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FF: Thier six month marriage (updated page 147) (Page 12)

kountheya Newbie

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 5:16am | IP Logged
loved, please continue.  feel like really watching the serial now.

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Why Is Arnav Still Stubborn ?! Ohh Goddd, She Is Innocent Man :) Hug She Sold Her Bangles Just For Lavanya Embarrassed

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rashika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Thank you all for the lovely comments.
Here is the next chapter. By the way it's a long read.

Chapter 5

Garima who was now in Madhumati's room was just looking after her. She had already bought her husband with her when she woke Payal and Khushi up earlier. She had been there for two hours when Madhumati woke up and was feeling a bit woozy. She looked around to find she wasn't in her own room. Garima saw her looking up and helped her sit up. She gave her some water.

Garima: Are you ok jiji?

Madhumati: Where are we?

Garima: We are still at Shantivan.

Suddenly Madhumati saw her brother and remembered everything that happened. She started remembering all the times her brother said he wanted to know more about Shyam. She also remembered how he didn't trust him and how she just kept pushing. She also remembered how Shyam must have manipulated her just to trap Khushi. Also how Khushi did everything she said. All the memories where flooding back.

Madhumati: Hai re nandkishore! Hai re Nandkishore! Garima what have I done. Garima what have I done. That man. That man. He deceived us. He deceived us. Shashi babua didn't want this. Shashi babua didn't want this. Hai re nandkishore. Hai re Nankishore.

Garima: Jiji please calm down. Remember where we are. We can't let everyone know. Especially here. Please jij calm down.

By then she was in hysterics again and not calming down. Her breathing became erratic. Garima found her new pump which was bought last night as per the doctor's instructions. Garima gave it to her. Madhumati took it and after a while she was breathing again but she was still crying and after a while not making any sense. Garima didn't know what to do. She was on her own at that time. She needed her daughters. They may know what to do. She went out and called for them.

As everyone by then were downstairs they all heard her so they made their way towards the guest rooms Khushi and Payal in front and running at a pace. Both worried something had happened to their father but no it was buaji again. This time Khushi went straight to her and tried to calm her down. While cupping her face she spoke.

Khushi: Please buaji came down. Look at me. Look at me. You have to calm down. Please.

Buaji: But Khushi bitiya''..

Khushi: No buaji what has passed has passed. We have to concentrate on the present and look to the future not the past.

Nani: Khushi bitiya is right Madhumatiji. What has happened is gone. Now Khushi bitiya is our daughter-in-law. Her future is here.

Both Arnav and Khushi were thinking only for the next 6 months and no longer.

Madhumati: You don't understand. I wanted Khushi bitiya to marry that man without any consideration for my brother's or her feeling's. I mean she had said she didn't want to marry him and my brother how am I supposed to ask for his forgiveness.

Garima: You don't need to ask for his forgiveness. He knows you only wanted the best for Khushi. You're his elder sister. Your family.

Arnav just looked at this and looked at Anjali. Babuji and buaji's relationship just reminded him of his and his sister's relationship.

Arnav: I'll call the doctor.

Madhumati: No bitiwa. I need to feel what I have done. Please don't call the doctor.

Arnav was about to put his phone away but then got a phone call from Aman.  He took it outside and told him to cancel all of his and Akash's meeting's today as they were not coming in. He also asked to get Khushi's business partner to handle everything today. Once he put the phone down he knew Khushi wouldn't want to go to work not with everything that was happening here and he knew his brother. He would want to stay with Payal today. Secretly he wanted to stay here for Khushi's sake but he put that in the back of his mind.

Madhumati looked at Khushi who now had hers hands on buaji's hands.

Khushi: Can you ever forgive me for everything. I mean when I forcibly asked you to marry that man you just gave in. even when you didn't want to you did a lot of things I asked. Like when you did your first teej fast I made and for what I wanted you to do it for that man.

Everyone was stunned to hear this.

Khushi: But I only did it because you asked me. You wanted me to do it for him?

Madhumati: Yes. I wanted you to do it for him. Now I know he didn't deserve it. You deserved someone a lot better and that man''..

Before buaji could say anymore especially about the identity of who Khushi's ex-fianc was Khushi spoke.

Khushi: But buaji I never finished my fast. It was broken before the evening pooja.

Khushi just realised what she had said. Everyone was looking at her and she was looking surprised as she never wanted anyone to know this. She was thinking hey DM what have I said.

Anjali: Khushiji you never completed your fast? What happened and why?

Khushi didn't know what to say or how. Oh why did I have to say what I just said oh why? She thought. Nani, Anjali, Payal, her mother and buaji started grilling her trying to find out what happened. Khushi just didn't want to answer as she had remembered what happened and what it all meant. Arnav who was watching all this became irritated at how they were hassling Khushi.

Arnav: I gave her some water that day.

Everyone looked at him stunned.

Anjali: What do you mean Chote?

