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FF:WeWereMeantToBe Last Part + Epilogue Page 62 (Page 24)

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 2:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shona.

hmm thinking of updating though im in a shitty mood...

I am updating today..
lets see aaj coincidence hota hai ya nahiTongue

shona. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 7:17am | IP Logged
lol was supposed to update that day...wrote half the update didnt like it so scrapped it n not deciding to give it another go today
so by coincidence we're updating on sme day n only Chandz is benefiting from this!LOL

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 7:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shona.

lol was supposed to update that day...wrote half the update didnt like it so scrapped it n not deciding to give it another go today
so by coincidence we're updating on sme day n only Chandz is benefiting from this!LOL

Hahaha...she says we've made a pact of updating on the same dayTongueLOL

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shona. IF-Rockerz

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Part 9



Suhana was excited but also nervous about her date with Ayaan the next day.
"Suhana how could you say yes! you duffer, you hardly know him" she blabbered to herself at the same time rummaged her wardrobe to shortlist some outfits to wear tomorrow for her date. She couldn't decide on any of the outfits,"What's his favourite colour?" Suhana wondered aloud. She couldn't remember the last time she actually spent so much time to pick an outfit to impress someone.


Ayaan was examining himself in front of his magnificent mirror, like many things in his house it was imported.

"bhaiya aaj dinner ke liye kya bana na hai?" asked one of Ayaan's servants

"mein bahar ja raha hoon, aaj ke liye sab ki chuti," Ayaan replied, flattening his jacket and setting his hair, he was dressed casually in jeans and t-shirt and hoped Suhana liked the look.

"kya bhaiya, agar har roz bahar khaoge toh bimar padh jaoge," replied the servent, with genuine concern for Ayaan

"aisa kuch bhi nahin hota," Ayaan brushed aside the concern. He left shortly afterwards.

"Ayaan bhaiya app gadi nahi le ja rahe?" asked the watchman

"nahin...aaj auto mein Mumbai dekh na hai," Ayaan replied shocking his watchman.

Ayaan caught an auto to Suhana's building. It was 7:29pm as he rang the bell. He was panting slightly, apparently the lift wasn't working properly today so he had to climb 4 flights of stairs.

"Hi," he managed to say as Suhana opened the door. She looked mesmerizing, dressed in a baby pink dress, her trademark million dollar smile in place. He offered her the pink roses he bought for her.

"hi," she replied taking the roses,"thank you, I love roses,"

"I took a lucky guess..." Ayaan said,"shall we?" Ayaan said.

Both headed out of the door. Suhana glanced a look at Ayaan. He looked as handsome as ever, again dressed in expensive branded clothes as all the previous occasions she's seen him.

As per Suhana's wish they got into an auto. Ayaan instructed the driver to a certain destination.

"Ayaan when was the last time you sat in an auto?" Suhana asked noticing his discomfort

"I...umm I honestly don't remember...a very long time I guess," Ayaan said honestly.

"then why are you going through the trouble now?" Suhana asked

"well firstly because this is what you asked for and also because it's good to experience new things I'm appreciating my air conditioning now..."

"thank you for this...I've heard alot about this city, now I want to see it for myself,"

"glad to be you're guide," Ayaan smiled

"so where are we actually going to have dinner?" Suhana asked

"well it's not a restaurant or an hotel...ahh I think we're here," Ayaan said. The auto came to a stop and Ayaan paid him with no fuss. Suhana stepped out and Ayaan followed.

"ouch," he banged his head as he tried to get out. Suhana gave a small laugh and rubbed the spot that had suffered the blow. Suhana looked around, there were alot of stalls serving food.

"Suhana what's you're favourite street food?" Ayaan asked

"wow!" Suhana said her mouth watering,"can we have a bit of everything?"

"whatever you want," Ayaan replied,"shall we start with Mumbai's specialty Vada pau,"

They appraoched a stall ,"bhaiya doh vada pau dena"

After Vada pau, they moved onto chaat and finally pani puri. Suhana laughed at Ayaan's attempt to eat a rather large pani puri.

"bas...aur nahin," Suhana said clutching her stomach, she was bloated. Ayaan paid the man at the stall.

"seriously we've had too much to eat today," Ayaan replied and added sarcastically,"but Suhana dessert abhi baki hai,"

"nahin nahin more," Suhana said.

"ok chalo, ek aur jaga jana hai" Ayaan said.

"where?" Suhana asked

Ayaan and Suhana got into another auto. This time their destination was a beach.

"this is one of the best places in Mumbai,"Ayaan said as he and Suhana walked towards the beach,"there's something satisfying about the shore...seeing the waves...I helps clear your mind...well it helps me anyway," Ayaan blabbered

"do you come here often?" Suhana asked

"yes...when I face a mental block or can't get a clear head I like to sit on the beach for an hour or so,"

Ayaan sat down and Suhana joined him.

