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An intrecate knok : Maaneet ss (COMPLETED) (Page 11)

Rang_ Goldie

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An intricate knok :-

Part 4


Maan trying to give his best shocked expression

Before maan could say anything , geet held her head and she was about to fall down

But before she fall down two strong arm held her into his arms , she fainted

Maan took her in his arm and place her on bed ,

He call the docter

Docter came '..maan rushed to docter

Maan : docter , plz harry up , dekhiye na meri geet ko kya ho gaya he !! vo kuch bolti kyu nahi ??

Docter : Mr. khurana , please calm down and let me check

Docter checked geet '.

Maan is standing beside the bed , he is so worried about his geet ,


Docter : Mr. khurana

Maan : ji docter

Dr : i think Mrs. Khurana was in stress rather I can say tat she was so worried about something and bcoz of  that she was not eating properly from last 2 days ! so because of weekness she fainted '. I am prescribing  some madicines , give this to her time to time

Maan : will she recover soon ?

Dr : don't worry Mr. khurana it's not a major prob just due to weekness

Maan : when ll she get consious ?

Dr : after 1 or 2 hr

Maan : ok thank u docter


Docter left


Maan sat beside geet and watching his sleeping beauty without blinking his eyes , maan was hell worried about her  , 


After 1:30 hour , she moves her fingurs but still her eyes are close, till that maan was sitting beside her , he didn't move  


Maan got happy ,


Maan patted her check slowly ,

Maan : geet geet udho , wake up jaan

Slowly slowly she open her eyes , she try to get up but maan don't let her get up

Maan : chup chap leti raho , me khana lata hu

Maan took a meal for her , and offer her a bite , but geet held his hand and stop him

Maan see her with question


Geet : aapne khana khaya ?

Maan didn't say anything just dipped his head down , geet understand that maan nothing eat till this time , so she took tat from his hand and feed him lovingly , he eat it and give other bite to him

Both feed each other lovinly , but none of them utter a simple word nor they dare to directly look into each other's eyes

Done with lunch, maan gave her madicine

Maan: ye davay(madicine) kha lo aur aaram karo

Geet nodded her head , she didn't say anything and go tosleep as she was feeling dizzyness


2 days passed



In this 2 days maan & geet didn't talk to each other , geet try to talk with maan but he always gives excuses

Now they are not sleepng with each other maan use to put ruh between them ,


Life is not so easy as we thinks



Geetis quick mature , she is a bussiness woman bt kai baar ham ya to majak majak me ya to kuch prove karne k chakkar me vo kar dete he jo hame nahi karna chahiye , jo logo k hisab se galat he bt hamare lia sahi hota he ,when any proffesional person thinks from their heart , they always do something like little child ,same as geet , she is a bussiness woman bt whenver she try to think from her heart she always end up to do as little kid , like marriage in 3rd yr of collage and nw exam of her hubby after 5-6 yr of her marriage , it looks so childish and funny too bt kai baar ye childish & funny harkate hame hamare sabse close person se door kar deti he

Kai baar choote bado se jyada mature hote he

Inthis 2 days , Ruh noticed that her momma & pa going through some tension ,so she many time try to knw ehat's going on rather I can say she try tat they can talk to eachother bt she can't do much as she was little kid


All three of them had their dinner and go to bad ,and today also maan put ruh in between them

Both sleep showing their back to each other , but both can't sleep , they have habbbit to sleep in each other's arm , from last 2 days they didn't sleep peacefully

After some time maan get up and go to balcony ,he stand by placing his both hand on his chest ,without blinking eyes he was seeing moon ,he is in deep thought , (he go to flashback)




That nit when geet asked him that shocked question ,he was thinkingtat must be geet is in some problem  and promissed himself to solve her swwet-heart's problem ,

After geet slept thinking tat maan ll pass this test , maan got up and dial a number ,

The user picks up the call ,


Maan : hello

From other side : hello kon

Maan : Pinky , me hu maan

Pinky : are maan tum ? vo bhi is vaqt , sab theek to he na!! and geet mem !?

