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Sameer Kochhar, who essays the role of Rajat in Ekta Kapoor's mature love story on Sony Entertainment Television, Bade Acche Lagte Hain (Balaji Telefilms) can very well relate to the present state of mind of his onscreen character in the show.

Sameer who is a happily married guy in real life states, "Women indeed have the power to make guys go nuts; they control the relationship levers. Frankly speaking, you cannot live with them and you cannot live without them (smiles). I have in real life gone through what Rajat is facing right now in Bade Acche. And I have to say, the journey of love that I had was wonderful."

Talking about his character in the show, the actor shares, "Rajat's character is opening up. He has fallen for Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) and does not know what to do. Rajat has had a bad relationship which had made him a hard man, but now things are changing. Ironically, he is being helped in his romance by Priya's ex-husband Ram (Ram Kapoor) who happens to be his friend. There is a lot of guy banter between Ram and Rajat which is fun. The audience likes the current equation between Ram, Priya and Rajat and the rising TRP numbers are an indication to it."

On asking whether his character will eventually turn negative, Sameer opines, "If this was any other show, I would have answered with a 'Yes'. But Bade Achhce Laggte Hain has stood out because it is different. We have had films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai too where the other guy (Salman Khan) is not bad. In any case, I will not have an issue even if Rajat turns negative. But as of now, we have no such plans; we are just going with the flow."


SPpl still remember him there as AmanDay Dreaming

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Pak censor board says no to 'Ek Tha Tiger'

Salman khan's latest flick hasn't been given permission to release in Pakistan after Pak's censor board watched the film on Thursday.

Mohammed Ashraf Gondal, vice chairman, Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), Pakistan, told us, "The final decision was that the film cannot be screened in Pakistan." His wife Farzana Gondal, also part of the CBFC, said, "Kuch logon ko film bahut achhi lagi, lekin senior officials felt that it can't be screened here."


No sequel to Salman Khan's Ek Tha Tiger

Despite the ending of Salman Khan starrer superhit film Ek Tha Tiger leaving a scope for a sequel, the makers have denied any such move.

Salman's previous few films like No Entry, Wanted, Dabangg will have sequels and there were chances of a second instalment for his latest offering Ek Tha Tiger as well.

"We have not thought of a sequel for Ek Tha Tiger. We don't have any idea (story line) for the sequel," Kabir told PTI.

Even the producers have denied making a sequel. "With the success of the film, it would be the obvious conclusion for anybody to assume that the film deserves a sequel. However, as of now, there are no such plans and it is more conjecture," Yash Raj Films' vice president (marketing and communications) Rafiq Gangjee said.

Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer romantic action thriller 'Ek Tha Tiger' (released on Aug 15) garnered about Rs Rs 33 crore at the box office, on the first day of release.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Censor Board has banned the screening of the film in their country. Earlier, when the trailer of Ek Tha Tiger was released, the Board had banned it claiming that it tarnishes the image of their intelligence agency ISI.

"It is a very unfortunate incident that the film will not be screened there. It does not show Pakistan in bad light," Kabir said.


Salman Khan is no James Bond: Kabir Khan

Director of Ek Tha Tiger, Kabir Khan speaks on his Salman Khan starrer spy film.

After Agent Vinod, Ek Tha Tiger is the recent spy thriller which is more of a love story that has been received well by Salman fans.

Director Kabir Khan didn't set out to make a James Bond though. In an exclusive interview with Times of India.com, Kabir said, "RAW agents are glamorized in Indian films. They don't wear fancy suits or drive sexy cars. They don't flaunt cool gadgets either. Even their accommodation in anything but fancy. I have tried to keep Tiger as real as possible. Salman Khan is no James Bond in the film. Also, in Indian films, every hero is James Bond anyway. He fights with the goons singlehandedly and gets the girls. I wanted to keep the action as realistic as possible."


