Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Is Fairywale tale ko kya naam doon! Part 3 pg 9

JWMRK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Babykins JW want to tell you a storyBig smile
Long time back had done a similar thing...and since I am either truly inspired or truly it is

Once upon a time, in the prosperous kingdom of Raizadakhaanpaandaan, a little princess was born to a gentle Queen Mommy and a handsome King Daddy, in their palace called Shantivan.Party The Princess was so delicate, that if you spoke a little loudly, her head would hurt, if you touched her, her skin would hurt, basically everything would hurtOuch. Seeing her Queen Mommy, King Daddy, Palace Shantivan, Kingdom Raizadakhaanpaandaan everything hurt.Ouch

The Queeen and King were devoted to the Princess and named her Anjali, hoping that she is an offering sought with devotion from God.
And then a few years later a prince was born to Queen Mommy and King Daddy. Baby Prince however did not hurtBig smile.
The gentle Queen Devi was wise and had no viceEmbarrassed, the handsome king however drank to his hearts delightLOL. But they loved each other spent their life in mirth; they were both delighted at their childern's birth. PartyDancing
The Prince was born in spring time, where the air flew gently through the kingdom...soothing the baby to sleep. The first words the baby Prince uttered was "Ar...Maa...jr" Blushing. It reminded the King and Queen of Arjun, the warrier prince who was Lord Krishna's tool to let his followers know of the Karma and soul. Seeing the angelic face of the prince and hearing his first words, the King and Queen called him Arnav. Embarrassed Prince Arnav grew up happy and contented. All the kingdom was quite sure he would grow up to be a great and kind Prince and a handsome young man. Embarrassed

But alas, a wicked witch who lived in the woods near the kingdom was chanting away some verses over a boiling pot of muddy water. Evil SmileThe Witch wanted to control Kingdom Raizadakhaanpaandaan. The Witch boiled the muddy water and chanted "4 Lions, TRP, hosh hue goom, Mitti oh mitti, dikhado apni dhoom". And voila the muddy water said "What do you wish, oh Witch". "Raizadakhaanpaandaan, oh muddy water", the Witch said. The Muddy Water replied "Raizadakhaanpaandaan can be prosperous and yours only if Princess Anjali and Prince Arnav is kept under control. But for that you need to assume control their parents". The witch asked "How do I do that Oh muddy water". "Here take this Mirror" , the muddy water said. A mirror emerged Shockedand it spoke. "This is a magical mirror. Any good soul who looks into and speaks to it will hear abuses and will be possessed. Only a true Prince and his true love can bring them back to life by destroying the mirror.Embarrassed But, but, but. If the Mirror falls in the hands of a wicked person, the Mirror will change and speak only good things". The Witch was happy and could see her plan of capturing Kingdom Raizadakhaanpaandaan meet with success. Evil Smile


Armed with the magical mirror the Witch assumed the form of a beautiful woman Winkand went to Shantivan Palace. Some preparations were being made to get the young Princess Anjali engagedBig smile. "My greetings your Majesty, I come from a far off land and wish to present a dance". The King and Queen graciously encouraged the Witch to dance. ClapThe witch began singing "Maiyya Maiyya gulabi taarey chunle tare chun, Maiyya Maiyya mere dil ke aainey mein ho jaa goom".


However, the Kingdom's wise counsellor, the RaaniDaadimaa, got wind of some hanky panky and kept a close eye on the dancing Witch. Geek By the end of the dance, King Daddy who was constantly drinking was madly in love with the WitchSilly. The Witch took leave, winked at King Daddy,Wink enamoured him and started walking to a soonsaan vacant outhouseWink. A smitten King Daddy followed herTongue. RaaniDaadiMaa immediately told the Queen and they too followed King Daddy and the Witch. They took along their trusted lieutenants Count Mama and his wife Countless Mami.

