Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VIRMAN FF: TTOML #31- 2nd thread link: Pg 1 (Page 18)

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Hellooo!Smile Hope you're all well. A long update for the lovely, lovely comments in the last one. I am sorry If I missed out on the pm if you are in my buddy list as I have writers in there whose work I read and follow and I don't pm them. It's not deliberate, just point out if I do and I will make sure to pm you next time. For future pm if you are not in my buddy list, I will not be pming however you can follow the post and check back on the update Smile


The saddest people I've ever met in life are the ones who don't care deeply about anything at all. Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand, and without them, any happiness is only temporary, because there's nothing to make it last"

Chapter 7

'Is there a wall where I can bang my head?' Maanvi asked Virat, still tiptoeing to reach up to his level. He moved his eyes to the passenger seat. 'There is a car where you can bang your head', he answered, smirking.

'Do you know what time it is?' Wondering as Virat picked up his phone, holding it in front of her so she could see. She meant it as a rhetorical question but still gazed upon the bright screen. It was 9:34. The time she should remain confided in the familiarities of her house. He narrowed his eyes, reading her mind. 'It's not that late', he spoke. Maanvi looked up at his blank face. Was he being serious? 'I am sorry, I can't', she mumbled, shuffling from side to side as he looked on. His eyes encouraging hers to change her mind. She moved away a strand of her hair which was falling on her face. 'How many times do you want to hear no?' she asked. Placing her hands on her hips.

'As many times as you can say. I will still persist', was his answer. She rolled her eyes. 'Would it be that bad if she goes', she thought. As she had nothing else to do anyway. She stared at his face longer then she intended to. 'Back at 10?' and he nodded in agreement but Maanvi wasn't fully convinced, she however was aware that this was the only acknowledgment she would get from him. Walking to the other side, hugging her cardigan close to her, because of the gusty wind. She opened the door of the car, hoping on to the seat. Noticing his eyes moved all the way with her. When she had sat down on the seat and was about to pull on the seatbelt, her phone rang. Maanvi looked at the phone screen, it was an unknown number. Random people have got to stop calling me today', she thought, picking up the phone.

'Maanvi?', a familiar voice asked. 'Yes, whose this?' she answered as Virat watched her. 'Rahul', came the nervous reply as Maanvi thought about the caller for a second and realized who it was. 'Hey Rahul', she replied happily. 'Wait how did you get my number?', she mumbled then a thought flashed in her mind. 'How did Virat get my number', she thought, putting her hands on the phone and whispered. Virat, how did you get my number?'

'Stalker-villains with habit of murdering girls have their ways'. He winked as Maanvi pulled a fake sarcastic smile.

'How wasss your daaay?' Rahul said from the other life, almost stuttering with words which Maanvi failed to notice. All her focus was on Virat who was sitting beside her, staring at her. As if he was trying to read her expressions. This was making her uncomfortable. She wasn't able to find the correct words to reply back.

'Rahul, I'll call you back later, is it fine?' she asked. Staring into his warm eyes. 'Yes that's fine. Good night', Rahul replied instantly as she hung up the phone. Virat looked at her, leaning in. 'Whose Rahul?', he asked curiously. 'Friend', she answered robotically. Without giving a second thought to his tone that held possessiveness. Almost demanding.

'What's with you and surrounded by smoke. I mean you can if you want but ever considered about passive smoking?', she frantically ushered the smoke out with her hands.

'Here' he stated as she extended her hand and he placed the cigarette between her fingers. The brushing touch forming Goosebumps on her skin.

Virat looked at her fingers, curled around the cigarette, closer to the flame. 'You don't know how to hold a cigarette?' he asked, in an amusing tone. The girls he had hung around with in the past had indulged in the same traits as him. He chuckled lightly as Maanvi looked down in her lap in embarrassment. Not for the fact that she wasn't aware of how to hold a cigarette as for starters, it meant her life span had been expanded. Her lungs were heaving with oxygen and not nicotine, which meant longer, breaths. She was embarrassed because the first time he had laughed at something was at the behaviour of hers.

He stopped chuckling looking at her confused expression, composing his earlier outburst. 'Smoke', he said. Looking down at the cigarette which was held awkwardly. 'I am fine thanks. I have a weird attachment to my lungs'; she stated holding the cigarette near him to take it away.

