Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VIRMAN FF: TTOML #31- 2nd thread link: Pg 1 (Page 14)

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Love the quotes you write in Red b4 continuing with the update.. Love the first quote which says "Don't say we aren't right for each other, the way I see it we aren't right for anyone else" And I so very much love this Bad-Boy attitude of Virat but also love the way he melts like Ice in front of Manvi and he just can't control himself from being drawn to her like magnet

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Hellooo How are you all doing?  Big smileSo, good news for some people and not so good news for others, I have decided to turn this into an FF! WinkAs I thought I was going to fast with the story. I loved reading the last comments, nice lengthy comments just as I like it.  LOL Future pm please add me as a buddy or check back on the post. Happy reading.


''If you discovered something that made you tighten inside, you had better try to learn more about it. The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it...''

Chapter 6

What did you say?', the car stopped abruptly, making Maanvi clutch onto the seatbelt tighter, as he looked sideways at her, his eyes darkened by her earlier cursing.

'I said fish this weather' Maanvi answered hesitantly as Virat stared at her. 'I also said you are very nice', she added. His creased eyes in anger have now been replaced with a hint of amusement. Making his anger vanish instantly. Virat looked ahead. 'Weird girl' he thought. Maanvi hadn't failed to notice the small smile on his lips as he looked ahead at the road. It wasn't sly or forced as she had seen before. It was genuine. Much genuine then he had ever been. Virat noticed his smile at the rear view window and returned to his expressionless face. Why was he finding her annoying traits amusing?

'Your eyes are red. Are you alright?', she asked and he nodded his head in a yes. 'Slept late, got to college early', he replied. 'You came to college early?', she asked, in a surprising tone. 'It's better then being home', he thought. Making sure not to exclaim his thoughts out loud.

'Can we drive slow?', she asked, fidgeting with her bag, getting her phone out so she could concentrate on something else to pass the time. 'No', was the blunt answer. Maanvi clutched onto her phone tighter at his tone. Wondering what on earth was she doing in his car. The car was racing through the empty road that Maanvi hadn't seen before. The roads she had been on at this time were much busier than this, with school children returning home, hustled in groups with their big colorful bags. The office workers carrying their shoulder bags, dressed smartly.

'Virat, you're going the wrong way', she stated, her eyes peeled on the window in front of her. The continuous long road with a sign of few cars here and there. 'Not much of a stalker, my house is other way', she sarcastically stated, turning around to face him as he looked ahead at the road, catching the mockery in her voice.

'Einstein, we are not going to your house', he explained casually as Maanvi's eyes grew wider and her jaw dropped. 'Whaaat?' she shrieked. 'Stop the car!' she shouted as he drove on. Without baring a glance in her direction. 'I said stop the car', she shouted again, this time she clutched onto his shoulder for response and his body stiffened by the contact, making him stop the car abruptly as he looked at her hand to which she rapidly ducked under her bag. 'I want to go home now', she stated, ending the intense eye contact by her side. 'I don't even know you very well. Do you know how scary it is for a girl who doesn't know a guy very well and he is driving to an unknown place and the sun is almost setting, well do you?', she asked rhetorically as he shrugged his shoulder in a no. Making her sigh.

Virat grabbed Maanvi's phone which was on her lap and took his I.D out of the other hand as Maanvi looked on confused. He went to the camera and took a picture of his I.D, briefly glancing up to see her eyes creased in confusion and her eyebrows rose at his actions. He then started looking through the contacts, ''Whose Anne?' he asked.

'She was my school friend', she answered confusedly, wondering what he was doing to her phone. 'What are you doing?' she asked as he ended the tapping, putting the phone back in her lap as she reflexly stiffened back. 'I have sent her a picture of my I.D saying I am with this guy, if you, Maanvi, don't call her back by tomorrow. You can call the police on him'.

