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rashika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
Okay as it is the first year anniversary of our favourite show I thought I would update with not just one but two chapters. This has taken me a while to write so I can't do it everyday. Please do comment and before any one say's they are short yes I know they are but they are still update. Short or long.
Here is the first one.

Chapter 33

'Bring Bring'

After the third time both Arnav and Khushi woke up with a start. Khushi looked at her surroundings and was shocked to find herself in Arnav's arms. Arnav still had his one arm around her and reached his other hand towards the phone.

Arnav still slightly sleepily: Hello.

Akash: Bhai. You ok. Your media relations staff has arrived, plus your designers and hair and make-up staff are all busy sitting in my room. Did you forget you called all these people today?

Arnav suddenly looked at the clock on the bedside table.

Arnav: Shit. It's 12 o'clock. Yeah Akash I'll be there once I'm ready.

Khushi was still looking towards her husband. Once he put the phone down his head and eyes looked at Khushi. She suddenly felt very warm and she went a pretty pink. Her eyes suddenly went to where her hands were and they both were touching his chest. She suddenly felt well aware of the position she was in. She looked up at him and started squirming to get out the hold he still had over her.

Khushi: Arnavji. Let me go.

Arnav had been observing her the whole time. He knew she was really innocent being in this position but he couldn't help but admire her.

Arnav: Why?

Khushi: Please Arnavji let me go. I have to get ready and anyway don't you need to go see jiju.

Arnav had almost forgotten everything. Just looking at Khushi made him forget himself often. He let her go and she moved away from him not looking back his face which was smirking.

Arnav: Oh Khushi by the way we both need to go to Akash's room. We still have a lot to get through before tomorrow.

Khushi still avoiding him: Why?

Arnav slightly annoyed: Khushi will just do what I ask I don't have the time to explain everything to you now. You will know once we get to his room.

Saying that he went to where she was standing near the cupboard got his clothes and went to the bathroom. Khushi just looked at him in anger. Laad governor what does he think of himself. Always giving me orders she thought. Once Arnav had finished in the bathroom Khushi went in. Arnav saw she was a little annoyed with him but he thought he would pacify her later. He needed to think about what still needed to be done when he wait a second I never wake up this late, let alone I haven't slept like this since…..Suddenly his mind went somewhere it hadn't gone in years. Maa..was the only thought he could think. He sat on the bed contemplating what had happened last night.

Khushi went in the bathroom annoyed. Typical he says and I do. What is with him? how can he….then her waking up in his arms came to her mind. First she wondered how then she started thinking about how right it felt to be in his arms. She had hugged him for sure but still waking up in his arms was evoking new feelings in her. Suddenly her heart started beating harder. She had to clutch her heart with her hand and closed her eyes but the images of this afternoon started flashing in her eyes. She opened up her eyes in a flash and looked at herself in the mirror. Stop it Khushi. you need to get ready. Thinking this she got on with getting herself ready.

Arnav had to wait for another 20 minutes before Khushi emerged from the bathroom. He was already two hours late for his meeting and he was mad at himself for not waking up on time. Then he saw Khushi come out wearing a blue salwar and her hair to open and still damp. He couldn't stop looking at how beautiful his wife was. Khushi suddenly felt him gazing at her. She looked around to see him standing near the side of the bed. Both had an eye-lock before arnav's phone rang again flashing Akash's name on it.

Arnav quickly moved towards Khushi. grabbed her towel, threw it towards the side and practically pushed her out of the room. Khushi was protesting but Arnav was in no mood to listen.

They went to Akash's room. Arnav knocked. Akash opened. Arnav and Khushi walked in. Arnav walked straight to his staff while Khushi walked over to stand next to Payal who was busy just looking at everyone and also wondering what was going on. Arnav sat on the sofa and looked at his staff who were busy looking at him shocked that for the first time their boss was late.

Arnav: What are you all looking at? Let's get on with this.

Karan(media relation guy): Sir we have to give a statement.

Arnav: No way in the world are the media getting a statement on my personal affairs.

Karan: But Sir you know everyone is going to ask.

Arnav: Look the only thing they need to know is about the show and the new fashion line not about my life or any member of my family's life.

Karan: Sir are you and Akash sir not going to introduce your wives to the world?

Arnav: I'm pretty sure when Khushi and Payal are with us they can guess at who they are. If the media ask just tell them yes they are our wives and give their names but that's it. I don't want anyone from the media near either of them.

