wall and smoking.

'Tomorrow', the second guy answered.

'Here man', the first guy held up a small pouch in his hand and Virat's head snapped up to the content in the pounch, he grabbed it and shoved it his pocket.

'You can go, I'll catch up', he stated. The group of guys walked away from the room down the hallway. Virat walked backwards to the pillar in the middle of the large hall and grabbed a hand and swung it sideways, infront of him. His eyes narrowed by seeing the face of the familiar girl. The same girl he had seen this morning. Her breathing ragged and she looked down at the strong hand on her arm, clutching it.  

'Has anyone ever told you not to listen to other people's conversation', he stated and she looked up and got the grip off her arm. He started walking towards her and she started walking back in fear until she hit the wall as he followed her. Shuddering from the fact that she had nowhere to escape and she was cornered, Virat came to stand infront of her just inches away from her face. Feeling his warm breath on her face, a low squeal left her mouth in answer.

'I know girls like you have nothing else to do with your time but to reel for gossip. Haven't your parents taught you to be respectful? Or are they ashamed of you?, he accused her. His eyes were creased in anger as he grabbed her wrist and pushed it back onto the wall on top of her head. 'Waste of space', he mummered.

Maanvi's eyes swelled up and tears started filling. 'Don't show signs of weakness', she thought, she turned her face to the side, trying to get her face away from his intense stare. She thought about hitting him and tried to remember the moves Daboo had taught her in defence. She began imagining herself as Jackie Chan and was about to kick him but a voice in the distance stopped her.

'What are you two doing here?', said a female voice.


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wowww lovelyyy continue soon
pm me ur update
reallly loved ur ss
its different loving both characters

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Khushi15 Senior Member

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Great update..!

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Post quickly can wait

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Awesome awesome awesome... I 2 like bad boys...;) and i lyk ur concept... And want u 2 cntinue lyk dis nly... Wow...

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