Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Geet prepared everything for Naintara's baby shower & Maan helped Geet for everything.Or else he'll not have any time for Geet in this busy schedules. The day before yesterday of Naintara's godbharayi,Maan took Geet to the Noida's farm house becoz he was far away from Geet for three months & he wanted to compensate that by making love to Geet.

Geet asked apprehensively,"Yeh aap mujhe kahan leke jaa rahe hai...!"Entangling herself to Maan's neck while he carried her in his strong arms.Maan said making baby complaining face,"Mein tumse baat karna chahtha tha...jab se mein india waapas aaya hoon...lekin tum meri baat hi nahi sunthi aur mere liye waqt bhi nahi nikaalthi...sirf Naintara ko dekh baal karne mein busy ho...!Cry

Geet smiled at his cute complaining session & said,"Maan...dee ke saath rehna chaahiye aaj kal kyunki parso hi unki godbharayi hai...!Is samay mein dee ke paas koi toh rehna hoga na...!"Maan said nuzzling her nose from his nose,"Mein jaanthe hoon isiliye Dev ko meine keh diya woh Naintara ke paas rahe...ab mein yeh doori bardaasht nahin kar saktha...I wanna make love to u...!"Wink

Geet was abt to argue but Maan sealed his lips to her lips immediately.Geet always lost in his kiss & she responded him passionately becoz she was also away from him for 3 months.Maan broke his kiss to grab some air & made Geet to sit in the car & he drove to Noida farm house.Wink

Maan had informed in the house that they will spend some time alone in Noida's farm house & that's why he was waiting Geet to finish her work of preparation for godbharayi & he also helped her so that the work will be finished at correct time.Wink

Maan came to Noida's farm house & carried Geet inside the farm house in his strong arms.Geet saw the decorations which were decorated with scented candles everywhere & colorful series lights.The hall was decorated with white orchids & in between was a table & a two chair which was decorated with white & red roses.Wink

Geet was awed seeing decorations & asked,"Yeh sab aapne kab kiya...!"Maan said seeing her lovingly,"Jab tum Naintara ke godbharayi ke liye tayyar ka rahi thi tab meine kiye yeh sab...!"Geet got down from his arms while Maan said,"Jao Geet tumhaara kapda upar wale kamre mein rakha hai...usse pehno tab tak mein change karke aata hoon...!"Geet blushed seeing his smirk in those mischievous but lovely eyes & went from there.Wink

Geet saw the sari which was kept & blushed profusely while Maan wore his dress & prepared for something.Maan came to Geet's room & saw her struggling to open her dori.Maan came & stood behind her & moved his fingers on her milky white back which made her cared & saw Maan standing behind her.Wink

Geet let go the dori & Maan opened her dori moving his fingers on her milky white back.Geet's heart beat with anticipation & she closed her eyes to resist it.Maan moved his fingers on her left hand which made her shiver down her spine which his touch.Geet turned & encircled her hands around his neck & said smiling,"Aaap bahut bura ho...koi bhi kaam seedhe tareeke se kar hi nahi sakthe...!"Blushing

Maan smirked to her remark & said pulling her to his hard frame,Geet,mein chahthe hoon ki mein aaj apne haathon se tumhe sajaavoon...!"Which made her blush profusely which Maan took as approval from her.He moved his hands under her top & took off her selwaar top throwing her duppatta one side.Geet was anticipated becoz of his touch & she clenched her fist feeling his fingers on her body.Embarrassed

Then he took off her bottom & she stood in front of him in her inners.Then he wore her to blouse & bottom & held her sari to make her wear which he didn't know how to,but Geet took the sari & wore it in front of him.Then he tied the dori of her blouse & took her in front of the mirror where jewels were kept.Embarrassed

He put her ear hangings first kissing her each earlobe & sucking it.Then he put her maang teeka smearing the red sindhoor to her forehead to her partition.Then he put his diamond belly chain & kissed her waist softly which made her moan softly his name.Then he put her bangles to each hands kissing it softly.Then he kept her feet on his thighs making her sit on the bed & put his paayal which he gave her for their first month of anniversary.He kissed her feet softly & made her to stand.Embarrassed

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Maan wore the black suit & he was looking so hot in black.Wink

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Maan was mesmerised once again to see Geet in that sari & gave a piercing gaze.Geet felt Maan's piercing gaze & she blushed profusely.Maan came forward & held Geet's hands & took her to the dinner table.Geet was overwhelmed seeing his love & her eyes welled up which Maan noticed & wiped it with frown on his face.Embarrassed

Maan made Geet sit on the chair & sat opposite her.Geet served him the Pasta & was abt to serve her plate but Maan stopped her & said grinning mishcievously,"Hum ek hi plate mein kaathe hai...!"Which made Geet blush once again,Maan had the urge to bite those cheeks were having the color of apple due blushing but resisted.Embarrassed

Maan made Geet sit on his lap & demanded to feed him.Geet mischieveously added some pepper to the pasta & fed it lovingly.When Maan ate it then he started to cough which Geet started laughing seeing him.Maan groaned seeing her laugh & pulled her from her nape & took her lips into his & pulled some of the pasta into her mouth which made her spicy.Embarrassed

