Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OS - Saath - Epilogue/Pg 19

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The morning rays had made his way'''. The sun was rising at its full''.. It was a beautiful morning''.


One side someone was very excited''' that he is going to tell his feeling to her'''.  He was in his own world'''.


Suddenly someone called him'''.


Maan Maan''' Breakfast is ready beta''. Come fast'''..


Maan: Yes Mom '''


On the other side'''.


Geet Beta its morning utho abhi ''  Don't know what will you do after marriage'''


Listening this Geet immediately got up: Mom I am not going to get married so soon''


Mrs Handa: Har koi yahi kehta hai''' Now get ready fast''. Waise Maan is coming''..


She got excited: Wow'' But why is he coming so early in the morning'''


Mrs Handa: how do I know??? He is your friend''..


Yes Maan and Geet are best friend. Khurana's and Handa's were family friends'..  Maan was elder to Geet but they would share everything'''


The friendship was such that no one dared to say against them'' If by mistakenly someone would say anything to either of them then that person was gone''''  By time Maan had started developing feeling for Geet but Geet never realized it'' She always thought to be her best friend''' This bonding was always liked by their parents''.. Mr and Mrs Khurana always wanted Geet to be their daughter in law and Mr and Mrs Handa wanted Maan to be as son in law''. But they were just waiting for Geet to complete her studies'.. They thought that they love each other''. By time Maan had started developing feeling for Geet but Geet never realized it'' She always thought to be her best friend'''


Maan had come to pick Geet as soon as Geet saw Maan she just went and hugged him''..


Geet: kya baat hai aaj janab ko mere liye subha subha time mil gaya'''


Maan putting his hand on her shoulder: kya karu kabhi kabhi mil jata hai nakchadi se milne ko time''.


Geet(angry tone): What did you say?? Nakchadi wait'''


Maan started running and Geet behind him''.


Mr. Handa came and told: What is this happening''.. you both are not going to improve at all'''.

Mrs Handa: Both have become big but they still fight like child''. Chalo now have breakfast fast'''..


Maan: ya aunty I have lot of work in office'' I am not free like her'' doing nothing'''.


Geet: Oye Hello''. Even I have college understood'''


Mr. Handa: Chalo now stop fighting and have breakfast'''


While they were having breakfast Pinky and Adi had come''. Adi was Geet's elder brother and Pinky was her sister in law''' but the relationship between Pinky and Geet was more like friends and Adi and Maan were good friends''..


Adi (just to tease more): Waise Dad, Geet is right Maan does not have any work hai na Geet''..


This hurted Geet''


Geet: Bhai, what do you know''.. How much does Maan work hard''


Adi (almost laughing): Ha we don't work only'''.


Geet: Ya I know''' don't work'''


Pinky:  Geet relax''.. Adi was just teasing you''.


Geet: Don't you say anything against him'''


Adi: ok then I will say against you''..


Geet: No why should you say anything against me also'' Maan I am supporting you and you are not even saying anything''.. Bhai is just saying all this to me'''.


Maan(teasing): What should I say''. I think Adi is right''..


Geet (angry): Sab ke sab mile hue hai''.. I am going'''


Mr Handa: Where???


Geet: College''.. where else''..


Maan: Come I will drop you'''..


Geet: No need'' I will go''.. and walks out'''


Maan goes behind her'''.


Pinky: Kitni pyari Jodi hai dono ki'''..


Mrs: Handa: True Pinky''' but how much Geet fights with Maan''..


Adi: Don't worry Mom''. Who to sirf mazak mai otherwise kisi ki himmat ki Maan ko uske samne koi kuch keh sake''


Mr. Handa: Hope they become one soon''.


On the other side


Mrs. Khurana: I was thinking why don't we talk to Mr and Mrs Handa for Maan and Geet''' Atleast we can do engagement and marriage we can do it later'..


Mr. Khurana: ya I think you are right let us talk to Maan first''..


Mrs. Khurana: What problem would he have'''.


Mr. Khurana: Then too we need to ask him once''..



Maan goes to drop Geet''..  In the car also the teasing session continued''


Maan noticed that Geet was very happy'''..


Maan: Geet''.


Geet: Ha''.


Maan: Can I ask you something'''


Geet: Maan''. Tumhe kab se permission leni pad gayi''.


Maan wanted to say her that he has started loving her but thought that this is not the right place to say''. He will arrange it in special manner''..


Geet: Maannn


Maan: What??? Why are you screaming''.


Geet: You were lost somewhere''' acha bolo to what you want to ask''.


Maan: Nothing''..


Geet: Maan bolo na otherwise you know how will I feel'''..


