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OS:Her questions can wait, her pain can wait(ARHI)

gheet Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 9:11am | IP Logged

Her questions can wait, her pain can wait..

"So? So what if he married me to save his sister's life?" she countered without a hint of the turmoil in her heart shown on her beautiful face. He looked at her, lost. His eyebrows twitched incredulously. What's wrong with this woman? "Khushiji! Are you listening? He knows!"

"I heard you the first time!" Don't Khushi! Don't give up now. Show him it doesn't matter, this is between you and Arnavji. He doesn't need to know. She turned almost lazily as if what she heard moments ago is nothing and continue to stir the hot tea with sugar nonchalantly, when in real she felt as if someone has ripped her heart out and trampled it into pieces and she knew for definite she won't be able to find the pieces ever again.

"What's wrong with you?" he almost shouted,grabbed her arm and turned her to face him. Gritting his teeth, he uttered each word, "He hates you. He will ruin you and leave you on street when he is done! Rakshas! Isn't that what you used to call him and now he is your husband? I love you. You know I will treat you better than him!"

Her eyes are spitting fire, furiously she pulled her arm, ignoring the pain "What my husband feels for me or what I feel for him has nothing to do with you. It is between the two of us and I love his hate more than your so called love. Sam je app!" she snarled. He moved dangerously close, "You think I will just sit and watch? Husband huh? What if there is no husband?" he smiled disgustingly. That did it. She was holding up for so long but not anymore not when the creep threatened her with her husband's life. She turned, grabbed the hot jug containing tea and plunged it harshly to his body as if it is not just tea but sword. He yelped in pain, moving backwards away from her. What he saw, though he didn't want to admit it, terrified him. Her eyes are dangerously fierce, her hand fisted to her side, " Touch him, even a breadth of his hair, I will forget you are Di's husband! I will forget you are her unborn child's father! I will forget that I'm digesting you for her! I will do more than throwing hot tea on you and I won't regret a bit. The whole Laxmi Nagar will be here to testify against you trickery to my family!"

She let out the heated breath that she has been holding. Relaxing her stance, as if nothing happened she spoke in a very calm voice, "It's for Di, only for her. Since Arnavji knows your true color now I'm not worried anymore. We will take care of her. Aap jese kamina insan ki zarurat nahi ye Di ko. Chodethije unne. Leave her and get lost from here now," looking at him flinching with pain she smiled mockingly, "prepare a good excuse when Di ask the cause of your burn." She turned around swallowing the sob that has been threatening to release for so long oblivious to the fact that the hot tea didn't just burn the creep but also the Rakshas who has been controlling her life, commanding her and left her with nothing but pain to bear. The Rakshas was burnt into flames, standing there and watching his wife's stiff back, listening to her muffled sobs now is Arnav, Khushi's Arnav.

He wanted to intervene but he halted, the very moment Sham threatened to hurt him, it was not the creep's empty threat that stopped him it was the sheer beauty of his wife's possessiveness and love. Yes, unconditional love that shone through her doe eyes. Her regal claim that she would not think twice to hurt him if anything happens to her husband. To say he was shocked would be an understatement, he was spellbound, amazed and that very moment his respect for this wonderful woman heightens. This is Khushi, who knows only to love and protect who she loves at any cost, even her own life. His Khushi, Khushi who made him of all people to fall in love. How did he fail to see this innocence?No! It wasn't completely Sham's fault. He fed him with lies but he was blinded by his rage and his cynicism and insecurity got the better of him. He chose to believe that she is capable of ruining his sister's life. He chose to believe the she doesn't love him after all he doesn't deserve her love does he? He believed she choose the sweet Sham over him. Why would she love him? But she does. And he ruined everything, he dug his own grave and he dug it very deep. He laughed mirthlessly, well Arnav Singh Raizada does everything perfectly even if it is to kill his own love. He killed it perfectly without mercy.

