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FF:WeWereMeantToBe Last Part + Epilogue Page 62 (Page 40)

shona. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 11:20am | IP Logged
lol Barney is my fav character in the show

I love KD offscreen, her interviews with KT are awesome so want her in this FF...need to find a pic of her now as Nisha Sharma

btw Krish is gonna be in next update also

yh give me the link there

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Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Krish is going to be in the next updateDancingDancingDancing Now I seriously can't waitDay Dreaming
shona. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2006
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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 11:45am | IP Logged
yup he's Suhana's patient "Alekh"
Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 December 2004
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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
The cutie pie she did surgery onStern Smile AHH can't waitDay Dreaming

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shona. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys
there's a couple of new characters in this part so will add their sketches here and on page one


Nisha Sharma

Nisha is an intelligent young woman who is very bubbly and outspoken. Nisha hails from Bangalore and bought up along with her 3 brothers, which has contributed to her bold "never-take-crap" attitude. Having 3 protective older brothers has given her a fearless attitude as she feels they'll always be there for her if she lands up in trouble.


Alekh is a five year old heart patient who is being treated in Medical Boon Hospital. He required immediate heart surgery recently. His parents cannot afford his treatment so Ayaan is paying for it without letting on that he is. Alekh is Suhana's first patient. Alekh has been admitted at the hospital 2-3 times in past few months and so has developed a bond with Ayaan


Part 14


"where are we going?" Sanya asked Rohit as they got into his car.

"it's a surprise...I don't want you to guess anything first,so can I blindfold you now?" Rohit asked

"go ahead," Sanya sighed and he blindfolded her.

"you know I'd expect you to throw a tantrum or atleast refuse to be blindfolded, I mean you don't even know where I'm taking you,"

"It's definitely not to a cliff to throw me off," Sanya laughed then added,"I trust you with my life more than myself so what difference does it make whether my eyes are open or not..."

"Sanya...I love you," Rohit said simply. Between the two of them there was no real need to say much, they understood each other so well

"I know but still I love to hear it from you every time every day," Sanya said. After about 10 minutes of driving Rohit finally pulled over. He got a text saying "all prep done, good luck"

Rohit took a deep breath and got out and helped Sanya out. He lead her up a path.

"ok here we go," he said, he still had his arm around her waist as he removed her blindfold. Sanya looked around and her jaw dropped. It was Ayaan's back garden though it didnt look it. There were several more flowers and so many candles there and so many fairy lights put up. The path she and Rohit had walked up was covered in flowers, and had arcs covered in flowers every 2 metres, it looked like a wedding aisle. In front of her set in the middle of several different coloured rose petals were about 1000 candles arranged in a way that they spell "Sanya, I promise to love you today and forever, will you marry me?"

Sanya was left speechless. She knew a day would come when he would go down on one knee and ask her this, she'd never imagine her future with anyone else but this was unexpected, she didn't know he's go to such lengths to ask her something she would never have said no to.

Sanya still hadn't replied yet. She couldn't get the words out.

"Sanya if you wanna say no you can" Rohit whispered

"no...I mean yes...YES I will marry you," she croaked smiling. Rohit sighed in relief.

"wait, I have to this properly," he said now pulling out a flower from his pocket, he knotted it so that it was like a ring, then got down on one knee, and Sanya immediately held out her left hand and he put it on the ring finger.

"I didn't want to buy the ring before you said yes...I mean I wanted the ring to be chosen by you, so when you're back from your Bangalore visit and I'm back from Chennai we can go buy one,"

"But I like this one only," she said

"iski lifetime ki guarentee nahin hai,"

"I don't need a ring to show I'm yours today, tomorrow and forever," Sanya said hugging Rohit tightly."there's only one thing missing..."

"wait," and Rohit lead her away from the candles and said ,"ready," and it began raining. It was artificial in just that area of the garden.

