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VIRMAN FF: TTOML #31- 2nd thread link: Pg 1 (Page 130)

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Update quickly!

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I am baccckkk! My room is set up and uni life is finally easing in.  Yes, that means the beloved candles and fairylights are over the fireplace LOL A thing which is annoying me that readers who never have commented on my work or anything are suddenly sending me comments and pms to 'update soon' or 'update now' I would appreciate comments rather than just commands to tell me when to update.

To all my readers who comments from time to time- Thank you and sorry for the delay! Smile As promised, a longer update. Almost 4000 words- not proofread cause well- I couldn't be bothered.


"We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me, love like that has only happened once, and that's why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I'll never forget a single moment of it."

If somebody had told her a few minutes ago that she would be sitting in the car with Virat Singh Vadhera going to her house with him, she would have thrown her head back and laughed at the hopeless, impossible thought. She would have even hit that person on the head to never have these vile and scary thoughts ever again but now, what was she doing?

She was going home with Virat Singh Vadhera.

She wore her casual jeans today; drop waist. If she bended, her modesty would be on the show, revealing a red colored lace. How did she ever let the sale girl lure her into buying this? She went there to buy comfortable, casual jeans but she got promised of curvy figured, long legged jean that sits in the right places. 'Right places?' she cursed her luck, tugging on the blue waistband. 'Screw you Levi', she thought in her mind. It didn't make her feel like Megan Fox in Transformer by any means. The drop waist, worn out jeans looked a bit out of place for her. A little too low in fact. To top her dressing, she had decided to wear a white, crochet top, which rode above as she reached out; showing her flat stomach to the world and to the particular stall owner on the side that had been sneaking his dirty glances at her. She hated the back part of the building. Why was she here?

She huffed in anger, tapping her foot on the ground. She had been waiting at the back for almost- she checked her phone again. Almost 7 minutes and he still wasn't here. Chandigarh heat wasn't being kind today. Taking its toll on anything in its way. He arrived at the next second, much to her relief; wearing a checkered shirt that reminded her of a very particular boy; covering the particular stall owner who went back to selling the packets of crisps and chocolate.

'Is this Harry Potter?' she mimicked in a posh, English accent and he smiled. The warm smile of his that always made her stomach turn out in a butterfly zoo. ''Harry Potter arrives at Hogwarts. Nice to see you here', Maanvi voiced deeply, sitting in the passenger seat and he rose an eyebrow at her comment. Her mischievous gaze rested on him a little too long, the straight nose, the stubble sharp jawline and those long eyelashes. She was as smitten with him as she first saw him. Tall, dark and handsome. He had it all but with an attitude that asked for distance.

It wasn't fair how he could get up in the morning looking like that while she had to spent hours- or less exaggerated version... minutes to look awake and alive; shadowing her eyes with the black kohl as she had more of a night of reflecting than sleeping. She had missed it. Missed him. She missed his touch, his protective arm over her waist as she would sleep on his chest. The slow breathing, the rhythmic sounds of his heart but she couldn't voice her thoughts out loud, cause the particular man that was missed would break out in a grin at her comment and will never let her live this one out. 'So now I am witch boy with a wand and the entire world of magic crap rests on my shoulder?' he asked in amusement. Her jaw dropped dramatically, coming out as a gasp.

'Virat Singh Vadhera has watched Harry Potter?' she asked, bewildered. He laughed, taking her hand in his and she stared at him, baffled. Was she in someone else's car or the carefree person next to her who was joking about Harry Potter was really her boyfriend. It threw her off guard and made her vary. Her eyes narrowed on to his handsome face. Happy Virat meant bad situations for her. Always. Something of that part made her restless and uncomfortable, aware that this day would be different to how she imagined it to be. 'Seen the trailers and stuff', he mused back. Clearly unaffected by the affect his rough fingers were doing on her hand as she desperately tried to move her hand back but failed and he brushed his lips over her knuckles before letting them go.

