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ArHi FF Ke Dhoop Chhaon Ka Thread 2 (Page 126)

musax007 Goldie

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awsummm dude

Shopau Senior Member

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Part 28

Arnav followed her back in the hall not being able to keep his eyes off her. Khushi desperately tried to move around away from his scrutiny not able to hide her blushing self from him. She couldn't tell whom was she more irritated with; him, for making her feel so or herself for not even able to compose herself for a mere few minutes?

 Suddenly she couldn't spot Arnav anywhere around her and looked around for him moving towards the mandir with a thal full of flowers in it when she suddenly felt a pull on her waist and the next second found herself pinned behind a column with Arnav's body glued to hers.

He pressed himself more into her hiding themselves behind the wide stone column away from the scrutinizing eyes of the world. Khushi looked at him shocked with eyes wide open at his audacity and his hand pressing on to her lips. She wriggled unsuccessfully thinking whether he was out of mind or not since they were practically in a hall full of people as in RELATIVES who will take no longer than a minute to spot them behind the pillar.

Arnav: Stop moving Khushi Kumari Gupta or else you know what I'll do to make you stop wriggling. Don't make it more difficult for me to control myself.

Khushi immediately stilled remembering how he had kissed her for the first time in the kitchen at night. She couldn't have let that happen again especially here... in the Vadhera Haveli and that too in a hall full of guests. Arnav smirked down looking at her angry eyes and whispered: Good Girl!

He removed his hand off her plum lips and kept it on the column wall to support their bodies. Khushi kept looking around through the shield of curtains to make sure nobody saw them and as soon as she turned to face him, found his face just an inch away, rubbing her nose with his in the process. She was breathing heavy and could feel her heart thudding against her chest.

Arnav bent down and kissed her forehead softening the line formed by the frown on her face. She couldn't have denied that it did relax her a bit... but this was too dangerous. She could clearly hear the hustle bustle... of people giggling in the hall. She could see, through the corner of her eyes, Nani and Mami welcoming the priest (Raj purohit) into the haveli. She knew that they would call for Arnav any moment now.

God! What was with him????

Khushi: Arnav please! She whispered looking into his eyes... but before she could continue, she felt his hot lips on her cheek. He seductively kissed her cheek making her helplessly close her eyes and silently beg for him to let her go.

Khushi: Please Arnav... somebody will see us! She told him as he moved to the other side tracing his kisses up to her ear lobe nibbling on it.

Arnav: Let them! I don't care!!! He murmured in her ear, which made a shiver run down her spine and she clutched on to his back digging her nails in his grey jacket for her dear life. Arnav's hand found his way onto the small of her waist under the dupatta and traced his fingers onto her waist-chain flickering it on the navel making Khushi bite her lower lip in order to control the moan from escaping. His hand went around and caressed over her back curves pulling her towards himself making her feel his arousal.

Khushi: Hmm... she moaned through her pressed lips as it was becoming torturing for her to not respond to his touch. She felt dizzy feeling his hand all over her milky white skin... his hands playing with the knot of her choli under her dupatta on the back. She could feel her nipples tightening against her choli and she pressed her bosom into his hard chest.  She rested her chin over his right shoulder as he nibbled onto the nape of her neck.

That's when Khushi saw Nani through the semi-transparent shield of curtains coming towards the wide pillar. Her fear rose to a completely different level as she felt herself going mute out of embarrassment.

Khushi: Arnav...Arnav Nani! She whispered to him with her eyes fixed on Nani. But in return got no response other than Arnav's slight murmur.

Khushi: Arnav please... she's coming here! She said trying to push him away hitting his muscular chest.

 Arnav: Let her come... I told you I don't care! He said with his head buried in her hair.

But this time Khushi lost it, seeing Nani just a few feet away and pushed Arnav away with all her might. Khushi: But I DO CARE Mr. Raizaada! She said in a firm and a bit raised voice. Her eyes were brimming with tears making Arnav look shocked at her reaction. Within seconds Khushi ran into the other direction making Arnav look back at her feeling guilty and a bit irritated.

And that's when Arnav felt a soft hand over his shoulder and turned back to see his Nani standing behind him.  Nani: Arnav bitwa! What are you doing here... Raj Purohitji has also come... everyone's waiting for you. We are going to start the Havan puja and then Jagrata shortly.

Arnav: Nani, I am just coming... he said trying to look for Khushi in the direction she ran.

Nani: No, not at all... we are already late. Come with me! She ordered him and Arnav couldn't say no as there was nothing he could think off as an excuse. His mind was solely focused on Khushi... and she was all he wanted. With no choice he unwillingly followed Nani towards the Havan Kund.

