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The wise woman - Why Baa has acted the way she has (Page 3)

Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 7:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ani_gr

Nice always..Big smile..
I also think that Baa wants to know exactly what's in Rashi's mind.. She will figure that out and bring out hopefully...

Thanks ani.. Tongue
I think Baa is wise enough to see behind everyone's true intentions. Otherwise this kind of a move is totally unexpected from the old ladyBig smile

Originally posted by dipsy80

lovely post!Clap...i feel so much better after reading this!still i feel that if baa needed an accomplice she should have called nani!
i hope the CVs brains are working in the same direction as yours!Smile

Thank youTongue 
The CVs work better.. They will surely come up with something unexpected

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doc4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 8:08pm | IP Logged
Ur analysis showed the light at the end of the tunnel for me in ths track, thank u! Hug

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Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by munnihyderabad



Harini that is a classic post from youClap

Elderly and Wise people have a different way of doing things ... their ways are different but their aim is only one thing maintain family peace...teach the wrong doer

we think they are old... they are weak... but the thoughts of the old make you weak... they have their expertise and experience behind them and they have a reason for whatever they doBig smile

Baa's taunts on Koki

Harini..i am confused now... after reading ur post... i saw the episode... baa said the same words to both hetal and koki...agree she knows it's hetal who is changed... but she never taunted koki in the episode... all she said was same words to both of them.. baa said to gopi that "kokila is stubborn in her place and hetal is in a mode of answering back"

Hmmm.. I agree.. I watched the episode much later and I think Baa was not out of line. She did not taunt anybody. Actually she was right in the middle passing no judgement. I was proud of Baa today.

so there was not an instance where she taunted kokila more or hetal more...
there was not an instance that koki was targeted exclusively... 

I totally agree

if you are talking about something which we know...that  koki being right and hetal being wrong and still both receive the same taunts from baa, which  is not appreciable... and if that makes you feel koki is targeted... then i think baa, here is not deciding as who is right or who is wrong... she wants to teach them a lesson...and not to discuss who is right or wrong

Agree again. I do not think Baa was taking sides. She just wants her DILs together. She is not saying who is right or wrong and actually I do not think we can ourselves say what is right or wrong. All she is looking at is for Koki and Hetal to see what their relationship is 

as the decision of persons as right or wrong will make things go out of hand...
in the precap baa said a punching line -" that the trio should make hetal koki go through mental tension and emotional turmoil"

Yup.. She has a good plan. It may take only this fear and anguish of the split that will make Hetal to see what is wrong and Koki to introspect what went wrong. It is time as Baa said to correct this before the broken relationships start to decay further.

Gopi being sidelined in Baa's plan

i don't see it as gopi being sidelined...
.. for baa is a plan, an act ,,, a play... which true and humble and innocent people like gopi cannot carry out... she needed someone with the knack, someone with the a bit of nautanki is needed rashi is better than gopi in the nautanki and being knack

Me neither Munni. I think Baa is reluctant for she knows Gopi. But with Rashi bringing in Gopi for saving her own hide, Baa had no other option. But she assured Gopi to trust her..

if they are putting up an act gopi's face reveals everything.. she cannot be convincing hence may be rashi is given importance by baa in this execution of the planTongue

I do not even think Baa is giving importance to anybody.. neither Gopi nor Rashi. She wants her younger generation to help her out. More than Gopi, Rashi is eager, hence it may look like she is giving importance to Rashi. But I could not see anyConfused

rashi is the one who is given all the responsibilities... as baa knows.. if rashi is shouldered with responsibility she will be more focussed and she will be held responsible for anything wrong

Yes. And Rashi being the person who voiced the need to bring them together to Baa, naturally baa first turns to Rashi. Again I did not feel Rashi was given any undue importance. Actually I felt this was specially Baa's gave. She is taking Rashi and Gopi's help.. That is all.

i agree with u... the best outcome of the split is it will make koki away from rashi and hetal will have to deal with rashi and she will realize about koki and rashi in the process and in the end hetal will be full on saas to rashi
Hmm. That is my wish atleast. We talked of how when the exposure happens this time Hetal needs to take a decision and not Koki.. This is  just a preview to that

here i think baa is not supporting fact baa is involving or using rashi... for her plan to bring hetal koki together ...
Agree Totally partnerBig smile. .Baa has her own agenda..

hope i made sense and did not confuse you with my rantTongue

Munni.. You made perfect sense.. StarAnswers in Blue.. I think after watching the episode my views changed a bit on what Baa said to Koki but the crux remains.. Baa is playing her own game.. rashi and Gopi are just her helper elves.. She is the actual Santa making them do her work but she is not going to let them into her plans completely..Tongue

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Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Sandy914

Harini.. Great Post..Hope it happens the way u think.. but i am not convinced.. I am totally disappointed today:((( I felt like koki is lost to Rashi today.. Gopi is actually into the trap.. see the way baa is projecting rashi & gopi infront of everybody like both are same.. but in reality it is different.. they both can never compare.. Gopi is always think about family and their happiness where rashi only needs fights b/w them.. Koki will be disappointed in Gopi.. :((( and more hurt for her..