'Do your parents mind that you are with me?' he asked, changing the topic. Grabbing the cigarette from her and throwing it out of the window.

Maanvi looked at him. This was the moment she would tell him about her parents but she couldn't bring herself too. Would he mock her again? She was weak when it came about talking about death. Vulnerable. He would see through her. Know she wasn't the way she is. Know she still cries at night when she dreams about her parents. That she keeps their picture under her pillow to be near them. She looks at the stars in the sky and rambles on life, knowing they would guide her. These thoughts were personal. Just for her. She would never share it with anyone and avoiding his earlier question, she asked. 'What about your parents? Don't they mind your behaviour?'

'What behaviour?' he asked, confusedly. 'I mean don't they mind, you being here?' she asked, keeping the thoughts of his behaviour to herself.

Virat thought about him mum, who lived in New York. He thought she did love him. He just wasn't attached to her. How hard is it telling someone that they are not attached to their parents? After his parent's divorce and his mum leaving the house. He spent holidays with her. Distant holidays since he never really forgave her for leaving. His dad had passed away a few years ago. He was always busy for him. Day in and night, fighting cases. He wasn't too bothered now as he looked back. Their life, their way of living. His life. His way of living.

Maanvi looked at Virat, reading his changing expressions, from hurt to confusion and then here it was. The expressionless face. She was pretty sure she would be damned today. Going on a drive with a high or a drunken guy who held no morals was wrong. Maanvi wondered where her common sense has gone. Wondering if she left it in Rishikesh. She traced his jawline with her eyes. It was strong and sharp. Virat looked in her way as she quickly looked away. Her eyes blinking rapidly, knowing he had caught her looking at his jawline.


'Hey Dabs', Tina said as Daboo picked up his phone. He was lounged in front of his PlayStation in his room. Playing Fifa. 'Tina, are you missing me?' he asked mischievously. His fingers tapping on the controller. His gaze was still fixed on the TV screen in front of him.

'Are you flirting Mr. Debashish Chaudhry?' she asked. Biting her bottom lip. 'Why can't I flirt with my girlfriend?' he asked. Switching off the TV and grinning.

'Oh so now you want it labeled?' Walking over to her wardrobe to get clothes out for tomorrow.

'You know I always want it labeled', affirming. He sat up and bit the pizza slice that was on the plate opposite him. 'And when are we telling others?' she asked, taking out a short yellow pleated dress. Balancing the phone between her ear and shoulder.

'Soon', he concluded.' I doubt they would take it seriously. We have been friends for 10 years. They probably will think we are mucking about. And by telling, whenever we do. We have to tell Maanvi di first or else I will be dead meat'.

Tina laughed on the other line. 'Speaking of Maanvi, does she have a boyfriend?' Daboo looked taken back by the unexpected question. Firstly he thought Tina knew something he didn't know and then a thought came into his mind. She was probably trying to set her up with someone. Someone from our college. No way! She deserves way better than any of the guys from the college. He would never agree on his little sister going around with those mindless creeps.

'Tina you're not setting her up with anyone', he announced as Tina laughed again. Knowing he knew her to well to read between the lines. 'I am just wondering', she said. Keeping her mind of thoughts to herself as talking to Debashish meant a dead end. She wasn't sure about Maanvi's feelings about Rahul yet and until she was, she wasn't going to mention anything to him.

'I don't think so', he answered. Thinking about his sister and the fact that she found relationships such as these unnecessary. 'A distraction', he reflected on her words. He never thought she actually meant it. As relationships to her held the upmost place in her heart. She embraced love in any form. The more she wanted to focus on the practicality in life. He knew that the truth was different than what she preached.


'So, did you call Maanvi?' an excited Tina asked as Rahul picked up the phone.

'Yes', he replied.

'And? 'She asked. 'She said she will call me back', he replied disappointedly.

'Oh, probably busy or something', she replied. Trying to encourage him on.' May I suggest a busy place, probably a carnival or zoo?

'You want me to take Maanvi to a zoo?' he asked confusedly.

'Ok, probably not the zoo but somewhere busy. She prefers crowds and noise and colours', she answered. 'Where are you getting your information from?'

'I have sources', she replied. 'Are these sources reliable?' he wondered. Wording his doubts.

'100% guarantees', Tina assured.

