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Salaam Namastey & Hello to all my lovely IF Friends.Big smile

We present to you the 1st Edition of Our PV Chronicles.Big smile Hope you will have a nice time & Do leave in Your Comments, Suggestions & Feedbacks and Hope we continue this every week Embarrassed

Weekly Summary

2nd April 2012

Gayatri gets furious at Paridi and Pratik as they had performed a skit dedicating it to Yash and Aarti during the sangeet ceremony. In the skit, the couple described Aarti and Yash's past with their respective partners.

Meanwhile, Aarti questions Satyendra why he stopped her from revealing to Yash that she was a divorcee and not a widow. Satyendra tells Aarti that she should have revealed the truth when she had learnt about it the first time. He believes that Aarti was aware that they had told the Scindia family that she is a widow and not a divorcee.

Yash apologizes to his parents on behalf of Paridi and Pratik. He tries to convince them by stating that Paridi and Pratik had organized the function only for the sake of his happiness.

Surajpratap forgives Pratik and asks Gayatri to make arrangements for Pratik and Yash's wedding processions.

Aarti is shocked on learning that Shobha and Satyendra had lied to Scindia family that she was a widow. She questions Shobha why she didn't inform her about it before. Shobha tries to pacify Aarti and states that they had lied to the Scindia family only for the sake of her happiness. Shobha adds that she wanted Aarti to start a new life by getting remarried.

Aarti, however, is determined to reveal the truth to Yash before the marriage. She asserts that if Yash wanted to marry her, he would have to accept the truth. Aarti declares that she would get married to Yash only after she reveals the hidden fact.

Gayatri gifts jewelry to Aarti and informs Shobha about the wedding mahurat. When Aarti refuses to perform a certain ritual, Gayatri is left puzzled and questions her whether she has any problem with the ceremony. Satyendra pleads Aarti to remain quiet. Shobha intervenes and handles the situation.

When Vidhi sees Yash and Pratik dressed up for the wedding rituals, she jokes with them. She hands over one set of jewelry each to Yash and Pratik in order to gift it to their brides after the wedding.

Satyendra tries to convince Aarti to change her decision. He fears that the Scindia family would reject the alliance if they learn that Aarti was a divorcee. Aarti does not pay heed to Satyendra and refuses to relent.

Bollywood singer, Kamal Khan attends the ceremony and performs a song. At that time, Yash receives Aarti's call. Aarti reveals to Yash that she was a divorcee and that her ex-husband was still alive. She panics when she does not get any response from the other side. She gets angry on learning that Satyendra had disconnected the landline cord in order to prevent her from revealing the truth.

The pundit asks Surajpratap to call Yash and Aarti as the mahurat was approaching.  Gayatri gets angry as Aarti had not arrived in the mandap.

A concerned Satyendra asks Aarti to make up her mind about her decision to get married to Yash. He asks Shobha to follow him downstairs and leave Aarti alone.

3rd April 2012

Satyendra fears that the Scindia family would break the alliance, if they learn about the hidden truth. He, therefore, requests Aarti to change her decision. A concerned Satyendra asks Aarti to make up her mind to get married to Yash. He asks Shobha to follow him outside and leave Aarti alone.

Gayatri gets worried as the mahurat was approaching and Aarti has not yet arrived in the mandap. Surajpratap fears that the guests would star gossiping, if Aarti does not come on time.

Pankaj asks Vidhi to get Aarti downstairs for the ceremony. Vidhi is about to leave when Yash stops her and offers to go get Aarti to the mandap.

Shobha and Satyendra get worried and wonder what Aarti's decision would be. At that time, Yash arrives and enquires about Aarti. 

When the door opens, Shobha and Satyendra are relieved to see Aarti dressed up in bridal attire.

When Yash enters Aarti's room, he questions her whether she wanted to speak something important to him. Before Aarti could reveal the truth, Vidhi and Gayatri arrive. Vidhi tells Yash that as per the customs he should not talk to Aarti before they get married.