'Are you insane?', was all she could manage. Her voice coming out high pitched. She didn't know what to say or think of his action. She knew Anne well. She would surely panic even call her Beeji. She looked at the phone, through the outbox and confirmed what he had said. 'You clearly don't trust me. So now at least I will get jailed if I kill you or something', he replied, steering the wheel and getting back on the road.

'Well isn't that a lovely thought', she blurted out. 'What's the point in that? I'll still be dead', making him smirk. 'One of my classmates is having a get together and we are going there', he told her. No way! I am done with guns and blood. If you think, for a moment, that I will be agreeing to this then you obviously don't know who Maanvi Chaudhary is.'

How do you speak so fast? He asked as she rolled her eyes. Why does he change the topic at his convenience? 'I want to go home', she said, her voice softer. 'Fine', he replied as she looked at his face for any sign of bluffness. He turned the car aggressively to a busier road. 'Are you mad at me?' She asked softly, her mind expecting some sort of arm clutching but he looked ahead, expressionless, as he did best. Her phone rang at the same time as Maanvi looked down to see Anne's name flashing on her screen. She rapidly picked up the phone and explained the situation saying it was someone's prank and went on and on about her time in Chandigarh since she has been here, deliberately leaving Virat out.

The car stopped outside the gates to the flat. Maanvi looked ahead to spot the security guard she greets every day sitting there with tea in his hand and smiling. Maanvi smiled back, waving vigorously at the guard who waved back. Virat looked at her and then at the guard, surprised by her antics and put his shades on.

'Thanks for the ride', she said, half smiling in his direction as he looked on without saying a word. 'Bye', Maanvi whispered as at the same time, the central lock unlocked. Maanvi knew this was a que of him saying get out. As she opened the door and walked to the building without looking back and Virat's car raced away.


'Tina, what rubbish is this?' Daboo asked. Holding up a chart with spider diagrams. His eyes narrowing on the colorful lines, trying to distinguish between each. They were all sitting down on the carpet with a round glass table.

'Dabs, if you studied more, you would understand', Tina explained. Grabbing the chart of him and noting down something which flashed in her mind. Her hairs spiking out of her messy bun. 'How did they accept you in the college', she asked, bewildered.

'I was clever before', he said. Drawing the big title on the centre of the A3 page.

'I refuse to believe that', she replied. Throwing the blue pen in her way and he caught it, waving his fist in the air at his victory.

Rahul was staring at the far wall unaware of the conversation going off in the room. Tina waved her arms in front of his face, trying to get her attention and coughed loudly. Rahul looked at her startled and confused. 'Daydreaming are we?' she asked.

'True that', Daboo joined in. 'I am going to get something to eat. I got promised a butterscotch cake', he stated looking at Tina who sighed at her friend's never finished appetite. 'In the fridge, second shelf', she answered as Daboo walked out to look for the cake.

'So, who are we daydreaming about?' she asked, leaning ahead at the table which stood in the middle, he was sitting opposite her. As he looked on baffled. 'Ok, let me rephrase, how long have you been daydreaming about Maanvi', she asked, raising her eyesbrows.'

Dabs can be oblivious to the fact but since I am a girl, I know what's going on', she teased.

'What?' , he shouted in surprise. 'Oh please, I see the way you look at her', she stated, grinning. 'Focus on something else', he said, smiling at her. Which confirmed her doubts as she clapped her hands together in happiness. Deciding she will be playing the role of cupid.


'I promise myself one thing, I am going to live my life to the fullest. Do everything I ever wanted to do. I will always make decisions from my heart. If something doesn't seem right to people but to me, I'll do it. I am going to be selfish with my happiness. To live a fulfilled life'

Maanvi thought back on her words. The events of the day playing vividly in her mind. The promises she had made herself when she got all clear from her cancer. They day, the tears welled in her eyes, without a sign of stopping. She thought about Virat, was her heart telling her to stay away from him or near him. All she ever got was insulted by him yet she wasn't sure her heart minded much. She wanted to be near his silence then in a friendly atmosphere with her friends, which made her panic. 'Why am I like this?' she asked. Pacing the room, grabbing the book she was meant to be reading for tomorrow's lecture. She lazily flipped through the pages, her concentration far from the pages in the book.

