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llSerenityll IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Here they are Vibha...Enjoy ! (They are two updates so its long  )
"What do I have to do to make you believe me?", Fahima croaked out, clearly on the verge of tears. 
"Show it. And not like this ", he said simply. It wasn't that easy though and she knew it. Love was harder than she thought it would be. She closed her eyes in hopes of blocking everything out. She fell to the floor, head between her knees and her hands covering her head. The next thing she felt was a soft sheet enveloping her and then those strong arms, whose feel she had memorized, touching her shoulders and gently bringing her head to his hard chest.
"I do love you. I do love you." She whispered over and over, face buried in his chest. He rocked with her back and forth as she poured out her tears in his embrace. Her shoulders shook furiously as she clung to his shirt with her hands.
"I know. It's okay. I believe you", he mumbled comforting words to her, his lips kissing her hair occasionally. After a few more minutes, her sobs turned into silent tears. She opened her eyes and loosened her grip. He picked her head up by her chin,wiped her tears off with the other and then fixed her messy hair. She only stared at him and sniffled. She realized just then that she was only in her underclothes and a sheet and wrapped the sheet around her tightly. She looked at him again to see if he noticed her state but he seemed to be thinking about something else. He touched her forehead with the back of his hand.
"You're burning up Fahi. I think you have a fever.Was it necessary to be such an idiot?" He was angry but concerned and was strangely attractive while at it.
"Well excuse me for trying to prove my love to an idiot who could careless !"
"I know. I am an absolute idiot and should have believed you. I shouldn't have left you outside either. I'm sorry. I really am." And he was back to being her Babloo again. She grinned
"It's alright." He nodded his head slowly and his eyes showed signs of mischief.
"Say it again"
"Say what again?"
"You know. The three words that you kept repeating." She looked at him shocked and punched his arm.
"Jerk !"
"Yeah, okay. I admit it. I'm a jerk but atleast I'm a jerk that isn't afraid to confess his feelings.You aren't getting away with it this time, sweetheart." She blushed at the way he was gazing at her.
"Ugh, I can't believe you're gonna make me do this. Do I have to?"
"Urm, the opposite of "I hate you" " She stuck her tongue out at him and stood up to leave.
"Hey ! That doesn't count." He stood up and grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him. He held her hands tightly by their side, her face inches away from his.
"Say it." He demanded seductively while keeping her in place and staring purposefully into her eyes. Her heart was racing at his sharp gaze.
"No. Now let me go. I need to go home or my parents are going to kill me."
"You can go. As soon as you tell me exactly what the opposite of "I hate you" is"

"Fine." She opened her mouth but the words refused to come out.
" love you", she replied quickly in a barely audible voice.
"What? I can't hear you. Say it louder."
"I love you ! I love you ! I love you! Are you happy now? Now, can I please go?", she bursted out. His face lit up, showing his beautiful smile.
"Yes, ofcourse. And how are you planning to get out with no clothes on?" She blushed. He walked to his closet, opened the door and took out her clothes.
"Here. Hurry up. Someone might knock on my door soon." He handed them to her. She stared at them and back to him.
"Can you turn around maybe?" She gestured by swirling her index finger.
"Oh, sorry." He turned around and shoved his hands inside his pajama pockets.
"No peeking !" She took off the sheet and threw it on the ground.
"If you haven't noticed, there isn't much left that I haven't seen already." She blushed when she imagined him undressing her. She started wearing her clothes and talked at the same time.
"Show off !" She could imagine him smirking at the ground.After several seconds of waiting, he asked, 
"Are you done yet?"
"Yup. You can turn back around." When he turned, she was folding the sheet.
"Okay, I want you to go home and get lots of rest. Take medicine and please take care of yourself. Don't run around like a chicken with her head cut off. " She smiled at him.
"Yes mother." She paused and then added, "Thanks Babloo for bringing me in last night and for believing me too. You don't know how much you mean to me. I don't know what I'd do without you."
" Don't worry. You won't have to live without me. I'll love you, always and forever."
"And I'll love you too, always and forever." She glanced around the room and wondered how she will sneak out of there. He knew what she was thinking about. He told her before she could ask.
"Oh, there's a ladder below the window. I brought you in from the back door last night since everyone was asleep You'll have to use that ladder today though." She looked down the window as he talked and spotted a fire escape ladder. Her gaze traveled across and she saw her window and below it was an identical ladder. She had forgotten about them completely. There had been a fire five houses down from hers and the children living there could not get out as the doors were surrounded with flames. They finally escaped when a fire truck came and helped them get out from the window. Since that event, their parents had become frightened for their own children and hurried to install the ladders there for an easier exit in case of a fire. She never thought she would be using it to sneak out of Babloo's house and into hers. He held out his hand to give her support; she took it and climbed out of the window and down to the first step of the ladder. After turning around and waving goodbye to Babloo, she continued to climb down and then walked down to her ladder and climbed it. Meanwhile, someone's prying eyes stalked Fahaad and Fahima's every move, peeking over the fence.