Khushi silently walked back into the Hall and went and stood next to Mami without gathering the eyeballs of so many ladies who were just looking for Khushi's one wrong move to taunt her about it. As Arnav reached the Havan area along with Nani he saw Khushi standing next to Mami, helping her with last minute work. He relaxed seeing her calm and composed. Maybe she wasn't that mad at him as much as he thought, he thanked his stars. But he didn't notice the fire in her eyes with which Khushi looked at him standing next to Lavanya. Maybe his stars weren't that good at the moment?

Purohitji asked Nani to start with havan and ask the family members to sit for the Puja. Nani looked at Arnav hoping that he would sit for the Puja and Havan as he himself had volunteered to accompany her today to the Haveli. Nani: Purohitji... Arnav would sit for the Puja today. She said smiling and full of pride.  At this Kaveri Kashyap jumped at the opportunity.

Kaveri: Lavanya beta... go you should sit with Arnav in the puja! To this Mami and Nani looked at Kaveri extremely angry while Lavanya looked at her mother confused. But in all this Khushi's rage filled eyes were fixed on Arnav who stood there as if he didn't even understand what it meant for Lavanya to sit with him in the Puja. When she didn't see him responding to anything... irritated she just left from there. Nani noticed this and felt extremely bad about Khushi leaving at such an insult. She felt like giving Kaveri a tight slap. Who the hell was she to decide who would sit in Vadhera's family Puja? But before she could say anything Arnav refused to sit for the havan.

Arnav: Nani I only came here for you... but you know I don't believe in all this! I am sorry but I am not sitting for this Puja. He left saying this.


Nani and the others sat in the Havan which was going to end in a little more than three hours from now. And then would the Jagrata start. Khushi stood in the balcony witnessing the sunset and it getting darker outside. Was the same happening for her as well? Had her reaction to things, her responses to people and her relationship with Arnav changing because of her getting to know the past? Was it just his attitude or her knowledge of his father's deeds and his mother's faith which was guiding her reaction towards him?

Was she just so desperate to make him acknowledge their relationship because of the importance of her in his life or coz of the fear to face the same fate as Maanyata? She didn't know...

She felt a cool breeze hit her face and a blow in her ear which made her shiver feeling tickled. She saw Arnav blowing softly over her left cheek and jaw due to which she was feeling tickled and seeing him made the smile wash away from her face. Arnav didn't like that... didn't he even have the right to know what was so wrong had he done to not even get a chance as to know his mistake?

Arnav: Khushi, what is it with you?

Khushi: Arnav could you please...

HP: Khushiji? He interrupted their discussion and Arnav gave HP a deadly glare. HP never the less kept his gaze straight towards Khushi not even dare looking at Arnav.

HP: Khushiji... Naniji had asked me to let you know that I have set your bedroom for tonight. Actually all the guests would stay over tonight for the Jagrata.

Arnav: Thank you HP! He said wanting to dismiss him right now. Nevertheless HP continued trying to show-off his bravery.

HP: Khushiji... if you go down this corridor and take a left at the end, you'll find your room the third one on the right.

Khushi: Thank you HP! Arnav: Oh! So it's the room next to mine... I like that!

HP: Exactly Bhaiya! He said giggling like an idiot, proud of himself as he had heard a 'LIKE IT' for the first time from Arnav.

HP: If you need any help to find the room Khushiji, you can ask Bhaiya. Arnav: Ofcourse... Khushi JI!!!

Khushi: That wouldn't be required HP, well thank you so much.

HP: welcome madam! He went away joining his hands up in a Namaste.

Arnav: Okay now... so what is up with you EXACTLY!

Khushi: EXACTLY Mr Raizaada... it's me whose UP with something, so just let me put my mind in place and till then JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! Alright???

She left irritated with him wanting some peace without him being around her.


Next: Arnav and Khushi in purani haveli! ALL NIGHT!
Garima's past to come out! Its gonna be a major update!

Please hit the like button and comment!

New readers send me a buddy request for pms and you too please do comment on the update!

It feels bad that I make sure to pm each one of you who almost every day send me buddy requests and requests for pms but hardly any of u comment! I put in effort for you guys so it would feel good if you could take out a few minutes to comment decently on my work it doesn't matter even if it is just of 2-3 lines but I should know what are you liking in my FFs and what would you like to read! It would just make me more enthusiastic abt writing and possibly would grant you more updates!

Love you all always


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Loved the update. Waiting to know more about Garima's past.

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it was really good Big smile
pleas update soon

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loved the update asr better start understanding what is going on around him and realize la mom is trying to put them together hell poor khushi loved the update thanks for the pm awesome

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Awsome Update...loved it...
Arnav ne Khushi ko phirse naraz kar diya...
Ye lavanya ki mom ArHi ke bich aa rahi hai...
Garima ka past kya hoga...
Precap was Awsome...
waiting for next Update...
Thanks for the PM...

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loved the update.
thank u for the pm.

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awesome update. No wonder khushi is irritated. Arnav can be so stupid at times. Eager to knw garima's past. Plz update soon!

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