Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

BALH:Written Update 09 April

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                   Bade Acche Lagte Hain
                        written update 09 April 2012

Episode begins with Pri-Ram very tensed & pacing about in their room.Priya asks Ram nervously,"Kaise?...kaise?...kaise?" Ram wonders how can this be even possible & what on earth are they supposed to do?They are actually fretting over the baby ultimatum issued by Dadi. (These two were behaving as if the third World War had begun.LOLFor a moment I'd forgotten the bachcha issue & was wondering what the hell was the latest crisis in PriAm life.Confused)Ram says how can they think of kids as there are so many issues like health, education etc to be considered.Even that could be managed but what happens when the kid reaches his twenties I will be in my...and Ram falters."In your sixties" completes Priya for him & both look worried.Priya says if they had been married earlier say five or ten years ago they would not have felt so awkward.At this age parenthood seems mind boggling.She suggests Ram go & explain to Dadi about their predicament.Ram is shocked & says he cannot and that Priya should speak to her.Priya says she can't as she is the bahu & is bound by certain restrictions.Ram was her Golu puttar, her favourite & if he tries & explains to her in his sweet way, the one he uses with her, she'll understand & also not be hurt.Ram agrees & Priya tries to hustle him out the door to immediately get on the job.Priya says such matters are not to be put off & must be tackled immediately. (Its like Dadi ordered these two to their room with the threat of not coming down unless Priya is holding a Baba/Baby in her armLOLLOLLOL)

Just then Dadi walks in with eyebrows raised as if asking,"Is my par pota ready?". Ram all flustered says he was coming down to talk to her .Dadi thinks her Golu puttar is ready to be  daddy & is happy wappy & does a victory jigg & leaves from there.Pri-Ram more confused. Embarrassed
Nutzilla fuming outside the door as the Sharmas are not home & she does not have a key.Karthik comes & Nutz yells at him pointing out the irresponsible way his family had left her in a lurch.Karthik opens the door defending his family saying they must have forgotten to tell her & asks her to be a bit understanding.Nutz says she has been patient for six months & says Karthik is ticking her off when his family is at fault.She leaves in a huff & Karthik stares after her disturbed.
Sudhir, Shipra & Ayesha at a movie theatre to watch The Dirty Picture.ShockedShockedShocked They are extremely happy at the outing.Sudhir gets them tickest & they leave to watch the film.Sudhir thinks by bringing his family out he has managed to stall a big showdown between Nutz & Ash.
Pri-Ram still in their room wringing their hands.There is some more worry & anxiety expressed & Ram then hits upon the brilliant idea of asking Vikram-Neha for advice.He calls Viks who is extremely busy in his work & asks to meet for dinner.Viks worriedly mentions his workload but agrees for a get together.Ram preens around that he has solved their dilemma but Priya taunts him saying he hasn't solved anything.He has only called his friend as usual.Priya begins to yell at Ram  & Ram flees into the toilet.LOLLOLLOL
Neha calls Priya & asks her to come home immediately.Priya says they were leaving to come there.Neha is surprised & says how come as she is just calling her now.Priya says Vikram & "Ram" (yippieee!ClapClapClap) just spoke & made a date for tonight.Neha immediately latches on Priya calling Golu,Ram & teases her.Priya all embarassed.Neha then says maybe Vikram remembered the day after all.Priya says what day & Neha says their wedding anniversary day.Priya is very happy for Neha but tells her Ram called Viks for some advice & there was no mention of the big day.Neha says Viks has forgotten the day as always.She says he forgets it every year & she is pissed at him & punishes him & he in turn makes up for it.Its all very sweet.Neha tells her she has a surprise planned for Viks.They confirm their date & hang up.Priya is feeling bad for Neha.
Ram walks out of the wash room & Priya tells him about the convo with Neha.Ram smirks saying nothing new in that.Viks is always forgetting the anniversary & getting thrown out of the house.He then comes to KM to drink & then goes begging to Neha for forgiveness.Priya then lectures Ram about his indifference & says Viks & Neha are always there for him so now he too should repay some of it.There is a lamba bhaashan by Priya Miss.SleepyRam calls Viks again & reminds him of the anniversary.Viks slaps his head & says he forgot & now Neha is going to fry him.He thanks
Ram & its on the tip of his tongue to mention Neha's call & surprise.Priya gives him a murderous look &
Ram checks himself.They hang up & Priya turns on full blast on Ram yelling why cant he keep to the point & not go blabbering the entire story to Viks.he nearly blew off Neha's surprise for Viks.Ram is mortified & Priya orders him off to get ready.Ram asks what about their"chhota" problem & Priya says they might just squeeze that too in between the party.
Viks asks Harry for leave to celebrate his anniversary.Harry is happy for him but gives only half a day leave saying she cannot handle the foriegn delegates alone.Viks agrees.
The Sharmas are returning home from the movie & Ships says it was a paisa vasool movie.Sudhir is grinning ear to ear & agrees. (I know why!ooohlalalalaWinkLOL) Ash says she didnt like the ending but the movie was okay.Ships then starts to day dream loudly about the imminent bright future of her booty queen beti.Ash is all super pleased.Ships spots a kulfiwala & squeals for Sudhir to stop the car.
Mama & Sid mouth some scary villainous lines.SleepySleepySleepySleepySid is miffed Ram drew the carpet from under him & all his plans went haywire.Niharika walks in saying Sid should just sit back ,watch & learn.She claims she has stoked Ash's "middle class" fire which will burn her home.And she says she is going to light the fire on both ends.Mama & Sid ask her to explain.She says while she was wining & dining Ash, Ishika was working up Nutz.Now the fire is caught & soon there will be hell.SleepySleepySleepyEpisode ends.

