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FF:WeWereMeantToBe Last Part + Epilogue Page 62 (Page 55)

shona. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 June 2012 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
@ Vipu-lol yes he's becoming more romantic now

Dhruv will enter in the next part

haha Suhana madam is possessive of Ayaan n will be jealous obviously

thank u VipuHug

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Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2012 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
I swear to God I thought I had commented on this part...oh well

this line made me crack upROFL

"le lo karate champion hai, aise nahin toh waise apni baat mana le gi," Ayaan said and JP left for home.

this part made me blushEmbarrassed

"so Mr Juneja app kaunsa soup lenge?" Suhana asked as Ayaan got out of the bed. He went up to her, placed his hands around her waist and pulled her closer.

"kyun app banayengi?" Ayaan said as Suhana placed her hands on his shoulders

"HUM dono banayengi," Suhana said smiling and Ayaan laughed.

"I cant cook! I don't even know what half the vegetables are've even sent JP away...come on let's get some take away,"

and I cant wait for KS and APK to enterParty

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shona. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2006
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Posted: 17 June 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged
@Chandz-KS n APK will come in the next part for sure

abhi786 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 June 2012 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Shona loved the part even though it is short...

Ayaan thinking of suhana and suhana making the home food is superb... What to know what Rohana will answer to suhana doubts ?

Is Dhruv positive or negetive character ??

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shona. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2006
Posts: 8712

Posted: 19 June 2012 at 4:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by abhi786

Shona loved the part even though it is short...

Ayaan thinking of suhana and suhana making the home food is superb... What to know what Rohana will answer to suhana doubts ?

Is Dhruv positive or negetive character ??

thank u Abhi

Dhruv is positive character

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shona. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2006
Posts: 8712

Posted: 19 June 2012 at 4:40am | IP Logged
Part 21


"what! who's this Sweety,Pooja and Tanisha" Suhana said turning to Ayaan but Rohan replied before Ayaan could

"Arre Suhana tumhe paata nahin, aaj kaal Boss ke liye bohat se shaadi ke rishte aa rahe hai...akhir Mumbai ka 7th most eligible bachelor hai" and then Rohan narrated the whole incident with the aunties. While Rohit, Sanya and Rohan laughed hard at it Suhana turned to Ayaan.

"And what did you reply?" Suhana asked Ayaan

"Obviously I need time to consider, after all it's about marriage, I can't decide on the spot which one of those 3 I wanna marry," Ayaan teased her but she looked bemused.

"Ayaan don't you  dare think about it," Suhana said, "otherwise you'll be paying legal costs to keep me out of jail for beating her up or something worse,"Suhana said

"Miss Possessive I was just joking, I've already told you; I'm all yours as long as you will keep me," Ayaan said placing his hand on Suhana's.

Rest of dinner passed by talking about plans for the wedding.

"you know you don't have to drop me off home...I could have got a lift from Rohit or Rohan or got an auto or something," Suhana said as Ayaan opened the door to the car for her

"Dr. Suhana I feel better now...the fever that should have come hasn't come and headache and cold are much better now thanks to your medicines," Ayaan said.

On reaching Suhana's building Ayaan bid her goodnight

"this is not fair, itni bimaari se ladh ke mein tumhe drop karne aya...ek goodnight kiss toh ban ta hai" Ayaan said as Suhana got out of the car. Ayaan was dejectedly about to drive off when she was on his side of the window. He rolled down the window

"I love you," she whispered and kissed him then added, "goodnight"


Ayaan was working on his laptop in his cabin when there was a knock on the door. It was Nisha who said ,"May I come in Sir?" when Ayaan gestured her to come in she entered. Ayaan noticed she was limping slightly.

"Miss Sharma are you ok? I mean you're limping," Ayaan said gesturing her to take a seat.

"yes, it's a small sprain, actually Rohan..sir nearly ran me over," she laughed.

"wow you look very cheerful for someone who's almost been run over, that's great, exactly the sort of employees I want here...shall we begin," Ayaan said, "I need to leave for the Pepsi T20 Football event as well,"

"wow you're going to that," Nisha said, "I couldn't get tickets," she added dejectedly

"lemme guess you're a football fan and probably wanna see Virat play?" Ayaan said, "ok I have two ticket, me and Rohan were going to go but I guess you two can go instead,"

"you're giving me your ticket?," Nisha asked exasperatedly, "why?"

"well you wanna go and I believe in making my employees happy and also the fact that I also need to be somewhere else," Ayaan said.

"OMG thank you Sir you're the best!" Nisha said looking thrilled.

"thank you, shall we start the meeting now," Ayaan said. They went through the current marketing strategies of the business and what their possible plans for the future could be all in readiness for the meeting with entire marketing team next week.

An hour later Rohan came into the cabin ,"Boss you ready to leave?" he asked

"I'm not coming with you, Nisha is," Ayaan smiled, "I'm going to Sanya's place Dhruv's flight has landed".

"whatever, I know you have plans with Suhana as always...why don't you guys just get married then you'd be living together...diesel ke kitni bachat ho jayegi," Rohan said.


"wow what an unplanned date," Rohan said as he and Nisha got into the car.