I can only think that Gopi will share this with Ahem.. then only she can save.. else Koki will be really mad at gopi for supporting their kalakari..

i felt so bad for Koki & Gopi today.. rashi.. evil, devil..!!( i know bashing is not allowed for fictional character, but i can't control my self)

Sandy.. We should be celebrating actually..  Do not feel disappointed.. 
Nobody lost but a family gained today. If the bitterness had continued without this shock then as Baa said the actual relationship would have rotten giving a stench and then Rashi would have won.. But by doing this, Baa just saved a family and a beautiful relationship.
Baa is doing everything for a reason. When she said what she did it was to drive home a point and not for comparison. She assured Gopi with her eyes that she stay calm. 
As for Koki getting disappointed in Gopi, that will not happen. First Baa will not allow that to happen and then when Koki comes to know why Gopi sided Baa she will be proud. Koki is not going to be angry with Gopi at any cost... 
Don't feel bad.. Today was good. It showed everyone how the others stood. Hetal now knows how Koki and Gopi feel.. So things will improve soon.Tongue

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Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vinder90

very good posts by everyone, i have nothing to say, apart from hope, that Rahi's true colors get exposed soon, coz I cant see Rashi getting credit for a good thing while she does not deserve it at all.. If it werent for Gopi's challenge which no one knows about, Rashi would not have talked to baa at the mandir

but i have good hopes for Koki, she will emerge a lot stronger,

Vinder.. This track is especially to bring the older generation closer. Will Rashi take credit? I doubt it.. If this turns out as I think this would, Baa will show everyone why this happened and Rashi smile will be wiped off completely. 
Koki will emerge stronger and wiser. She will choose her battles better from now onBig smile

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ANJ4 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Very nice ananlysis , keep my finger crossed  ... hope it turns out the way you say.
Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by NazmaJ

Excellent post Harini!!

I enjoyed today's episode and it highlighted the difference in the four DILs of the house.
Kokila has been strong all her life and even now is taking the circumstances within her stride. Yes she is upset but she has exercised a rigid control over her feelings and ensured she was able to face whatever was coming.
Hetal has completely dissolved into emotionalism here. She's upset and rightly so - she didn't imagine that this would happen, however it shows her character through and through. The lady needs someone to lean on whether it be Koki, Chirag or Jigar.
Gopi is upset because the people she loves are being hurt and even though she knows that it's an act by Baa the emotions are real therefore she feels their pain.
Rashi however is focussed on the fact that her and baa's plan is working. Her immaturity shines through because she cannot empathise with the fact that forget Kokila but her own MIL is in pain at the thought of a split. It doesn't really matter that it's fake. More than that she can see how upset Jigar is but that doesn't impinge on her emotions either.

It just shows the truth and depth of feeling that the other ladies have and it should be obvious to Gopi ans baa too!

Thanks Nazma..Big smile
The reactions of all Bahus told us exactly where they stand. Rashi, only thought of herself.. She sees herself being free from Gopi's ultimatum and also enjoying Baa's confidence..
Hetal is just Hetal. She did not expect the split and is really sad.. She still looks for others to solve her problems for her.. 
Koki was dignified but we can see how affected she is because of the split. She has more questions than answers now for Mota Bhabhi.
Gopi is a darling. She feels the pain for everyone.. 
What I liked was the way the men reacted. Jigar as usual tried to joke his way through and was admonished correctly. The older men were told that they did not concentrate on the important stuff.. As for Aham, he was asked to look at relations like relations and not official work.. Baa has caught the pulse of the entire family  and that gives me great confidence.
She would have caught the pulse of the younger DILs too.. Lets see what Baa has in store for usBig smile

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Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by suk19

nice analysis by everyone Clap

Thanks SukBig smile

Originally posted by swasthi

Great post Harini.
Yes, Baa is very wise indeed.
She is playing devil's advocate by deepening the rift between Kokila and Hetal and converting it into reality. She is making her DILs to have a taste of what the possibility could be should the separation be carried out.
Baa wants to involve the entire family so that each and every family member can reset their thoughts and behave as one family.
In a situation like in a family, the genuine, heartfelt members feel it instantly, like Gopi and Jigar; the ones who are willing to play the game will reveal their true colours along the way, as in the case of Rashi.
What would be even better is whether Baa, through this process ,will be able to reveal to all the real culprit, using her Poirot moment again.

Swasthi, Baa is doing everything possible to make her family see their shortcomings.. I think she has made the men aware that sticking to office and letting the house without caring about what is happening cannot be ever good.. 
And the fear of an actual split will make her DILs come to the realization of what is going wrong quicker.. If in the process Rashi's true colors are seen then good but I think one way or the other, her shortcomings are going to be seen soonTongue

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