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Salaam Namastey & Hello to all my lovely IF Friends.Big smile

We present to you the 1st Edition of Our DABH Chronicles.Big smile Hope you will have a nice time & Do leave in Your Comments, Suggestions & Feedbacks and Hope we continue this every week Embarrassed

Weekly Summary
credit natasha

                                                           2nd April 2012

Sandhya bids farewell to Ankur while Sooraj gives him sweets for his family. Santosh hears Chhavi yelling at Dilip on the phone and confronts her but Chhavi manages to escape. Sooraj purchases an English book for Sandhya. Chhavi blackmails Meenakshi regarding Dilip's issue and snatches a saree from her. Sooraj cheers up Santosh by bringing her sweets

                                                              3rd April 2012

Santosh frowns at Bhabhasa when he asks Sooraj to serve the sweets to Sandhya. On Bhabhasa's confrontation, Santosh reveals that she does not believe Sandhya at all and accuses her of being cunning. Sandhya overhears their conversation and gets upset. Sooraj gets astonished when Sandhya reveals Santosh's real opinion on her. Further, Sandhya decides not to compromise anymore.

4th April 2012
Sooraj and Sandhya try to avoid each other. Chhavi seeks Meeakshi's help in getting rid of Dilip. Santosh berates Meenakshi and Sandhya for not being efficient in household chores. Santosh assigns all the kitchen chores to Meenakshi and other work to Sandhya. Sandhya offers her help to Meenakshi in washing utensils but Sooraj stops her from doing it..

5th April 2012
Dilip gets astonished to see Chhavi hanging around with a guy. Chhavi tells Dilip that she does not love him and asks not to stalk her. Meenakshi fuels Dilip's ire on Chhavi and brags about her sister. Sandhya helps Chotu in his studies by giving him some examples. On seeing Pappu's incapability in handling the shop, Sandhya helps him by attending to his customers. Sandhya learns from Chotu how to attend the customers. Sooraj impresses the customers with his sweets and gets a big order.

6th April 2012
Chotu tells Sooraj, how Sandhya attended the customers perfectly. Sandhya prepares covers to deliver the sweets in Sooraj's hop. Santosh yells at Sandhya for getting a call from her friend late night. Sandhya's friend calls and asks her if she has signed the divorce papers but Sandhya decides to stay with Sooraj. Sooraj gets tormented to see the divorce paper in Sandhya's documents.

Scene of the Week

There are actually 2 scene of the week n both related to Suraj & Sandhya...

First Scene

Bhabho was abt to give her final decision, both suraj n sandhya were worried, as bhabho instead of saying sumthing guve aarti n prasad to sandhya n says that its upto sandhya whether o live or leave n she moves to her room...The way sooraj reacted was so brilliant...he was about to cry hard, the pain, his love for both sandhya n habho, his helpless ness was clearly shown...

Second Scene

Sandhya on one hand asking preeti that she dnt want divorce...she want to live with suraj n other side suraj read the divorce paper n he was broken, golden moments with sandhya were in his eyes, sandhya return to room n suraj somehow manage to hold his tears for sumtime but then he cry hard...

Dialogue of the Week

"Santosh tu ne sach mein beendini ne maaf kardiya na.Patha nahi. Ek baar main sher ko ghate ki sabzi aur parata katha dekh kar viswaas kar loon. Aur iss baath par viswaas karna mushkil ho raha hai,tu ne beendini ne aasani se maaf bhi kardiya aur apna bi liya"


Bhabhasa ne iss baathchith ko mangalvar (April 3rd) ki prakaran mein bola. This dialogue made Bhabho to blurt out the true opinion she had about Sandy. Sandy heard every word Bhabho said about her. She was totally devastated and spoke to Sooraj frankly what was in her mind. In short this dialogue by Bhabasa is the entire reason for the all happenings in this week.

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OMG Moment Of The Week

Trust me guys'.this picture just broke my heart'.this man who has so much of love within him'so much of patience,so much concern for everyone'.who takes every damn thing in his stride'accepting life as it comes'who never demands anything from anyone'always there for everyone but expects no one for himself'.the DIVORCE papers ..yes those lifeless papers'we  always think it takes a human to hurt another human'but in this case,those papers managed a feat not achieved by anyone till now'they broke this poor soul's heart'they shook his life upside down.. This great man didn't expect anything form his wife'.her presence in his life was enough for him'her joy his'her sorrow his'he treated her like his child'teaching her with so much patience and love'so much love'someone has to be blind to not see that love'..

Poor guy was hoping that his wife would come to love him'cherish him'heal him'.that their bond would heal them'but all those dreams shattered away with those papers'the pain of betrayal'that hurt on his face'the tears in his eyes'the anguish'the disbelief'that moment of"what went wrong in

hurt on his face'the tears in his eyes'the anguish'the disbelief'that moment of"what went wrong in our relationship"??? those few but soulful moments between them that he cherished,flying in front of his eyes'.

Best Picture Of The Week


The Picture of the weak had to be Suraj's heartbreak, and the tear that drops from his eye... Cry

Most Romantic Moment Of The Week


Although there was not such romantic moment but the one where sandhya was packing her bangles n it fell down...suraj helps her n both stuck to one bangle n hold it...