Maan: Tell me I have been noticing this since last many days'' You seem very happy now a days''' Kya Baat hai'''


Geet (with shy): Who Maan''.. actually'''..


Maan notices that blush on her face''. And thinks even she has the same feeling as he is having''..


Maan: Bolo na Geet'''


Geet: Will tell you later''' Bye have to go'''.


Maan just see her running towards college''.. And smiles and says: I love you Geet''. I just can't wait to tell you and hear it from you'''  I think even she has the same feeling as I am having''.. Now I will arrange something special Geet for you'''..


Whole day goes'.. Maan, Adi were busy in office and Geet was busy in college'. And other family members were busy in their work'''.


Maan received a call from home to come early''' Maan reached home and saw his Mom and Dad were ready to go somewhere''..


Maan: Mom, Dad'' are you both going somewhere''. And why did you both called me from office so soon''..


Mr. Khurana: Relax Beta''. Actually we are going to see a girl for you''..


Maan(shocked): What??? But ''.


Mrs. Khurana: And I know you will also like her'''.. and you are coming with us''.


Maan:  I am not coming anywhere and you both are also not going''' I am not getting married'''.

Mr. Khurana: Geet se bhi nahi''..


The facial expression just changed of Maan'' The happiness could be seen on his face''''.


Mrs Khurana: Theek nai nahi jate'' Bol dete that we are not coming''..


Maan: nahi nahi''. I mean''.


Mr. Khurana: Now go and get ready fast''.. they must be waiting for us''.


Maan got ready and they all went to Handa house'''.


Mr and Mrs Handa were waiting for them''. They welcomed them''. Though they were family friends but today they are going to get attached in different relation'''

All were very happy''.. The happiness on their face was of no bound''..


Maan eyes were searching only Geet as she was not to be seen anywhere''.


Pinky noticed that and decided to tease him''


Pinky: Maan'' whom are you searching??? Everyone is here'''


Maan: Who no one'''..


Pinky: Oh really then tumhara dhyan kaha hai'''.


Maan: It is here only'''.


Mrs Handa (smile on her face): Pinky''. Stop teasing him'''. Maan beta Geet must be coming she had gone to her friend's place''..


As soon as she said this Geet entered''.


Adi: Lo jiska intezar tha who agayi'''


Geet got excited seeing everyone''. She immediately went and hugged Mr and Mrs Khurana'''


Geet: What a pleasant surprise''. Wow everyone together'' How are you uncle, aunty''.


Mr and Mrs Khurana: we are fine beta'''.


Mr. Khurana:   So Geet from today onwards we are your Mom and Dad and not uncle and aunty''..


Geet looked confused to everyone trying to gather what is happening'''.


Mr Handa: I have spoken to Panditji Maan and Geet's engagement is been fixed after one month exactly from today'''.


Geet almost had tears in her eyes''.. Maan saw the change of expression on her face'''..


Geet without saying anything just went away to her room''..  Others thought she was feeling shy so she went away'''


Pinky was about to go behind Geet''' But Maan stopped her''.


Maan: Bhabhi if I can just go to her'''


Pinky: Ohh ya sure why not'''..


Maan looked to Mrs. Handa for permission'''.


Mrs. Handa: Maan Beta you can go and meet her'''.


As soon as Maan entered her room''' he was shocked to see the condition of room''. All clothes were shattered'''. she was crying''..


Maan hold her from shoulder: Geet kya baat hai'' you are not happy''..


Geet: Maan''.. I cannot marry you''.


Maan whole world shattered but somehow controlled himself'''.. : I think I am not worth you'''


Geet: No Maan don't say I like this'''. Actually I love someone else'''.


Maan just closed his eyes in pain but Geet could not see that'''. She herself was in her own thought'''''


Maan: What is his name''..


Geet: Dev'''.. I love him very much''.. I cannot live without him''' This is what I wanted to tell you in the morning'''''


Maan: Don't worry I will do something to stop this engagement''..  We have one month in hand''.. Before that we will tell everything but slowly''.


Geet hugged him: Maan you are so nice''. Thank you for your support''''


Least did Geet knew that Maan can do anything for her happiness but he himself was feeling the pain of losing her''''



Part II to be continued

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Part 2 - Page 9


Hello guys... I hope you all like this OS... This is Part 1... It will be of only 2 parts...

Please do press like and do comments... Your comment really means a lot to me...

Will be waiting for your response...

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awesume FF...

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Hi thanks 4 da pm n intense n sad update! Maan loves Geet n wants to marry her n sp does their parents bt Geet loves Dev, poor Maan! Update soon

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thanx for pm

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Awesome... hope geet realizes Maan's love and marries him!!!!

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nyc os
maan luv's her so much n geet luv sum1 else *me crying*

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   Love it graphics

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