Geet glared at Maan with her almond eyes while Maan smirked & he took some chocolate mousse & ate it & kissed Geet's lips so that her pepper action lowers.Maan nibbled her lips sucking her honey sweet juice while Geet was relieved tasting his sweet mouth.Embarrassed

Geet was blushing & they fed each other like this only.After their dinner Maan said to Geet,"Let's dance...!"Embarrassed

After dancing Geet was feeling even more comfortable with Maan then he scooped her in his arms & took into the room where the room was decorated with scented candles everywhere & bed was decorated with red rose petals.Geet saw the room with awe while Maan saw her lovingly.Embarrassed

Maan played the song in the MP3 player which made Geet blush profusely.Embarrassed

Maan & Geet both danced for the song.Maan kissed Geet's lips while his hands moved to her sari pallu & opened the pin.Maan & geet kissed each other passionately & broke apart to grab some air while Geet came forward & kissed his neck.Maan groaned while Geet opened his suit & made him stand half naked.Embarrassed

Maan held her waist & squeezed it making her moan his name.He always felt good when she called his name.Geet turned that side facing her back to him with shy while Maan moved his hands over her hands.Maan pulled Geet from back & hugged her immediately.Geet kept her head on his naked chest & they both stood for sometime.Embarrassed

Geet turned towards him & Maan kissed her forehead & & her shoulder softly making her heart anticipate.Geet kissed his chest,shoulder,collar bone & sucked his collar bone making him groan.Maan took off her sari & she stood in front of him with blouse & bottom.Maan dranked her beauty like this while Geet blushed profusely seeing his hungry gaze.Embarrassed

Geet turned showing her milky whit back with shy while Maan came forward & untied her dori & kissed her back & bit it exploring her back.Geet moaned his name feeling his warm lips on her back.Maan turned her & took her lips into his & kissed her passionately.Geet parted her lips & his tongue entered & sucked her honey sweet juice.Embarrassed

Geet inhaled his masculine scent which drived her crazy & she took off his remaining clothes with anticipation.Maan also ripped off her remaining clothes from her body & saw her naked beauty.Maan scooped her up to the bed & kissed her lips passionately.Geet responded with high anticipation & her hands romaed all over his body.Embarrassed

Maan groaned feeling the sensation while he gave wet kisses on her neck,collar bone & shoulder.He bit her shoulder & licked it to soothe the pain.Geet also bit his shoulder making him groan with anticipation.His hands roamed on her curves & teased its hard buds.He kissed her curves & bit her n***** making her moan.Embarrassed

Geet hovered on him & kissed him all over the body she dug his nails with anticipation on his flesh making him groan.He gave access to Geet to do anything to his body as he was missing her touch for 3 months.Geet was the one who can make MSK bow for mercy.Embarrassed

Maan hovered on her once again & kissed her all over the body & bit his b**** & sucked its n***** making moan Geet with anticipation.Maan liked to give Geet tortures as he was giving her punishment of refusing to coming with him to London.Geet told breathing heavily,"Maan...pls don't give me these tortures."But Maan wasn't listening he tortured her till his fill while Geet was also liking this tortures as she was missing him around her for 3 months.Embarrassed

Maan'a hands roamed on her waist & kissed it & bit it marking his possession.Geet moaned loudly with anticipation.Maan kissed her thighs & squeezed it.He then took her to the washroom & opened the shower & started sucking the droplets of water on her body.Geet pleaded once again not give the tortures then his manhood entered her softness.He thrusted it softly but his pace became rapid.Embarrassed

Geet moaned loudly feeling his hardness inside her while he squeezed her thighs & groaned.He kissed her lips still thrusting inside her passionately.Geet was exhausted feeling his aggressiveness but Maan didn't listen to her pleas & he thrusted inside her once again.But this time he was caring & soft & Geet was overwhelmed seeing his love towards her.Embarrassed

Maan took her to the bed & once again he started but was slow & steady.Geet moand feeling his hardness against her softness while his hands roamed all over her body.Geet couldn't tolerate this slow torture & said once again to not to give tortures.Maan took this as granted & he thrusted inside her aggressively which made her sore but she was enjoying.Her devil was still anticipating more for his love.Embarrassed

When he continously rubbed then her orgasm became raw & he was also exhausted & slept beside her breathing heavily.Geet hovered on him & gave a look that she wants more which made him energised but he didn't wanted to give her enough pain so to satisfy her devils request he put his fingers inside her womanhood.Geet was anticipated with his fingers,as he moved it rapidly.Embarrassed

Then Maan couldn't tolerate his devil's request & he entered inside her once again & pounded on her aggressively which made her moan loudly.His pace became faster & they hit climax.Maan slept beside her feeling contented breathing heavily.Geet's devil was satisfied & he came over his chest & kissed it & said,"I love u Maan...!"Maan pecked her lips & said pulling her in his embrace,"I love too Mishti.Embarrassed

They both slept in each other's embrace feeling contented,naked & wrapped in blanket.Embarrassed

Precap-Naughty Maan...Winkand the previous precap only...Shocked

Previous Part 69-

Next Part 71-


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maneet romance

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awsem update

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Its hot

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superb dear:)
loved it:)

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Awesome updateEmbarrassed.
Loved it.

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too hot to handle......EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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very hot loved it

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