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ArHi FF Ke Dhoop Chhaon Ka Thread 2 (Page 117)

great_love Goldie

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 2:56am | IP Logged
WOW.. SOPHU...Clap
& PAIN IS BACKAngryBroken HeartAngry

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anayaraizada Groupbie

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 4:25pm | IP Logged
it was really awesome
update soonClap

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abhiyaa Senior Member

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 3:58am | IP Logged
Loved ur ff can u please pm me next time when you update Smile

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-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 12:44am | IP Logged
Very nyc ff pls update soon

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dasudisa Senior Member

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 11:03am | IP Logged
pls pm the next part
Shopau Senior Member

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 10:01am | IP Logged

Part 27

Arnav: Khushi! He shouted for her. The voice kept becoming more and more audible and Khushi realized that Arnav was somewhere near. She immediately got up setting up her dupatta properly and stood up rushing outside. She stopped him just on the main wooden door to the Purani haveli.

Khushi: I am right here... stop shouting! She said in a slight rude tone, and realized that she was still partially angry with him.

Arnav: I have been looking for you in the whole damn palace. What the hell are you doing here?

Khushi: How does it matter to you? It's none of your business. So keep out of it. She said rather annoyed with his dominating attitude. Why should he command her to do every single thing? She tried to walk pass him when he held her hand stopping her.

Arnav: Don't you dare even try and walk away on me! The deadly hoarse whisper commanded. I've had enough of this nonsense of yours.

Khushi: Check your tone with me Mr. Raizaada; I am not giving you any nonsense! And as for me being here...

Khushi couldn't continue as Arnav's Blackberry started ringing and he took the call immediately.

Arnav: Yes Lavanya... I'll be there in a few minutes.

Khushi's anger held no bounds as her nostrils flared and she pressed her lips together gritting her teeth tight. The moment Arnav put the phone down, she continued: Just go... she must not wait! Khushi herself couldn't believe the arrogance and attitude she felt in her tone.

Arnav: So you are mad at me for calling a childhood friend to a family function? He turned his burning gaze at Khushi.

Khushi: Yes, she murmured as her heated blood coursed through her veins.

Arnav: Our relationship is nothing but just of good friends. I don't want anyone but you. Haven't you figured that out already? He said lifting her hand to his lips and kissing each knuckle gently.

Khushi blinked at him as her eyes softened. Khushi: I think of her as a threat... as if she's only there to take you away from me.

Arnav: That's being very judgmental. It isn't like that! He whispered shocked and released her hand. Khushi didn't like him doing so... it felt as if he was taking HER side.

Khushi: Oh! So how is it then? She said arrogantly making Arnav frown at her bewildered. Everyone in the hall think, that Ms. Lavanya Kashyap is the perfect match for you, and ...

Arnav: Screw what others think Khushi... they mean nothing to me, it's you whose feelings matter...

Khushi: FINE THEN... How the hell do you expect me to feel when you just leave me in between women eyeing me up and down thinking what I am to you? Just because you had an important task to call your "childhood friend" to a family function! Her temper was rising with every second and with that her pitch at which she was talking... actually shouting.

Arnav gasped and scowled at her. Arnav: OKAY...You are thinking way too much, you haven't even met her yet?

Khushi glared at him: Do I look even the slightest bit of interested to you?

Arnav: STOP IT Khushi! He closed his eyes tight to calm himself down and looked away; then turned back to look at her. I am not comfortable discussing this now... here actually. Khushi looked around to see that Arnav was referring to the Purani haveli. I don't want you here... do you understand me? He warned in his deep threatening voice and then turned to leave.

Khushi: Did you ever have a sexual relationship with her? Her question made Arnav stop in his tracks. But he didn't turn to look back. Khushi gathered courage and continued: Did you ever think of her as more than a friend? Did you... ever... love her?

Arnav turned to look back at her; his eyes held pity and lips formed a slight smile as he looked down shamefully and turned to leave without uttering a word.


The sun was setting and it had started to get dark when Khushi walked back into the hall thoroughly pissed off with Arnav. She couldn't have stayed there in Purani haveli for long and therefore had returned back only to not get any further orders from her self- proclaimed master ASR. Khushi noticed Nani calling for her from the far end waving her hand at her. As Khushi started walking towards Nani, her attention was grabbed by Arnav who had his back to her and was talking to someone she couldn't see. Khushi moved two steps forward to get a clear view of the lady in a white saree standing closer than Khushi would have allowed to Arnav. 

Khushi had no idea who this woman was but the pang of jealousy she felt for her at the moment was indicating that she was definite to not find place in Khushi's good books. Khushi sighed and without any further delay walked towards Nani who gave Khushi the 'Puja samagrahi' to put next to the havan kund.

Nani: Is everything alright Khushi bitiya? She asked in her sweet concerned voice to which Khushi gave a brief nod with a slight smile on her face and her eyes on the witch standing too close to her man. Khushi hastily walked up to the havan kund and kept the thaal full of samagrahi next to it on the floor slowly turning to look in the direction where Arnav was standing with HER. But she didn't see any of them. Irritated she got up stomping her foot on the ground and turned around bumping into a hard masculine chest she couldn't have not recognized. She saw Arnav smirking looking down at her face which made her cheeks burn into the shade of crimson red. She was sooo angry at him, she couldn't explain.

