Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS no one loves me

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 4:48am | IP Logged

Arnav came to know about khushi reality as Anjali has  a miscarriage ,the Rm was gloomy , he was all lost like loser as he could not save his Di child nor made his love happy 

Anjali said only one thing to him " i think we both brother and sister has hurt someone so badly that we have only sadness in our life "

its being 1 week every thing was as normal but the atmosphere was very sad,

Arnav: khushi you can go home if you want to now you have no restriction

Khushi:look at him "i dont want to go ,and nither i cannot leave you like this ?"

Arnav: look at her "you have to leave me one day what will you do than?"

Khushi: "i dont want to think before time "she apply her sindoor 

Arnav:" i will drop you home you can stay with buaji and amma and enjoy.why you suffer because of me"

Khushi: just in shock look at him ."is he the same person that has ego once,who use to walk with a stiff neck and use to think his money has power"

Arnav: chalo i will  leave you .

Khushi: just didnot said any thing he was so polite that she listened him

as he drop her

Khushi: pick me when you go back home ?

Arnav look at her "why you want to stay with a sick person like me ?you can stay here enjoy your live, the atmosphere around me is like me it will make you abnormal like me "

Khushi was about to say some thing she saw buaji and amma she just drop her idea and walk in

it was lunch time she received a call from office

Khsuih: ji Aman

Aman: bhabi ji i want to ask you one thing

Khushi: kya

Aman: sir is taking a lot of sugar in his coffee ,is his sugar level is low

Khushi :in shock "dont give him "

Aman:he had already taken it  twice after scolding the peon

Khushi: thanks for telling i will take care of him. she just bit her lips "kya hogaya ha "

in evening she waited for him  like crazy she was walking in the living room like restlessly "tabiyat thek ho pata nahi kya maza milta ha apna aap ko daar da ka ", he didnot came,she received Payal call "Khushi where are you why dont you come back"

Khushi: in panic asked her "what happened jiji?"

Payal: "dont stay night there come back home "

she bid farewell to amma and buaji and by an auto she reached RM, As she enter she saw OP going with a cup of coffee with moist eyes

Khushi: kya huwa

OP: bhaiya want sugar Di na bhi maana kiya but he is not listening her either he had lock the door.

Khushi: give me ,when he came back ?

Op he came back at 3

Khushi: hmmm ,she walk to pool side she saw her duppata hanging "yeh " she touch itwas all dry but still hanging  ,she walk in their room from the french window he was lying holding her pillow , all the room was mess he had thrown all the things in room here and there, Tv volume was full .

khushi kept the cup on the coffee table

Arnav: khushi i know you are not there , i am just feeling you , i am just hearing your payal noise and feeling your presence  and inhaling your sweet aroma jasmine right ,when i will try to touch you will vanish, or you will say no, no  one is watching so keep away from me , how to tell you how much i need you " his eyes was closed he was talking to him self

Khushi :just felt her heart sank "why he is doing this to himself ?"she just kept her bag and walk to him sat near him and placed her hand on his shoulder to turn him.

Arnav :tum

Khushi: what is all this ?

Arnav: just look at her "woh"

Khushi: if you are missing me so much cannot you ask me to come back

Arnav: how to ask you ? after what all i  have done to you how can i asked you?

Khushi: i am your wife , you have all the authority to ask me

Arnav: wife ,did i ever use that authority in right sense? i just used it to harming and hurting you, i am a sick man, why would you like to stay with a sick man for rest of your life ?

Khushi: why you are taking sugar ?dont you know it is harmful for you

Arnav: look away

Khushi: aap ka damagh kharab hogaya ha kya ?she cup his face  ,in panic she pull away "you are having temperature"

Arnav thora se ha

Khushi:" yeh thora se ha your body is burning,"just check his neck "let me call Dr


Arnav i am fine, leave it 

Khushi: shut up will you run her hand in his hairs 

Arnav: look at her face she was worried she picked his cell and was about to dial he snatch the cell from her "leave it"

Khushi: why you are doing this to your self?and to me 

Arnav: as no one love me .di said if i had knew about Shyam why i hide it from you all , if i had told her she might haven't lost her child"tears flowed down his eyes

Khushi: try to wipe it he hold her hand

Arnav: dont make me use to of your self ,that you will wipe my tears everytime , few months are left then you will leave me.

Khushi: just pull her hands away from his and wipe his tears "so no one loves you"

Arnav: "no you always said i dont deserved love , koi aap se pyar kara aap iss ka kabal nahi hai,you were right "

Khushi:look at his face he was dejected.his all self confidence had shattered 

Arnava: Di said she will never forgive me , and i know you, you will too not forgive me ,so what is the use of staying...

Khushi: placed her hand on his lips "bas kara bas ,Di loves you and so do I ,we both love you more then ourselves,non of us can see you in pain as your pain hurt us here "placed  her hand on her heart,she just started searching her cell to call Dr

Arnav: then why you don't let me touch you?

Khushi: smiled "i always let you touch me ?you always move away from me "wipe his tears

Arnav look at her "you said no one is watching so stop your fake love"

Khushi:" because i wanted to hear from you that khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada it is not fake love dammit."she just find her cell 

Arnav :dont call Dr i am fine

Khushi: aur yeh temperature 

Arnav i was missing you that is why?

Khushi: why you didnot call ? find the tablet 

Arnav you will say i 

Khushi: you think a lot and all in negative? made him sit and gave him tablet "kabhi tou acha socha kara,why i will not come if you call me ?"

Arnav: you are angry from me

Khushi: i am not. i will wait for hour, if your temperature does not decrease i am calling Dr now sleep"she try to get up 

Arnav muhje ko chor kar kahan ja rahi ho?hold her hand 

Khushi: "no where just one min"she call OP to bring chilled water .she look at him he was staring at her she took the bowl and lock the door and sat next to him"now you go to sleep ,i am here next to you ,and stop thinking all the nonsense of yours "

Arnav naughtily smiled "so now i can touch you ?" he placed his head in her lap wrapping his arm around her waist

Khushi :"no until you get well "she try to keep wet bandage on his forehead

Arnav sat" i am well "removing the bandage

Khushi: pull him back to bed to make him lie,"you waited for so many days now wait till you are fine"

Arnav took the bowl from her hand and the bandage " i cannot wait more samjhi tum i will get mad" pull her to him

Khushi: pehla kya kam hai ka aur hona haa as she was trap in his arms 

Arnav: chup  what all i will do now is not fake it is all because i love you from heart and soul . kissed her softly  he warm lips touches her cold trembling lips she just didnot stop him as she knew his sickness and frustration will be cure if he feel her as his only his , she want to see the confident Arnav Singh Raizada not a dejected one she let him do what he want to ,she just party to his craziness .

will edit the mistake my power cut Angry


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Wow after a long time I got the 1st slot LOL
That was so emotional Naddiya
I was feeling so sorry for Arnav
You made me feel like I should give him a good hug...
loved it Wink

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velangini IF-Rockerz

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oh wooow
this was just beyond beautiful
nice and lovely os nadz
arnav is repenting and khushi being the sweetheart is caring for him even after what he had done to her
her love is truly unconditional
very well written

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ChitraF IF-Sizzlerz

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So beautiful.. 
anuramesh26 Goldie

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that was very much kushi! lovely os!
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aswesum superb fab !
Barunshell IF-Dazzler

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oh nadii luved it yara , superb OS, well done , n keep up the good work ;)
neha.rasul98 Groupbie

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 5:36am | IP Logged
LOVELY loved it 
ur an awesome writer 
yaar read ur all OS and 
loved each and every OS ...
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