Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Posted: 16 April 2012 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
loved it ,again SameeraAngry

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Loved it dear!!!!!!!
Loved Maaneets moments...
Hate dis SAM!!!!!AngryAngry
Plzzz cont soon

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After continuous love making Geet & Maan were exhausted & slept in each other's embrace feeling contented.Geet got up as usual time & took the shower & wore her dress & came & saw that Maan was still sleeping & saw the time.

It was almost eight & Geet frowned & came near him & said,"Maan...uthiye aat baj rahi hai...aur aap abhi tak soye hai...!ShockedMaan came forward & slept on her lap & nodded no to him.Geet frowned,"Aaj kal aap bahut lazy ho gaye hai...kal bhi aap office nahi gaye aur aaj jaane ka iraada hai ya nahi...?"

Maan frowned & opened his eyes rubbing & pulled her near him & took her lips into his immediately.Geet pushed him immediately & said,"Maan...nahaake aayiye...aapke moo se badboo aa rahi hai...!"AngryMaan glared at her & went to have shower on that time his mobile started to ring.

Geet took Maan's dress & laptop & briefcase.Geet said seeing the mobile,"Maan...aapka phone baj raha hai...!"Maan said from inside opening the door,"Usse speaker mein daal do...!"Geet came near the bathroom & held the phone switching it to speaker.There came a female voice which said,"Hello meri jaan...!"

Maan & Geet froze hearing the voice,it was Sam's voice.Maan's lips tightened hearing Sam's voice & saw towards Geet.Geet's lips were also tightened becoz of Sam's voice.Her face showed anger & hatredness reflected in those almond eyes.

Maan washed his mouth immediately & took the phone from Geet & shocked,"Sam...!ShockedSameera laughed & said,"Meri jaan...tumhaari yeh chanka denevaali aawaaz haina...woh mujhe bahut achchi lagthi hai...!"

Maan said angrily,"Tum yahan kyun phone ka rahi ho...!"Sameera said laughing sinisterly,"Maan...mein kyun phone karthi hoon...tumse pyaar bhari awaaz ko sunna chahthi hoon...aur kya...tumne meri deal ke baare mein socha hai...?"Geet saw Maan eagerly while Maan avoided her gaze & asked innocently,"Kaunsi deal...???"

Sameera said shaping her nails from the sharpaner,"Kaunsi deal...!Lagtha hai tum Geet ke pyaar mein apna yaadaash kho rahe ho...!"Mein us deal ke baare mein baat kar rahi hoon...jisse tumhaare parivaar ki salaamathi hogi...nahin toh...tum jaanthe mein kuch bhi karsakthi hoon...!Humaara deal yahi tha ki tum aur Geet dono mere upar jo cases hai usse waapas lelo...nahi toh...!!!!"And she disconnected the phone immediately.

Geet saw Maan & asked worriedly,"Nahin toh yeh kya karegi Maan...aur isne kab is deal ke baare mein bataaya tha...aapne mujhe bataaya nahi...!"Maan didn't answer anything & wore his dress silently & went from there.He had the breakfast silently which Geet served him.Geet's gaze was piercing his soul of not telling anything abt this to her which he avoided.

In the office he was so disturbed becoz of the morning conversation with Geet & was frustrated & shouted at employees.Adi saw his temper & phoned up & asked Geet that everything is alright.Geet said innocently that everything's alright but she hear Maan shouting in the office hoarsely.

Geet rushed to the office immediately to calm him down or else he'll fire all the employees showing his worst temper.Geet entered the office & saw the staff who were bewildered & scared seeing Maan's temper.The staff were relieved seeing Geet becoz she's the one who can resist Maan's anger.

Maan was shouting at scared Sasha who had done anything mistake in the blue prints.Geet entered his cabin without knocking & took a blast from Maan,"Knock karke nahi aa sakthi kya...!"AngryGeet glared at him  & said with attitude,"Oh hello Mr.Khurana...yeh mera bhi office hai...aur mujhe poora haq hai...jahan bhi jaane ka...!Aur yeh kya hai...aap Sasha par kyun itna chilla rahe hai...?Angry

Maan said angrily,"Isne phirse galathi ki hai blue pritns banaane mein...and I won't like carelessness in the u understand?"Geet eye gestured Sasha to go from here & Sasha nodded politely & went from there closing the cabin.Geet closed the blinds & curtains & locked the door.Geet's pirecing gaze made him even more uncomfortable & asked politely,"Tum yahan kyun aayi ho...???"Shocked

Geet came forward while Maan was conscious & saw her with shock.Geet went inside his hard frame & took his lips into his lips.Maan was shocked but he responded back & his frustration vanished into thin air when his lips touched her soft petal like lips.Maan pinned her to the wall & moved his hands under her kurta feeling her softness while Geet moaned between the kiss.