He was sitting on his cabin's floor not knowing for how long. Pieces of glass shattered around him, outcome of his early outburst. He destroyed almost everything in his cabin, still not satisfied. He wanted to destroy himself for hurting her. The long glass piece in his hand cutting deep into his flesh but the pain in his heart was more excruciating. He couldn't face her just now without dealing with his guilt. He left as he always does, away from everyone, away from her, oblivious to the fact that she had been calling him franticly for the past few hours. But, he needed to see her, her eyes and apologize. He needed to tell her why it matters to him when she is hurt. He needed to tell her that he didn't mean any of the insults and taunts and he meant every single of his pretentious sweet gestures, his fake love play in front of his Di, it was not fake. He did mean it, she does look beautiful when she is angry. But, Arnav Singh Raizada is a man of few words and he messes up every time he try to express how sorry he is to his wife.

Khushi couldn't take it anymore. She wanted to talk to him and the Laad Govenor was not picking up his phone at all. The first hour she was desperate to get hold of him so that she can clear his stupid suspicion and give her piece of mind. She was very angry. How could he even think she loves Sham?Someone's husband, Di's husband. Then, she cried her heart out. Of course he believes I'm a home wrecker. Doesn't he call me gold digger, someone who will do anything for money. He always believe the worst of me, why? Because I'm poor? But he doesn't treat jiji this way.Or because I'm an orphan? But he was sorry when I told him about my parents. Why does he hate me so much? Devi Maiyya why do I love someone who hates me so much? She didn't realize until she spoke the last line out loudly to her Devi Maiyya. Love? I love him! God what have I done? How could I let this happen? She cried more. How could I love someone who hates love. Someone who hates me!

Four hours passed, she was on the verge of panic now. He couldn't be reached. He was still not home. And nobody knows anything. Akash seemed to be very casual about it, "maybe Bhai is busy at office Khushiji. You know when he is immersed in his work he doesn't answer his call." He gave his trade mark smile and left.

"Ha, Akash is right Khushi. Some foreign deal perhaps, that is why he is working late at night. He will come back when he is done. You should eat and sleep. Chote is not a small boy you know though we call him chote," laughing lightly, Anjali of all said this and the other were nodding their heads agreeing and teasing her for being very anxious to be with her husband. Sham was smirking dangerously, Khushi didn't like it at all and she couldn't handle her family's nonchalance about the matter. No, he wouldn't dare not today itself after she warned him. She was dialing his office number furiously again, walking towards their room. She was worried, worried for his safety. Something was wrong.

The person in front of him is not Arnav Singh Raizada. Hari Prakash didn't even know whose incarnation is the man stood at the door. He is so disheveled and in such a mess. His jacket hung loosely in his bloody hand, his eyes blotched red, shoulders slumped and defeated. No this is not Arnav Singh Raizada!

"Arnav Bhaiya.." he called in such fearful voice causing the entire family to rush to the door. He was looking at everyone but no one in particular, his eyes searching ignoring his Di's 'chote'. Nani was shaking him for answer, Akash by the side holding his arm. Mamiji with her usual chattering. But he didn't hear any of it, didn't see any of them.

"Khushi..,"he uttered, painfully low that at first they were not sure if they even heard him. But she did, "Kaha te aap?" she almost shouted. She was running no she was flying from the steps to him, to his side, by his heart where she belongs. Yes this where she belongs he thought looking at her. The others moved, giving her space because somehow they realized he didn't recognize anybody but her.

She looked at him and she forgot everything. Her questions can wait, her pain can wait. He is hurt and that what matters now. She held his left hand and he grabbed it almost instantly. His eyes didn't leave hers and it didn't go unnoticed by others. "Kya hua aap ko?Why didn't you answer the phone?Do you know how long I have been looking for you?I couldn't reach you..where were you?" she asked, her voice filled with pain and it doubled the moment she saw his other hand. She gasped, threw his jacket aside and covered his hand with her duppatta. Frustrated that the blood doesn't stop oozing from his hand, angry tears trailed down her cheeks.

"Hamesha itna gussa kyu karte ye aap?" he just looked at her amazed how well she knows him, she knew he had done this to himself. Failing to stop the blood she looked around as if someone should do something and they were not. The entire family just stood there watching the impossible, Arnav Singh Raizada in his vulnerable state hanging on his wife as if his life depends on it. They couldn't believe their eyes, failed them to react until they heard Khushi Singh Raizada's shout.