The hustle and bustle of a marriage house created a utter chaotic atmosphere. Everyone was busy running around doing this or that. Furniture was being moved; bedsheets placed on the floor. Their home was filled with close friends, neighbors and relatives, some who came from other cities just for the wedding were living at their house. Fahima's forehead beaded with sweat due to the heat of the bodies around her; she ran up and down the staircase to get things to prepare for her sister's Haldi/Mehndi Ceremony. She could hardly believe how quickly time had passed by. Her sister was getting married in two days and would move to her husband's home, leaving her family behind. Forcing back the tears back, she turned hurriedly to head for the kitchen when she almost bumped into someone.
"I'm so sor-." She stopped mid-sentence as she looked up at Fahaad, who was holding a tray of empty, used glasses. It had been almost two weeks since he had believed her love for him. They had been getting closer and spending more time than ever with each other, talking on the phone late at night while everyone slept, meeting under the tree, outside her college and sometimes even inside.
"Woah there, Shatabdi Express!" He was in a white kurta with simple but elegant designs on the neckline, the first button was undone on the closed neck. It enhanced his tall, lean body and his now sun-kissed skin. She spotted a bright yellow dupatta with one end hanging down, the other going behind his shoulder. Just like her, he had sweat running down his temple by working just as hard as her. Regardless, he looked absolutely handsome and she tried hard to keep her eyes off of him. Upon realizing her mouth was hanging wide open, she closed it quickly.  She had not noticed him at all as she has been too busy to look at anyone, not even herself.
"Wow. You look sexy in Indian clothes. Never seen you wear them." She bit her tongue and closed her eyes for a brief second, then looked around quickly to check for any eavesdroppers. She did not mean to let that slip out. He arched his eyebrow, making him increasingly attractive. She wondered if there was a limit to being good-looking because that had to be the limit or she would lose it. 
"Oh, did you just give ME a compliment? Are you okay?"
"Yup,I'm feeling fantastic. Amazing, really."  She heard girls whom she did not recognize, whispering and giggling, standing in a semi-circle and all staring at them as if they were performing a play. Probably her sister's friends, she guessed and ignored them, putting her attention back to Babloo. She tried to take the tray from his hands but he moved it out of her reach. She sighed, dropped her arms and walked lazily to the kitchen with him following her lead.
She was  insecure about how she probably looked like standing in front of his gorgeousness to those girls .She had puffy eyes from a lack of sleep, her hair was open, a complete tangled and wet mess that she did not get time to comb and she was in a plain salwar kameez that she threw on after taking a shower.  As if reading her mind, he reassured her unknowingly.