Arbaaz in Kanpur for Dabangg-2

While Salman Khan turning up to shoot for 'Dabangg 2' in Kanpur remains in doubt, one thing seems certain, and that is that parts of the film will be shot in Kanpur as the makers have been talking about for some time. Confirming this was producer Arbaz Khan who spent Friday in Kanpur checking out the likely shooting locales.

Among the places that the 'Dabangg 2' team visited were Ghanta Ghar, Birhana Road, Saint Marys Convent, Ganga barrage, the Central railway station and Phool bagh. Members from Arbaaz's team who were with him in Kanpur, affirmed that some important scenes for the film will be shot in some of these locations in the second week of September.

Talking about their visit, Kanpurite and co producer of the film, Manoj Chaturvedi said, "We planned a visit to the city for location scouting for 'Dabangg 2'. Arbaaz himself wanted to see the locations so we kept the entire visit a secret so that we don't face any trouble and nor do we inconvenience the locales."

Talking about the preferred locations, Chaturvedi continued, "Arbaaz has really liked the location of Saint Mary's School and Ganga Barrage. Also, we want that the opening scene of the film should be shot with a sunrise scene in Kanpur. As for Ganga barrage, we are planning to shoot a murder sequence there." Cinematographer Aseem Mishra also accompanied Arbaaz Khan and Manoj Chaurvedi during the location hunting.

Not just Kanpur, Arbaaz's team did location hunting in Lucknow as well, where they plan to hold a four-day schedule for the film. Talking about their trip, Manoj said, "Before coming to Kanpur, we spent some time in Lucknow. We plan to shoot a kidnapping sequence in Lucknow for which we need a crowded space." Rati Shanker Tripathi, line manager, accompanied Arbaaz on his Lucknow trip. He told us later, "We checked out certain houses in Chowk and Aminabad areas as well as the railway station. We also paid a visit to Hazratganj and maybe one of the chase sequences will be shot there, depending of course on crowd management."

When journos played traffic cops for Arbaaz:
Arbaaz was followed by mediapersons as he went about his business in Kanpur. But far from restricting his work, the paparazzi turned into a helping hand. When Arbaaz's fleet got stuck in a traffic jam at Ashok Nagar, the journos came to his aid and helped clear the way for him to pass through. He was later heard commenting, "Isse pehle maine kabhi nahi dekha ki kisi celebrity ki gaadi jam mein phasi ho aur media wale hi rasta saaf karwa dein!"

After completing his work, Arbaaz and his team pampered their tastebuds with some Kanpur delicacies. Dharmesh, Manoj's brother, arranged for laddoos and malai giloris for Arbaaz and his team.


In conversation with illusionist Franz Harary

We caught up with American illusionist Franz Harary, who made the Taj Mahal disappear for over a minute in 1998, when he was in the capital recently. Excerpts.

Indian stars buy into their own illusion
He considers Shah Rukh Khan his closest buddy. "I met Shah Rukh at an awards show, where I made him disappear from one side of the stage and later he appeared on the other side. Since then I've been in touch with him. He is a great person, so humble and intelligent. I know Salman Khan too. Someday, I would like to create a similar illusion for him and make him disappear, " he laughs.

While Franz is all praise for the Khans, he says some Indian stars buy into their own illusion or hype and start thinking of themselves as Gods. "I know a lot of Bollywood celebrities and they are all wonderful people. But a lot of Bollywood stars buy into their own hype. I'm not talking about stars like Shah Rukh, Salman or Amitabh Bachchan. They are all legends in their own right. They have been there and seen all that. They understand that they are artistes and are here to entertain. But this younger crop, the ones who have just come on the scene, they are all full of themselves. They are a real pain.

But then this is a universal problem. All upcoming stars across the world behave like that. These are what I call the second album stars. When their first movie or album releases, they don't know what is happening. They are just very excited to be there and experience all the hype, fame, etc. By the time they have to come out with their second movie or album, they become stars and think of themselves as Gods. Justin Beiber, for whom I created an illusion recently, is one such second album star. If he survives this phase, he will become a true star," says the illusionist, who has created illusions for celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Cher, Steven Spielberg, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, among others.