Once in the soonsaan vacant outhouse the Witch assumed her true form "Ha Ha Ha King, har chehre ke peeche ek naqaab hota hai. Wines kya pi raha hai murkh, isse dimaag aur character donon dheela hota hai. Ab tu bachke kahaan jaayega, mujhe tera rajya dede he he ha ha"Evil Smile. Just then RaaniDaadiMaa struck the Witch and in the ensuing fight Queen Mommy and King Daddy were killedDeadRaaniDaadiMaa, Count Mama and Countless Mami wept at Queen Mommy and King Daddy's demise CryCryand then began to go back to Shantivan. But an object caught Countless Mami's attention. It was the Mirror. ...

The innocentCountless Mamilooked into it and true to its word, the Mirror spoke "Aina wahi rehta hai, chehre badal jaate hain. Aaj se bewakoofon, tumhaare iraade bure ho jaate hain. Karna padega Prince Arnav to work subah shaam, tabhi milegi tumhe daulat, aish aur araam. Woh ek prince hain, jo tod sakta hai is spell ko, usey apney control mein kar lo, aur ho jaao invincible tum"...and as expected Countless Mami was possessedDead. And so the nice Countless Mami turned wicked. She immediately threatened RaaniDaadiMaa and Count Mama of their life, and they were left to her device.Ouch

They went back to Shantivan and Princess Anjali came running. Counless Mami struck her so hard she fell down and hurt her leg. It hurt her more and more and she almost lost her life...she then clinged to her little brother Prince Arnav to shield her day and night.Ouch Unable to bear his sister's hurt Prince Arnav begged Counless Mami for mercy. But she demaanded money in return. The poor prince wept in sadness,

"Main kabhi batlaata nahin, par tumhise dar lagta hain mom.

Kahaan kho gayi ho tum, meri mom, Kahaan kho gayi ho tum, meri mom

meri maaa...meri maaaCryCry"

...Hmmn, but the cruel Countless Mami did not relent, and RaaniDaadiMaa and Count Mama did not help.Cry Prince Arnav realised that if Princess Anjali has to live his childhood has to die, and so he began to work, and work and work, day and night he began to work.

The cruel Countless Mami kept a tight watch on Princess Anjali and threated Prince Arnav that she will torture Princess Anjali day and night ...and so she made sure he worked in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. Cry And at the end of each work day and night, a pot of gold, silver, copper and diamonds shining bright were delivered found at the doorstep of Shantivan. ShockedTongue

And so Prince Arnav became a puppet in the hands of the possessed Countless MamiCry. Each day Countless Mami would stand in front of the mirror and ask ..Mirror Mirror on the wall, who has Prince Arnav at their beck and call... and the Mirror would answer ..You my Mami, You my Mami... And then she would ask ..Mirror Mirror on the wall, who has Prince Arnav's wealth and all..and the Mirror would answer ...You my Mami, You my Mami.

Days went by...and Princess Anjali turned into a lovely maidenEmbarrassed...but more timid, more scared, with only prayers to help her occupy her mind.
As for Prince Arnav, he turned into a young handsome princeEmbarrassed, working day and night to help his sister survive.
Until one day Princess Anjali turned up with a handsome man named Colonel Shyamoo...She was obviously smitten by him and had married him. Prince Arnav thought thank God, now my sister is safe...little did he know that Colonel Shyamoo was actually the witchEvil Smile, in a man's bhes (disguiseLOL)...So Colonel Shyamoo also parked himself in Shantivan.
And now Prince Arnav had to work some more help both his sister and Colonel Shyamoo survive.

Endwaa of Partwaa 1LOL


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Arnav_Fan Senior Member

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If only CVs would take this idea and run with it!!!! You come up with some seriously funny stuff!!!! Col Shyamoo is witch in man's disguise. Married to Princess Anjali. Hmmm, So this is what the promised SP's "nayi soch" has been about, and we missed it all these months!!!

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prathikri IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 11:00am | IP Logged
What a perfect description to today's episode .. 
Please are you going to pen partwaa 2 also ?

