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An intrecate knok : Maaneet ss (COMPLETED) (Page 7)

_nandy_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 6:21am | IP Logged

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spvd IF-Addictz

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part 2
nice part...
hope Maan passes this test...
cont soon dear...

PS - can u plz update the title with the update number and page number and date?

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Rang_ Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2012 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 2
nice part...
hope Maan passes this test...
cont soon dear...

PS - can u plz update the title with the update number and page number and date?

ya sure ...i ll do that from next time Big smile

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Rang_ Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2012 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tushti-kiran

yaar what do u want to say by ki Nupur pe gussa mat karna...

she want to take Maan's test because of some ranvijay...

may I ask one question...

what if Maan fails...he is human may be sometimes his mind thinks in different direction then...what will be the result...

simple because of some stupid argument from stupid girl Geet will loose her family peacefulness...her married life will get a crack...and if this all drama goes much forward then may be Geet-Maan will be separated...Nupur herself is getting married...will she take care of Geet whole life...

Nupur herself took Mayank's test before marriage...if they are all friends from collage then why didn't Nupur suggested Geet to test Maan before after settled in marriage life she wants to test Maan's what a friend...who needs foes when such a friend is available... trying to create rift between friend's happy family when herself getting happily married...

why Geet is oblidging her friend's stupid suggestion...she is businesswoman...don't she have proper eyes to see person's truth...why she have to prove something about her married and personal life in front of her stupid friend... she can tell her to stay away...may be Geet herself wants to test Maan unconsciously...some where in her inner thoughts she also thinks like her friend said...

waiting for next part...

thanx for pm...

nupur par gussa mat hona ,means don't get nupur wrong , she don't want to ruin geet's life and nupur didn't tell her before marriage to take a test bcoz that time ranvijay didn't do anything wrong to dia...ya may be maan ll fail.Ouch... and its true human mind not thinking always possitivelly...may be he fail and nupur ll come to save their relation so wait till nxt 

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 4 PMing me dear...
all r the  updates done by u dear...Tongue
...dear..Big smile
keep the  job up dear..Clap..
keep ing dear...Big smile
P.S.: plz don't copy paste my comments...i only make it 4 my frndz...if anyone do it again as i saw many of my comments r copied i'll report it...u guys plz make comment urself...u can use my componets indevisual...but don't coppied it whole as my post...Angry
 P.S.S.: Plz guys also comment on my stuff...i tried to post comment in everyones...but my most of buddies didn't comment...if u not liked tell also...plz guys...ShockedOuchConfused
Note: sad...i PM ed almost 500 but comment only...17-18...ConfusedOuch

i said u guys ealier if u don't like plz tell me...but it really hurts a try to reply each of u...many serials i don't watch but i read ur ff's ...checking out ur updated stuff's...n try to make a sweet comment which u guys liked...but u never check my any stuff...i really busy wid my studies...but also don't want to hurt my frndz...i try to comment ecah of u woh Pmed me...but only few of u ans my Pms...if don't want me to bother u...plz tell me...i never pm u.4 my any update...
but i updated 4 whom woh waited...i know just few..but i updated for them surely...but that surely ime said..that me really hurt abut u guys...Cryme uncontorled sob.sob..Cry
N.B.: Me not making any of this graphics this r from glitter-graphics

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siyana Goldie

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Nice update

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Rang_ Goldie

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An intricate knok part 3

Geet reached home...
Maan : Aa gai tum...aaj badi der laga di... You must be tired.. Chalo khana kha lo , pir so jate he
Geet : hmm
Geet couldn't say anything as she is in deep thought
Geet(st.) : kya maan ki parixa(test) lena sahi hoga...maan muj par andha vishvas ( blindly belive) karta he..
But suddenly she remember nupur's talk...
Geet(st.) : No i have to take maan's doesn't meant i m not beliving him...but i have to prove it to nupur that my maan loves me to the core of his heart ...
She is on her own thought ..nd than maan's voice bhought her to reality
Maan : kha kho gayi...have ur meal
Geet : ha
Geet didn't talking more , ruh noticed that
Ruh : momma aap thik to e na ( momma are u fine na !)
Geet : ha bachha momma bilkul theek he
They done with their dinner nd go to bed room
Maan sleeped between ruh & geet...Geet huged him...
Geet : maan

Maan : hmm

Geet : maan if I make any decision , without telling u , which might be right for me but wrong for any other , would you support me ?

Maan cupped her face lovingly

Maan : my geet can't take any wrong decision '. All words like.. good bad.. evil or such things..end where our relation begins..! Whatever decision u take.. ur Maan will support u till last breath!

Geet over whelmed by maan's love , now she is damm sure that maan will pass this test

She kissed on maan's check , and hugged him more tight close to her heart

Maan (st.) : geet , I know you are suffering from something but you are not telling me just because you don't want to give me any tension but I can't see you in any tension ,if you are geet handa then I am also maan singh khurana ,I will surely find out your problem in just 24 HOURS ,and ll short-out as soon as possible

He hugged her tight , and he decided to find and solve geet's problem

Geet(st.) : sorry maan , I am doing this only for my best friend nupur , me use yakin dilvana chahti hu k vo bhi hamari tarah hamare riste(relationship) par belive kare , and I am sure you ll pass this test ' akhir maan singh khurana kabhi haar nahi sakta bas 24 HOURS aur

She smiled with in



Geet : maan , I am going to office

Maan : geet , it's too early ,

Geet : maan , I have some important work so I have to go

She smiles shyly

Maan : hmm ok ok but first have your break-fast , it's ready

Geet : no maan , I will eat in office

Geet left

Maan (st.) : hmm , something is cooking in her mind , don't worry baby I ll find it

He smirks



Geet (st.) : I think , maan jaal me fas gaye


At 12 pm

Geet called maan

Geet : hello maan

Ruh : momma pa iz(is) not hear

Geet ( murmerd) : ye maan bhi vahi to nahi soch rahe jesa me soch rahi hu ?