Illusionist, not magician
Throughout the conversation, Franz refers to himself as an illusionist. Ask him what the difference is between a magician and an illusionist, and he says, "The only difference is that an illusionist has better PR! But personally, more than a magician or an illusionist, I am a designer. I design my illusions. I consider myself an entertainer and I know that I create illusions of real magic. Music, sound effects, lights, videos, stage antics - all this comes together to create an imagery that seems unnatural. I know I'm not a healer and I will never make the mistake of thinking of myself as God or as the creator. I know all this is an illusion. Therefore, I just focus on my goal, which is to try and instill that sense of childlike wonder in our adult bodies."

The Shadipur magicians blew my mind
Franz now works closely with a group of Indian magicians. "Magic started in India, it has its origins here, and I'm glad to keep coming back here because every time I come, I learn something new. I'm proud to bring my craft back to where it all started," Franz says. "About 15 years ago, I met a group of magicians who live in Shadipur. Their magic just blew my mind. They have nothing - no money, no technology, and their magic is stronger than mine. What they do blows everything I do out of the water, leaving behind all the research and money I put in," says Franz, adding, "They tap into the core of the psychology of what makes Indian magic work. Their approach is real, not an illusion. When I saw it, I was surprised. It made me rethink everything I do."

But he says that even though magic started in India, it became stagnant for a couple of hundred years and came back only recently. "Magic came to the US only 300 years ago. So by that logic, India should have been miles ahead of any other nation in the world. But Indians didn't capitalize on their knowledge and the art remained stagnant for the longest possible time. In the last 20 years, magic in India has skyrocketed, because of the efforts of Raj Kumar, head of the Society of Indian Magicians. The Society is doing great work to revive this dying art. They are pooling together all of this very raw street talent and bringing them together at this society, and when artistes come together, they feed off each other's work; that's how an art grows," Franz shares.

You don't need money for magic
Still, the difference between Western and Indian performances is huge. Western shows and magicians are larger than life, whereas Indian shows are limited to just a table and a hat or some card tricks. With such lack of money and technology, does he think India will ever become a forerunner in this art form again? "This is the biggest misconception, that you need money for magic. You don't need money or enormous sets. Magic is something that can be done with just a piece of paper. You don't need any investment, you don't need any resources. You just need audience. But one thing I hear from Indian magicians all the time is, 'We would like to do this and that, but we don't have the money. There is still this 'feel sorry for me' attitude - 'Feel sorry for me, I'm a poor Indian, I don't have money, I don't have resources'. All this is crap, you don't need resources, what you need is passion and creativity. If you've got those two things, you can do anything. My parents are not rich, I come from no money at all, but when I was 13, I got excited and even though I didn't know how this thing worked, I started to experiment with cardboard boxes and bed sheets. Unless Indian magicians get rid of this mentality, they won't ever get ahead. They need to instill a sense of competition within themselves. I certainly don't want to wake up and say that I want to be the best in Los Angeles or the best in California, I want to be the best in the world - that should be the attitude."

While Franz feels that Indian magicians are back on track, he admits that there is still a lot to be desired in terms of working on the Indian psyche when it comes to embracing and appreciating various art forms. "Even now, when magic is performed in India, people don't take it as an art form, it is a children's amusement thing, something that's done on a birthday party for entertainment. Magic used to be so noble in India. I want to restore that nobility factor and showcase the real truth behind Indian magic to the rest of the world," he says.