When pundit calls Aarti's parents to perform her kanyadaan, Arpita's mother asks Shobha and Satyendra to go ahead and perform the ritual.

Aarti and Yash perform their wedding rituals. Tears run down Aarti's face when Yash applies sindoor on her forehead.

Pratik and Paridi too perform their wedding rituals. While Pratik and Paridi look happy and excited, Yash and Aarti look solemn each reminiscing the moments spent with their ex-partners.

Aarti makes up her mind to reveal the truth to Yash during the bidaai ceremony.

4th April 2012

Gayatri thanks Yash for getting remarried for the sake of his daughters. She asks him and Pratik to freshen up as they have to perform the rituals of the bidaai ceremony.

Satyendra feels relieved after the marriage ceremony concludes well. He praises Shobha for convincing Aarti to restart a new life. 

During the bidaai ceremony, Paridi fakes getting emotional to impress Gayatri. Her father pacifies her by stating that they live in the same city and that she could meet them whenever she wanted. 

Aarti and Yash seek Shobha and Satyendra's blessings. When Satyendra asks Aarti to lead a happy married life, she comments that she could not be happy as her relationship was based on a lie.

Ansh falls down from the edge of a table while playfully fighting with Palak and Payal. Aarti panics and rushes towards him unmindful of the fact that her in-laws and guests had their eyes on the new bride then. Gayatri gets furious and believes that Aarti was too affectionate towards Ansh.

Before leaving, Gayatri tells Shobha and Satyendra that for now they would only take Aarti with them after the bidaai and would take Ansh later. Shobha is about to refuse as she fears that Aarti would never tolerate it but Satyendra stops her. Shobha gets worried when Satyendra agrees to Gayatri's decision.

After Gayatri leaves, Shobha confronts Satyendra. She reminds him that Aarti had agreed to remarry Yash only for the sake of Ansh. She adds that Aarti would never agree to leave without Ansh. Aarti overhears their conversation and breaks down. She asserts that she had no other option but to follow their instructions as she was burdened with their favors. Shobha and Satyendra feel hurt.

5th April 2012

Ansh notices Aarti crying and asks her. He informs Aarti that he had packed his bag to accompany her to Yash's house. Aarti feels hurt and requests Ansh to stay with Shobha and Satyendra for some days.

Shobha too feels hurt after she overhears their conversation. She decides to speak to Gayatri once again to allow Ansh to accompany Aarti to Scindia Mansion.

Gayatri had told Shobha and Satyendra that for now they would only take Aarti with them after the bidaai and would take Ansh later. Shobha meets Gayatri and requests her to change her decision. She pleads to Gayatri to allow Ansh to accompany them. At that time Yash reaches there. He intervenes and states that Ansh would accompany them to Scindia Mansion. Yash questions Gayatri about her decision and states that he had made it clear before the marriage that they should accept Ansh.

Aarti feels happy when she learns about Yash's decision. Mansi tries to instigate Aarti against Yash and states that Yash had vested interest behind accepting Ansh and allowing him to accompany them. Aarti is confused about Yash's intentions.

Gayatri feels hurt as Yash did not accept her decision. She expresses her sadness to Surajpratap, who asks her not to create an issue.

During the bidaai ceremony, Gayatri asks Aarti to hurry up as they were getting late to return home. Aarti fails to find Ansh and enquires. Gayatri intervenes and asks Aarti not to worry about Ansh as he may be busy playing somewhere in the venue.

       6th April 2012

Ansh expresses desire to go to Scindia Mansion along with Aarti in Yash's car. Gayatri is about to refuse Ansh to travel along with Aarti but Surajpratap stops her. 

Payal and Palak, who were along with Yash's aunt, also wish to return home with Yash in his car. Yash's aunt stops them and instigates them against Aarti. She alleges that Aarti only loves Ansh and was not concerned about them. 

