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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Vjayam... Good one :)

Nice start for the week.

GW finally came to a realization that the idiot Lav doesn't deserve to be given a chance. She has nerve to tell GP that she will consider Nit is dead and will bring her kid all by herself. Why is in this Thendral all Ladies who are confident, independent and strong in their will are shown as -ve characters. All those things sounds stupid when it comes from these characters. And it make us feel such an attitude is not correct. In any case, Lav deserves more for her arrogance. LOL GW mentions that GP's wife tortured Lav. Feel like strangling her.

Aww loved all the scenes at TPS house. TPS feelings/emotions towards Lax and Bhu and T's towards her mom. Felt very sorry for both of them. Hugs to them both. First time they have made T to open up on her mother. As a small child how much should she have gone through. If only MM had been much loving to her. She was right on the point when she indicated her mother though she knew where she was, never made an attempt to meet her or to check up on her. Poor thing...

CT hasn't shown Bhu's real feelings toward the child she left behind. Once she indicated to Lax that she doesn't think about the other kid much as doing that will be doing dhroham for Lax and Prabha. Wonder how CTs are going to show Bhu's reaction when she knows T is her daughter.

Lax may listen to TPS and fire Lave. What will be Buvana's reaction once she knows about this. She will employ her back in a flash. Can Lax make Bhu to agree to fire Lav? BIG JOKE. I think Lav will be back at work in no time. Or Lav will in some way manipulate this story and make Bhu to take her in again. So I do not think she will loose her job this soon. My guess is CT will continue to maintain relationship between Bhu and Lav and to make them plan against TT.

Waiting for the rest of the episodes this week.

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maha2us IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
Thanks Jayashree for the wonderful update. The comments with the update and the colors you have chosen are all nice.
Laav and GW at the height of their arrogance. GP should probably be satisified by his efforts to see that the marriage is not broken. But the behavior of those two shameless women was too much and so he made the on the spot decision for ending the marriage. How will the efforts of TPS and TA help in reuniting Nitish and Laav? Things will happen as some of you suggested in which TPS talks to Dr: L on removing laav from the job. But the puzzle is how could Dr: L convince Bhuvana to remove Laav from the job?
@Mini: Your quote: 'But we still do not know why this shameless creature B left MM.' We may only be able to guess. B wanted to live in riches and so ensnared a richer person and if she had lived with MM, she must have satisfied with a life in a poor household.
But one thing I would say is just because Laav lost the job, will she learn her fault? Even if she learns her fault, she must be tested a lot before she is accepted again by Nitish because Nitish and GP had to take the brunt of a lot of arrogant behavior from laav and her mom. even then she must be accepted only if she agrees not to have communication with her mom.

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One question on what TPS did. It is OK, she was angry with Laxman for behaving with a weakness and not understanding TPS let Bhu do whatever she likes to with him. It is OK for her, leaving him also. In that case, why didn't she divorce laxman and made the clean end of the past? She was admirable, in that she didn't have affairs with any other person.
MM behaved totally opposite to TPS. What was the need of him to marry again without a divorce? But just to keep his relationship with Padma not go like that with Bhu, he let himself be cruel to T
@Sue Chechi: MM may not have any picture of Bhuvana, as he would have burned all her pictures to put away all the memory of her. (Didn't T suggest the same to C?) The way Padma is she would have forced him to do that as she is too possessive.
But T needn't have said, what could be the reason her mom left her. No mom has right to leave her child and a child has unconditional right to her mom and if a mom behaves that way, no doubt she is cruel.

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cutepair Groupbie

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the excellent update,Vijayam. Overall, a good episode.
Paavam GP,he came to compromise but couldnt put up with lav's behaviour and decided on div. Just like how B makes patient T get mad,this gw/lav kootani is making porumaisaali GP mad.
Mom/daughter aattam thaanga mudiyala. Enga thaan poi mudiyumo.
Felt sad seeing T talk about how she feels about her mom. Even now,she gives her mom the benefit of doubt that she might have been good . TPS' stand was good,why live with a man or pine for him who has ditched her.
TPS talking to lax might make lav out of job for one day maybe. Like Viswai said,B will reappoint her in no time,lax has no say in that matter. Something big has to happen for lav to realize her follies.

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Arizes. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Jaya...
A good start for the week...

So Now I am completely compromised that it is very good for Nitish to divorce Lavanya and go ahead looking his life. But I want Nitish to claim for the kid too and it is 100% good only when the kid grows with Nitish and his parents than to grow up with Lav and GW...They need to claim for the kid and somehow if Lav loses the job also...and so financially and also mentally the baby will have good atmosphere at Nitish place than to grow with Lavanya...Its better for the baby to be off w/o Lavanya as a mother and Lav shd be answered so...Nitish has to just tell...I m taking the baby with me and I will manage my baby when it asks for the mom saying the baby's mom is dead...Lav would know the pain of the words she used against Nitish...I wish this has to happen and then only GW/Lav would know the pain of Nitish dad/mom...Evil creatures need to suffer a lot...

