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FF: No Magic Allowed (pg. 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10) (Page 5)

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Good job Sri...complete it soon !!!

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Thanks Sree. Will try to post all the parts by the end of this week. Big smile
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Hey, I love your concept, could you please pm me? Thanks a lot!

PS My name's Shreya too... Hi5! Lol
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Sri dii awesome .. I like it di ...waiting
thnx 4 PM.
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awesome update..waiting for the next partSmile
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Chapter 3: Culinary Arts


Malfoy could not believe it. Not only am I stuck in this stupid Muggle home, but I am also stuck with Potter, Mudblood Granger, and the blood-traitor Weasleys, AND my hair is pink! Wait till my father hears about this! I should send an owl! I'll do it right away. Now, I'll go find Mars; where is that darn owl? Oh no. No wizarding world. Damn it.

Professor Snape took charge at this point. "Okay, everyone, we must not only live in the foyer and our rooms. I'll say that it is nearly time for dinner. Granger, Potter, you both know how to do Muggle cooking, correct?"


"To the kitchen!" shouted Ron, only to realize that he didn't know where it was.

The kitchen was large and convenient. All supplies for cooking a proper meal were there. Ginny grabbed a recipe book and riffled through it. "So, Harry, Hermione…you know how to cook, good. Okay, all this stuff looks away too complex, darn it. No, I don't think you'll know how to make escargots en beurre and that really does not sound appetizing…know what? We're making pasta." Ginny checked the fridge. "Yes, there's tomato sauce, and over there is the macaroni," she said while pointing to the counter across from her. "Now all we need is a pot and boiling water…cool, let's go."

5 minutes later, they'd gotten all the ingredients out. "Hey, Ginny?" asked Hermione. "How'd you know how to cook?"

"Dad." All was explained in that one word. "Guys, Hermione and I are going to set the table. Professor and Malfoy, stay here and watch the pasta cook. Just remember to get the water."

"You think it's safe to leave them in there?" muttered Ron to his sister.

"Of course. It's pasta, for goodness' sake. How difficult is that? Boil water, cook pasta, heat the sauce, and pour the sauce. I'm a pure blood, and I know how to do it."


"Make sure you dust the tables properly."

"Yes, Mother."

The four began to tidy the dining room. "Think that Snape, Malfoy, and all of us will get along?"

"We'll have to, won't we?"

"Yeah, Hermione, but we're talking about Slytherins," interjected Ron, as though Slytherin was the key word here.

"Well, we are now working with them, and everything seems fine. I wonder how they're doing?"


"Apparently, not so good."

Hermione, closely followed by Harry, Ron, and Ginny rushed into the kitchen. What a sight was to be seen! Malfoy and Snape were covered with hot, tomato sauce. Hermione walked over and looked inside the pot. "Are you kidding me? You boiled the sauce? ON HIGH?"

"Well yes, Miss Granger. We thought it would be easier. That way, we wouldn't need the water. Shorter method, you see."

"NO NO NO NO NO NO! You cannot do that! Muggles can't always take the short way out! And look what you've done! Now do it properly!"

Feeling rather shaken, and annoyed at being yelled at by a Muggle born, Snape and Malfoy commenced to cook a proper meal. Suddenly, as they were about to turn on the stove, all the lights went out. Malfoy panicked. "I've gone blind! I can't see!"

Snape was faring no better. "Help! Someone get Dumbledore!"

"It's okay, Professor," yelled Harry. "There must have been a blackout in this weather." It was now raining hard outside.

"Thank God I'm not on the roof still," muttered Malfoy.

"GREAT!" yelled Ron. "What about dinner?"

"Well," said Harry, "I've got chips in my backpack. A veritable feast."


Malfoy interjected. "One second. Save some for me. I'm going to shower. I hate this tomato sauce."

Hermione raised her eyebrows. "Malfoy, you do know that water does not run during a blackout, right?"


"Malfoy, will you stop swearing?"

"Never! Damn you all to bloody hell!"



To be continued...

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Chapter 4: Visiting Aunts and Crazed Cousins


In the morning, the power was, thankfully, back on. Malfoy had changed into different clothes, but felt that he still smelled like marinara, so he decided to have a shower.

Ginny woke up early and felt very bored. Then, she remembered the books that she had brought with her, in case of boredom. Pulling out Les Misrables, she began to read.

Malfoy was humming to himself in the shower. He planned to spend an hour longer in there. It was a nice morning, and he was getting clean. Even if he was going to be wearing Muggle clothes, it was okay. At least the shirt is green. Ah, soap, how did I live without it at the tender age of four?

Ginny finished with the chapter in which Jean Valjean promises Fantine to rescue her child from the wicked innkeepers. Better save the rest for later. I need to save it for this month, in case of more boredom. What should I do now? Gosh, I have to go…

Malfoy's hair was still pink, but at least it was now tomato-free. He felt really happy and began to sing. "I used to think maybe you loved me, now baby I'm sure…"

Ginny crept down the hallway, trying not to wake anyone. After all, it was only 7 am. Don't trip now. Carefully…

Malfoy's face was now completely clean, and he felt like increasing the volume, just a little. "Now every time I go for the mailbox, gotta hold myself down. Cause I just can't wait till you write me you're coming around."

