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                                  I LOVE YOU FOREVER

NOTE: plz add 'maneetmaneet' to ur buddylist for pms.

A girl is doing her work in her cabin very seriously. There is no expression on her face. Her face is pale as if she didn't eat anything from few days. She wore a simple salwar suit n the mangalsutra adored her neck. She is the             CEO of that company n she is very strict. But at the same time she is friendly too. Suddenly she heard her mobile ringing. She closed her eyes in pain. A lone tear escaped from her eyes. She immediately wiped the tear n picked the phone.

Hello beta, how r u??

She got no response.


Mama, when u r coming?

She closed her eyes n told vishal beta I will come soon.

No mama u r lying me. From 3 months u r telling the same told that boy n starting crying.

She too had tears in her eyes n thought I am sorry beta, ur mom can never be with u.

Beta aise naho rote. U r good boy na. agar pari ne aapko rote hue dekhi tho woh bhi royegi. Hain na?

Ha.. told vishal

Then u should not cry ok? She is ur younger sister na, aap uska khyal rakhna chahiye. Pari tho hum sab ki princess hain na. usko kisi ki kami nahi hona chahiye. Thik hain beta?

Ha mama,  main pari ka khyal rakunga. Wo MERI princess hain told vishal proudly.

Beta hum baad mein baat karte hain. Aapko school bhi jaana hain na?

Mama, aaj Sunday hain no school.

Acha beta good. Aap apna khyal rakna. Bye beta told that girl n cut the call.

Vishal turned to his dad n smiled.

Dad, I talked with mama, she told to take care of pari. She is our princess itseems. So I should take care of her told vishal innocently.

His dad kissed his cheeks n smiled with tears in his eyes.

Maan beta, vishal beta come for breakfast shouted maan's mom.

Maan took vishal in his arms n headed to dining table.

Maa did pari drink milk? Asked maan.

Ha maan, she is sleeping now told maan's mom.

Dadi I am hungry told vishal.

Mom smiled n him n filled his plate. Maan fed vishal. After breakfast vishal went to play with his 2 years little pari.

Maan was about to get up mom stopped him.

Maan, don't u want to have breakfast.

Nahi maa mujhe bhook nahi hain told maan.

Mom has tears in her eyes n told kab tak aap aise rahenge maan.

Maan smiled at her sadly n told pata nahi mom, kyun mere saath hi aisa hua. I cant leave without her mom. What ur god did for me taking away my life from me told maan painfully n left from there.

Maan went to his study n working on some file. Here mom sat on the couch n crying seeing her son's  condition.

Till last year his life is very happy but now he forgot how to smile. His life changed that day. He broke down completely but he is still living because of his children. He cant leave them alone like his wife.

Meanwhile maan completed his work n went to his children's room, he felt peace only there. He saw pari is sleeping n vishal is hugging something n was sleeping on the bed. He went close to hin n saw what he is hugging. He took out n saw that he is hugging his mom's photo. He kissed the pic n told come back, I cant live without u GEET. Plz come back.

Here geet after talking to vishal cried her heart out. How can she tell her son that she cant come forever. Why babaji did it to her. She never hurted anyone in her life then why?

Suddenly she felt dizzy n her head is spinning n paining a lot. She is not able to bear the pain. She is sweating heavily, she know that she is counting her days. She tried to get up but she fell on her chair n her mobile slipped down n dialed the recently received calls list. She last talked with vishal.

Here maan is caressing pari's hair, she is sleeping peacefully away from all tensions.

Just then maan's mobile rang, he looked at the caller ID n a small smile formed on his lips a sad smile.


But there is no response from geet, she don't know that she dialed maan's number. Hearing no response maan felt restless. Here geet held her head not able to bear the pain.

Maan I am going, I am sorry I didn't keep up my promise to be with u forever whispered geet. This didn't go missed by maan.

He panicked n tears rolled down his cheeks. His geet, his jaan, his life is in pain.

I am coming geet, I am coming told maan n ran from there.

He drove the car as fast as possible n reached the office within 15 min. he directly went to her cabin n saw her in pain. His heart broke into million pieces seeing her in pain but he is helpless. He is not able to save his life.

He rushed to her n took geet in his arms n drove to the hospital immediately. Geet hugged him tight n told I am going maan. Take care of our children.

Just shut up geet nothing will happen to u told maan n fastened his car speed.

Within 10 min they reached hospital. He took her in his arms n shouted doctor doctor.

A doctor  came out n saw maan n geet in his arms. Immediately doctor took geet into ICU.

Maan bro wait outside told dev.

Nahi dev mujhe geet ke paas hi rehna hain told maan.