Geet(to ruh) : beta , where is he ?

Ruh : I don't know , pa tells me that he ll come when I ll come from school

(ruh tells in her totu-potu language )

Geet : oh , anything else ??

Ruh : no momma , ok I have to go my school van is comes

Geet : ok my bachha , go to school and study well okay ?

Ruh : yes momma ,bye love u

Geet : love you too baby


Call ended


Geet : I think maan started doubting on me , nupur was right , all men are same

She said with her golgappu face

Then she decided to call to maan

(first time when ruh picks up the call , she called on land-line phn , now she called on maan's cell phone )

Geet : hello maan

From other side : hello , who's this ?

It was a lady's voice , geet shocked to hear this voice

Geet : ex-cause me , I should ask u that question , this is my hubby's phone and what are you doing with him ?

Lady : oh , no no , you are getting me wrong , your hubby was forget his cell phn hear

Geet (with anger ) : but why he was came there ?
lady (naughtily) : wo 'to tum maan se hi puchlo

Geet : give the phone to maan

Lady : I told you that he forget his mobile hear

Geet cuts the call angrily ,


Maan and tat lady gave hi5 to each other

Maan : is she recognize you ?

Lady : no maan .really it's too easy to make a fool of your wife

Maan : oye my wife is your best friend also

Lady : ya , but I think she is hell angry on you

Maan : may be ,


Geet (after that call) : why maan was going there ? and why he don't tell me ? and who is she ? and why she don't tell me the reason ? maan never goes like this wo bhi ruh ko akele chod ke !!!!!


After some time maan call her(geet) from his cel phn

Maan: ha geet bolo

Geet: maan, where are you ? and where was your phn ? and who is tat lady ? and why you left ruh alone at home ??

She said it in one go

Maan : geet geet geet , wait yaar saas to le lo

Geet took a deep breath

Geet : hmm bolo

Maan : gee wo actually , I was going to meet my child hood friend , she lives in London but she comes india today so I was gone to meet HER

Maan praised on word HER

Geet : who is she ? I didn't met her

Maan : yaw o actually she is in London from many yeurs so you didn't met her still

Geet convince from his anser

Geet : oh okk

Maan(st.) : ye to maan gayi , muje to laga tha nahi manegi L

Geet : maan

Maan : hmm

Geet : wo actually ,today I ll not come home for lunch

Maan : but why ?

Geet : maan wo kuch important client k sath lunch he

Maan : oh ok, don't worry , you cary on

Geet felt that maan convince from her answer

Call ended

Geet (st.): ye to convince ho gaya !!!!!!!!


Geet didn't come home till mid night ,'.. maan called her at 12 am but she said that she ll comes at morning because she have to do much work , and maan said its ok always work comes first ,

Geet really shocked with his behavior


At 6 am geet com home

Maan open the door '

Maan noticed that geet didn't looks so tired ,

She said that  she have to do much work then how can she looks so fresh

(actually geet have not any work so she sleep in office whole night )

Maan ignored it

Maan : geet , come let's have break fast

Geet : maan , I did my break fast , you both carry on


Then after fresh and up she goes to office anddidn't come home whole day but maan didn't say anything to her

And later on geet find out from ruh that maan was also not at home , but she thinks that he must be gose to meet his friend

None of them are doubting on each other


Maan : are you sure ?

Lady : ya , I am sure and I have a proof

That lady shows her a video

Maan : I can't belive this YAAR , ITS NUPUR !!!!!


Maan : but why she is doing this all

Lady says something in maan's ear and after that maan just nodded his head positively

Both smirks at the plan


Geet came home late in night

maan : did u had your dinner ?

geet : yaw o

maan(by getting irritate) :client k sath , he na !!

geet : hmm

both don't talk much and go to bad , they slept hugging each other


In the Morning , geet goes office and she comes at lunch time

(ruh is not at home , she is in school)


After lunch

Geet : maan ,

Maan : hmm

Geet : I wanted to talk to you

Maan : ha bolo na !

Geet :maan first of all I am sorry

Maan (calmly) : sorry ? for what ?
geet took his both hand to hers

Geet : maan , I am sorry , I lied you , jooth kaha tha mene , in past 2 days I was not staying in office for work load but..

Maan : but what ??

Geet : but '' I was staying in office for my LOVE

Maan : LOVE ????????????


Maan : WHAT ???????????????????  geet stop jocking

Geet : maan I am serious

Maan trying to give his best shocked expression

Before maan could say anything , geet held her head and she was about to fall down

But before she fall down two strong arm held her into his arms , she fainted

Precap :

Maan : geet open your eyes , GEETTT

So tell me how was the part , I know it's too much confusing but trust me this confusion  ll be clear soon ( may be in next part )

Positive , negative questions , statements '..whatever coming in your mind please voice your opinion , I love to read

prev part 2 PG 5--

Nxt part 4 pg  11

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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update waiting for more

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