They broke apart to grab some air then Geet kissed his forehead & cupped his face & asked,"Kyun itna gussa kar rahe ho...???"ShockedMaan hugged her immediately to the bone crushing hug & kissed her shoulder & bit it.His anger was going its peak but Geet was making his anger melt.Geet fell silent but stroked his air lovingly & held him tight.

Maan & Geet both hugged each other while Maan was kissing her all over the face.Geet's urges were towering but she controlled to know the real matter of his anger.She stood there hugging him tightly & stroking his hair lovingly.Then Maan pulled back & said,"Geet,us din Vikram ne mere upar attack kiya tha...jab mein aur Vicky usse dhoodne gaye the...!"Geet was shocked & asked with concern,"Aapko kuch nahi huva usse...aapne mujhe kyun nahi bataaya...!"

Maan held his index finger on her soft lips & said smiling seeing her concern,"Meri poori baat toh suno...!"Geet saw him eagerly while Maan continued,"Jab meine Vikram ko pakad liya tha us din Sam ne mujhe phone kiya tha aur dhamkaaya ki agar hum uske aur Vikram ki case waapas nahi liya toh...woh humaare parivaar ko nahi chodegi...isiliye Sam se tumhaare upar hamla ek sample tha humein daraane ke liye ki agar hum uski baat nahi maani toh woh humaare parivaar ko nahi chodegi...!Phir bhi mein Sam ki baat nahi suni aur usse sazaa dilaadi...phir bhi woh mujhse wahi sharat rakha...abhi bhi woh mujhe pareshan kar rahi kar ke...roz phone karthi hai aur mujhe pareshan karthi hai...!"

Geet came forward & hugged him immediately now she came to know that why she was avoiding her eyes.Geet's eyes welled up & said,"Itne pareshaani aap apne dil mein rakhe the aur mujhe bataaya tak nahi...!"Then she pushed him immediately which made Maan disturbed with her gesture & was abt to say something but Geet closed his mouth from her palm & said,"Hum ghar mein baat karthe hai...kaam khatam karke aajaayiye...!mein jaa rahi hoon...!"And she went from there leaving shocked Maan.

At evening after dinner,Maan came to their room & saw that Geet has already slept & cursed himself of not telling the truth to her in right time but he was always made wrong.Geet said turning towards him,"Maan...!"Maan saw her with amazement while Geet gestured to come & sleep beside her.Maan ran to the bed & slept beside her keeping his head on her chest & hugging her waist.

Geet stroked his hairs lovingly & kissed his hairs & said,"Maan...hum Sam se ladenge...woh humaare parivaar ko kuch bhi nahi kar sakthi...yeh mujhe par chod dijiye...mein usse sabak zaroor sikhaavoongi...!"Maan saw her determined face & knew that she had done something for Sam & smiled immediately.Geet pecked his lips & said good night to him.

Maan who was so tired of the work slept in her embrace pecking her lips tightly.Next morning Sam had planned to give another shock to Khuranas & she took the help from Rasika Rathod who was her best friend.As Sam's plan Rasika kept a business party & it was assigned by Naintara's event management company.

Geet had accompained Naintara & was helping her in that work.Sam knew that Geet is gonna come to the party to help Naintara.Sam wanted to hurt Geet in the party & made Geet to go to the storeroom where she tried to make fall the chandelier on Geet but was Geet was saved by Man who had fortunately came to the hotel for some business meeting & came to meet Geet or rather have to say to make love to Geet.

Maan shouted hoarsely at Rasika for sending to that room where Geet was abt to be hurted.Geet made him to be calm but Maan tried to drag her with him.But Geet refused as she had come to help Naintara.Sam's plan flopped becoz of Maan which made her livid with anger & said to herself that she'll kill one of the family & targetted Naintara & the baby.

Sam reached the party as Rasika had invited her.Geet was shocked to see Sam there & was even more shocked when she came to know that Rasika is Sam's business partner & her best friend.Sam didn't know that Rasika is the cousin of Naintara & she was protecting her as she's 3 months pregnant.Rasika didn't know any truth abt Sameera just knew that Geet stole Maan from Sam.

Rasika always insulted Geet in front of everybody which made Maan livid.He had cancelled the deal from Rasika becoz of this reason only but Geet had made him to accept the deal making him approve for the deal.Sam knew everything & thought of killing Naintara & baby & frame it on Geet.But Sam didn't knew that Geet was also alert...she knew that chandelier didn't fell was a trap on her.Maan was also suspicious abt this incident & had agreed to come to the party which was unaware to Sam.