"Jejaji, why are you standing there doing nothing? Call the doctor. The blood is not stopping. I can't stop it from bleeding! Do something, someone!" she screamed angrily mirroring her husband. They moved then, Akash just nodded reaching for his phone. Anjali seemed to realize that she shouldn't or can't interfere and mother her Chote now because he needed only Khushi. She had been watching him since he walked in the house, he saw only Khushi and their held hands. There was something so profound about what she saw, yes the power of love, pure unadulterated love of two people. She decided then to let Khushi to take over, and that she did in excellent fit of being Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. In minutes, she shouted various orders to everyone and they did scramble to do her bidding. She successfully brought Arnav to their room, seated him at her side of the bed. He was still holding her hand, she was sitting next to him on his side of the bed, with her other hand she tried to wash of the blood using the cotton and warm water that Hari Prakash brought to vain. The bleeding was not stopping. They just watched, Khushi seemed to be oblivious to Arnav's eyes on her. She just wanted to stop the bleeding, to stop his pain and she cried harder when she failed. Then he flinched, reacting to his pain she thought but actually to her tears. She instantly cupped his face, "sorry, is it hurting a lot? What happened Arnavji?" she asked softly. "Why do you do this always? I can't stop the bleeding..Arnavji," she wailed.

She looked at the family, angry that they didn't listen to her earlier. "Jeejaji, the doctor?" she questioned Akash and before he answered Hari Prakash voiced, "the doctor is here.".Khushi looked up to the doctor, "he is bleeding and it is not stopping, do something!"

"Don't worry Mrs.Raizada, let me see." He grabbed Arnav's hand and started his prodding when suddenly Arnav hissed lightly, Khushi screamed, "Be careful! Can't you see he is in pain!". The doctor was shocked, meekly nodded his head realized Khushi's temper is as formidable as her husband's again this didn't go unnoticed by the entire Raizada clan. What made them wonder is Arnav Singh Raizada was not reacting to his pain as much he his to his wife and it seems that his wife was the only who didn't notice this and saw only his pain. Arnav turned slightly to her side, putting his head on her shoulder and bringing their hands close to his heart. Today, he just wanted her close, he is always better with action than words. He will show her, today that he needs her the most, he is nothing without her. Instinctively, Khushi ruffled his hair softly, holding him, taking his pain. Again, the family was wonderstruck, it was so unlikely of Arnav Singh Raizada to depend on someone and that too to his young wife. They realized then no matter how hard he refuse he loves Khushi irrevocably. Anjali and Nani looked at each other, teared up and smiled. Sham on the other hand was boiling hard with jealousy and anger.

The doctor was dressing his wound, telling them he needs to be careful because of his diabetist. It is very difficult to stop his bleeding and the wound will take time to heal. Khushi promised she will personally dress his wound everyday. The doctor advised him to eat something, take his diabetic tablet and the pain killers he has prescribed. Akash led the doctor outside the room. Khushi shifted slightly, "suniye," she uttered softly. He looked at her, she tried to remove her hand from his clasp but he held tightly,shaking his head. She was surprised but somehow understood. "I'll just go and get you something to eat." He shook his head again denying, not letting her go. She looked around found Payal, "Jiji.." "It's ok Khushi, I will bring the food," she answered immediately understanding her sister. "Payal, bring something for Khushi as well, she has not eaten anything," Anjali suggested, smiled slightly at her Chote.

She walked towards him, cupped his cheek "eat the medicine Chote, you made us worried. Khushi was so worried for you when you didn't answer her call," he looked at his sister for a brief minute and then looked at his Khushi again, "Sorry..I'm so sorry," he said ever softly. Khushi looked into his eyes and felt the apology was not for not answering her call but for something else entirely. She kept looking at him, his sincere caramel eyes. The trance was broken when Payal arrived with the food. Everyone started to leave as Khushi assured them she will take care of him. She fed him with their hand still joining. He left her hand, surprised her more when he started to feed her. She just ate, reminding herself again her questions can wait, her pain can wait. She will cherish this moment, as they lay in each other's arms sleeping the most peaceful sleep of their lives, until tomorrow.

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Nyce I liked it...
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Loved it.

Star Star Star to you for the wonderful OS

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Nice os. I hope this gets more reads. You deserve it.
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