Arnav started explaining what happened at outside the temple while Khushi re-played the whole scenario in her head. He explained how he saw she was about to faint and caught her in time before she fell. He recalled how he took her to the closet bench, woke her up and gave her some water. Once he had said it all everyone looked from Arnav to Khushi back to Arnav. Arnav just rolled his eyes especially as everyone couldn't stop staring. Then he caught Shyam's eye and saw he was angry at hearing what he heard. This really pleased Arnav for once. Then nani turned and looked at Khushi.

Nani: Khushi bitiya was this your first teej fast?

Khushi just nodded without looking at anyone. Nani looked and Anjali and suddenly smiled.

Nani: Anjali bitiya do you know what that means?

Anjali: Nahi Nani.

Nani: This means that Khushi bitiya was destined to be in Chote's life this whole time. I mean her first fast and Chote was the one to break it.

Khushi's eyes which were closed popped open and looked at Nani in shock. Arnav thought WHAT THE''? And Shyam was seething hearing this. Anjali was really happy at hearing this. Garima and Madhumati looked at one another and didn't know what to say.

Nani: This so good. I always wanted Khushi bitiya to part of this family. Right from the start.

Everyone together: What?

Nani: Well I did. Ever since I met her I thought whoever's house this girl went to she would spread happiness.

Anjali: Wait a minute. Is that why you allowed Khushiji to train Lavanyaji?

Nani: Well yes. I wanted Chote to see the difference between Khushi bitiya and Miss Kashyap back then but then after Diwali I really liked Lavanya.

Anjali: Nani you are one sneaky woman.

Nani: I am nani after all.

Payal, Akash, Anjali and Mama where laughing at this. Mami just made a face. Garima and Madhumati had a small smile on their faces. Arnav and Khushi were shocked while Shyam was trying really hard to hide how furious he was.

Nani: See Madhumatiji. Khushi bitiya is fine now. Let us all forget about the past and look to the present.

Madhumati looked at Khushi again.

Madhumati: I am really glad you have found a really nice family to be in. I'm also glad that your engagement to that man was broken.

Payal who was quite up until now spoke.

Payal: Buaji think about what you had once said about how a ring being placed on your ring finger is better because the vein is directly connected to the heart and Khushi's fianc never did that plus it the timing of the engagement was wrong so it would have never lasted.

Anjali: What? Their engagement was not at an auspicious time.

Payal: No di. It was supposed to be at around 6 o'clock that evening but Khushi wasn't home and she also hurt her finger so the ring was put on her other finger.

Anjali: What day was this?

Payal: Her last working day here to train Lavanyaji.

Anjali: But Khushiji was fine when she came here and she hadn't hurt her finger when she left then how?

Khushi who was listening to the whole conversation was remembering the day. What happen when she came here, the presents she got from everyone, her argument with Arnav, him pushing her and her cutting her hand, her leaving and going to the temple, him coming to the temple, him insisting on putting the bandage around her finger'''

Arnav was also remembering that day. The harsh words he had said when she was coming, her hearing it all, him getting mad at her and pushing her, him seeing the key then the blood on the table, him going after her to the temple, him forcing her to take a look at her hand then placing the bandage on her finger''

It was like lightning had stuck the pair of them when they both realised they were both at the temple at that exact moment when it was the auspicious time Khushi was supposed to get engaged. Khushi suddenly stood up frozen and looked at Arnav while Arnav was staring at her. Both thinking the same thing. Did we get engaged at that time on that day?  Everyone saw Khushi jump up and looking shocked.

Anjali: Kya hua Khushiji?

Khushi didn't answer.

Nani: Khushi bitiya kya hua?

Khushi was still staring at Arnav while he was looking at her. Both in shock. Garima looks at her daughter.

Garima: Khushi bitiya answer the question. What's happened?

Khushi just stood there still saying nothing. Anjali looked at her brother and saw he was staring right back at Khushi. She wondered why they were both looking so shocked. She got up and walked towards Arnav. Once she got there she first stood next to her brother put her fingers on his jaw and turned his face to look at her.

Anjali: Chote Kya hua?

Arnav who saw his sister, was still very much in shock, looked at her and saw her eyes asking him like they were pleading. He knew he could never refuse his sister especially when she looked at him like that but he didn't want to say it. Arnav was about to make up an excuse when standing just behind his sister he saw Shyam still staring at Khushi. All of sudden he was angry and felt like clocking him one then and there but then all of sudden the idea struck him and he did something he never normally does.

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
This Is Amazing :) They Were Always Meant To Be Day Dreaming

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Rhysenn IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
Wow, very interesting! Do continue please! Smile

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1DAlice Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
Amazing update!!! Loved it!!
What is arnav going to do!!!
Can't wait to read what happens next!!!
Update soon!!!

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saarah96 Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
aww tha was good
wondering what arnav gonna do now
update soon=]

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GoGreen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 3:17pm | IP Logged
Nice now duffers r realising they r made for eachother...and they r engaged too...

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