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Monday 9th April 2012

paadaapaduthura serial-kku 
paattu oru kEdaa - aanaalum naaLaikku vandhu paaduvEn 
(habits die hard Embarrassed )

indha CM kadhaiya naan update-u senjEn
IF friendskkaaga
enga enga konjam naan paarkkurEn
kadhaiyE illai naan en seyyuvEn

Thavasi kambi counting (ivaru weekendkku uLLa vandhaaraa)  The lawyer meeting him.  Confirms that the judgement went against SS.  A shocked Thavasi walks in the reverse gear and faints.  The lawyer shouts and the police open the lock-up.  Sprinkle water on Thavasi's face. He gets up and speaks incoherently.  The inspector feels he is bluffing , sends the constable to call for the doctor (The BP should have shot up hence the incoherent speech - ennayya inspector nee)  Thavasi continues to talk as if SS is gone forever, wants her to be hanged, wants them to hang him too (aahaa evvaLavu nalla manasu Thavasi ungaLukku - enga problems solved) The lawyer keeps pacifying saying SS can be brought out, can file an appeal.  

CM with AC SR tearing.  AC SR  is proud that CM spoke the truth even in that kind of situation.  If it was someone else they would have given witness other wise.  But CM is unable to be glad over that.  She did not want to revenge SS (avangaLukku namma mEla mattum enna gaaNdu - ippadi pazhi vaangaraanga) she wanted justice for her brother whose life is hanging in the line.  She spoke the truth.  She did the right thing as a sister but failed as a mother.  She was confident when she entered the court but has lost it all after getting out of the court.  CM is believing AC SR like a mountain (malaipOla nambi irukkaanga, avanga enna Kailas Parbat aa) AC SR has some info on Thavasi, will confirm right away she says.  She calls the station inspector who says that Thavasi has gone mad after the lawyer's visit.  AC SR wants it confirmed by a specialist.

AC SR feels he is acting so that his group / gang can not communicate with him if he is in prison.  This might be an act to escape too.  (is Thavasi's kootukaLavani the missing ACP) Someone ganging up with him must have done this job.  If it was someone from outside should have bargained for ransom.  ACSR doubts Vadai & Co.  CM is sure it cannot be so.  AC SR would definitely find the baby.  CM takes leave AC SR on a thoughtful mode.

NRL polambing - engEyO pOra maariyaaththa en mEla vandhu irangaaththaanu CM always alainjing for oor vambu.  (I like this saying NRL)  People in her house want to go and join in CM's jothi.  Vasu asks for Amudha - she has gone oor mEinjing replies NRL.  But NRL wants vambu so asks about what happened in the court.  CM always speaks the truth (Harichandra veetukku aduththa veedu) NRL begins - how can a mother speak like this when her child is at stake blah..blah...blah.. Vasu concludes that CM is very unlike his mother.  But NRL just does not shut her mouth.  Vasu & I get irritated.  

SS is met by the lawyer to update on Thavasi's state.  SS is in tears, gets angry and blames CM for Thavasi's shock.  They must have tortured him at the police station.  The lawyer refutes, says it is because of SS that Thavasi is in shock.  Says it was after learning about the judgement he is like this.  The lawyer did advice to do something so that CM gets put off, but Thavasi should not have kidnapped the baby.  This is news to SS.  The lawyer would get Thavasi out if SS can tell where the baby is. SS is sure that Thavasi would not have done this.  Someone else is using this situation. SS wants to finish CM & Beach, get her father alright - but how to do all this while is the abacus school.  The lawyer asks her to think who else could have been involved in this.

CM comes to the temple.  Reminds Goddess Ponniamman that she already had asked for the lost child.  Now the other child is lost too.  (oNNu pOnaa innoNNu free)  Starts talking to Ponni.  You only stay in my mind to guide me.  vali nadathara vali nadatharanu this Radhika tamila kolai senju enakku orE vali.  Take my life but save my Bharu she cries.  On the road a man carrying a crying Bharu (O Bharu never cries man..) asks her to keep quiet.  That man who handed made a great escape he claims.  CM in the temple is ready to do anything for her Bharu to reunite with her.  Wants Ponni to answer what she has to do.  (andhamma pEsinaathaan world peace will prevail aachchudhE) 

The man carrying Bharu spots his friend at a shop in front of the temple.  Leaves Bharu down and starts talking to the friend.  Bharu wanders into the temple, sees CM sitting eyes closed and praying.  Walks near her.  The man comes to pick up Bharu who cries - CM opens her eyes to see the baby in the man's shoulders.


Tuesday Update by Shreenithi

Chellamae tuesday 10th april 2012 update comes near CM...CM busy praying...that man comes and leaves with the baby...CM opens her eyes and there...vera mummy avanga baby oda playing...CM sad...