(with inputs from Saloni Bhatia)

another person will walk out of my chest
Franz's next, he told us when he was here in the capital, is a mind-boggling illusion that uses his own body. "Presently, I am working on something where I'll open up my body and another person will emerge from my chest. That's going to different from anything that I have done so far," he said. And India also features among his favourite magical acts. "Making the Taj Mahal vanish was pretty cool. However, the obstacle did not lie in making it disappear, but in getting the permission from the government to do so! However, I'd love to do a time travel act on Qutub Minar and turn the clock back, watch the evolution of the monument," he said.


Splashy Salman stoles, crazy caps new style statement for Lucknow's young buyers

LUCKNOW: The stole worn by actor Salman Khan in his latest blockbuster 'Ek Tha Tiger' has become an instant hit among children this Eid. "Buyers, specially youngsters, are picking up this stole,'' said Aqueel Ahmed, a shopkeeper in Aminabad. With an affordable price tag of Rs 25, these stoles are available in many colours, though the most preferred is the black and white combination.

Displaying a variety of caps, Ahmed said that the craze for caps can never diminish. Even though the price of caps has risen by 5%, it has not affected sales. "The price hike has failed to deter the spirits of people who are willing to shell out extra to buy a good one," said Ahmed. He added that caps are an essential thing while Muslims go for namaz, or even in daily use. And on Eid, Muslims usually dress in their traditional attire wherein a cap is must.

Ahmed is selling more than 20 varieties of cap, including imported ones which have become very popular among city folks. Available between Rs 25 and Rs 55, Indonesian caps are ruling the roost this Eid. "These caps are simple and mainly preferred by middle aged men. They are light in weight and fit well,'' he said.

Then there are designer caps from Bhopal which are available in green, yellow, orange and blue colours and have embroidery as well.

The soft Chinese caps are priced at Rs 80 while those from Pakistan cost Rs 45. "The velvet Pakistani caps are also in demand,'' said Ahmed. The Lucknow 'do palli' caps, available at Rs 35 per piece, grab the attention of maulvis, whereas 'Alpin hall' of Bangladesh in the range of Rs 45-55 are students' favourite. 'Aksa' caps which come from Saudi Arabia are priced at Rs 120. Ahmed said these caps are worn by haj pilgrims but liked by children as well.

Caps straight from Ajmer Sharif, popularly called as 'Chistia', are also attracting people. These caps range between Rs 45 and Rs 55. Omani caps are the best for gifting purposes and being sold at Rs 150 per piece. Next comes the Lucknowi chikankari caps that are priced at Rs 35. Among the local caps, 'chand taara' and 'khajur' caps are popular among kids. These caps have moon-star or dates printed on them and their price start from Rs 25.

The iftar on Sunday for Shias will commence at 6.52 pm, while for the Sunnis it will be held at 6.43 pm.


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Stardom is temporary: Salman Khan
It's been three days since Ek Tha Tiger released, and Salman Khan's latest action film is already breaking all records.

Basking in the glory, but not showing it at all, the man takes some time off to talk about the Salman mania. In fact, he insists it's nothing but a fad which will vanish

State of mind
Usually, when a film is a success, you'd be upset and unhappy, right? (Laughs) I am just joking. I feel happy and content. I'm glad people are going to watch the film and like what they see.

SalmanNumber game
If the fans come in, the numbers follow. If people like the movie, the numbers will go up. So I don't concentrate on numbers, I focus on the film instead. Agar aap sirf numbers pe jaaoge, toh phir main cheez bhool jaaoge (If you only think about numbers, you will forget the main thing). Think about the subject and not the marketing of the subject.

Being Salman Khan
I have no idea. I feel like I am a part of the aam junta (common people). I guess I'm someone who stands for them, I'm perhaps their voice or someone who they think is needed in that position.

They believe that Salman Khan is very approachable and can relate to him. So I think that could be the only connect, that they feel: here's a man who wants to live a normal life and not that of a star.

Stardom means...
Nothing. It means that if you can't take appreciation in the right way, you could be destroyed. It's temporary and a difficult thing to handle. Treat success and fame as a fleeting experience because they will leave you feeling bitter, cynical, and angry. So all you can do is enjoy while it lasts.

