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FF: No Magic Allowed (pg. 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10) (Page 9)

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Then keep waiting Pratz. LOL

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harry's stories have always been my favorite sri...
loved ur story very much...
do continue soon k..
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Thank you Aditi. Will post the rest tomorrow.
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too good
awesome update sri..
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excellent one
waiting for the next one Smile
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Chapter 8: King Solomon's Wisdom


Over the past three days, Ginny and Ron had gone food shopping with Harry and also had to accept the fact that Draco, Hermione, and Harry had become friends, and they were expected to as well. This was rather difficult for Ron, in particular, as Draco had insulted him at every possible opportunity while they had been in Hogwarts. But, they did become friends. Draco found out that all blood-traitors were not so bad, and the Weasley siblings realized that snobbish Slytherins could be very kind. But, the Weasleys soon had a huge dispute on the eighth day. Brothers and sisters are sworn enemies no matter what. Deep down, there is always a little bit of hatred. Today, it was over one of Ginny's books: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

"Give me back the book!"

"No way! I got it! And I'm going to read it!"

"Give back the book NOW!"

"Didn't Mom teach you to share?"


Ron stopped in surprise. "Where did you learn that?" he asked indignantly.

"From you, but that's beside the point. Give back the freaking book."

"I want to read it."

"Couldn't you ask before rifling through my things?"

"You're my sister. I'm allowed to do that."


Harry came down at this point, after hearing a great deal of yelling. "What's up, guys?"

Both Weasleys began shouting at the same time.

Harry looked confused and finally yelled, "SHUT UP!"

Both did and looked at him. Harry took a deep breath. "Now tell me, calmly, what the matter is."

Ron started. "Harry, I wanted the book to read, so I borrowed it very intention of returning it, but she wants me to give it back. She wasn't even using it!"

"That doesn't matter. He should never have gone through my stuff!"

"Shut up, Ginny. Anyway, I think that you should decide who gets the book, since we clearly can't figure it out." He shot an angry glare at his sister.

Harry looked at both of them. "Well," he said, "I can't decide for you, because my friendship to both of you makes me equally partial to both of you, and I really don't feel like involving myself."

Ron and Ginny started angrily, but Harry raised a hand to silence them. He continued. "We need someone whose heart is just, fair, cold, and nothing can reach it…"

An hour later, they found someone…

Hermione sat on her bed like a judge, before Ginny and Ron. Harry stood off to the side to watch.

Hermione cleared her throat. "State your cases."

Ginny and Ron did so. Hermione's face remained impassive, but Harry knew that she was trying to suppress severe laughter. She stated her "verdict".

"Your stories have raised some important questions. Ginny, is it not right to hand out one's belongings generously? And Ronald is it not right to respect one's sister's privacy? Well, you both have made some strong points in each of your cases, so you must abide by any decisions I make. You cannot go against them at any cost. Fair?"


"Good. Well, then, I think we should cut the book in half and give one piece to each."


Ron was angry. "We just asked to decide who gets the stupid book, and you want to destroy it!"

"You promised to do what I say…"

"Fine, fine!" Ron was incredibly flustered. "Just cut the stupid book, and give half to each. I don't care!"

Ginny looked upset to see her precious classic being destroyed. "No, give it to him. I'd never want to see one of my books destroyed."

Ron looked heartened. "Yeah, hand it over!"

Hermione grinned. It was time for the climax. "Ah, but the true owner of the book would not want to see it destroyed! Ginny, take the book."

She handed the book to Ginny. Immediately, both began to laugh hysterically. Ron was bewildered. "What's so funny?"

Ginny had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. "You don't see that you were set up?"

Ron growled angrily. "Sisters."


To be continued...

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Chapter 9: Domestic Science


Harry and Hermione left the house with Ginny to take their dirty clothes to the laundry, as they had absolutely no idea as to how to work the complicated laundry machine at home. Leaving the house with Ron and Draco alone, they realized that day, was not a good idea. Leaving them with a list of chores was also a very bad idea, but they had no way of knowing this until they had arrived home again at the end of the day. Hermione had yelled what she wanted the boys to do, very fast, as she left the house. "Wash the dishes, clean the car, and clean the living room! That stuff shouldn't be too difficult."

Because Ron and Draco were now friends, they didn't mind staying by themselves. But they were not quite sure how to use the dishwasher, or what type of soap to use on the car. Draco found something called Dawn that they thought would be good on the car. Draco was certain that it was the right type of soap. "It says here, 'crystal clean, shiny'. That's what we want the car to be, right? Crystal clean and shiny!" he exclaimed, his pink locks bobbing up and down.