"Sanya I can't rely on the monsoon starting one month early for us but I can still make it rain today for you," Rohit said. There was a reason why he's chosen Ayaan's back garden to propose to Sanya, it was in every way convenient for him to make this a special evening for Sanya. They'd began to dance slowly in the rain.

"can I just say I love you," Sanya said kissing him

"can we just say "I do" now?" Rohit said

"nope...I still wanna see you in a tux" she laughed.

Suhana was out in the market buying a few things for her house when she remembered she hadn't checked up on Alekh's health, it was only 7:30pm so she could still go visit him. Suhana headed for the hospital. She was allowed to visit him in the ICU.

Alekh's mother was sitting by his side.

"Alekh beta kha lo," she was saying.

"hello," Suhana said entering the room.

"namaste doctor,"

"aap kaisi hai? aur Alekh ab app kaisa feel kar rahe ho," Suhana asked smiling she read his file that was at the foot of the bed in the pocket. Everything was as it should be, no further complications

"dekhiye na doctor ye kha nahin raha," Alekh's mother said

"kaise nahin khaye ga," Suhana said, taking the plate from her hands, "Alekh beta app story suno ge," Suhana said.

Alekh nodded. "toh apko khana hoga," Suhana said.

She began to narrate a story, "toh ek tha rajkumar," Suhana began.

"kaisa dikh ta tha woh?" Alekh asked. Ayaan's image instantly came to Suhana's mind.

"umm apke Ayaan bhaiya ki tarah," Suhana said and then carried on, "aur ek this rajkumari,"

"kya woh bilkul apki tarah thi," Alekh asked

"Alekh beta hum rajkumari jaisi lag ti hai," Suhana asked and Alekh nodded. Suhana narrated a story whilefeeding Alekh at the same time. Alekh was then tucked in.

"doctor didi gudnight," Alekh said and gestured her to come near him, when she did he kissed her," Suhana returned the kiss.

Suhana assured Alekh's mother that all would be alright and he would get better he just needs to recover from the surgery. She hugged the lady reassuringly. She then headed home, headphones in her hear. As the song "Raabta" played on her iPod she remembered Ayaan and smiled.


"atleast the seats this year are better than last year," Rohan said making himself comfortable. He,Rohit and Ayaan were sitting in the Chepauk Stadium in Chennai watching for the match.

After 3 hours of excitement and entertainment and a thrilling finish to the match the game was over.

"yaar mujhe pata tha Bangalore hare ga, Kohli gaya tabse pata tha, yaar kuch aur overs khel leta toh jeet jate, uski galti hai," Rohan said.

The girl siiting infront of them turned around, she was wearing a RCB jersey. She looked annoyed.

"kya kaha tumne? What did you say?" she asked

"ki sab galti Virat ki hai...out nahin hota toh Bangalore jeet jata,"


"Don't you dare blame Virat," she said and stormed off. Rohan read the back of her jersey it had the number 18 on it and said "VIRAT"

"wow kya thapad tha?" Rohan said holding his cheek. Rohit and Ayaan were still in shock

"dude you got slapped by a chick in front of everyone, is that all you gonna say?" Rohit said. The people around were also staring.

After a few seconds seeing the expression on Rohan's face Rohit and Ayaan burst out laughing, "clean bowled" they said together.

Precap: "Nisha Sharma" Rohan called and a girl walked in. Rohan was shocked and so was she. Both recalled the slap that happened in Chennai

Nisha whispered," omg Nish tu toh gayi kaam se...literally..."