He put the tray on the counter then leaned back against it, arms folded across his chest and ankles crossed. She took the glasses and started to wash them one by one.
"Well, you sure look it.", he said in a low voice, making sure no one heard him. He must have seen the girls gawking at them too. He smiled at her sincerely to show that he meant what he said and she could not help but smile back.
"Get out of my way. You're very distracting." He grinned at her comment.
"One of my best qualities." She rolled her eyes.
"Bite me."
"If you insist, but not now. We've got an audience.", he whispered.
 She followed his gaze past the kitchen doorway and found the girls still staring. They were undoubtedly still checking him out and had a hint of jealousy in their eyes. She also saw guests pouring in and then noticed their crowded living room. No one was able to contain their happiness as they did not have a lot of girls in their family. Her sister getting married was definitely a grand occasion.
"I think it's just you they are looking at."
"You wish. We must be the hottest item in town or something." After finishing washing the last glass, she turned around to lean back against the counter too.
"Oh, wonder how that ever happened. Couldn't have been the flowers you gave me while I was in class." He smirked and shook his head.
"Excuse me for trying to be romantic then." 
The chit-chatting from the living room grew louder and she began to feel suffocated and was in dire need of fresh air. The kitchen spinned around her. 
"Fahi? You look like you are about to faint. Come on." He grabbed her hand and walked her to the backyard through the back door.
"No, I'm fine.", she protested. 
"Liar Liar pants on fire." It was her turn to arch her eyebrow.
"Real mature." She felt herself fading away, her head falling limply on Babloo's shoulder. His forehead creased and revealed three lines going across.
"When did you eat? Or should I say DID you eat?"
"Don't remember." Her voice was lifeless and soft and her eyes closed on their own.

She was jolted back a few minutes later from drops of water on her face.
"Here, eat !", the familiar voice ordered. She had not even opened her eyes when the first spoonful of food came her way. She obeyed his orders.
"You're such a child. Can't even take care of yourself." He muttered to himself, still managing to show concern. By the time she was done eating, she had regained her strength and senses. He put the plate beside them on the grass. They were both sitting next to each other, their backs against the fence.
"You pull that stunt again, and I'll-."
"and you-ll what? Punch me?"
"Yes. Yes, I will punch you." She scoffed at him.
"As if."
"My punches for you are different." He grinned mischievously.
"Are they? Demonstrate please."
"You sure? I mean, we're in the backyard of your house." She realized what his "punches" really were and her face turned deep red.
"Oh.." He just laughed.They heard a voice call out. It was Kristin. She spoke quickly as she walked towards them.
"There you are ! Come on Fahima. Your mom has been looking everywhere for you. The ceremony is about to begin. Fahaad." She gave him a quick nod to address his presence,grabbed Fahima's hand and pulled her away from him. She looked back while being dragged away and saw him gazing at her with a "don't leave me" expression. Adorable. As they walked inside the house, she began to question the truth of Kristin's words.
"My mom wasn't really looking for me, was she?" She inquired suspiciously.
"Nope. Revenge is sweet. " Kristin's face lit up with her evil, triumphant grin. All that she needed was horns.
"Ugh, I hate you", she whined.
"I love you too babe." And pulled her in for a side hug.

Fahima raced up the stairs to get her sister. The sounds of laughter and talking grew quieter for a second as she climbed up the stairs but heard it again from her sister's room. After knocking on the door four times, the door finally opened. The Gawking Girls were in fact her sister's friends which became obvious as they teased the bride.The room was crowded and she struggled to find Alysha. Her sister was sitting at the vanity and turned to reveal herself to Fahima, clearly asking for approval.
"You look beautiful !!." She wore a simple cotton yellow and red salwar kameez ,her body was jewelry-less but her hair and make up took its place. The dupatta was sitting on her head loosely and draped in the front, showing her loose curls. She was blushing and beaming with excitement. Looking at her happiness made Fahima feel better.
"What happened to you? You look like you just rolled out of bed. You're my my sister and I will not let you step out of this room in this state. ", her sister said. Just what a girl wants to hear, she spoke in her mind.
"Maybe she did roll out of bed. I saw you and that hottie living next door flirting..", spoke one of the Gawking Girls, causing her to blush. All the girls bursted into fits of laughter.
"And not just any boy, girls, he's a hottie from America. I've heard things about the boys over there." Another one of them remarked and winked. The laughter increased.It wasn't embarassing anymore; it was plain irritating. Anger rose up, clearly showing on her face. Fahima stepped up to confront her.
"What did you say?" The laughter was replaced with awkward silence. Her sister finally broke the silence.
"Okay girls, party's over. Everyone. Out !", her sister said in an serious tone. Everyone evacuated the room as if it was on fire.
"You okay? I'm sorry. I didn't know they would say things like that." Her sister touched her shoulder comfortingly.
"Yeah, I know. It's okay. "