On being humane
Tomorrow, I might not be here but my trust, Being Human, will continue. So someone who is as passionate as me about social work will take over. This person will have to show his inclination towards this work and I would gladly make him a part of Being Human.

Today, my name is pulling in the money but what about tomorrow? There will be a point when the family kids will handle the charitable trust. They might become actors too. But interestingly, from what I see, the kids in my house seem to be leaning towards the Being Human side.


Will the success of Salman Khan's 'Ek Tha Tiger' put pressure on Shahrukh Khan?

Will the success of Salman Khan's 'Ek Tha Tiger' put pressure on Shahrukh Khan?

This Eid has been very good for the Dabangg dude. Will Lady Luck smile as wide at the King Khan this Diwali? We wonder'

Salman Khan's latest film with ex-flame Katrina Kaif ' Ek Tha Tiger ' is turning out to be a record breaking venture. The spy thriller is running to packed houses and has a long weekend to rack up sales. ETT could be one of Sallu's rare films that not only does exceedingly well at the BO, but also gets good reviews from the critics.

The think tanks at Yash Raj Films, in a bid to capitalise on the euphoria that Sallu creates with every release, have plugged in the teaser of their Shahrukh Khan musical. The 30-second trailer of the untitled Yash Chopra romance didn't say much, but did manage to get loyal SRK fans into theatres. After a few weeks the Chopras might shift the focus to their SRK-starrer with longer and more revealing trailers and perhaps even the name of the new film. While the Dabangg dude has consistently churned out blockbusters for the past few years, King Khan's record isn't as great. Which makes us wonder if Aditya Chopra and team will spend sleepless nights over the marketing strategy for the SRK project.

Shahrukh, however, seems to be unfazed by the pressure that he is reportedly straining under. In a recent interview he said, "I've made Rs 100 crore; should I aim for, Rs 150 crore or 200 crores next? If you ask me, 'Your film has done 100 crores are you happy?' I'll say I am not, I did not make everyone feel good. Numbers are like pet dogs, they will follow. But if you follow numbers, I do not think you'll get far." Wethinks SRK's new film with Katrina and Anushka Sharma doesn't look like a mass entertainer. No doubt it will be a good film, but one that could break Tiger's record? Naah'


Why did Salman Khan openly cuddle Katrina Kaif?

Why did Salman Khan openly cuddle Katrina Kaif?

The last episode of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5 surely made us wonder about what is really going on between the Ek Tha Tiger stars

Salman Khan is a pro at making us smile with his antics on the sets of television reality shows. And the latest that we included in the list was Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5, where he made an appearance with his Ek Tha Tiger ladylove Katrina Kaif.

And while we enjoyed and cherished Sallu bhai reliving his Hum Aapke Hain Koun'! moments with B-town's dancing diva Madhuri Dixit, we couldn't help but notice how Salman kept pampering his 'good friend' Kat. How'err'unusual, no? 'Coz usually the pair refrains from acting overtly friendly for fear of setting off supposedly unwanted relationship rumours.

But this time it wasn't so. The Tiger and his Zoya shared a very open and comfortable chemistry. And the moment when Salman cuddled the Chikni Chameli's not-so-chubby cheeks just made for a perfect 'awww' moment, no? But that wasn't all! Salman's hand kept lingering around darling Kat time and again. Ahem ahem.

Any clue what made the two relax those self-imposed rules of keeping a safe distance from each other in public? Take a look at these pics, dear readers, and tell us where do you think Salman and Katrina are heading'


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Salman Khan's biggest blockbusters

Salman Khan's biggest blockbusters

Salman Khan is definitely on cloud nine and has become a money spinner for filmmakers.

The 'midas' touch of Salman is working in every film as he is setting new Box Office records. He is in the best phase of his career right now, delivering back-to-back blockbusters no matter whatever the film's content is.

