Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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cont soonn
poosv hubby

poor maan geet ke mood swngs ne maan ki band bja di..LOLLOLLOL
updtt soonnn

oops sholli i thght i didnt cmmnt so dubara kar diya..LOLLOLLOL

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Guys wil update jeevan sangini tomorrow i've problem with internet & its thundering in my parts & raining also...Cry

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Next morning Maan got phone from Adi & said that some problem is there in sun city project venue & have to come to the place to handle the situation.Maan nodded & went from KM not having any breakfast.

When Geet got up then came to know that Maan had gone without having any breakfast.Geet phoned up to office to inform Maan that she's coming taking the lunch to him but Akriti receptionist told her that he hasn't come to the office till now.

Then Geet came to know that he had mentioned some problem in sun city project then she told to the driver to drove the car towards Noida where Sun city project was going on.Here Maan was a bit worried seeing the situation becoz all the workers were blaming the manager that he's cheating him.

Becoz there is the shortage of the number of cement,brick & mortar which he had smuggled it out for his benefit & also accused that the watchman of the place is also with the manager.

The workers also complained him that the manager had eaten the money which was released to them which was given when the work ended as a salary.

Maan couldn't bear this sabotage from the manager who tried to convince Maan by complaining on workers.When Geet was handling this project then she was working perfectly.She had made the manager scared with her anger & power when she detected the cheating from manager.

But on that time the manager had fallen on Geet's feet making her keep him back to the work.But this time it has the limit.The workers got angry with the manager & started beating him angrily.

Maan fell in the pool of people to save the manager on that time only he got a stone to his forehead injuring him which was seen by Geet.

Geet said with panic,"Maan...!!!"Geet ran to him & held him from the shoulder on that time a stone was abt to hit Geet's stomach but Maan caught it immediately & shouted angrily from the mike,"Band karo yeh sab...!!!"The workers were alarmed seeing the angry Maan Singh Khurana & stood there with shock & fear.

The manager ran to Geet & said falling to her feet,"Madam...mujhe bachaa leejiye...mein apne aapko badal daala tha jis din aap mujhe agaah kiya tha...lekin uss union leader aur watchman dono mujhe phasa rahe hai...!!!"

Geet didn't say anything & tore her dupatta & tied it to Maan's head & said,"First aid box leke aavo...!!!"And she took the mike & said,"Aap sabko is samasya ka hal kal zaroor milega...aapke union leader ko humaare office mein bhejdo...!!!Hum baat karthe hai...aur tab tak keliye...yeh manager yahan kaam nahin karega...theek hai...!!!"All the workers nodded which made union leader & watchman cold feet but thought that they'll play their part easily with Mrs.Geet Singh Khurana.

Geet made Maan come to the home directly giving one angry glare.And Geet phoned up in office that he's not coming to the office today.Maan asked angrily,"Ab is problem ko kaise solve karoge...mujhe lagtha hai ki woh manager jhoot bol raha hai...woh saari galathi ki jad hai wahan par...!!!"Geet didn't say anything & bandaging Maan's wound carefully.Maan saw her eyes now intently which had pain so much for a simple scratch of him.

Maan understood & pulled her on his lap while Geet kept her hand on his cheek lovingly.Maan pulled Geet from her nape & took her lips into his.Maan nibbled her lips & entered her mouth sucking the honey sweet juice while Geet was so shaken when she saw Maan in that state & she responded him back entering his embrace.

They broke apart to grab some air then Maan's hands went to her tummy & moved his hands protectively & said possessively,"Aaj toh mein us aadmi ko apne haatho se khoon kardetha agar mere baby ko kuch hojaatha toh...uski himmat kaise huyi mere baby par paththar maarne ki...!!!"

Geet smiled at his possessiveness & pecked his lips softly & said,"Maan...woh shaayad galathi se aagaya hoga...aap khaamaka tension le rahe hai...aur waise bhi MSK ke hote huye meri baby ko kuch nahin ho sakthi...lekin mein dar gayi thi aapke yeh chot dekhkar Maan...!!!"