Ron thought he'd found what to put into the dishwasher. He found a bright orange bottle, labelledClorox. That looked nice and safe. He poured a great amount of Clorox into the dishwasher and set it on high. They both went outside to wash the car. Uncle Vernon looked on jealously from next door at the fancy, red Mercedes. Its exterior was quite dull, however. Ron examined it critically. "Maybe we should just throw the stuff over it, and then wipe it down."

"Are you sure? Maybe we should wipe it down with the soap on the clothes, as in not soaking the car. I think that's better."

"No. It's quicker and easier my way."

"Remember what Hermione said? No quick and easy for Muggles."

"Yeah, but this way actually works."

"Okay, okay. Let's try it."

The car became very clean and shiny. But there were several huge stains on the driveway that, for some reason, Ron and Draco could not scrub off. Draco was actually sweating with the effort. "What—is—wrong—with—this—soap?"

"I have no idea. Do you think Muggles can use magic?"

"No, or else we'd let them know about us. Why?"

"There must be some magical element in this soap that prevents it from leaving asphalt."

"Ugh. Okay, I'm done trying to scrub this off. It'll come off eventually. We'd better go clean the living room."

The boys walked into the house. Something funny was coming out of the kitchen; it looked like giant soap bubbles. Ron and Draco exchanged horrified looks, and sprinted into the kitchen. A huge layer of white soap bubbles covered the kitchen floor and was rapidly rising. It actually rose past the boys' ankles. Draco waded through to try and find the source of all the soap. He quickly located it: the dishwasher. "Ron, I though you knew what soap to put in here!"

"I used Clorox. How could it be wrong? I mean, really. Soap is soap."

"Is it supposed to be spreading over the floor like that, though?"

"Muggles are weird. They do these types of things."

"How do you know?"

"My dad's obsessed with them. But you wouldn't know, because you've always distanced yourself from them."

"Okay, maybe you're right. Let's leave it, and clean the living room. Soap is soap. We did everything right, so it should be okay."

"Yeah. Maybe the bubbles will just clear away by themselves."

Cleaning the living room went fairly well. Ron was accustomed to cleaning his living room at home, when his mother was irritated with him. Draco, who had been spoiled and pampered by his loving mother, had hardly ever done housework. Come to that, he'd never done housework before. Luckily, Ron could actually teach him how to do this one. But, boys will be boys, and these boys engaged in a very violent, but amusing, pillow fight. The housework was left undone. They also created more work for each other. Pillows lay all over the room, sofas had been pushed aside as the two ran through the room, trying to escape the deadly pillows, and a lampshade had been knocked off its base. But the fight was all fun. However, the fun ended…when Hermione, Ginny, and Harry came home with a huge pile of clean laundry. Hermione stopped in shock at the doorway. Her voice barely above a whisper, she asked, slowly, "What—did—you—do?"

Both boys looked very sheepish. "Well, we, um…" stuttered Ron.

Hermione stormed outside. A few minutes later, she came stomping back it. "Why are there huge spots on the driveway?"

Draco grinned. "Well, the Dawn didn't quite work as well as we hoped…"

Ron butted in. "But we are certain that it'll rub off very soon."

Hermione was really mad now. Harry and Ginny ran upstairs to dive for cover. They could hear her shrieks from upstairs. "YOU DO NOT USE DISHWASHER DETERGENT ON THE CAR, IDIOTS!"

Draco and Ron exchanged looks. Draco asked, "That was the dishwasher detergent?"


Ron seemed worried. "Then what did we put into the dishwasher?"

Hermione's eyes become very large. She ran into the kitchen. "AHHH! WHAT DID YOU DO?!!"

Draco followed Hermione into the soapy kitchen, closely tailed by Ron. "We washed the dishes. They're probably really clean."

"What did you put in there?"

Ron bit his lip. "Clorox."



Draco and Ron were forced to clean the entire house from top to bottom that night and the next day. Not just the mess they had created in the kitchen and living room, the whole house had to be tidied.


To be continued...

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Chapter 10: Visiting Snape


The telephone rang loudly at 9:30 am. Ginny ran to get it. "Hello?"

A pleasant female voice on the end asked, "Hello, is this Miss Weasley, or Miss Granger?"

Ginny was frightened. Was someone stalking her? "Um, how did you get my name?"

The person laughed. "I'm from the hospital. Your friend, erm, Severus, sustained some severe head wounds, a broken leg, and a fractured rib. Or two, actually; see, some people die when they fly through dashboards, but some are very lucky to live, like your friend. He'll be staying here a while longer, but you can come visit him today."

"Oh, um which hospital are you from again?"