'What do you want me to do?' she asked, bluntly. A lingering smile playing on her lips, looking down at her hand and then snapping out of the haziness of showing too much emotion. If he could keep emotions at bay, then she would as well. Knowing that his 'anything' had kept her till early hours of the morning. She should have just gone to him and should have come up with an excuse. It would have saved an entire night of wondering and tossing. 'Keen aren't we?' he smirked, reversing the car to the busy road. 'I want to meet your family', he said although it sounded more like a command. His eyes on the road and refusing to acknowledge the gasp before it turned into a laugh.

'You what?' Maanvi laughed but as her eyes met his cold ones, she knew he was not joking. He was serious. 'Are you serious?' she asked, the panic rising in her tone and she shifted uncomfortably. 'You said anything?' he repeat, his eyes darkened. 'I thought the anything would be a mini holiday or like a day away', she answered, truthfully. When she had thought peace was finally entering their lives, he would invite a storm. 'I don't think that's a good idea'; she turned around to face the window and hoped that the conversation was over for now but he had other thoughts. 'You don't make this decision anymore', he informed her, the speed raced up. Her anger rising, matching his. 'We are going', he concluded; ending the conversation. 'Why do you want to meet my family?'

The question was sincere, the annoyance far from it. He stared at her for a few seconds before averting his gaze away. How could he tell her? That people didn't stay back in his life. Insecurity, trust issues, affirmation... he didn't want to lose her and wanted to hold on to any part that was allow him to stay in her life. 'Curiosity', he answered back, making her snort. Her curiosity for him and his for her family. Great. 'Virat, please-' she trailed off and her phone rang; startling her of the speech she was just about to make. The keywords were something like... 'Crazy, stupid, idea'.

She picked up the phone and Daboo's voice came through. 'Maanvi', Daboo said, panic in his voice and she instantly stiffened, her mind racing to brace the worst. 'What happened?' she whispered back, not noticing the silent glance that was shot in her way by Virat.

Daboo sensed the panic in her voice, the slight crankiness of her tone and realized he had put her to her worst. 'No, no', he recited and added with a slow chuckle. 'It's nothing. Everything is alright. It's just I need to tell you something. I have an announcement'. The earlier worries and panic left her body and she instantly relaxed but still hung on to the words. 'Announcement?' she asked in confusion.

'Well, you know how people get engaged and married?' he asked her and she sighed in anger. Great, everyone was intentionally rubbing salt on her wounds and making her remember that she would never be one of those people. 'Not all people Daba', she shot back, quiet offended but carried on speaking, refusing to meet the brown eyes that landed on her face sensing her cold tone. 'Some people think it's stupid, sentimental shit', she added earning a smirk from Virat. He knew she was talking about him. If the bold words weren't enough, she glared at him to know otherwise. 'Yes, it's about you', she thought. 'Whatever that was', Daboo answered, bored but carried on with his little speech that he had worked on. 'Tina and I are engaged. We are really happy and I thought you should be the first one to know. Oh and also because I need you at dinner tonight to support me while I tell the family'.

'YOU WHAT?' Maanvi yelled as the car lurched to a stop, to a quieter area than before. Virat's concerned look replaced the smirk and she nodded her head stating she was fine and mouthing 'Daboo and Tina engaged'. His eyebrow shot higher. 'I got engaged', he said, enthusiastically on the phone.

The shock left her form, taking a while to digest the fact. 'Does Tina know you are engaged to her?' she blurted out as Virat grinned. 'What? Of course. What?' he asked, confusedly. Just checking to see that you're not making up a scenario in your head', she chuckled to herself.

'We are very much engaged and very happy', he stated and she yawned.

'Humbug', the bored reply came.

'Maanvi?' he asked, his tone serious than before.