Funniest Scene Of The Week


the most funniest scene was when Chhotu laughs about Suraj getting a gift about Sandhya!! Suraj tells him not to laugh & he says yes! But when Suraj tells him about the gift...oiur naughty chhotu can't control starts to laugh...!! But Suraj squeezes his mouth so he can't make fun of him! But that was the most cutes & funniest scene!...their whole conversation was funny!

Here is the pic: 

Do u agree wid me..??Embarrassed

i thought this was the most funniest then Chavvi & that Dilip nonsense..!

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Prediction Of The Week


Hola Amigos! 

Right so first off the bat, I want to say congratulations everyone on the very very first ever NL for Diya Aur Baati Hum <3 praying for thousands and thousands more! =)

Okay fe! Lets get to the prediction of the week.. Ermm.. My bawishya vaani is predicting that in the coming week the Ketu, Rahu, and Mangal of SurYa relationship will be in all the wrong houses :(

Sorry, its doesn't seem to promising because as we know that our lovely, adorable, jee-jaan se pyara, dulara Suraj has found the paper for the ' Diieevorrcee!'

No but seriously speaking, I think Suraj will not tell Sandhya or talk to Sandhya about the divorce but we will see that dreaded scene whereby Suraj will hand over the dabba with the papers in it! Not for some time though, possibly two weeks.

Yes, yes.. I know my lovely readers you must be thinking why no dievorce convo? What about the precap?! Well to me the precap was Suraj's nightmare! 
I mean Sandhya in the precap had her bags packed so was she going to leave in the middle of the night? Sandhya just said to Preeti that she doesn't want to have divorce so why all of a sudden? It doesn't make a holy amount of sense. 
Then we have the new promo and to mee, it looks at though Suraj is holding in all the pain and hurt so no confession of seperation just yet. 

Lastly, I predict that the divorce track like many I have seen in purane e-drama serials always end with happiness and no actually dooriyaans just plenty of nazdeekiya. 

Urthi urthi kaabar yeh bhi hai ke - Chhavi's marriage track is to begin (SBS segment remember) so maybe the story will take a slight diverson this week in making Bhabo think her naaliyaak daughter should have her hands made yellow! 

Anyway. Those are my predictions. For more be sure not to miss our 2nd NL next week, same place! 

Hum Hai DABHians, Parthe Rahiye, Phir Likenge, Agle Hafte! =D

Ciao! Sanju :)

Biggest Disappointment of the week
Credit: navyaalex8

For the 1st ever edition of the DABH newsletter, the Disappointment of the Week ought to be Deeply Dishearteningly Devastatingly Disappointing...I was spoilt for choice at this week's offerings:

Should the pick be  Bhabho's continued illogical hatred of Sandhya ? Confused

Or shall the narrow escape of the 3 idiots ( Meenu, Vicki and Chhavi) YET AGAIN make the cut?Angry (Where is the eye rolling emoticon?)

Since I suspect Bhabho will continue to be a screaming shrew and the lying thieving conniving siblings will continue their thandavs without anyone being the wiser till the end of the series, why waste this week's disappointment on them when they can be back-ups during any given week ?

So I'll choose Suraj's situation as the disappointment of the week...After all his kindness, patience and unstinting love towards Sandhya, he's facing an uncertain future... Is this how his generosity is repaid? Will this good man have to suffer in silence for long? I was extremely disappointed that Suraj ko yeh din bhi dekhna pada in return for his devotion... What goes around, comes around...So why is evil running around eating chaat while good men weep tears of desolation? As the audience, we all know it's a misunderstanding, yet his pain is shatteringly real...I hope it clears up soon and he'll soon be delivered from this emoshenell atyaachaar...

Biggest Disappointment for 2th-6th April
Though it may come as no surprise to us, this week undoubtedly Bhabo claimed the title of providing us with the biggest disappointment. Her proclamation to Babasa about Sandhya always being "jhooti and dosi" stuck a chord when Sandhya overheard and proceeded to share her feelings with Suraj.
Although some may think that the biggest dissapointment was the conversation between our Diya aur Baati and Shandya not being 'fair' to Sura;j this exhibited a stronger relationship between the two. Sandhya was able to for the first time share her feelings with Suraj. This shows that she is becoming more comfortable with him.
Also the unclear expressions and actions between Suraj post that conversation on Wednesday 4th raised a lot of eyebrows and many of us were unsure what Suraj's reactions meant.
This is just one person's opinion. Please do share what you think was the biggest disappointment.

*The End... We'll be Back Soon with another Issue of DABH Chronicles. Do Hit the LIKE Button if u Liked the NL. & Do Leave in Your Suggestions, Criticism & Feedbacks. All are Heartily Welcome !!Big smile

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Thumbs Up
Thanks Natasha for the new letter.

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xyyz Senior Member

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Thanks you. it seems you have put a whole lot of hard work in it. great news letter. Smile

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Superb Clap
A great NL indeed Thumbs Up
Congrats to all who have contributed and Natasha for her effort in bringing out the DABH NL Star.
Let the work continue Wink

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.Sidra IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey everyone - CONGRATS on the 1st DABH NL!! I am loving how the forum is alive and active nowadays!

Fabb job everyone - really loved reading everyone's take on certain moments of the show...Looking fwd to the next chronicle!

and thanks Natasha for putting this together!

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