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About Last Night THREAD 3**Part 27 - 37** (Page 70)

AngelTeen IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2012 at 11:43pm | IP Logged

I am waiting! 

;) :D

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JalebiJane Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2012 at 11:53pm | IP Logged

Part 32

Her husband slept. And, like any woman besotted, Mrs Raizada took pleasure in watching him. His impossibly long eyelashes she had admired on previous occasions. His beautiful mouth she had inwardly praised long before she even kissed him. This evening's focus was the contours of his jawline--had his jaw been chiseled from marble she wondered? And, so on and so on continued Khushi's loving regard--no different from any woman whose heart no longer belonged to herself.

However, Khushi was Khushi--and her thoughts moved on to other topics rapidly. There was the matter of his lovemaking. She didn't need to consult with the sisterhood to confirm that she was incredibly lucky to have such a virile and uh...imaginative lover. Something assured her that this against-the-wall business was not happening in every single bedroom in Delhi.

She rolled over and reflected on events of the day. Her mind returned to Mr. Chopra, and his hefty file. It was surreal to hear oneself discussed in that cold, indifferent manner. Nothing he said was false--but as he was indifferent to the full sentiment of the matter, nothing he said was entirely accurate either. Would Mr. Chopra--who had nothing to motivate him except a large fee--even recognize condemning evidence against Shyam? After all, he would be looking for something glaring and may miss the subtle. 

Khushi rolled onto her back and looked at the twinkling stars she had hung next to the bed. Only those who had lost at the hands of Shyam would see the subtle things. An idea rose in her mind, and once it lodged itself, she was helpless to forget it. She had to speak to Arnav.


She spoke his name softly in his ear without result. She spoke it again, not so softly this time. He shifted, and turned away from the disturbance. Khushi had no choice, she poked him firmly in the kidneys. Not once, but multiple times. He was now awake. He sat up startled and looked at her. She was balanced on an elbow.


She shook her head and shrugged at the same time, as though to say, "there was something..."

He fell back on the bed, rubbed his eyes and then lifted himself onto his elbow so they mirrored each other. 

"Khushi, there are many imaginative ways to wake me up for more play," he said, reaching for her. "but, shock treatment is the least effective."

At his words, Khushi realized what he was implying. She shook her head, vigorously, "nahi. That was not my...mera matlab...I had an idea and wanted to share it with you."

"Idea?" he repeated. 

"I was thinking of the detective," she began to elaborate.

He reached for his phone, glanced at the time and turned back to her. "You're overtired. It was a difficult day. Don't think about it. Go to sleep now."

"No, listen," she protested, as he tried to draw her down to rest her head. "I can help the detective! When Shyam is out of the house, I can search the room for something incriminating."

There was a brief period of weighty silence--and had it been full daylight and not past midnight, Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada would have realized with one look at Arnav's eyes that what was to follow would not be good. 

Therefore, she was entirely unprepared to hear her husband say, "under no circumstances are you to involve yourself in this matter. Do you hear me?"

He not only sat up, but came to his feet and was leaning over her with his hands on his hips. 

"I just think--"

"Don't think. I will take care of Shyam, my way. I want you clear of him. I don't even like him under the same roof as you, but if he goes, Di goes and then I can't protect her. So, for now, he remains here--but you will keep away from him, his room, his property."

Khushi slipped under the duvet, piqued at Arnav's attitude. After all, she was one of Shyam's victims: had she no right to be involved? 

She voiced her thoughts and Arnav replied, "I'll take care of him. Trust me."

Khushi expressed her resignation by rolling to her side with her back to him. He slipped into bed. She heard his breath exhale heavily. She then felt his arms draw her into the curve of his warm body. Her head resting on his shoulder, his arm hooked around her waist, they slept.


It must be understood that Khushi had not the least intention to disobey him. Though she often bristled against her husband's dictatorial stance, she was not inclined to willfully go against him, and in this matter she accepted his word as sacrosanct. Nevertheless, when on the very next morning, Devi Maiyya presented her with an opportunity too good to pass up--she did something that once again highlighted the volatile nature of their relationship. 

Anjali had asked Khushi to accompany her a routine doctor's appointment. While enroute, Anjali's telephone rang. 

Anjali answered.

It was Shyam. 

It seems that Anjali and Shyam's phones had been exchanged and the phone Anjali had in her possession was actually Shyam's, and he had hers. He advised--no, insisted!--she turn the phone off so those trying to reach him would not disturb her. Anjali, rightly asked, that wouldn't it be better that she answered the phone and redirect callers to her number, in case the calls were urgent. No! Shyam said it was not necessary. 

This piqued Khushi's curiousity. After all, a man in Shyam's field of work could potentially receive many calls of an urgent nature--someone tossed in jail, Khushi's imagination told her!--why would he not want his wife to answer his calls? Did he have something to hide?