And she kissed the wound softly which made Maan smiled widely.Maan bent down & kissed her raising tummy & said,"Aaj toh aapki aur aapki mummy ki chutti hone waali aap kyun nahin samjaahthe apne mummy ko ki aise jagah par nahin aana chaahiye tha...!!!"

On that time baby kicked making Geet say,"Ouch...!"Maan asked with concern,"Kya huva...mein Vicky ko bulaavoon...???"Geet smiled at his concern & before his say something she took his lips to a soul searing kiss in which Maan lost responding her back.Geet got up & both came to the lunch table while Naintara was serving the food to Dev & Dadimaa.

Vicky also walked towards the table while asked with concern,"Ab aap kaise hai bro???"Maan smiled & said,"Mein theek hoon Vicky while Geet walked to help Naintara.When Geet took the vessel of pasta to serve Dev then Naintara said,"Oye...tu rehnede...aur baitho...!!!"Geet protested,"Lekin dee...!!!"Naintara said glaring at her,"No more arguments...aur baitho...!!!"

Geet twisted her lips pouting & sat on her chair beside Maan & Vicky.Naintara went to the kitchen & came back holding the glass of milk mixed with haldi & gave it to Geet,"Isse jhat se peelijiye...!!!"Geet took the glass of milk & said,"Mein isse peeloon...dee pls aapko pata haina ki mujhe doodh bilkul bhi pasand nahin...aur yeh kya haldi waala doodh...aapko pata haina ki haldi waala doodh kitni besvaad hoti hai...!!!"Geet made baby complaining face but Naintara said glaring,"Ab tumhe yeh besvaad dikh rahi hai...bhool gayi jab mein pregnant thi tab mere peeche haath dho kar pad jaathi thi isse pilaane ke liye...aur ab tum complaint kar rahi ho...chup chap peelon...nahin toh pilaadoongi...!!!"

Geet twisted her lips cutely & pouted,"Sab log mere liye dusht daanav ban rahe hai...!!!"Maan said immediately,"Oye woh mera pet name hai...aurt agar tum kissi par yeh naam rakhogi toh mere gusse waala chehra dekhogi samjhi tum...!!!"Geet glared at him but took a sip of milk which was tasteless & her face wrinkled with disgust.Geet showed pleading eyes to Naintara which she answered sternly,"Zyaada moo banaane ki koi zaroorat nahin...ek jhat mein pee joa...!!!"

Geet nodded cutely still making disgusting face and poured it to her throat.While Maan & Vicky started laughing seeing her cute disgusting face which made Geet glare at them cutely.Geet turned her nose angrily just like a little girl & saw the glass.There some milk was still remaining & she smirked & held Maan's nose tightly which made Maan's mouth open & poured down the haldi milk to his mouth & she did like that to Vicky.

Maan & Vicky glared at Geet while Geet said smirking,"Dekha...kitni besvaad hai...ab hasso...!!!"And she turned that side pouting cutely with nose high up.Maan was so much admiring at Geet's cute pouting face & had the urge to take her lips & taste her every bit of her mouth.While Vicky pouted angrily & gulped down his lunch & ran to the hospital.Everyone laughed at Geet's anger & admired her so much.

When Maaneet came to his bedroom then Maan pulled Geet to his hard frame & said,"Oye kudiye...kitni soni hai tu...!!!"And he took her lips immediately.Geet was shocked but she snaked her arms & gave the soul searing kiss.They broke apart to grab some air then Maan lifted her in his strong arms carefully & placed her on the bed carefully.He kept more pillows around her stomach & she leaned to the bed wall comfortably.