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SillyPepper IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 11:03am | IP Logged

I rweally hav no patience 2 write a fairywale tale,though I wish I cud!

OK my opinions on the POGO epi

1. I never knew  18-20 years  believed Shaitan to dat extent dat they scream wid a energy enuf 2 produce electricity for 2 cities...oh well! dat s for bubbly-ness

2. Though those kids luked older 2 believe in fairy tales(sacchi mein , my 6-7 year old cousins do not believe(side note-u wonder, dat I got cousins at dat age ?! It happens wen u got lot of uncles n aunts, heck wen I visit my grandparents during vacations it wud like standing in a nursery for
kidsLOL) they were funny

3,Arnav was cute with kids

4.I liked the note passing thru kids

5.. Mami was funny...Arnav bituwa hint... hint...

6.payal grinning for phati sari digs?! pata nahi kya hua!

Errr...J! Twist in fairy tale

Arnva s the witch actually n Shyam is the prince...they both got switched by the wicked nurse!
OMG! dat wud make Shyam n Anjali  as siblings and dat wud acct 2 incest! Scratch dat ...let us keep it  this way...Shyam was prince of some other kingdom who was kidnapped by the witch n Arnav was the witch who was brought up by the king accidentally...but how?! who knows! let us ask CVs!

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JWMRK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Yup you can see I am tired of one miligram of sense and 899888888888889999 tonnes of no-sense
so thought why not make a fool of displaying my pathetic attempt at a fairy taleROFL
Partwaa 2 has the entry of you know who

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SunoNa... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 11:09am | IP Logged
res will edit back about ur post..

This is my take on today'sepi.. 

Today's epi was convincing enough..
Beauty and the Beast .. Wow, what a nice way to portray Arnav and Kushi.

Beast : Unlike the fairy tale Beast who as a young Prince  lived in shining castle had everything his heart desired , who was spoiled , selfish and unkind and was punished to be a beast by a old women .. This beast Arnav is of a different kind, he as a Prince rather lost his shining castle, lost what his heart desired his Mom , the burden and his terrible pain made him go selfish and ruthless and he himself turned to be a Beast by shutting all his desires and pain.. 
Beauty: Rather than like the fairy tale beauty where her father a merchant is caught by Beast while making a mistake in his territory and asked to bring his daughter to him, our beauty Kushi is herself the merchant here, She commits a mistake by hiding a very important truth from Beast which shatter's his territory , he himself asks her to get married to him .. 

I liked the way this was played out today. 

So now Kushi has started realizing her Prince charming and the Beast in her life are one and the same, and Arnav listening to her calling him Beast and while talking about prince the way he gets so painful thinking its Shyam to later hear that he himself is that Prince.. Very nicely done.. 
Loved their interaction with Kids,Arnav would be a great dad LOL. Not very mushy mushy one but a very mischievous one, rather the one how every child would like to play with his dad , be mischievous .. 
Their exchange of letter's, i can so imagine their future fights and them, involving their kids to be mediatorsLOL 

Loved mami's lineLOL

So like the fairy tale Beauty Kushi will run to her Beast when she feels he is going to die or when she will feel she will loose him completely , and will her confession kill the beast in him ?? 

I would want all his daemons to be killed but not the Beast himself. She will have to accept him as both ASR and Arnav , that's what makes him special. Few traits never die.. 

Im so frustrated with SBS .. She is gopi vohu mode.. And changed his shirts with those awful chamkeela colored shirts.. The moment i think of her part of realization, OTT ness ruins her characterization for me.. 

Seriously, i would love to go with Shrami on this, Beast Arnav and Prince Shyam. Kushi confesses her love that kills the beast.. 

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DiamondLife IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Loved it..
Part 2 please...
I loved the fact that shyamwa is witch!!!LOL

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LuvBarunSanaya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged
You cracked me up!! ROFL
loved it!!

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