precap: Pri_Ram in a car.They have agreed to watch Viks' kids it seems while the couple spend some time with each other & Ram is all terrified.Priya explains its the least they could for their friends.Viks & Neha in a hotel room worrying if PriAm could handle the Shergill brood.Viks seems eager to leaveOuch

Methinks creatives are exploring late parenthood issue too.I approveThumbs Up But is this way of wringing their hands & fretting away the correct approach & attitude????Confused
Seems Neha is in for some reality check.Ouch
Good night
See ya monday

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Super fast Zuby! Thanks! 

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thanks 4 sharing zuby..
i love the precap..
waiting eagerly 4 next episode...

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Big smileHa I beat Tornado today YippeeeLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
MRS DHugClap
Superb post as usual!Good to see u expressing your personal  opinions  more...Loved your take on the show!ClapWaiting to see more of your rangeen WU more and more...
Chalo mera bhashan shuru kartein hainEmbarrassedAgree  with you over RAYA discussing the child issue  so seriously as if they were racking their brains over strategies to solve the Third World War issueConfused..hai it was not that Priya was actually preggo and the Doc raised concerns abt her health...Gollu ...for heaven's sake  health, education and other issues u raised are petty issues and by the way did u forget you are a rich billionaire???????Moreover Priya (34) is not that old to bear a child...Admit having children late in life does have more chances of  medical problems but we have  Hollywood celebrities having babies quite late in life.. Yes Golu's fear over the age gap is justifiable but these days 40's  is considered the 30's of yesterday.
Priya today showed her theeka and meeta self today..She didn't show any patience today and she wanted Golu to talk to Dadi immediately at the drop of a hat.It's a delicate ,sensitive issue especially for the older generation and this has to be handled very delicately.One just can't fire a barrage of bullets right a way to a busurgh..She cooed today too by lowering her voice and buttered Gollu nicely to her way of thinking .Today for both of them it was a realisation that  they should have got married 10 years earlier.Who can force Fate's timings and one's adamant will?????????
Neha just blows me with her character...She's a breath of fresh whiff of  air to the serious atmoshere in BAlh..What a bubbly and vibrant personality ...reminds me of Tornado VijiWinkBig smileViji I know u want to be called Priya but u are Neha all overROFLHa the anniversary fact is so true ...Men forget and women just have the anniversary and birthdays written in stone tabletsBig smileBig smileToday could understand Golu's lack of emotion over the forgetting anniversary issue..When u 've been friends for ages u know the regular routines like the back of your hand.So from his persepective it's nothing new but following the old routine all over.For Priya a new bride it's total insensitivity of a husband to forget their anniversary...Also from her part it was a subtle reminder to Ram that bhool ke bhi birthdays and anniversaries  nahi bhoolna.Liked her expressions when Neha caught on to 'her  Ram calling part' and then Zubs did u observe she was very conscious of not being caught the second time around...Big smileVery careful as not to get teased by Neha again.LOL
Niharika and Shipra looked gorgeous in their costumes today...Have always liked the chemistry btwn Shipra and Sudhir...Somehow the characterizations of a gentle,loving  intelligent,unambitious , laid back kinda of a guy and a bubbly ,silly , loving woman endears me to this jodi and the actors emote their roles perfectly...Sudhir 's reflective cap thinking saved a situation today but his fear of what would ring in tmrw is so right in life's terms.Kartik is redeeming himself ..He plays the role of a peacemaker...Poor Guy caught btwn a rock and hard place .Nuts is adjusting really ?..she wanted to get married to this guy at any cost  and  she has forgotten the love and affection... she has received from this family when compared to her dysfunctional cold family.Today when her Mum and Sister are trying to fan flames her FIL is trying to soothen nerves and calm matters .
Vikram, in the coming episodes is going to be in hot waters soon.The seductress is playing her field and laying the trap.Waiting for tmrw's episode of RAYA  trying to handle the energetic , naughty Shergill  brood LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLOur RAYA tmrw will have a lot on their plate...Waiting for some hilarious moments.LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Zubs...good job ClapClapClapClapClapClap

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hey thanks..

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great update. Thanks.

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thnxx 4 the update..

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Thanks a TON

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