Maan came & kept his ears to Geet's tummy & said,"Baby..aapki mummy bahut ziddi hai...jis kaam ke liye na kaho...usse hi karne ke liye jaathi hai...ab dekho meine kaha tha ki stress mat lelo aur wahan mat aavo lekin aagayi aaj...aur uski zindagi ke saath tumhaari jaan bhi jhokar mein daaldi...yeh bahut hi bad mummy haina...!!!"Which made Geet's eyes welled up & tears poured down from her eyes which fell on Maan's face & saw her.

Maan was shocked to see those tears which were glistening from those almond eyes & said frowning,"Geet mein toh mazaak kar raha tha...!!!"Geet said still crying with hiccups,"Mazaak hoga aapke liye lekin mein toh aapko lunch laa rahi thi...lekin aapne meri kadar hi nahin ki aur baby se complaint karne lage ki mein bad mummy hoon...mein aapke baare mein nahin soch sakthi kya???"Maan was guilty seeing those tears in those beautiful almond eyes & banged his hands to the bed wall which made Geet scream,"Maan...!!!"

Maan saw her with alarm & she caressed his hands & kissed it which was turning bluish red due to the pain.Maan knew that Geet couldn't bear his pain & changed the subject kissing her lips softly & saying sorry.Maan asked,"Ab tum woh sun city project ka problem kaise solve karogi...!!!"Geet smiled differently which Maan noticed.Geet said,"Maan...jab mein yeh project handle karthi thi tab aisa incident us manager ke wajaise huva tha...lekin maine warn karke usse chod diya din se woh yeh kaam nahin kar raha hai...yeh kissi aur ka kaam hai...!!!!!"

Maan asked supiciously,"Yeh tum kaise keh sakthi ho...shaayad us waqt tumhaare saath woh naatak kar raha hoga jo tumne uss par yakeen kar diya...!!!"Geet said,"Nahin Maan...kyunki maine ek jasoos ko bheja tha jo wahi kaam kartha hai...Usne kaha ki woh ab woh sab karna band kar diya hai...yeh kissi aur ka kaam hai...!!!"

On that time Geet's phone ranged & she took & saw the name & smiled & said to Maan,"Ussi ka hai...!!!"And she switched on the loudspeaker,"Haan boliye Mishraji...!!!"After listening the actual view of the problem Maaneet prepared themselves to solve it.The union leader was made to come to the office with some of the workers.The union leader said the workers to stay outside the office & entered telling that he'll talk to them.

Maan who had sat making the seat turning to the back said,"Ander aavo...Santosh Nigam...!!!"Santosh Nigam entered & stood in front of him & tried to ask some money to MSK to stop the strike which was going on.Maan nodded & gave the cheque of 40 lakhs which Santosh Nigam asked for & the union leader went outside.The workers who stood giving murderous glare to union leader stood in front of him composing themselves.

The union leader said to the workers that he has settled everything then they made to see the TV in which the union leader saw that he's smuggling out the cement,bricks & sand in an lorry & the money also.The workers was angry while union leader was shocked to see that CD & tried to convince the workers but the workers dragged him outside the office & started beating.

On that time police came & arrested the union leader with the watchman snatching the cheque from him & took him in their jeep.Next morning all the workers started working peacefully & the manager was reinstated to his place & workers money were given time to time.Maan was so impressed with Geet's idea & congatulated her.If she didn't kept the spy in suncity project then the manager was blamed for the mistake which he never did & the union leader would never be detected as the culprit.

Next morning Maan decided after this fiasco that he have to spend more time with his family & decided to go for the picnic with his family & friends in Ghaziabad farm house.

Precap-Maaneet enjoying the picnic & new entry...

Previous Part 80-

Next Part 82-Thread 5-

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awsem update maan hurt geet concern nt haldi waala doodh geet making maan vicky drink geet intelling found the culprit leader gaya jail new entry ab kiski

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Omg superb this geet is real perfect wife so sweet ..ab kaun aane wala hai hope positive person ho...well written love it 

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wow...Geet is brilliant yaar...awesome update

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Awesome update
geet is very smart and catches the union leader
loved the concern of geet for maan
precap a new entry again
please update soon and pm me

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