'Great then, I'll ask her out tomorrow. Probably take her to the rock garden''. You want to take her to rock garden?' she asked.

'It's nice with waterfall and stuff. She will like it! Trust me', he replied.

'Kay, get some sleep. Night', she said as he did the same, hanging up and sighing in acknowledgment that he had to be confident and ask Maanvi out tomorrow.


They stayed there for a while, looking over at the polluted sky. A few stars were still visible. They were sitting on the bonnet of the car on one of the side. Overlooking the deep hill ahead. Some of the cars were zooming past. Faint bhangra music could be heard from the distant Dhaba.

'What do you think about the stars?' Maanvi said. Breaking the few minutes silence as she stared at the sky and he stared at the deep hill ahead of them. 'Is this a science question?' he asked, disorientated.

'No, I mean do you think they mean something?' Virat looked over to her dewy face, it held a certain glow. Alluring and pure. He had to stop going down a lane which was to be avoided. Making a quick decision on how he will get over her. He got off the bonnet and moved in front of her. As she looked down to where he was standing.

'Don't go all philosopher on me', he stated, moving away her fringe from her face and leaned towards her. His eyes fixed on her quivering lips. Her face got warmer; she could feel the heat going through. 'Let's keep our distance', she stated. Pushing him back slightly to show her uncomfortableness.

'Why are you here then?', he shouted. Maanvi stumbled back by the force of his voice. Her heartbeat accelerating and her hands began trembling from surprise. He jerked towards her, grabbing her waist tightly as Maanvi looked at his eyes. 'Why are you here then?' he repeated. This time it was softer, yet his eyes spoke a different story. They were still creased in anger.

'What?', she asked in surprise. Well of course a guy like him was expecting something in return. What was she thinking? That she could just hang around with a guy like him and expect nothing in return. She stared at his face; she couldn't look away even if she could. As he had blocked her way from placing his both arms on either side of her. 'I-um', she uttered. Pleading with her eyes for some distance as he looked on. She gulped and began moving his arm that was blocking her. When her cold hand touched his warm, he shivered slightly by the contact as her eyes bore into his. Flooding with fear.

Dropping his arms casually, he walked over to the driver seat and pushed the door shut loudly as Maanvi's body twitched by the noise and her breath got louder. 'Get in', he ordered. His body stiffened in anger, feeling of rage cutting through him. He was not sure what he was doing. All he wanted to do was get it over with. To drown her thoughts once and for all. She affected him too much. Maybe being with her one time would have ended his haziness. 'She was nothing to him', he reminded himself. She dragged her feet to the passenger seat and clutched onto the seatbelt, securing in into place.

Maybe, she was asking for too much. Hoping for too much. Guys like Virat can't be friends. As much as wanted solace, her mind did play a crucial role in setting the rules, she just wasn't sure if she was happy or upset with him and until she did, she will maintain her distance. She looked at him, his eyes narrowing on to her fearful face. The question was will he maintain his?

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aww too gud :D awesome

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Wow awesome loved it can u pm me plz when u update

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After each update I can only say one thing: PLEASE UPDATE SOON! :)

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I genuinely love the rain too! hehe, brilliant update Elena! The starting was amusing, lol. Love how you've shown they were both about to confide in each other about their past but stopped themselves... I guess Virat is really uncomfortable showing his emotions and Manvi is kind of wary of him as she thinks he will make fun of her. I wonder who will take that first step in showing their fears and emotions to the other. The stargazing and bonnet scene was awesome; Virat cannot comprehend the fact that he feels something deeper than physical attraction for Manvi... have to admit though, they ooze HOTNESS and create fireworks when together. Totally loved this part sweetie! *Hugz*

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Great Update Elena !! I love the way u penn down things ...
Hope Virat gets some dose from Manvi ...Realy this guy is totally confused when it cums to Mamvi . I am already feelin bad for Rahul...he'll be a dead-meat in near future . Continue soon n thanx for pm :) :)

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After a kind of a disappointing episode and a stressful day of studying...reading your FF really made my day better Smile You are such a talented writer and I must say your writing style is excellent! I'm loving the whole lion falling for the lamb concept...theres something about bad boys that makes them more intriguing and sexy lol. Can't wait for the next chapter! Hoping we get more intense romantic parts!! =) Also I'm liking this Rahul character I think he will add an interesting angle to the story! =)

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