While leaving, Shobha expresses concern for Ansh and asks him to behave himself and take care of Aarti. 

While leaving, Paridi is very excited about her new life. She shares her excitement with Pratik. 

After Aarti and Ansh leave, Gayatri feels sad. She fears their future without Aarti and Ansh. When they return home, Satyendra misses Ansh and Aarti. When Shobha finds him upset, she tries to pacify him. 

Gayatri and Vidhi get busy making preparations to welcome Aarti and Paridi home. 
Meanwhile Aarti, Yash and Ansh arrive. Having no idea about Aarti's grah pravesh, Ansh innocently tells her that he wants to use the washroom. Vidhi offers to guide Ansh to the washroom but Gayatri intervenes and instead asks her to make preparations for the rituals. 

As part of the rituals, Gayatri asks Aarti to leave an imprint of her palms on top of Arpita's. However, Aarti leaves her marks separately next to Arpita's imprints. Gayatri gets furious seeing this.

Scene of the Week

Scene of the week undoubtedly goes to Yash putting Sindoor on Aarti's forehead followed by putting the mangalsutra around her neck Embarrassed ..When Yash notices a part of the sindoor has fallen on Aarti's nose and is looking like a daag ,he wipes it off with his own handkerchief which is an indication that even in future he will not let any daag on Aarti's face ClapClap...The scene was beautifully executed with a wonderful display of chemistry by Gurmeet and Kratika in the scene Star 

Dialogue of the Week
This was certainly not an easy choice, given some really powerful dialogues last week but our lead pair came out the clear winners when I thought about it from the point of view of the story's progress and its core essence. 

Male: Yash

"Main bahut dino se dekh raha hun ki aap mujhe kuch kehna chahti hain. Koi taqleef, koi pareshani, aap mujhe bata sakti hain."
                                                Yash Scindia

This was the dialogue that just shone above everything else as a beacon of hope in a hopeless moment for Aarti and us audience, with her not being able to get the truth out. The words of a man who speaks so few are indeed treasures when they are heard. There was nothing fancy or poetic about this dialogue, but it spoke of observation, perception, deliberation and understanding, a process essential to they way Yash's thought process works. He is also a problem-solver, not one to let an issue hang in the air. This dialogue and the gesture that preceded it showed that he may be quiet and introverted, but he is not passive. When action needs to be taken he does not shy away. 


Female: Aarti

"Aapne kaha shaadi karlo, tayyar ho gayi. Mujhse kaha ki maanlo ki Prashant marchuka hain; vo bhi maanliya. Aapne chaha ki Yash ji ko na bataun ki mein vidwah nahin, talaaqshuda hoon; chup rahi. Nahin batayi. Ab aap log kahenge ki Ansh ko chod do to vo bho maan jaungi. Aur maanna bhi chahiya ma! Aakhir mere khatir, aap logon ne apne bete se saare naate thod di. Kaise bhool jaun? Aap logon ki ehsaano tale dabi hoon main!"
                                                   Aarti (Dubey) Scindia

This gut wrenching monologue from Aarti takes the prize for me this week! And I partly chose it because I know it became the topic of pages and pages of discussion. Did this act make Aarti weak? Was she doing this with the goal of taking Ansh with her? In any case, this monologue perfectly showed Aarti's state of mind, disillusioned, bitter, desperate and helpless to defend that which was dearest to her. I loved these caustic words from her and the guilt on Shobha and Dubey's faces was enough to know the effect they had. 

But some 
special mentions that made us giggle LOL

"Vaise Prateek, bidhaai mein ladki ka rona zaruri hota hain par mujhe to rona hi nahin aa raha! Upar se naachne aur gaane ka mann kar raha hain!...Prateek, ek kaam karo. Mujhe na, chikoti kaato...haan chikoti kaato. Thodi bahut to aasu aa hi jayega."(Paridhi (Khanna) Scindia)

"Aap ro kyun rahe ho? Aap log bhi aa jao naye papa ke ghar. Address hain na, ya SMS karun?"