Sethaps new pondatti's dhanam's house...Bharathi is with them...Sethaps's new wife's old husband takes photo of the baby  says this is for  want evidence...

CM comes home...Av starts scolding her...ennatha kizhichutta by telling the truth...what r u going to do to find the baby??...CM says bharathi is my life...and everyone knows that... but i cant go against my manasatchi...

Av says then forget ur daughter...for u ur nearmai is important than ur daughter's life...CM says no...i want justice for my beach brother...iam doing all this for my brother...AV says adhellam sari...but ur baby's fate??CM sad...

Dhanam 's house...Dhanam's mama ie sethaps new wife's old hsuband (DM) says i think that sethaps is lying...something wrong woth this baby...sethappu planning something else...dhanam supports her new husband...DM correct aa guess pannitaru...i think he ha kidnapped this baby and money ketkaran ...

Sethaps comes and asusual waste diologues b/w DM and sethaps...sethaps leaves woth the baby...DM one stage DM misses sethaps...DM polambikitte leaves and sethaps sho is hiding inside a car gives a victory look and leaves ...

Police station...karuppu and kalavani comes and says they want to meet inspector...thavasi and his doctor also preset...karuppu and kalavani gets hyper nas starts shouting at thavasi...inspector stops them and says thavasi is now a mental...karuppu says he is acting...he is doing all this to save his daughter ...arivali inspector says he knows everything...Dcotor says he is not acting...nesamalumae avaru mental aayitaru...

Inspector says  AC SR is handling thi no chance for any thappu...and now heis a patient...dont worry abt the baby...AC SR will defenitely find ur baby very and thavasi leaves...karuppu and kalava polambing...karuppu says he will try in someother way...

Next shaan next...moonji ellam same dhaan...vadai tells sethaps abt thavasi...sethaps asks...omg...thavasi what will happen to our baby?...vadai super sad...says he is very tensed...sneha is jail...thavasi in hospital..iam very worried abt my daughter...sethaps starts his all becoz of challamma chant...kalavani says stop this bakwas and start searching the baby...loosu vadai says no baby kaanum...only reason is that CM...

vadai's cell phone  ringing...sethaps says hello...and is with u va??...vadai and kalava shcoked..vadai kenjufying...hello sir...pls give my baby...kadathal karan says thavasi dhaan kidnap panna mental aayitaru...i need 5 laks...vadai says whaaat 5 laaaks aa?...kk tells him to come to anna nagar...vadai agrees...KK says send one of ur family member to tambarm..u come to anna nagar with the vandavudan baby unga family member kitta vandhurum...vadai agrees...



Updates by Selva

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012
The scene starts with a strange person calling vadai and blackmailing him. He says Bharathy is with him and he will give the baby only when vadai settles him 5 lakhs and cuts the call. Vadai informs chittappa and Art about the blackmail. Art tells him to settle the money soon and get  Bharathy back without Police intervention. Chittappa says they should see the baby first and then settle the money. The blackmailer(BM) calls again. Chittappa takes the phone from Vadai and attends. He tells they should see the baby first and then only money. BM agrees and asks chittappa to come to  some place so that he can see the baby and asks vadai to some other place to settle the money when chittappa acknowledges after  he see the baby. Vadai agrees and comes to some hotel with money and waits for BM. Waiter serves him  juice and gives a phone to Vadai. BM is on the line sitting in some other place. He asks Vadai to keep the money on the table and go. Vadai asks for baby. Then Vadai's cell rings and Chittppa on the line. He tells him that he has seen Bharathi and he lies that he is surrounded by gundas. But there is no one in that place except Bharathy and Chittappa. He asks vadai to settle the money soon and cuts the call with evil smile. Then he goes near Bharathy and tells becoz of her he got 5 lakhs money and smiles. Then he takes her and leaves. BM then calls Vadai to keep the money and go. Vadai does that and leaves.
In Art's home wood is scolding Art for not letting the Police know about the BM's call. Meantime Vadai and Chittappa comes with baby. Art is so happy. She gets the baby from Vadai,goes to pooja room and prays for her. Wood confronts Vadai and Chittappa for not informing the police. Chittappa shuts up Wood. Art also supports Chittappa. Vadai tells Thavasi only did all these things but now he became mental. Wood tells he is suspicious about the gundas. Chittappa again shuts up wood and leaves. Wood asks Vadai to inform CM about this as she is upset about baby's kidnapping. But vadai scolds and tells hereafter he wont leave Bharathy to CM and tells Bharathy's mom is no more from now on. Wood and art shocked.
Wood goes to his room and calls CM. AV attends. Wood informs about Bharathy's return. CM gets the phone from AV and feels happy. She asks wood to handover the baby to her now. Wood tells Vadai settles 5 lakhs to gundas and rescued Bharathy and he is angry on CM. CM doesn't bother about that and ready to leave to see Bharathy. Wood asks her not to come but CM is on her stand and leaves. Art feeding Bharathy. CM comes and konjifying Bharathy with tears. Vadai comes suddenly and snatches the baby.
Screen Freezes with sad CM...