She felt a bit bad. If her world was not on the line of commitment didn't mean that she wouldn't be happy for her brother. Tina was a nice girl and he was happy with her. That's all that mattered. 'Yes. Ok. I am happy for you but don't you think it's-'

'No we are not going there. Too soon and too young argument. Didn't call for the lecture that I would get tonight from our guardians, instead I need a favor. I need you to support me tonight when I bring Tina over and announce it'.

'I am not doing that'.

'If you are my sister you will', he insisted.


'Oh come on. I will get Beeji to move to the guest room', he reasoned. Knowing it would only work on favors now. He hadn't been kind on the Virat scenario and she wouldn't be kind on him.

'Keep talking', she encouraged, wondering what else she can ask him.

'You know you like my Ipad?

'Yes?' she almost jumped up in excitement. He was going to give her his beloved Ipad?

'Well, you can use it for one day', he stated, seeing the excitement die out to a snort and then a flash of light bulb turned on in her mind. It was the best situation to introduce Virat to everyone. Everyone would probably be shock about the engagement more than the guy-friend that she had bought home for dinner. 'A poor, starving guy-friend', she thought in her mind as her eyes scanned his Ralph Lauren checkered shirt, the Ed Hardy jeans and the ray bans that he had on. Ok, so it would be hard to bring him out as poor but a friend, she could work with that.

'I have a counter offer'.

'What's the offer?' he asked suspiciously.

'I get to bring a friend', she said, watching Virat's eyes widen. He wasn't sure she would give in that quickly.

'You're bringing Virat?' he guessed, sighing. You're not bringing Virat'.

'Why not?' she shrieked, watching her perfect plan fading. 'You want Beeji to eat us alive?'

'Well, you get to bring your fianc so why can't I-'

'Hate to burst your bubble but are you aware that you are an innocent 19 year old girl of Chaudhary family?'

'What?' she wondered, her mind voicing her confusion.

Yes. I am a boy of the Chaudhary family. As sexist as it sounds. I will survive but Beeji will kill you. Then Virat. Then everyone else', he voiced, managing to build up an image in his mind of Beeji killing everyone starting with Maanvi and him.

'Look, leave everything up to me. It's either that or nothing', she concluded. If she had decided to jump in the water, she would take everyone down with her.

'You sure you want our family to suffer two heart attacks in the same moment?'

'Two negatives make a positive', she replied, enthusiastically. The excitement far from it as the weight of her decision rallied on her.

'You know what. That's not a bad idea. Seeing you and Virat there. Everyone will just get to hate him and they will love Tina. Great. See you there sis!' he hung up as Maanvi's jaw dropped. 'Bad, bad plan', she thought.


The car arrived outside their colony and she looked at Lovely Jee. Always happy as he laughed at something someone said on the phone and she smiled warmly. Men like Lovely Jee didn't exist in the world anymore. Happy with life, laughing all the time, bringing happiness around him... he was great. Virat snorted mumbling a 'delusional'.

'Listen', she pointed a finger at his direction and he raised his eyebrows at his feisty girlfriend. 'You better behave like you're the best thing that walks on this earth', she stated with no expression of amusement but a serious intact face. 'But I am', he answered her, forming a small smile and she rolled her eyes.

This was going to be a long night.


'This is Tina', Rahul announced, urging the frightened girl forward and she beamed. His mother was the first one to come forward and engulf her in a hug and comment on the thread work of her kurti which made Tina relax into a conversation and Rahul smiled at his mother for easing her nerves and making an effort. An effort that the others weren't making. His father, nodded his head briefly before making his way to the dining room; clearly uninterested in anything but the business that the new project he was setting up and his Beeji looked at them suspiciously with a smile, which disappeared in the next second.

'Your Beeji doesn't like me', Tina whispered to him and he held her hand in comfort, away from the sight of others who were busy in the kitchen and his father had excused himself to go to the study room for an important call. 'Beeji doesn't like anyone except her family', he answered back. 'Sometimes not even us- Me and Maanvi, that is', he explained, settling closer to her and she smiled which was for once a genuine one and had not required the over enthusiastic approach the whole evening. 'Give her a day or two'.