Dev too had tears in his eyes seeing his bro in this condition.

Plzz bro, bhabhi need immediate treatment told dev n went inside ICU.

Here maan is pacing here n there n tears rolled down his cheeks uncontrollably. He is thinking of his happiest days in his life.

~~ flashback~~

Maan n geet are childhood friends.they studied in same school n same college. As time passed they fell in love n both their families are very happy. Soon after their studies maan n geet both joined KC. After one year they got married. They both are happy in their life. After 2 years of their marriage geet gave birth to a baby boy n he is vishal maan singh khurana.

Their happiness have no bounds. They both pamper their son to no extent. When vishal is 3 years she gave birth to a baby girl n she is pari maan singh khurana.

Maneet are happy in their life with their vishal n pari. Maan left no stone unturned to pamper them. They both became their life. Such a happy family but all their happiness have short lived. When pari is 6 months old geet was not feeling well. She use to have severe head ache first she ignored but day by day her pain increased, being a doctor dev observed her. One day dev n geet went to hospital for some test.

Dev iss sab ki kya zaroorat, thoda sa head ache hain bas told geet.

Bhabhi plz let me test told dev firmly.

Later dev did few tests. The reports are ready by evening. Geet came to hospital in the evening after completing her work. She went directly to dev's cabin.

Hii dev reports aagaya? Asked geet.

Seeing geet, dev wiped his tears n smiled at her.

Ha bhabhi reports are ready, kuch bhi nahi hain. U r perfectly fine. Main hi kamaka pareshan ho gaya tha told dev.

Geet smiled at him n told dev tum ko ek baat kahu?

Ji bhabhi.

U khurana brothers don't know how to lie. So tell me what happened? What is there in my report?

Bhabhi, what r u saying? Why will I lie. Kuch bhi tho nahi hain told dev.

Then tumare aankhon mein aansu kyun?

Kuch nahi bhabhi'. Tried dev to tell something.

Tumara bhai ka kasam bolo de. Sach kya hain asked geet.

Dev broke down completely n hugged her.

Bhabhi yeh kya hogaya. Why u?? asked dev.

Now geet is scared. What happened dev?

Bhabhi aapko.. aapko..

Tell dev.

Bhabhi aapko brain tumour told dev.

Geet is shocked to listen this. But dev continued wo.. bhi last stage hain bhabhi. U r counting ur days.

Geet broke the hug n smiled at him n wiped his tears.

Don't cry dev. Meri baat suno, maan should not know about my disease. Ok??

Par bhabhi'

Plz dev, he will broke down completely. I cant see him like that. I want to see him happy n its my last wish told geet n left from there.

Dev just nodded.

Why? Jab bro ko pata chal gaya tab kya hoga. I know how much bro loves bhabhi. Plz god kuch tho kijiye, don't take my bhabhi away from bro. aur bachon ka kya hoga. Pari nanhi si jaan, uska kya hoga. Vishal, wo tho bhabhi ke bina kuch bhi kaam nahi karta.

Here geet went to her room normally. She talked to all with a smile on her face. As if nothing happened.

Later at night, all the family members had dinner including maan. Geet went to their room n slept with vishal resting his head on her chest.

After dinner maan knocked dev's room door.

Bro, come in told dev n smiled.

Maan smiled at dev.

Aapko kuch chahiye veerji asked nt (dev' wife).


Dev panicked n asked what happened bro? bhabhi thik hain na?

Nt is confused why dev is so tensed.

Kya baat hain dev? Aap itne tension mein kyun ho? Asked nt.

Arey kuch nahi, bas aise hi told dev.

Still how much time dev? Asked maan.

What bro?

Maan looked at dev with tears in his eyes. Dev understood that maan knows everything. Dev hugged maan n they both had tears in their eyes.

I am sorry bro, last stage. She is counting days. If she take medicines properly then for a year or two told dev.

Maan broke the hug n asked start medicines from tomorrow. Consult all the doctors.

Veerji, dev what are u talking about? Mujhe kuch bhi samaj mein nahi aaraha hain asked nt.

Maan had tears in his eyes n left from there. Dev told everything about geet's condition. Nt couldn't believe that, her sister is dying.

Nt hugged dev n told yeh kya hain dev. Meri behen, nahi aisa nahi ho sakta.

But this all didn't miss by geet who is going to bring water from downstairs. Later that night maan hugged geet n slept.but how can he sleep when his life is in pain. Tears rolled down his eyes. After sometime geet felt some weight on her chest n her kurti is getting wet.

Geet caressed his hair. Maan tightened his hug n told geet, tum mujhe chodke nahi jaa sakti. Main tumko kuch bhi hone naho dunga.