Updates by Srima

Thursday 12.04.2012

High drama at Kalai's house.  Vadai snatches Barathi from Chellama & shows her the door. AV starts calling 'Mapillai'. Vadai angrily retorts ' mapillai ' mamanar relation maNNoda gone. Don't stay here , both get out & get lost. Chitaps nuzhaiching his nose & gets a nice cut from CM . Livid Vadai shouts at CM ' courtroom exposed your true colours ' you behaved more as a true sister than a loving mom. Kastapattu have rescued the baby from the abductors paying 5 lac rupees. CM has a valid point here ' the child was kidnapped from her , then why should they call Vadai & ask for ransom ' engeyo idikkiradhe. Vadai & chitaps get wild at her deduction ,conclude CM is accusing them of staging this kidnap drama. Kalai comes to the rescue & tells that Tavasi's men called & asked for ransom money & vadai paid & rescued Barathi.  Vadai asks them to get out . CM puts her foot down , says will not leave without Barathi ' no one has the right to separate the child from the mother. Tug of war between Vadai & CM , both pulling crying Barathi in different directions . Vadai resirts to his standard stale emotional blackmail ' I will die without Barathi .CM throws a disgusting look at him & says ' why don't you for once say ' vaazhndhu kaatuven'[ vadai in mind voice ' enakkum appadi sollanumnuthan aasai ' but that dialogue is your prerogative  ache Chellama ]. CM shots back ' look here my kaNava , if I take legal action , next moment Barathi will be mine , but I will not do that [ because I want to give more torture to the viewers ], but I will come to see Barathi whenever i want. Saying so storms out of the house.

CM crying thru out the journey back home with AV consoling her. CM worried ' Barathi might grow up with wrong notions about her mother [next 500 odd episodes ,grown up Barathi ' KaNNama story ' radhika will again act as the identical twins with younger looks while Vadai will have white meesai & hair ].AC SR calls CM & asks whether CM has any news on Barathi [ nalla joke ' yaaru police? ] CM says Barathi kidaichuta. Vadai & chitaps saved her. OK says SR & goes back to her famous frowned look ' thinking .[Edhukkuma anavasiyama thinking ' ellam CM paarthupa]

Chitaps gets a call from a travel agent ' Singapore Visa is ready , pl. come & collect.  Chitaps  happy but needs to find a way to get out of the house. His crooked mind chalks out a plan , deliberately needles karuppu.  Makes a mountain out of mole hill. But kalai some how brings in truce. Pochu chitaps plan fails , his crooked brain alainging for other avenues. Notices Vadai with Barathi & starts the drama ' tells him , their manam mariyadhai will fly if they continue to stay in kalai's house. So tells vadai he should get married & move out of the house with Barathi. Vadai shouts , not to open the second marriage topic but Chitaps  cites Barathi's upbringing & brain washes him .Karaipaar karaichal kallum karayum ' Vadain thinking mode.

Habbada oru vazhiya finished.  Buffering was veryyy slow. In techsatish & some other sites the video has been rejected due to some breach of terms. Gibberish serialukku gibberish update ' sorry for the errors.


Updates by swash

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Thanks Eclat

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Thanks Eclat for the update.

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Thanks eclat.  CM templela sitting & sleeping - kaiku ettinadhu vaiku ettala - Barathi was few steps away from her yet CM missed her. Innum ethanai naalo indha kaNNa moochi aatam?

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Thanks eclat for updating 'Rad's saga'. It really seems never ending...jail, kidnaping, hospital...kidnaping, jail,, jail kidnaping. One can put these in any order and make Chellame. . Thanks for the detailed update...I rely on your updates as I am unable to see this serial.

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thnaks for updates... i dont know what to say... radan serial
 getting worst day after day...

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Thanks Shreenithi & Selvalakshmi

Thank God this Bharathi papa case came to a close soon.  Illa Radhikaa va naan kadichchi kodhari iruppEn.  But this Vadai, how did he manage 5 lakhs just like that - without a job, without anything. Printing press vechchu irukkaarO??

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remember, vadai has that huge commercial bldg which he is renting out? adhu epdi vandhudhunnu kekka koodaadhu? en chellamla?

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