"sorry am I boring you?" Ayaan asked as Suhana looked lost in thought

"'s not that...I'm still trying to figure you out," Suhana said.

"what is it about me that's bothering you?"

"I dunno...I mean you just seem like a...a prince...just look at you, your lifestyle..."

"Suhana I didn't ask for all that I have...God has been kind to me...I inherited everything when my parents expired and I continued their work, I believe in living life king size and I'm able it spending money on branded clothes or fancy cars or food whatever I want to live in the parents never really lived life you know...they had these luxuries but were so occupied in earning more money and in their business they hardly had time for small things in life such as meeting up with friends or having a meal with family...they didn't even have time for me but I don't want to live that way...I want to live my life today enjoying all my riches so I spend like crazy...I made Sanya,Rohit and Rohan uncomfortable to begin with but now they are used to it..."

"and you think I can get used to it too?" Suhana asked

"Suhana I am a straight forward person...I really like you and want you around but I can't help feel that sometimes you feel uncomfortable around me..." Ayaan replied

"Ayaan I've been bought up to be independent and self-reliant on my parent's middle-class income, I'm not used to traveling in such cars or being bought expensive gifts, the 3 outfits you bought me yesterday were worth enough to be my entire month's's awkward sometimes...I don't feel like I can match you...I mean if I were to buy you a gift then what would I get you when you can afford anything way beyond me..."

"Suhana...please don't think of it that way...don't measure things with money...measure it with emotions behind it," Ayaan said but Suhana still didn't look reassured.

"ok come with me, I'll show you what Ayaan Juneja is all about," Ayaan said as he got up and Suhana followed

"where are we going,"

"my place," Ayaan replied

Suhana looked taken aback.

"did I just see a small flicker of fear in the karate champ's eyes?" Ayaan mocked

"you wish," Suhana replied punching him playfully in the stomach

Both went to Ayaan's place


"woah, you live here?" Suhana asked exasperatedly

"yes my mum actually liked the location here and we've live ehre for about 15 years, with occasional expansions and renovations," Ayaan said simply.

Suhana stared at the magnificent gate and the beautiful grand grand white mansion beyond it, it looked like taken from a dream.

The watchman opened the gate for them. The walked along the small path that led to the mansion. The lawn was lush green, there was a beautiful fountain in front of the mansion.

Ayaan opened the door for Suhana, as she walked in she took in the interiors. There were beautiful paintings and showpieces, the furniture was definately imported thought Suhana.

Ayaan took in the expression on Suhana's face and said, "I enjoying spending money for things in this house because this is the best place in the world for said how could you match the gifts I give well here are some of the best gifts ever given to me," he guided her to the kitchen.

"these bells were given by Sanya last year, she painted all the designs herself," Ayaan said showing a clutter of 5 bells in one,"I love to hear the chimes when I'm alone in the house, it feels less lonely in here and look at this's utter nonsense by Rohan but without it my dining room looks incomplete...non of these things are expensive but I love them 'coz I know the feelings behind them..."

"ok I get where you're coming from," Suhana said

"Suhana if you are being freaked out by the sorts of expensive gifts you think I'll get for you if we start dating, don't be freaked out, I figured that you don't like people spilling money on you and I promise I will spend minimum money on you,"

"Ayaan stop trying to convince me of something I'm already sure of now," Suhana said. Ayaan looked so anxious and was trying so hard

"I just don't want you to be to uncomfortable around me all the time, that's all"

"don't worry I will learn to live around Ayaan Juneja's spendaholic nature and probably teach him some money management tips, you have no idea how much extra money the auto drivers charged you today,"


"yes they charged you twice the price and you being such a duffer didn't even see the metre and paid,"

"you should have told me"

"I'll teach you for the future," Suhana said smiling

"hey...we forgot about dessert," Ayaan said, "lemme see what's there in the fridge,"

He pulled out 6 different varities of ice cream and Suhana choose her favourite triple chocolate.

Both were enjoying their ice cream and having a laugh when Suhana's phone rang.

"hello...yes...ok I'll be right there," Suhana said gathering her bag.

"what happen?" Ayaan asked

"emergency," Suhana replied


thats all...didn't like this part much

please leave back your feedback guys

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_Procrastinator IF-Rockerz

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aww...very cute part so farEmbarrassed

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I liked it. It was a nice part. :)

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Sorry for the late comment ShonaOuch

I loved this part very had HarshIni/SuYaan from beg. to endDay Dreaming

I loved how both of them were directly & indirectly saying that they see future with each other...Ayaan was too cute while explaining that he wouldn't buy expensive clothes or gifts for herEmbarrassed
Suhana too was very good in expressing her thoughtsEmbarrassed

Emergency at the endShocked..
ohh no Doctor hone ki sabse badi DISADVANTAGEOuch

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Btw I have chrayofied the HarshIni avis from ur dabbaTongue

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