"Come, I'll fix you up." She was too exhausted to refuse so she surrendered.
"Okay, but hurry. Everyone is waiting for you downstairs." The older women had started singing old songs downstairs. Her sister commanded her to go change clothes first. She hurried to her room and changed into a yellow silk anarkali, obeying the color theme for a Haldi, with a minimum amount of designs but was still beautiful. She walked back to her sister's room. Alysha stood up from the vanity, ready with her weapons of transformation, and made the victim sit on the stool. She began to work her magic with her dried henna hands. She didn't even know when she had gotten her hands done. 
"When did you get your mehndi done? Ugh, I can't believe how much I've missed today."
"Oh, while you ran around doing work, the lady came upstairs ready to do it and Ammi insisted. Soon, all the relatives and friends came pouring in the room and it became hectic. Lot of teasing was involved." She blushed.
"Ammi. I haven't even seen her except for when she called me over to do some work for her
" Thanks a lot for doing so much work just for me. I love you for that." She smiled at her Fahima's reflection in the mirror.
."It's not such a big deal. You're my only sister, who else's wedding am I going to work in?" They laughed.
"Your own maybe.You know, Fahaad has been such a sweetheart. He's been working like you since early morning, going to and fro from the store to our house and helping here too. He really is a nice boy." Fahima groaned. She knew that he was and didn't need to hear it.
"Why is he always the topic of conversation?"
"Because you love him." She blushed.
"Is it really that obvious?"
"Oh, yeah."
After what seemed like hours, Alysha was finally done dolling her little sister up, knowing that it may be the last time. Fahima peered at her reflection closely. It looked like her but at the same time, it didn't. She looked amazing and couldn't believe it. As she thanked her sister a million times, her sister broke down and hugged her tightly, her vision blurry with tears. Seeing her sister crying automatically caused her to release her emotions. The sisters embraced each other, thankful for the waterproof mascara. After a while, they let go and wiped each other's tears off. Then, they headed downstairs arm in arm to join their family in exhilaration.

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famzii05 IF-Rockerz

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Hi Xarina... you missed lots... specially the tool and Nazim pic thread... both which were made by out respected member Vibha!! ROFL

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llSerenityll IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by famzii05

Originally posted by maddy311

hi xarina. Just came here to say helloBig smile

no... you never came to say hello you came to spill the insanity in your head since you hadnt spilled it for days... ROFL and wanted to talk about tools without getting banned!! LOL right maddy?

i want to go and eat but i cant seem to leave! LOL

Bring the food to the computer/ laptop. LOL

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llSerenityll IF-Rockerz

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The updates are in the previous page. 
I'm writing another update now Fahima for you.  Tongue

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Okay now I should leave now for the day. Bye everyone and have funBig smile
Xarina IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by famzii05

Hi Xarina... you missed lots... specially the tool and Nazim pic thread... both which were made by out respected member Vibha!! ROFL
Vibha started off the tool thread. Shocked Damn!  I missed it.  Saturday's are worse than being in work for me.  Aww.  I missed outCry

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llSerenityll IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by maddy311

Okay now I should leave now for the day. Bye everyone and have funBig smile

You're no good. You do not deserve to be in my OS Thumbs Down

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Xarina IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by maddy311

Okay now I should leave now for the day. Bye everyone and have funBig smile
Come back tomorrow. Damn, damn.  I'm in Portsmouth tomorrow.Unhappy  Will miss insanity for the best part of the day.  Oh well another time maybe, maddy.

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