The doorbell rang at that moment and Daboo's mother called out to him to answer it and he dragged his feet to the door. Knowing the sight he was going to encounter would anger him. He opened the door to reveal Maanvi and Virat. His eyes settled on Virat's face for a moment too long, turning into a glare of warning. 'Easy alpha male. Remember I am on your side and I bought the dessert', she held up the chocolate fudge cake in her hand and he took it, walking back to the kitchen. 'Well what do you know, using the front door and all', he whispered to her; walking to the living room. 'Do you want a tour Mr. Vadhera?' she asked innocently, batting her eyelashes at him. 'Only if it involves the second drawer in your wardrobe Miss Chaudhary', he huskily answered and her eyes grew wider. 'What?' she mumbled. 'You have-

'Private clothing drawer?' she finished, looking at the floor underneath and hoping it would open up and swallow her.

'You mean your drawer with the saucy lingerie?' he smirked.

She immediately shot back 'I don't have saucy- ' but stopped at the word, watching his amused expression and feeling the colour rise to her cheek.

He sighed and moved forward, tucking the loose strand of her fringe her ear. 'You were cold one night and the duvet wasn't cutting it. I was looking for a blanket', he explained.

'You shouldn't have gone through my drawers', she whined, crossing her arms like a sulking child, unable to look him in the eyes. 'You were cold', he repeated making her sigh. 'Your most welcome to go through my drawers if you want revenge', he whispered and if her cheeks weren't red enough, she was sure she resembled a furnace. She slipped a fair distance away when she heard someone coming from the kitchen and to her joy; it was her Beeji.

'Beeji', she got up and hugged her while her Beeji patted her with a smile but her eyes stayed glued on the boy standing across to her. 'This is Virat', she introduced and Beeji gave a fake smile which Maanvi recognized, she also waited for further introduction. 'My friend', she gritted; forcing the words to come out of her mouth and Virat shot her a glare that told her he wasn't happy with her telling her a lie but he didn't know what the word 'friend' meant to Beeji; if it involved a guy and she would therefore assume it herself and she did.

The next moment, she was being dragged to the kitchen and looked behind to mouth about being back when his eyes creased in confusion. 'Ou', she yelped in pain and she was spun around in the kitchen and Chachi came forward to see Beeji fuming and realized it was better to stay out of it. Daboo munched on the chocolate cake, offering it to Tina. 'This will be interesting', he whispered earning a smack on his head by her before she dragged him out the other way and the next second Chachi left too. 'Who is that boy?' Beeji whispered, pointing at the living room. 'My friend', Maanvi answered, quietly. 'Is that what I have sent you here for? For this?' she asked, coldly.

'Beeji, it's not like that', she explained, quietly. Her eyes wandered off to the couple in question. Was anyone not aware of them? She wanted to wave her arms around and point at them. 'Maanvi, I wasn't born yesterday. It was a mistake sending you here', Beeji stated, her anger rising. 'Great', she thought, it was a mistake sending me here. It was a mistake letting her take part in the school play of Romeo and Juliet. It was a mistake letting her go shopping with her friends as she bought back racy clothes. It would always be a mistake. She would always be a mistake. 'I am starting to think that I will always be a mistake for you. Lifetime of letting you down and ruining your perfect life', she blurted out, her anger spilling.

'You're just like your Father, stubborn and stupid', she stated, her tone venomous.

'Our parents are in Heaven Maanvi'.

'Leave my Father out of this', she warned, her hands curling into fists.

'He gave up his whole life for a girl', the disgust reflecting in her voice.

'Dance with me', her dad spun her mother around as the loud echoes of ringing laugher filled the air.

'Leave him out', she gritted, forcing the words out.

'Like you're about to. Good for nothing. That's what you want your life to be. Chasing a guy', she asked, shaking her head.