Finally done with the update
sorry for lack of SuYaan but they'll be back in next part

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Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
Reserved hahahahaha beat you siham ROFL

First of all YAY MY Cutie pie KrystuPartyand funniest thing is she hates cricketROFL
OK so I am reading the update on my iPhone simultaneously typing this on my iPadTongue

Rohit -Sanya proposal OMFG Its sooo cute and sweet and romanticDay Dreaming just loved it and their simply lines, I loved that you didn't make it sappy and fily and kept it simpleDay Dreaming

Suhana-Alekh moment...awwie I'm already in love with Yash(Krrish's real name) he doesn't say anything in the show but he makes an impact and I'm imagining his sweetie pie voice aski those questions to Suhana and Suhana feeding him and all SOOO cute and once again Raabta conncectionDay Dreaming

OMFG Nisha slapping RohanROFL HAHAHAHA ok I know how big of a Virat phanki you are so I imagine that you would do the same if someone insulted him in the wayROFL Zor ka jhatka

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HaRul-lover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shona.

Originally posted by SiRul

 LOL dont u want a break from my daily dose of pagaalpan

Oh my goodnesss Did i read it right both will miss each other i swear when she said she was paying him i was like Man she will kiss him Shocked and u shatered everything ith ur HUG CryCryCry

wen i first wrote it was a kiss but i thought shud bring in a hug before kiss

 Shona not fairrr there moments were SO CUTE !!!!! LOVING THEMMM so muchhh it's awesomeee they r awesome u r awesome

thank u! LOL ur turning into a fultoo HarshIni paagal like me,Vipu n ChandzLOL

AYESHA  LOL I found beautifulll maybe he would have prefered to b called hmmmSUHANA ?? LOL I like the name also..but Ayaan prefers Ayaan onliLOL
OMG rohit proposing to Sanaya U just rockk they will settle downnn HOW CUTE Epic proposal coming up
and the precap the girl is finlly IN !! YAhooo EmbarrassedLOL  (a face a face Embarrassed think abt my proposition ROFL LOLLOL)
Im left speechlesss LOVED THE UPDATE every moment !!!! thank u SihamHug glad u liked it
Yes im turning into and addict not good fr me im addicted to so many actorss im nt surprised if my results dropped LOL
Epc Proposal Embarrassed Wondering what will it be

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HaRul-lover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tani91

Reserved hahahahaha beat you siham ROFL
ShockedShockedShockedShocked CHANDZ CryCryCryCryCry 
Im jst PISSED OFFF right nowww I was like once againnn !!!! Dancing 
and then saw ur com DeadDeadDeadDead U killed meee this is unfairrr couldnt u have wait !!!!!!!!!!!  CHADZ u r going to pay fr that !LOLLOLLOL
ABT the part!! chandz u may have stole my place but im first to comment  Tongue
IM LOVING THE BEGINING !!!!! Rhit and sanya are so cute !!!! the i love you and i trust you more than i trust myself was AWESOME Embarrassed
U chose KD Cry u did not choose me ROFL Im kidding i like her and she is Sara khan best friend after all LOLBig smileTongue and Parul's friend ! LOL And man she is fearlesss that's why she slapped ROHAN ROFL IM LOVING HER CARACTER
and Alekhhh how strange just like sadhna's husband in Bidaai (sadhna played by SARA KHAN!)ROFL Coincidence or not ? LOL whatever that's so sweeet Ayaan is paying fr him and he is Suhana first patient new Connection fr the couple LOL Im loving it so far
MAMAMIAAA is it reall the way he proposed IM DEAD that just amazing and the rain reminded me of One tree hill naley their fist kiss and then they always enjoyed it whenever they fought to pacify the other they used rain well sometime it was not rain LOL LOL and the way she said i dnt need any ring to show the world im yours and he said can we say "ido" nooo i want to see u in a TUX that was so cute i love ROHIT and sanya
the scene between alekh and sanya was super duper cute ayan as rajkumar and suhana as a rajkumari so sweeettt
THE SLAP WAS WAOOO u thught she would have slapped him because he woud have flirt with her or try something crazy with her but never expected a slap fr a cricket player ROFL LOL
and rohan here saying "wao kya thappad " LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT
Loved it waiting fr the next one
MY LONGEST COMMENT LOLLOLLOL on every FF i read till now

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