TPS was just awesome...and as well expected...T/TPS sharing screens and TPS getting more screen space makes it fresh and good...hope to see more such scenes...and TPS going into depth of finding what is really in T's mind about mom is a way good and it was like she wants to get it from T"s mouth straight...she already knew how it might hurt T...but I want TPS to know how T suffered even in MM's hands...But T was just awesome in not giving up MM and took that his acts were bcos of her runaway mom's act...Just good...

So its a good move by TPS and making Lav lose job...Lav need to learn lessons hard...

Lakshman's or Bhu's act can never be justified even if they regret for their acts...They can never answer for the pains T/TPS(worst/most affected) underwent bcos of them...

Originally posted by Jan50

Tps has no idea how much La has hurt Nit, GP and Periamma. It was lot worse than what Lax did to her. Lax Atleast did what he did out of weakness of character which men are forgiven for saying "men will be men". He did not disrespect or hurt Tps and her mom. Where as La showed monstrous arrogance towards her husband and in laws. It is not just once but always.i don't like this Tps trying to help Ta' sister thinking she deserves it. Even TA is disregarding the limit to which his sister has stooped. 

Lakshman's and Lavanya's acts can never be compared at all...
Both are worst only at their own level...
If Lavanya  hurt many ppl by words...lakshman's/Bhu words hurt many people by their acts...
Lav's is ruining her own life by blvg her mom and acting like a loser w/o thinking any thing about her future and the unborn kid...
Lakshman and Bhu went several steps ahead of Lavanya, just for the sake of their own happiness runined two familes life and peace...
Its Lav ego which makes her commit mistakes upto hell but in case of Lakshman/Bhu it was utter cheap behaviour to leave their own family for their own sake...
In lav case, Lav is also a victim, though she does not realise now, time will make her realise...
But Lakshman/Bhu acts - they were never victims, they never bothred about ill talks about them too but only their family members were victims and even if they regret the pain they caused is caused and are never answerable...
Of all Lakshman doing it just bcos of his weakness or whatever is more than a crime and I would deftly say his acts are more than what Lav did...bcos, for Lav being so, Nitish was also one of the reason to give her more liberty when she spoke against his parents for the Nitish/Lav getting bothered bcos of her acts - both share responsibility...but Lakshman and Bhu case - they made others as victims and not themselves.

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thendralfan007 Senior Member

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Thanks Vjayam for the detailed update and good comments..!!Thumbs Up

So at last Lav's fate has been decided and finalised by her mother ... well well ... The fatso GW does not realise that her daughter's married life is over because GW Evil Smile still thinks that GP was only trying to threaten them and not really meaning what he had said (indha buchandi ku yelam nanga onno bayapada matom ... aaoon na divorce pandren mayrati panniya veka pakranga) ... well they are in for a shock Shocked ... Lav must have thought that her in-laws will keep begging her to come back for the sake of the baby ... but too late now to go back on her harsh words ... DeadDead

Maybe TPS does not want T to be hurt from the drama that is unfolding so she is trying to find out T's feelings towards her runaway mother ...  it was very heartbreaking Cry to hear T say that she has no opinion about a mother who was never there ...  and when T mentioned how horrible the thought of Bhu as her imaginary mother would be ... TPS would have decided that it would be better not to tell T about her mother at the moment ... ShockedConfusedOuch

So now TPS and her mother know the other side of the story ... how a man and his family suffers when the wayward wife absconds ... Clap

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 12:48am | IP Logged
What is GW idea when she said, 'Nit's mom has to take the legs of Laav and seek forgiveness.' As Karthikaa said, it is just caricaturing of the characters of the mom and daughter. She herself knows she is asking for something which is not going to happen. What she asked for doesn't help her but only satisfies her bloated ego. Interestingly good people never ask for apologies from others. Thulasi unconditionally accepted Shruthi can be her friend without expecting shruthi's apology. Thulasi or GP know expecting someone to apologize is really painful. GP really came down a lot. Was GW wanting just the separation of laav and Nit and that is the reason she made this unreasonable demand? That also for her own self-interest.  Even if GW believed, GP talks about divorce only to frighten them, how could she believe, GP will accept to this ridiculous demand? (Ridiculous because no elder is supposed to catch the legs of an younger person.)

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vjayam Goldie

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A nice episode..T's feelings abt her mom is a fresh and different perspective. Far from nurturing a desire to meet her, the feelings of hurt that she harbors at the thought that her biological mother has not even made an attempt to see her has been brought out realistically. Also her fear after having met bhuvana that what if her mother turns out to be nasty all the way shows the thinking that has gone on in T's mind since she has come face to face with another person who has forsaken her child (maybe she internally fears bhu being her mom as cud there be two of the same kind?)
TPS wanting to know T's feelings while considering to let her on into the truth and her feelings at coming face to face with T's feelings also shud be given a thumbs up...
whatever maybe the reason, but the fact that Lav is to be out of her job with bhu shud be a positive turn...

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