Maan : pinky , sab theek he , first listen me , meet me right now , tum and adi

Pinky : maan , it's 1 am , is every thing ok ?

Maan : shut up , do as I said

Pinky : ok but where ?

Maan : hmm, hamare ghar k garden me

Pinky : ok me adi ko udhati hu ,


Call ended


(pinky & adi is husband-wife , they were in same collage with maaneet and both are best friends of maaneet bt after joining geet's office pinky-adi used to call geet as mem , but after office they call geet by her name)



They meet in garden area


Pindi(pinky+adi) rushed to maan

Pinky : what happen ?? every thing is fine na ? where is mem I mean geet kaha he ?

Maan : shhh , pehle jo me kehta hu use dhyan se suno tum dono

Pindi : hmm

Maan : I yhink geet is suffering from something ,so I thought must be something happened in office , any official prob ?

Adi : nahi maan , every thing is fine in office

Pinky : ha par'.

Maan : ha par kya pinky ?

Pinky : ha par geet last kai days se khoyi khoyi si lagti thi '.but I don't dare to ask her as she don't like personal question at office but when nupur was came in office , after she was lokking disturb

Maan's mind got active

Maan : nupur '. ?? after so many yrs ?

Pinky : ha .first I didn't recognice her but after meet geet she camew and introduce herself to me then I got to know tat she is the nupur bhusan ,

Maan : but why she came ?

Pinky : ya she was came to invite you & geet for her marriage , usne mujeand adi ko bhi bulaya he

Maan (st.): hmm ,but why geet didn't tell me about this ?

Maan(to pinky-adI) : mera ek kam karoge ?
adi : ofcource maan

Maan : to muje hamare office ki us day ki sari CCTV cameras ki videos chahiye  '

Adi : maan what if geet ll knw ?

Maan : don't worry about her just give me tommrrow

Pinky : ok , I have duplicate keys of office , i ll go to office before anyone reach and took all cd

Maan : hmm theek he ,tommrrow I ll took that from ur home after geet goes to office

Pinky : ok tommrrow I ll take leave from office

Adi : achhe to ham chalte he

Maan : hmm ,


Pinky-adi left


Next day , morning



Geet get up early and goes office as her plan rather I can say nupur's plan

After geet left maan ready the break fast and lunch , and nearly at 11:00 am ,he to go pinky's home ,that's why when geet called maan at home ruh said he is not at home


At pinky's home


Maan : where is the videos ?

Pinky shw him videoes




Nupur telling geet a plan


Nupur : geet , continuesly 2 days u have to behave that you are lost some where and after 2 days tell him that u fall in love with some one else , if he firstly don't belive then he is pass but if he '''.

Intensionally nupur didn't complete  this sentence

After that nupur left the office


After see the video


Maan : omg I can't belive this is NUPUR !!

Pinky : ya she is nupur and plus she is doing this all , but I have one plan

Maan : which ?

Pinky :apply the same test on geet , she have to know this kisi k bahekave me aa kar apna ghar barbad nahi karte

Maan : ya but how ?

Pinky : when she call you on ur cel phn give it to me , and I will say on phn tat ll made her feel insecure

Maan : but she ll recognice you

Pinky : I ll put hanky on my mouth so she ll not recognice easily


Maan : hmm okay ,

Pinky : and when she asks you , tell her that your childhood frnd came to india nd you go to meet her






Maan came back to reality as geet's hand touch on his shoulder


Geet : why are you still awake ?

Maan : you are also awke !

Geet : ha vo nind nahi aa rahi , are you angry on me that I said that I m in love with someone else

Maan  turn back to see geet

 Maan : you can never love someone else ,

Geet : then why are you not talking to me ?

Maan : I trust you but you not trust me rit ?