Akash: Bhai is this all necessary?

Arnav: Akash you and I are used to the whole media circus for a long time. Khushi and Payal have only recently entered our family. They have no idea what to say, how to answer questions none of it. The media would eat them alive.

Akash: I know that bhai but we need to give some kind of statement.

Arnav: No Akash. Not at this time. It isn't the right time yet. Khushi and Payal first need to get use to what it is to be either one of our wives. Tomorrow is the first time either of them will see what we have been doing for years.

Akash: Your right bhai.

Arnav: Karan you have your instructions.

Karan left after that.

Arnav then looked at his one of his designers, the make-up artist and the hairstylist who were also there.

Arnav: Meera did you manage to do as Akash and I had asked.

Meera: Yes sir. Here you go.

She handed him two packages.

Arnav: Whose is whose?

Meera: The red boxed one is yours and the blue boxed one is Akash's sirs.

 Arnav: Ok. Khushi, Payal go to the other suite and try these on. Meera go with them to see if they are a perfect fit.

Arnav then handed the packages to Payal and Khushi. Both girls wondered what was in them. They did as they were told and went to the other suite with meera.

Arnav then gave instructions to his make-up artist and hairstylist to go with them and decide on what would look on the girls. Once they had gone he looked at Akash.

Arnav: We need to go out.

Akash: Why bhai?

Arnav: I'll tell you on the way.

Arnav got his phone out and texted Khushi to tell her they were going out for a while and they would be back soon.

In Arnav and Khushi's suite.

Khushi received the text message and didn't reply. She was still a bit miffed at him.

Payal: Khushi do you know what's going on?

Khushi: No jiji. I don't know.

The pair of them looked at the packages they had. They opened them and were surprised to see what was inside.

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rashika IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 34                

Khushi looked inside her package and slowly picked up a beautiful blue silk sari with silver embroidery. She just stared at it.

While Payal opened her package and found a beautiful silk purple sari with black embroidery.

Both of them then looked at one another then what was in the packages.

Meera: Ma'am you both need to try the saree's so I can check if I need to do any last minute adjustments to them.

Khushi: Who? Umm how?

Meera: Ma'am only sir as in ASR can answer your queries. Please ma'am I only have today to sort them out.

Khushi and Payal stood up and went to the bedroom and went to try on their individual saree's.

Khushi and Payal took out the their sarees from the pacakges to find blouses, petticoats and undergarments to match their sarees. Both Khushi and Payal looked at the undergarments in shock at first.

Khushi: Jiji I can't wear this.

Payal: And you think I can.

Khushi had a lacy blue set of undergarments while Payal had a purple set. Meera knocked on the bedroom door to see if they were ready. Khushi and Payal hid what they were holding.

Khushi: Come in.

Meera: Ma'am why aren't you ready yet?

Khushi: We ummm…

Meera: Ma'am please sir will be mad if I don't do what he has asked.

Khushi: But these….

Meera looked at what they were looking at and was about to laugh when she realised who she was going to laugh at.

Meera: Ma'am they go well with the saree's. Please ma'am do hurry as your husband ASR will kill me. Akash sir may not but I don't think even he will be pleased.

Khushi and Payal heard how she was pleading, indicated to meera for her to leave and they both started getting ready. Once they were ready they went outside the bedroom where meera immediately checked everything was a perfect fit on both girls. She couldn't believe that the measurements she was given alongside the designs to get the two sarees made fast were so accurate. Once she was done the make-up artist (Seema) and hairstylist (Riya) looked at both girls and started writing down on their pads what they needed to get from the stores (if they didn't have them in their own cases) to use on the girls. Once everyone was done meera looked at both Khushi and Payal.

Meera: Ma'am you can go change back but we will be back tomorrow to help you get ready for the fashion show tomorrow.

With that they left. Khushi and Payal went back to go get changed. By the time they had changed Arnav and Akash had come back with a bag each but before either Khushi or Payal could ask what they had Arnav took both parcels went to his bedroom and hid them. Arnav then came out and he knew he needed to start explaining what was going on.

Arnav: Khushi, Payal please sit down we need to talk.

Payal and Khushi sat next to each other on one sofa while Arnav and Akash sat opposite them on the other sofa.