Sam told the half plan to Rasika to make Geet come to the terrace.Rasika was abt to make Geet to go to the terrace which was not done instead Naintara went to the terrace.When Naintara saw Sam then she shouted immediately,"Geet...!ShockedGeet heard her pleas & saw towards Maan who had entered the party on that time only.Geet saw that Naintara walking backwards while Sam walked forward.

Geet ran to terrace immediately but she was blocked by Vikram who was in bail once again like Sam.Geet saw Vikram & anger coursed from her veins & she punched him in the nose & made him to fall off from the staircase.Maan came behind Geet & Vikram fell over Maan while Maan held him & saw the man who was he & was shocked.Shocked

Maan's anger went to the peak & beat him black & blue while Naintara was abt fall from the terrace but was held by Sameera.Rasika saw this incident & came to know that she was trying to kill her cousin & stood there frozen to death.Sameera did some drama that she can't hold her tightly & her hand slipping & left Naintara's hands immediately.Naintara was shocked when she left her hand & shouted once again,"Geet...!"

On that time Geet held Naintara's hand immediately & tightly.Sam was angry seeing Geet saving her sister-in-law & tried to stop her by pulling Geet inappropriately but Geet's anger was on its peak & she slapped Sam's face forcefully & Sam was pushed from Geet & she fell to the ground near by.On that time Maan came there & he also held Naintara's other hand tightly & Geet & Maan both pulled her up immediately.

After pulling her up Naintara hugged Geet & started to cry hoarsely & she sheilded her tummy carefully.Geet soothed her & said,"Dee...kuch nahi huva hai...aap aur aapka baby salaamath hai...!"Naintara was still crying while Maan dialled to Dev immediately & he called Rajji as she was gynacologist doctor.On that time Naintara fainted immediately which made Maan & Geet even more panic.

Maan lifted Naintara & took her while Geet followed him immediately.Maan placed Naintara in the back seat & told to Dev to come to the hospital as she has fainted.Geet was trying to make her come to the conscious but she was still fainted.Maan & Geet took Naintara to the hospital where Rajji was ready to check up Naintara.Rajji did check up of Naintara & said to Geet who was so worried,"Dee,jiju,darne ki koi baat nahi...Naintara dee shock mein hai...lekin kya huva woh itni shock mein hai...!"Geet told abt the incident in Rasika's party that how Sameera tried to kill Naintara & her baby.

Rajji sighed but said,"Dee dhyaan rakhiyega...Naintara dee ko koi bhi stress nahi honi chaahiye...!"On that time Dev ran into the hospital & saw Naintara & his eyes welled up.He sat beside her holding her hand while Nainatar opened her eyes & saw Dev there.Seh hugged him immediately & said,"Woh mujhe maar degi...mere bachche ko bhi maar degi...!"Dev soothed her with difficulty that no one is gonna harm her & their baby.

Naintara was feeling calm after so many persuasion & she was shifted to KM.Dadimaa was worried hearing that incident & hugged Naintara immediately & kissed her forehead & said patting her cheeks,"Ab aap kaisi hai bete...?"Naintara smiled & said,"Mein theek hoon dadimaa...mujhe koi kuch nahi karsaktha...jab tak Geet hai mere paas...!"Geet smiled & said,"Dee...aap apne room mein jaayiye mein aapke liye soup laathi hoon...!"

Dev took Naintara to their room & Geet went to the kitchen to prepare soup.After preparing hot soup she took it in the bowl to Naintara's room.Naintara was feeling calm & Dev was loving her in her lips.Geet's cheeks became red & cleared her throat immediately which made Dev & Naintara broke apart.They both saw Geet with embarassment & Dev went from there immediately.Geet came inside & said keeping the soup beside Naintara,"Soup peelijiye dee...garam hai...mein aapko pilaavoon...?"

Naintara made fuss but Geet sat opposite her & took a spoonful of soup & blew it & made Naintara to drink it.Here Rasika knew the incident & blasted on Sameera & arrested her to the police immediately.Sameera tried to convince her but Rasika didn't listened to her & said her to not show her face forever.Rasika was feeling guilty becoz of her that Naintara & her baby was in danger.Rasika also felt that Geet isn't a bad girl & came to know that it was Sam who cheated Maan.

Precap-Sam's another truth...ShockedNaughty Maan...Wink



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awesome update
Sam is so cruel
please update next part

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maneet saved nt 

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awsem update

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this Sam is such a cheap
thank god Maaneet save NT and baby
Precap is nice
Cont soon

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very interesting update...

u covered much story in one update...

Sameera is again arrested with Vikram...thank God nothing bad happen to Naintara and her baby...Rasika came to know the truth...

waiting for next part...

thanx for pm...

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