Geet nodded her head to no no

Geet : maan esa nahi he , mene esa kab kaha

Maan : kuch baate kehne ki jarurat nahi

Geet : maan , I trust u

Maan : if you trust me then why to take my test ? ha geet bolo ,

He jerk her hand

Geet : maan , how do you knw that ?

Maan tell her every thing that how he got tensed that geet is in some trouble so he take a help of adi-pinky and see the video so he get to know

Geet : but maan , I told her (nupur) that it's only for her belif , I trusted u

Maan : ya I knw that geet that u said it to her , but tumhe kisi or ko ese yakin dilvane k koi zarurat nahi thi , we was happy in our relation , I don't care if anyone is belive or not , if you take this test for ur belif then I have no objection geet but it was becoz of someone else ?? KISI OR KO YAKIN DILVAE K LIA TUMNE MERI TEST LI ?  agar tumhe yakin tha ,muje yakintha to pir KISI OR K LIA KYU ????? HA GEET KYU ?????????? I thought it's nupur's fault but NO it's not her fault at all , it is ur fault , KOI KUCH BHI KAHEGA TO TUM MAAN JAOGI ?HA BOLA GEET??


Geet taken back with his anger , anyone can clearly see the pain in maan's eyes

Geet : maan , I am sorry

She put her hand on maan's chest but maan jerk her hand and he walk out from the room

She cried as maan left the room


Geet goes on her knees cringly ,

Geet : I am sorry maan I am sorry bt plz mujse ese naraz mat ho , tumhari geet tut jayegi  , you are right it is my fault that do all this , but I was blind , batana chahti thi me usko k mera maan mujpe kitna trust karta he '''. Bt it seems that I brock your trust '.mene apne hi hatho se sab barbad kar dia

I am sorry maan , I am sorry

She kept murmering sorry many times but maan is not there to hear it '''


Precap ;


 will maan forgive her ??? can they solve this INTRICATE KNOK ??? OR IT LL BE MORE TIGHT ???



So guys hear is the bigger part , I hope now your confusion is clear , plz share your view and frienkly tell me how was the part ? '''. I knw it was so saddy part , when I was writing maan's last dilogue my eyes got wet , I feels maan's pain , I hope you all can feel his pain , I will update this after 1 or 2 days so other stories are on hold bcoz


Plz nagative , possitive, questions''.wahtever coming in your mind please voice your opinion '.so I can knw how was my story is going !!!!!!




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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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idiot geet apne hi pair par kulhadi maar li maan hurt by this test

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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so only all says listen to ur heart..
use ur own brain
dont hear others..
geet spoiled her nice life bcoz of that idiot nupur

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kamiya Goldie

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 10:02am | IP Logged
awesome update
oh no geet spoiled her n maan's happy life because of stupid plan
now what'll happen 
update soon

thnx for the pm

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Tia-AFreeBird IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged

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mysteriousmilli IF-Stunnerz

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idiot nupur AngryAngryAngry
 geet spoiled her and maan's happy life because of this stupid plan...
waiting to know the next...

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divya22 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Awesome update yaar... Loved it...
Maan is right... Koi kuch bhi bole bt geet ko aisa nai karna chaiye tha...
Maan ka lasr dialogue was fab... Lets c kya hota hai aage... Update soon..

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6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 10:58am | IP Logged

yes Rachna this is the best part of ur SS...Clap

that is what I was trying to tell u in my all comments from the update where Geet met Nupur and she told Geet to take Maan's test...

I was really very angry with Geet's behavior...

I really appreciate Maan's concern for Geet and how Maan got to know what is bothering Geet...I really feel how much hurt he must be feeling when Geet tried to test him just to show her friend...

Maan is right in his anger and I second all whatever he said to Geet...

but it will be childish from Maan's side also if he streches this incident too much...Geet behavior was wrong but if she is feeling guilty and asking forgiveness then he should forgive him...whether he fails in test or now he is angry if they take any drastic step it will prove their love weak...

if Geet realize truely and Maan forgive her then they can show Nupur that their love is very strong and they can face any hurdle...

awesome update...

thanx for pm...

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