Salman has had flings with Bollywood ladies Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. Other than these two, he has also been linked with Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali, Bruna Abdallah, and Claudia Ciesla.

Salman has been the subject of several controversies and has faced legal troubles for rash and negligent driving. He was also involved in another controversy related to hunting of endangered Chinkara and black buck.

He has acted in around 80 films till date.

Ek Tha Tiger Salman Khan does it again.

After giving huge blockbusters in the recent years, Salman now holds the record of the biggest opening day collection with his new release 'Ek Tha Tiger', which has earned Rs 33 crores in its first day. The record was earlier held by Hrithik Roshan starrer 'Agneepath', which had released earlier this year.

The film is Salman Khan's first venture with Yash Raj Films. Directed by Kabir Khan, the film also stars Salman's alleged ex-girl friend Katrina Kaif. The film, which is worth Rs 75 crores, is expected to break all records and collect more than 200 crores according to trade pundits.


'Bodyguard', which released in 2011, earned Rs 230 crore worldwide. It is the second highest grossing film of all time in Bollywood. It was also the first flick in the Hindi film industry to cross the 100 crore mark in a week.

The film was a remake of Malayalam film with the same name, and was produced by Salman's brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri. The film also featured Kareena Kapoor, Raj Babbar and Mahesh Manjrekar.


'Ready', the Salman-Asin starrer, was a romantic comedy which released in 2011. It also became the second highest opening day grosser after 'Dabangg'. Made on a budget of Rs 40 crores, the film went on to earn Rs 184 crores. It is the eighth highest engrossing Bollywood film ever made worldwide.

Besides Salman Khan, Asin, Paresh Rawal, Arya Babbar and Mahesh Manjrekar played major roles in the film.


'Dabangg' was an action-packed film which engrossed 215 crores worldwide. This one too, broke records by grossing more than 80 crores in its first week of release.

The film also won several awards, including the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment. Besides this, Salman Khan-starrer 'Dabangg' was chosen the best film at the Filmfare Awards. Sajid-Wajid walked away with the best music composer honour for 'Dabangg'. The lead actress, Sonakshi Sinha, also won her first Filmfare for the film.


'Wanted', a remake of Puri Jagannadh's Telugu hit 'Pokiri', was another blockbuster. Made on a budget of Rs 35 crore, the film went on to earn Rs 95 crores worldwide.

Directed by Prabhu Deva, the film released in 2009. Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia, Prakash Raj, Vinod Khanna and Mahesh Manjrekar starred in the lead roles.

Tere Naam

'Tere Naam' was released in 2003, and starred Salman Khan and Bhumika Chawla in the lead roles. In the film, Salman's indifferent hair style became a nationwide craze amongst youngsters.

The film had soulful music and was nominated for eight Filmfare Awards. However, it failed to win any award. The film earned Rs 19.5 crores.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam', directed by ace director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, released in 1999. It was made on a budget of 17 crores. The Salman Khan-Aishwarya Rai starrer went on to gross 32.5 crores.

The film won 2 National and 9 Filmfare Awards.

Maine Pyaar Kiya

'Maine Pyar Kiya' was Salman Khan's first solo film as a lead actor. The film was released in 1989 and went on to become the biggest hit of the year and the second biggest hit of the decade. The film earned 14 crores at that point of time.

Salman Khan won the Filmfare Award for the Best Male Debut. The film also won 5 other awards in different categories.

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' was a perfect Bollywood family film released in 1994. The Salman Khan-Madhuri Dixit starrer broke the Box Office records of the landmark film 'Sholay' by earning 135 crores. Interestingly, the film was made on a budget of 5 crores.

The film won National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment. Besides this. the film also won three Filmfare Awards including that for the Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress.

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 tried something new this time LOL

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^^^Thats Superb Dear

and here comes the DHAK DHAK VIDEO of PREM NISHA

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