Arnav: Looking for someone are you?  Khushi: Na.. No, I am busy, *followed a firm tone* I am busy with work at the moment excuse me! Arnav: Really? I see!

She walked pass him and then turned around to have a look at him as he stood still smirking at her.  Arnav (self thought): I will make you trust me Khushi... I love you and I'll always be yours, always!


Khushi walked into the pool side thinking of a way to get out of here and go back to the Purani haveli without anyone noticing her absence. She looked around in the surrounding garden area to see if anyone was looking at her. But she couldn't spot anyone. Hurriedly she turned around and again bumped her head in the muscular shoulder of the man she least wanted to see at the moment.

Arnav: Woah! Relax sweetheart!

Khushi: Don't you sweetheart me! She warned raising her hand and moving a step back rubbing her forehead using the other. Ouch!

Arnav: Let me see... He tried to reach for her hand on her forehead when she moved two steps back.

Khushi: Didn't you get it? Stay away from me! She blasted on his face and turned to leave when she felt a pull from her dupatta. Khushi stilled contemplating whether it was the thorny bushes of the garden or Arnav who had caught her dupatta. She turned around shocked to see that it was indeed Arnav who firmly had her dupatta in his hold wrapped around his hand.

Why did he always have to do something like this? Why? Grhhh!!! But Khushi had made up her mind she wouldn't let him dice her questions today. And she wouldn't fall weak in front of his advances... no way... not today!

Arnav: Don't... YOU get it? *rolls the dupatta more into his hand pulling her closer* you have no idea what all you mean to me? *pulls the dupatta further making Khushi unwillingly come closer to him* you have no idea what you do to me... it's like you hold a strange magnetic force within yourself... and I have no choice but am helplessly *pulls her further slamming her fragile and delicate form to his hard one* attracted to you. It's crazy... but you don't even have to be in front of me for me to feel so.

Khushi was breathing heavy now and couldn't find her voice. She tried her best not to look into his eyes to keep the last bit of her own self control. Arnav held her chin firmly between his long fingers and forcefully made her look into his eyes. Arnav: Your eyes... they talk much more than you do.

Khushi pressed her lips close swallowing the lump in her throat.  Arnav caressed her cheek with the back of his left hand removing the silky locks tucking them behind her ear. Khushi closed her eyes feeling just him. She couldn't believe even after being so very angry and agitated with his behavior in the hall... she could still feel turned on. Khushi took a long breath in trying to calm her senses when she suddenly felt his burning hot lips on her cheek. Arnav gave her a wet kiss on the cheek... tracing his lips all the way down to her cheek and then nuzzling into the nape of her neck breathing in lavender. Arnav: You smell so good! He whispered in her hair as Khushi clutched on to his bicep digging her nails into his flesh.

Manorma: Khushi!! Mami's voice made Khushi come out of her trance while Arnav still had his face hidden under her long silky straight hair. She pushed him away making her pink dupatta slip off his hand while he looked at her still dazed but with a smirk playing on his lips.

Khushi turned around to see Manorma approaching them and quickly thanked Devi Mayiya that it was already dark and Mami couldn't have seen Arnav yet. She set he dupatta right hurriedly and ran back towards Manorma stopping her at a safe distance from Arnav. Arnav kept looking at her with the same naughty smirk on his face. And Khushi smiled nervously, as she took Mami back into the hall, a tad bit guilty of her secret pleasure. 

Plz play this video now:


Arnav followed her back in the hall not being able to keep his eyes off her. Khushi desperately tried to move around away from his scrutiny not able to hide her blushing self from him. She couldn't tell whom was she more irritated with; him, for making her feel so or herself for not even be able to compose herself for a mere few minutes?

 Suddenly she couldn't spot Arnav anywhere around her and looked around for him moving towards the mandir with a thal full of flowers in it when she suddenly felt a pull on her waist and the next second found herself pinned behind a column with Arnav's body glued to hers.


Next: Arnav and Khushi back in the Purani Haveli!

Plz hit the like button and comment!

New readers send me a buddy request for pms!

Also I have started with my internship friends so it is becoming even more difficult for me to update on a daily basis. Therefore for all my dear readers, I've decided to fix days on which I'll be updating. I know you all want more but it's becoming really difficult for me as I have only Sundays off!

I'll update Ke Dhoop Chhaon Ka: on Thursdays or Fridays

And Bawari Piya Ki: on Sundays or Mondays. Both will be once a week!



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wooohooo!!m first!!aftr a long time!Dancingm so happy!
ok, nw comin to d update..
poor khushi..she must b feelin so jealous n angry n irritated wid arnav..
n dis arnav is so impssble..y is he irritating herConfused he shud get a beating..he dsnt show she's imp to him n he xpcts her to undrstand..pagal..
bt i loved his naughtinessSmile n mamiji almost caught them Tongue
pls update bpk soon!

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norolim Goldie

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Yay! Thank you for teh update. :) Poor Khushi. It must hurt to be in the situation she is right now Cry Arnav is very very naughty Wink 
Haha Maamiji almost caught them LOL
Loved it. ;)
Good luck for your internship. Smile
Cheers, Avi.

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