Geet made maan sit n she cupped his face n told maan, plz u should not broke down. I want u to be happy in my last days.

Geet' aisa mat kaho.

Yeh sach hain maan, I love u very much. Mere jaane ke baad u should be strong aur hamare bachon ko kaun sambhalega bolo?

They need mother too geet.

Yes, u r their mother n father too. Plz maan promise me that u will take care of them n mostly u will take care of urself. Main tumko upar se dekti hu. Agar tumko apna khyal nahi rakhogi na tho main bhoot banker aaongi told geet n smiled.

Maan chuckled a little n hugged her tight.

Tumari babaji ne yeh mere saath kyun kar raha hain. I cant live without u geet. Vishal, pari aur mujhko tumari jaroorat hain geet. Plz mat jao I will beg ur babaji not to take u. plz geet don't go told maan n cried his heart out.

That day both maan n geet didn't sleep. They are feeling each other. 6 months passed the same way. Maan didn't leave even a minute. Dev started the medication. But after 6 months geet health became worst. She is not able to take care of children n she don't want vishal to know about her.

One day when maan, geet, nt n dev are in hospital in dev's cabin. Geet spoke..

Wo.. wo.. main eek faisla liya told geet.

All of them looked at her questioningly.

I don't want vishal to know about me. So I decided to leave house. But don't worry I will b in delhi n in contact will u all daily.

R u out of ur mind roared maan.

Maan meri baat tho suno told geet.

Mujhe kuch nahi sunna told maan angrily.

Geet cupped maan's face n told maan plz listen to me. How can I go in front of vishal in this condition. My condition is becoming worst n I know only few days are left for me. Plz maan try to understand. I cant see vishal in pain he should not know nothing about me. Plz maan try to understand.

Phir bhi geet how can I leave u alone told maan.

Maan I am not alone, u all r there for me told geet n smiled.

Dev n nt had tears in their eyes. They 4 had a group hug.

After that geet shifted to an apartment near maan's office. So that he can take care of her.

3 months passed n now geet is in hospital.

~~ flash back ends~~

Maan sat on the floor in front of ICU n crying his heart out. He knows that his geet is ''..

Just then dev came out of ICU n called maan.


Immediately maan stood up n asked how is my geet?

She wants to meet u bro.

Maan rushed inside n looked at her pale face. He held her hand, geet slowly opened her eyes n smiled at him.


Ha geet I am here only.

Maan I want to sleep in ur arms.

Maan hugged geet n she closed her eyes feeling peace.

Maan promise me that u will be smiling always. U take care of maa, vishal n pari. Pari tho abi choti hain. Vishal tho bada hain he can understand. I miss u maan. Sorry maan, bye forever maan told geet n kissed on his lips for the last time in her life n hugged him n slept peacefully in his arms. The sleep which she can never wake up.

Geet'. Geet' called maan.

But there is no response from her. He hugged her tight n cried his heart out. His geet, his life, his mishty left him forever. She is in deep sleep but a smile on her face. She is lucky that she left her last breath in her life's arms.

After 25 years..

The whole KM is decorated beautifully. Today is the marriage of junior geet, pari. She is exact replica of her mom.

She got ready n came down. Maan smiled at his daughter who is now going to start a new life. The marriage held n the newly wedded took blessings of elders. Pari hugged maan n crying badly.

Maan broke the hug n kissed her forehead.

Don't cry pari, nahi thou r mom will come as bhootni told maan n chuckled.

Pari smiled through tears n hugged vishal.

Miss u bro told pari.

Be happy princess. Mom told me that I should take care of u. sorry if I have teased u more. 

Nahi bro, I miss all those now told pari.

She went to her sasural. Later that day maan n vishal sat near the pool with geet's pic in their hand.

Miss u mom..

Miss u jaan..

They both had tears in their eyes n told WE LOVE U FOREVER.


~~~ THE END ~~~


Hii friends here is the new os. Hope u all liked it.

Plz hit LIKE n do COMMENT.

All of u plz comment. Will be eagerly waiting for ur response..



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Downhill IF-Addictz

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that was heartwrenching

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 5:16am | IP Logged
awesome os
loved it
u made geet dieAngryAngryCryCry
now give  us a happy OS for making me sad

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 5:21am | IP Logged

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Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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I dint expect a sad os frm u...
phir bhi it was a nice one..
but i m crying..
nw i want an other happy os...

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angelic_cute IF-Rockerz

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nice but emotional update 

thanks for pm 

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itna acha likha tumne but I can't comment..why u did so in such a beautiful creation Cry

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mysteriousmilli IF-Stunnerz

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