But, Anjali was an obedient wife (unlike Khushi!) and she switched off the phone and left it in the car when they went into the medical clinic. Khushi did what anyone would do under the circumstances: when Anjali was called inside by the doctor, Khushi dashed out to the car, switched on the phone, and scrolled through Shyam's text messages and contact directory. She made quick notes of names, numbers and messages that evoked suspicion. It was by no means a thorough or scientific process; she went by instinct alone. When done, she ran back inside the clinic so when Anjali came out of the doctor's office, Khushi was sitting in the same chair as she had left her in, poised and leafing through a magazine. Anjali did not notice that her Bhabhi sported a slight smile of triumph on her face.


In the late afternoon, all the Raizada House ladies decided to go to the temple. Anjali informed them it was a special pooja for wives to vouchsafe marital joy. And, as Khushi was feeling especially happy after her morning's investigative work, she dressed with care in a new saree sent by Arnav, and chose some frilly bits from her new lingerie stash. Thoughts of Arnav kept her preoccupied during the pooja. Her instincts warned her that Arnav would not be pleased. Yet, her instincts also comforted her that it would have been negligent to let such an opportunity pass.

To convince her husband of the same reasoning? This would require all her womanly skills and persuasive charms--and even these were often insufficient when handling a man like Arnav Singh Raizada. Let it be enough to say that marital joy was not the only thing Khushi prayed for at the temple. 


The ladies were late in returning home, and when they entered Raizada House, Hariprakash informed them that all the gentlemen were home. Khushi went upstairs immediately. 

She found Arnav seated on the recliner reviewing a file and sipping coffee, having already changed into his home casuals. He looked up and gave her a lengthy appreciative perusal as she entered. Khushi saw his eyebrow lift with innuendo when she turned to close and latch the door.

She came to kneel at his feet between his legs and resting her hands on his thighs, she tilted her face up to silently demand his kiss. They kissed, and Khushi soon found herself drawn into his lap, his hand caressing her open back. His mouth explored hers leisurely, but when she realized that his fingers were undoing her saree blouse, she broke the kiss.

"I'm expected in the kitchen," she explained, as she wriggled out of his lap, and made repairs to her disheveled state.

Arnav watched her as she re-pleated her saree.

"Are you familiar with the term 'quickie'?" he asked with a smirk.

Their eyes met in the reflection in the long mirror, and Khushi replied, "Just because I don't speak English doesn't mean I don't understand it. I know what you are suggesting and the answer is 'no'"

Arnav chuckled. "Khushi, I'm beginning to suspect that you like saying 'no' so that I will overpower you. It excites you. Am I right?" His last words were sexually menacing and he came to his feet and approached her. She backed away. "Why else would you latch the door? Any man would read that as a blatant invitation," he said, inching closer.

"I wanted to show you something," she said, taking another step back.

"Show me," he urged, his voice heavy with desire, his eyes touching her body sending wildfire rapidly through her pelvis.

Arnav probably did not expect what she did next. 

She went to his side of the wardrobe. And, from the hidden spot which he had shown her, she extracted the key to the lock box. She unlocked the box, reached inside and pulled out her notes.

Khushi extended the sheaf of papers towards him and stated, "I made some notes from information found on Shyam's telephone."

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AngelTeen IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2012 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Res ;) :D


Ah...I dont think Arnav is going to be too pleased although it ws funny to see him and Khushi talking about two ENTIRELY different things! Lol!

But on a serious note, I like that Khushi is getting involved...its very Khushi-like to do so but I have a feeling Arnav may have some strong words for her...which will be very Arnav-like thing to do - concern coming with harsh words. Sigh.

But Khushi is a smartie! I am sure she will find various 'interesting' ways to console her husband and make him understand... Wink

But I like that the story is moving towards Shyam once again...lovely update! :D

Continue super soon! :D

And now I can go back to my assignments without refreshing this page every two minutes! Lol! ;) :D

@Harshu - Na na na nana! Wink LOL

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JalebiJane Goldie

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What Khushi wore to the temple:

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 April 2012 at 12:03am | IP Logged

saw you were up so was waiting for update loved it can't wait for his reaction loved the sari poor arnav she is talking apples and he is talking bananas loved it he want a quickie so cute loved the update addicted to the ff reread all the chapter again thanks for the pm

Edited by dumas - 14 April 2012 at 12:18am

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crazy44 Goldie

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Posted: 14 April 2012 at 12:03am | IP Logged
res !
*edited *
i loved the way she watched him sleep - it was beautiful !! Smile
and i guess arnav is not going to be happy seeing her getting involved in this shyam fiasco , a fight or atlest a exchange of harsh words is whati expect in  the next update Wink
but khusi is khusi , she aways does what is in her mind !! 
and I lOVED the sari , it was beautifulBig smile
 awesome update dear!! 
continue soon !! 

Edited by crazy44 - 14 April 2012 at 12:46am

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melovemayur Senior Member

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Posted: 14 April 2012 at 12:06am | IP Logged
Quickie..Hooo Arnav!!
Lovely update..Pls continue soon!

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Cytherea IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2012 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Yay! I'm hoping whatever evidence Khushi found helps put the creep behind bars. Great update! 

Edited by shiv-gauri4eva - 14 April 2012 at 10:49am

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