She wanted to talk to someone to distract herself. 'Daba is probably on the playstation, bad time to disturb', she thought. Chachi and Chacha had gone out to one of their friend's dinner party. To welcome their new niece in the house. Daba and Maanvi insited they were not going anywhere filled with bunch of children running about. Should I call Beeji?

Beeji, do you think Mum and Dad are proud of me?', Maanvi asked. Beeji looked at the twelve year old girl infront of her, sitting down on the stairs of their house, with a report card in her hand.

'Maanvi, 80% or more in everything. They will be the proudest of their darling youngest daughter', she stated, holding her closer as Maanvi traced the outer corners of the report card. 'I want to be a doctor when I am older', she decided as Beeji smiled at her decision. 'My career will be above anything. No time for distractions', she stated.

Her phone vibrated as she clutched it to look at the text. It was from a new number asking her to come out. She looked down at the phone again, reading the sentence. 'I have a stalker', she mumbled. Acknowledging her days will be that of Aetbaar now. With the psychopath being all possessive and murdering her. She dragged her feet to their 3rd floor balcony as she peeked out, behind the glass window. She saw a Range Rover outside. It was a familiar one. Where had she seen one before? Her eyes grew wider and her jaw dropped. 'What in the world... she trailed off, grabbing her phone rapidly, putting on her cardigan and shoes. She walked out of her flat into the elevator. Nightsuit?' she thought. Scanning herself in the 3 way mirrors in the elevator. She was wearing her pink nightsuit and her hair braided to one side with a loose beige cardi on top.

Walking out of the elevator and in front of the large gate, she spotted Virat smoking with his windows rolled down, staring at something ahead.

'Hello Lovely jee', she called out as the middle aged man with his big belly laughed and replied back to her. Greeting her with the same enthusiasm. Maanvi was pretty sure she had fallen in love with him. He was just so happy all the time. She opened the gate and walked out to stand in front of the driving door, crossing her arms.

'His name is lovely?' he asked with raised eyebrows. 'Seriously?' sarcastically stating. Maanvi looked into his eyes, they were glazed and red. Smaller then she had ever seen. 'You are just jealous, that you are not cool enough to pull of that name', she replied as he grinned. 'Wait, hold on. Why are you here?' she asked, tiptoeing to get a better view. 'I thought we got go for a ride'. Virat leaned in to the passenger door and opened it, indicating for her to get in. She stared at his handsome face. Trying to understand his mood swings.

'Is there a wall where I can bang my head?'

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omg !!...it keeps gettin better!!...
im so glad u decided 2 make it an ff...i wan2 read the whole thng 2 no shortcuts...
u are jst amazin!!!...Clap..this is by far the best virat that iv read abt apart frm the actual one(im partial 2 kushal viratWink)...seriously i love both manvi and virat that uv created !!!...u are an awesome writer!..truly !
thank u so mch fr the wonderful post...
and thnk u fr the pm..
will be eagerly waitin fr the next update...
cant wait!!!!...Day Dreaming

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Wow..! Dear this was another fab update by u.!! Loved it...!! The changing behaviour of Virat... Stalker Virat!! Wow.!! And Manvi as always loving.!! Whatever may be the condition... And the best thing u didnt deteroite her character... Loved it.. Continue soon...!!

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wowww loved it... please update sooner.. am loving it virat and his mood swings loving it...

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Elena! Awesome updates! Just caught up with the last two parts - stalker Virat lol! Really enjoying your story and I'm glad you're extending this to an FF! You live in the UK? I'm enjoying the rainy weather too! Eagerly waiting to read more! *hugz*

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update soon dear 

update soon dear

update soon dear

update soon dear

update soon dear

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