She heard something funny coming from the bathroom and paused to listen. "I'm walking on sunshine. Who-o-oa! I'm walking on sunshine. Who-o-oa! And I'm trying to feel good! Yeah! I feel the love, I feel the love, I feel the love, I feel the love! I feel the light, I feel the light, I feel the light, I feel the light!"

Ginny strained her ears. Was that Malfoy? It was Malfoy! A wide grin spread across Ginny's face as she snuck into the bathroom. Luckily, Malfoy was too busy singing to notice. Was it time for a prank?

"Walking on sunshine…"

She stretched her hand out to the toilet flusher. She gently pushed it down… "I'm walking on sunshine, baby, WHOA! Yeah! Walking on sunshine, baby, WH-AAARGH!" He was greeted with a strong jet of boiling water, courtesy of Ginny's trick. Ginny smiled wickedly, I'm using the downstairs bathroom. She ran out of there before Malfoy could catch her.

Malfoy was incredibly irate. Now how had that happened? You can never trust the water supply from these Muggle homes. What was up with that? I'm getting out of the shower, now.

Ginny finished using the bathroom and crept down to the kitchen for a snack. Where is the kitchen again? Right, through the doors, past the couch over there…

Malfoy wanted something to eat. Having one packet of potato chips last night was not an ideal dinner. Hope there's something edible there.

Both found the kitchen door, tried to hurtle through, and crashed. "Weasley!"


"Yes. God, you can't do anything here. I got boiled alive."

Ginny feigned concern. "By what?"

"The hot water just turned on randomly, and I nearly died."

"Really? How could it? That's so funny!"

"Isn't it? And power turned out yesterday."

"Ugh. Those Muggles. Well, got to go, and uh, get breakfast." Ginny snickered to herself on the way to the kitchen. "Oho, life is good. Very, very good indeed. This is great."

About two hours later, Harry, Ron, and Hermione rose. Snape decided to sleep in, because he was too tired and bored to wake up. Harry saw Malfoy and came over. "Well, good morning, Pinky. How are you this morning?"

"I was almost roasted this morning and I can't find anything to eat. What is wrong with you Muggles?"

"Malfoy, I'm not a Muggle. I am half-blood, even if I did grow up with the Muggles. And Muggles are not that bad, you know. Can't you just learn to live with it? Besides, what is wrong with them?"

"They're…they're uh…" Malfoy could not think of an excuse. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Malfoy jumped about a foot into the air. "What the hell?"

Ginny rushed over. "Ooh! We have visitors! How nice!" She ran to the door and was about to pull it open when Hermione, who was closely following her, yanked her back.

"Wait!" she hissed. "Check who it is first! There are a lot of criminals out there who would grab you if you open the door, or will get into your house, and, oh, I don't know, rob you. It does happen! RULE OF LIFE- do not open the door to ANYONE you don't know!"

Ginny was taken aback, but checked the small window near the door. "It's this skinny blonde lady with a long neck and this…really obese boy next to her. She's holding some sort of gift basket."

Harry groaned. "Oh no. It's Aunt Petunia and Dudley. They've come to say hello. Bet they didn't recognize us when we arrived, 'cause I saw her looking out the upstairs window at us."

Ginny looked hesitant. "Should I let her in?"

"Go ahead. Better get it over with. Know what? I'm going to hide. That way, she won't completely freak out." Harry scurried off.

Ginny pulled open the door. "Why hello there!"

Aunt Petunia was wearing a frilly, lavender dress and a smile. Dudley looked sheepish and somewhat irritated. "Hello dear. We just wanted to say, welcome to Privet Drive. Are your parents at home? You know, you look very much like one of my, erm, nephew's friends…" at this point, she turned and saw Ron. The smile slid off her face like water. Dudley whimpered and clutched his fat bottom. Aunt Petunia's demeanour suddenly became very cold. "I see. He's here then, isn't he, that Harry. Well, we'll be…ARGH!" Snape had just come down, this time in a huge purple sweater and a long black skirt. To complete the ensemble, he wore red clogs. He looked at Aunt Petunia. "Yes?"

Aunt Petunia was furious. "This boy is much more trouble than he is worth! My freak of a sister gets herself blown up, the hippy with long, white hair leaves the boy on our door with this letter with some rubbish about wizards and that…that…school my sister went to, we are burdened with his delinquencies for ten years, some giant comes to claim him, and now I see that he is associating with gender-confused WARLOCKS!"

Snape now looked angry. "Excuse me, madam? Gender-confused?"

"Yes, yes! We're going now! Come on, my precious Duddykins. Don't let them scare you, darling."

Malfoy, feeling particularly malicious, ran up to Dudley and yelled, "BOO!"

Dudley screamed, began to beg for mercy, and ran safely to Number Four, his mother following behind. In her haste, she left the gift basket. Hermione grinned. "Harry, you can come out now! And it didn't work! Your aunt recognized Ron!"

Harry stepped outside out of the closet in which he had concealed himself. "Darn it."

"That's okay, Harry. Do you really want her calling all the time, or minding our business, like she does with your other 'normal' quote en quote neighbours?"

"Well, I suppose not…hey! She's left the gift basket!"

Ron dug into it. "Look at that! Chocolate, fruit, and…a teddy bear."

Ginny grabbed one of the chocolate boxes. "Breakfast anyone?"



To be continued...

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Loved Ginny's prank LOL
and the fiasco in the kitchen LOL

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