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OMG Moment Of The Week


Hope you all would have understood the OMG MOMENT OF THE WEEK...

Yes...You are right...It is Aarti's HANDMARK, which became HALLMARK of the week...Wink
It was a really shocker Shocked scene...
It was not only OMG for the Scindhia family but also for us, viewers to see this side of Aarti, disobeying her MIL fully...I know we all wanted this side of Aarti, who will not hear all the rubbish being told by her MIL and obey it or cry for it. 
We have now got a hope from this SILENT LADY GUNDI that she will surely teach a good lesson for the Dragon mummy, Papa Scindhia and Bad Bua, if they come in her way or make troubles in her and Yash's life . 
Like how she stood for her Patidev's feeling and made him happy by understanding his heart the very first day of their marriageSmile. This shows she will always bring happiness to his heart and will be all understanding too.
The hand mark was a very good symbolism that Aarti will never take the place of Arpita in Yash's heart or in Yash's family but she will make or mark her own beautiful place in each and everyones heart in the Scindhia house, especially Yash's. The hand print was in front of Arpita's that is Aarti will not be a second wife in Yash's heart but will be always the first one to be with him forever to give him everything.

Best Picture Of The Week


The Picture of the weak had to be when Yash fill aarti maangDay Dreaming

Funniest Scene Of The Week


The funniest scene hands down of this week (April 2-April 6) has to be from April 4th's episode. It's when Pardhi is talking to Prateik and says that she doesn't feel like crying, and then her dad says Pari don't cry we live in the same city and we can come visit whenever and right than the camera is shown on Gayatri's face which is just hilarious. LOL

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Prediction Of The Week


Prediction of the Week: Aarti will tell Yash that she is not a widow but a divorcee, but she will not reveal Prashant's name. Aarti will also find some clue about the manner in which Arpita died, possibly by finding a diary of hers or hearing it from Bua, who wishes to create problems for the new bride. Gayatri will constantly compare Aarti and Paridhi so that they feel animosity towards each other, while Yash will put his foot down and declare to the household that Aarti shall remain Aarti and not be called Arpita.

Biggest Disappointment of the week
Credit: -enchanted-

There were not just one but two disappointments. First one is Bua. Its one thing to try to create doubt in Yash's mind,or provoke Gayatri against Aarti. But its completely sick when you poison the minds of two apprehensive little girls,against their new mother. Palak and Payal are at such an impressionable and vulnerable stage with regard to Aarti,and instead of reassuring them, Bua scared them further to fulfill her evil designs.She should have at least spared the little girls.

Second disappointment is Mansi (or who needs an enemy when you have friend like me). Her one track mind and bindass nature now withstanding, it was still very insensitive of her to say that Yash wanted some(one)thing in from Aarti, in return of supporting her on Ansh's issue. A friend would have reassured Aarti,instead of making her fears worse,at such a crucial moment.

*The End... We'll be Back Soon with another Issue of PV Chronicles. Do Hit the LIKE Button if u Liked the NL. & Do Leave in Your Suggestions, Criticism & Feedbacks. All are Heartily Welcome !!Big smile

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yash will take arti in 4 kids and himself slowly after the truth of arti

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As for predication, don't know Arati will tell Yash or notConfused

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Natasha and Everyone!!!

Wonderful job on the 1st newsletter ... looks AMAZING Clap

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angake IF-Dazzler

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This is fantastic. I applaud all the effort that went into this. ClapClap

Eagerly waiting for the next installment. Smile 

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WOW! Congos on the very first PV newsletter =D !! Everyone did an amazing job in their sections and I agree to all the moments chosen =D

Hey how about doing best dressed? Mostly because I am just loving the wardrobe selection and the wardrobe artist is doing a fantastic job in choosing the right outfits for everyone .. I was blown away by the selection for the wedding costumes.. and I think we may have a perfect candidate each week .. =)


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