'The best decision my Father made was to get out of your hell cage of moral shit and live a life for himself', Maanvi shot back.

'Maanvi', the hand rose to her cheek and the stinging pain shot through. The tears ran down her face as she ran away from the kitchen, to the living room as a worried Virat pulled her back and she sobbed uncontrollably. 'Maanvi', he whispered, brushing her hair back. 'Look at me. What's wrong?' he pulled her chin up to reveal the streaming eyes. 'Please leave', she whispered. 'What?' he asked her, pulling her closer to him but she pulled away. 'Please Virat', she pleaded, before running to her room.


Maanvi sat on the wooden blench floor of the balcony, snuggling her jumper closer to her as the swift breeze picked up and turned colder. The night had been ungrateful to all. She looked up to the clouded sky to pick out any shimmering stars in the sky but there were none. Hidden behind the blanket of darkness. 'You're angry with me too Mama? Papa?' she asked out loud, bringing her head down in shame as sleep overtook her senses in the next few minutes.


'What are you doing here?' she heard the familiar voice before the strong pair went around her waist; bringing her up in his arms. Her eyes dazedly opened up to reveal Virat frowning and carrying her into her bedroom, closing the glass doors behind him. 'You're not angry with me are you?' she asked as he placed her on the bed, the tears welling up in her eyes. He brushed away the tears with his fingers.

'I shouldn't have pushed you into this'.

He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes, her radiant skin dewy in the dim light of her night lamp, her steady breathing. The site of her sprawled across on the bed made him groan as the little self-control that he had around her vanished in the next instant he crashed his lips on hers, she replicated the sweet torture after the initial surprise. She needed him here. With her. Moving her lips against his strong one while he ravished her, moving his tongue around hers.

Her breathing turned shallower and she broke contact to catch her breath. He bought the hem of her top up, sliding down to kiss her neck down her taut stomach; leaving her whimpering. She arched her back and a small moan escaped her lips. He froze in that moment, still clutching on to her, his lips brushing against her warm waist. He sighed moving back to see her bruised lips and tousled hair. Her large, expressive eyes glazing at him. She stiffened against his hardened form, her eyes widened and she looked away. As much as he wanted to go ahead with this, he couldn't. He knew it would be wrong and she would regret it tomorrow. He was taking an advantage of her vulnerability.

'If we go further- I wouldn't be able to stop', he stated, trying to catch his breath, kissing her forehead and moving back, getting up from the bed giving her a few minutes to calm her breathing and sort out her clothes.

'Virat, I-' She whispered, unable to look at him; embarrassed and confused. 'We have another f**king problem Maanvi'. Her forehead creased in confusion. Her eyelashes lifted up to meet his piercing gaze.

'I am in love with you'.

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This is so good! I really can't explain! I love this so
much, the description, the reality. How real Maanvi
is. How she got lost in her world, how she thought
that she having a boyfriend and calling him a friend
woudln't be as bad as her brother having a fiance.
But then the reality catches up with her. I really love it!

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yesss finally

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kajenvirman Senior Member

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yesss i stalked you!
and i'm here before the PM! :D

and this update was great!
i loved the last sentence! 

and beeji shouldnt be so harsh on virman

loved it like always 

---- okay i just checked and you sent the PM already before commented still i hadnt seen it ;)

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.Anastasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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beeji over reacted 
awee so sweet of viraat he didn't took advantage of maanvi even he can he control his desire because he don't want to regret later he really indeed love her
love dabbo maanvi convo usually me and my bro also keeps condition if we need favour from eachother
and end aussum
and as usual cont soon
ps-plz elena also update humsafar  soon

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OMG! Fianlly! what a great update, just totally loved it and im glad it was so long. aww poor manvi, beeji shouldnt have acted so harsh on her like that... and the last sentance!!!! wonder what virats reaction is going to be
thanx for the pm :)

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Hi wow amazing Tongue

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