Arnav: Right tomorrow as you both know is the fashion show. Now I know you have been with us for three months but you have only seen our home life and some of what we do at the office especially you Khushi. You have worked at AR for a while but this is only the everyday things. What you to may not realise how our fashion shows are the biggest in the country plus there will be a whole hoard of the media around. I have made sure that they will not approach either of you. Actually I never thought either of you would need to deal with this so soon. Tomorrow you will see a lot which you are not used to. Please do not fret Akash and I will be there the whole time with you and whatever you do please do not talk to anyone you have not been introduced to.

Khushi: Arnavji why can't we talk to people.

Arnav: Khushi I know what I am saying. My family and I are used to you and you are used to our family but the people you will meet tomorrow are not. They don't know you so please do not speak to anyone unless you have been introduced and once you're introduced if they ask questions answer them but do not carry on with your chatter especially you Khushi.

Khushi heard him and gave him an angry look. Arnav saw that and carried on.

Arnav: Look Khushi most of the people who are going to be there are business associates and their wives. I would rather the pair of you stay with Akash and me because I don't want them to upset either one of you.

Khushi's look of anger suddenly went to surprise to appreciation that Arnav really cared for her. Khushi and Payal then looked at one another are were a bit apprehensive about the next day after that. Both Arnav and Akash sensed it and both stood up and went to sit next to their wives. Both of them then took their wives hands in their own which made Khushi and Payal turn to face Arnav and Akash. Khushi and Payal looked at their husbands and saw a strength in them and assurance that they will not let them go through tomorrow alone.

The rest of the evening they stayed in Arnav and Khushi's room. While Khushi and Payal watched tv in the bedroom Akash and Arnav were either on the phone or on their own laptops working. They had their meal soon after and about 9 o'clock Akash and Payal went to their room. Arnav and Khushi then got ready for bed but even with the pillows in the middle of the bed neither of them could sleep. Arnav due to what had happened the previous night and Khushi due to her being afraid she may end up in Arnav's arm's again. Arnav then turned around and saw that even Khushi wasn't asleep. They looked at each other knowing full well why they couldn't sleep.

Arnav: Khushi it is going to be a long day tomorrow so why aren't you asleep.

Khushi: I….i'm scared.

Arnav: Of what?

Khushi: Well if I go to sleep you may pull me towards you.

Arnav: ME? You were the one who came this side on your own.

Khushi was surprised to hear this but then remembered she did that sometimes with her jiji when they were in sleeping in the same bed.

Khushi: Oh! Well! Ummm……I always sleep like that. How could you know? We have never slept in the same bed until last night.

Arnav just looked at her.

Arnav: I know that. You don't need to remind me.

Saying that he turned around to try and fall asleep but he still couldn't neither could Khushi.

Khushi: Arnavji are you asleep?

Arnav didn't answer.

Khushi: Arnavji I….I can't sleep.

Arnav turned around again to face her.

Arnav: Neither can I. Khushi last night…..I haven't slept like I slept last night in a long time.

Khushi was surprised to hear this. Khushi then surprised herself and surprised him when she moved the pillows of the bed herself. She slightly towards Arnav but she was still scared. Arnav saw she was a little scared.

Arnav: Khushi trust me. Nothing will happen that you don't want.

She looked into those chocolate brown eyes and saw his sincerity. She became a bit braver and moved even closer. He then allowed her to come to him. She placed her hand on his chest and her head on his shoulder. She let him put his arms around him and the both of them felt as though they had finally come home. She looked up at him and he kissed her forehead before she placed her head back on his shoulder. Arnav made sure he put the alarm on and pretty soon they both fell into a sweet slumber.

Like I have said I can't do this everyday. So please do comment.

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First of all I'm extremely sorry I haven't been Able to comment on this story for so long!!Confused BUT! I'm here now- so- 

A Long overdue Applause for you Hon! *Stands up and claps , hard*Clap This is one incredible story- and you've written it really, really well.

And They slept soundly in each other's arms!!! Awww!!!Day Dreaming

Again. Beautiful and very very cute story you've got here! And I promise I'll comment more regularly from now on- but even if I don't- know that you've got a regular reader and fan in me!!Big smile


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meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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awesome update
loved it
so cute
waiting eagerly for fashion show part

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smileyhug7679 IF-Dazzler

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Wow both on a ur disturbed sleep
Very nice

So Arnav is very caring liking it 

Oh gosh he designed the lingerie for Payal
Oh man would l I've to see her expression...

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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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superb .. both the parts were well written.. & such quick updates as well ...

thnx for the pm

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ClapClapthanks.awesome.brillaint.great job...please update sooon...ClapClap

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wonderful update



Loved it 

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