"it's not a date," Nisha said

"why not..wouldn't you wanna go on a date with me," Rohan said

"my last date had his jaw broken by my brother," Nisha said

"yaar tumhare bhai sach mein "bhai"(gangster) hai..kitne violent hai...Ghandhi ji unke baare mein kya soch rahe honge...don't you feel suffocated by so much protectiveness," Rohan said

"I know they love me and always look out for me but yes sometimes it is too much...that's partly why I moved to Mumbai...for just let loose and enjoy my life, do all the things they wouldn't let me," Nisha said.

"like what?" Rohana asked

"Which are  umm I dunno...going with a guy to watch a football match, that's not allowed whether it's a date or not,"

They entered the stadium. Nisha had a broad smile seeing all the celebs.

"dhoni sabse zyada goal karega," Rohan said.

"nahin Virat karega,"

"lagi shart...agar mein jeeta toh tum mere saath proper date ke liye aaogi," Rohan said

"you're on," Nisha said eyebrow raised slightly.


"Bhai!" Sanya hugged Dhruv as he came out of the airport. He hugged Rohit and Ayaan also.

"congrats" he said,"now it's just about getting the families to agree to an outdoor Christian ceremony, right?"

"yes, with just close friends and family," Sanya said, "and you have to convince them of this,"

"ok San it'll be done,"

Later on at Sanya's house for tea Dhruv convinced both families for the wedding of Sanya and Rohit's choice.

"look the 2000 people who you invite to the wedding won't remember it after 2-3 years, at the end of the day it's our families and more importantly Rohit and San who will remember it even years later, it's their biggest day so if they want a Christian ceremony with a small guest list what's the problem...just invite everyone you guys want for the reception, right?" Dhruv said, "and if you want a big fat Indian wedding then it's can fulfill all those wishes at my wedding OK?"

"oh and mine too," Ayaan added. He shared a close relationship with his friend's families,"you guys are going to have to plan it and do the baraati dance and Roma Aunty(Sanya's mum) you'll need to choose the designer for my sherwani and Kusum Aunty (Rohit's mum) you'll need to choose the location and decoration and everything, please let's just do this wedding the Rohit-Sanya way,"

"but beta Christian wedding? log kya kahenge?"

"Mum how many ways are there to get married in this world...there must be hundreds right but at the end of the day they all result in the same thing...two people getting married...and honestly when these two get married no one will care what sort of ceremony they had, they'll just talk about how happy they are and how perfect these two are for each other," Dhruv said

Eventually after a lot of convincing they agreed to allow the couple the sort of wedding they want.


"wow you guys were AWESOME!" Sanya said, hugging her brother and Ayaan as well, Rohit also joined in.

"so one job done another one left...Ayaan I've heard a lot about a charming young lady by the name of Suhana, are you going to introduce her,"

"bro she's at work, she'll finish at 6pm, we're all going for dinner...well except Rohan, he's on a date," Ayaan replied. Rohan texted him that he was taking Nisha on a date (he'd won the bet) so wouldn't make it to dinner.


"Suhana this is Dhruv, Dhruv meet Suhana," Ayaan introduced, The gang were at a restaurant.

"ahh my other sister I guess, I hear Sanya's adopted you as a sister," Dhruv said.

"that's perfect, Suhana's always wanted a big bro," Ayaan said. He known this from the long conversations he'd shared with her over the past few weeks.

The 5 enjoyed a delicious meal, Suhana noticed that Ayaan shared a similar rapport with Dhruv as he did with Rohit and Rohan.

"why don't you two have an Indian wedding on your anniversary next year?" Ayaan asked Rohit and Sanya.

"dude we're not getting married again and again," Rohit said

"I know, ek baar itna stress enough hai," Sanya added.

"how unromantic...if there are 100s of ways of getting married I'd get married every year," Ayaan said, Suhana gave him a look and he added, "to the same girl obviously,"

All of them laughed.

A couple of hours later Ayaan was driving Suhana home. Just as he was about to lean in to give her a kiss she said "OMG"

"what happen?" Ayaan asked

"that's my dad's parents are here," Suhana said, "Ayaan just go home...I'll call you later,"


Precap: Rohan and Nisha were at a bar drinking, Nisha is drunk while Ayaan wants to meet Suhana's parents but she's not so sure about it


Guys please leave back your feedback

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Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 June 2012 at 5:05pm | IP Logged

Yeh part thoda chota nahi hai...what say VipuWink

jo bhi hai I liked itEmbarrassed SuYaan's beginning momentDay Dreaming lol jealous Suhana and then the kiss againDay Dreaming.

Rohan and Nisha crack me up...they're just like KryAn in real lifeROFL Virat vs Dhoni...well I dont know much about these guys but both of them play great cricket I root for bothEmbarrassed

I LOVE Dhruv you picked Kavi perfectly for this he is perfect can totally imagine him as San's brother and his sense of humor and everything is so Kavi ShatriEmbarrassed

awwie at Christian wedding...I love all kinds of weddings but yeah Christian weddings are so I dunno how to describe aunt got married to a Chirstian man so I remember her wedding and of course the thousands of weddings we see in movies and shows and all just love themEmbarrassed

and dhan dhan dhan...Suhana's parents are here...wat lag gayiLOLTongue I want to see how Ayaan charms themEmbarrassed

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Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2012 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
edited my comment and bumpEmbarrassed

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