"Oh, it's just a boring name, Surrey Hospital. You'll find the address in the directory, I'm sure. Come by when you can."

"Okay, thanks." She hung up.

All the teens had entered the kitchen now. "Guys, Snape has to stay in Surrey Hospital for a little while longer. I think we've done pretty well for two weeks, or most of us have…" she glared at Ron and Draco. "Anyway, we should visit him, at least the nurse on the phone said we should. So let's go say hi today!"

Harry asked. "What's wrong with him?"

"Head wounds, fractured ribs, and a broken leg."


"It is NOT good!"

"Of course it's good! The number of times he's tried to jinx me, I mean, seriously! What about the snake in second year, huh? Or Occlumency last year? Or even this year, with non-verbal spells? What is wrong with him? He deserves some pain!"

Ginny frowned. "Be nice. So, are we going?"

Everyone nodded at each other, even Harry, and said, "Yes."

"Good. Should we bring him a present? How about mints, or something small, like that?"

Hermione nodded. 'Okay."

That afternoon, the five set off for Surrey Hospital. They stopped by a small drugstore on the busy avenue to purchase some mints, like Ginny had said to do. They soon arrived at the hospital. A snooty receptionist sat at the desk. She was blonde, had long, purple nails, and her nose was, literally, in the air. Draco approached her, tentatively. "Erm, excuse me…"

"Yes?" she inquired in an arch, affected, sophisticated tone. She looked over Draco with displeasure, taking in his pink hair. Draco had gotten pretty used to it by now, so her stares did not bother him that much.

"We'd like to see Severus Snape."

"Very well. Ward 34, down this corridor, to the left. You can't miss it. Radicals," she muttered.

The group set off for the ward. Harry was counting. "Ward twenty-nine, thirty, better get this over with soon, thirty-three, thirty…here it is!" He pulled open the door and they filed in.

Snape was sitting in a polka-dotted nightshirt under the covers. Not a pretty sight. His head was tightly bound with several layers of bandages and he was reading People magazine with a disgusted look on his face. Now there is nothing wrong with People magazine, but it was not to Snape's taste. He looked up and saw his visiting group. "Ah, hello, Draco! And…Potter, Granger, and Weasleys. I mean, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny."

Ginny smiled. "Hi, Professor! We just wanted to drop by and see how you're doing, and give you these." She placed the package of mints on the bed.

Snape looked at them. He was slightly touched, though he succeeded at not displaying it. "How nice. Thank you, Miss Weasley."

Draco spoke up. "So, Professor, how are you?"

"Well, I'm in here longer than I expected, just two more days, damn hospital. They can't even heal you like normal Healers. Instead, they prescribe remedies such as 'rest' and 'casts' and something funny called an 'X-ray'," grumbled Snape. "They force you to don a shirt that is open in the back, and old ladies point at the uncovered part of you, stare at it, and make odd comments about it, then they place you underneath an amazingly bright light and take strange pictures with it."

Ron asked, "You will be getting out in two days then, right?"

"Of course, Weasley. Unless something awful happens to me within the next two days, which I highly doubt. What could happen here?"

Which, was not a good assumption to make. Ten minutes later, they'd left Surrey Hospital. Hermione tried to be nice to the snooty receptionist, who didn't even answer her kind goodbye. Coming to Hermione's "rescue", valiant Ron gave the receptionist a very rude hand gesture. The receptionist shrieked and turned away, quickly. Harry was laughing, but Hermione was somewhat angry. "Can't you control yourself, Ronald?"

Ron didn't answer. He was too busy savouring the memory of the irate receptionist whipping away, as well as the memory of Snape in red polka dots. They chattered away on the subject of Muggles and their "Healing" powers.

Ginny was doubtful of real Muggle medical miracles and was convinced that they never worked.

Hermione was fairer, as she was a Muggle herself and knew that Muggles were fairly gifted in the medicine area.

Ron sided with Ginny, as he thought that magic was much more practical than Muggle remedies.

Harry agreed with Hermione, being raised in a Muggle family.

Draco didn't even bother to argue.

They were so busy talking and arguing, that they didn't see the Dursleys in their yard as they walked into Privet Drive. Unfortunately, Uncle Vernon was feeling particularly belligerent at that moment. When Hermione called out, "Hello", he yelled, "Take your abnormalities elsewhere!" He had realized who they were, as Aunt Petunia had enlightened him when he came home from work, the day of Snape' accident.

Hermione looked shocked. She didn't know how someone could remain so unpleasant. She was especially angry when Uncle Vernon yelled, "And keep that weird nephew of ours away from Dudley! We don't want him mixing with all you people!"


To be continued...

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