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FF: Thier six month marriage (updated page 147) (Page 111)

dazzling_glory IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2012 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Update was too good
Glad that Arnav has decided to take khushi to Mumbai along with him. shyam cannot be trusted even for a second
please continue soon

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I know I know. I haven't updated in days which I am sorry for but the episodes for the past week have been great especially today's.
Hmmm still dreaming! Day Dreaming
Anyhow back to this FF and here's the next chapter.

Chapter 32

The day of their trip had finally arrived. Arnav had asked Aman to get a private jet hired for the four of them to travel on and to also make sure their hotel rooms were booked. Aman had confirmed everything was ready.

Both Khushi and Payal had packed everything they needed the night before.

They were going to Mumbai in the morning as they needed to get checked in at the hotel, plus Arnav and Akash needed to head out to the fashion show venue to make sure everything was in place for the show in two days time.

It was around 10 in the morning when they got to Delhi airport. Anjali, nani, mami and mama had come to send them off at the airport. Shyam had avoided the whole thing. Arnav was glad about that.

Once the family had gone back to Shantivan all four had made their way through the airport where Arnav had already phoned ahead to make sure security took them straight through to the private jet. Khushi and Payal were led by both Arnav and Akash towards the plane making sure they were ok. Once onto the plane both Khushi and Payal were in shock. They just stood near the door and stared. They inside of the jet had a cream colour carpet with cream colour leather seats and reddish brown cushions on all the seats. The interior of the plane was also cream.

Arnav and Akash were used to jets and planes but this was the first time both Khushi and Payal had been on a plane. They were in awe. Arnav and Akash saw their wives expressions. Arnav thought unbelievable while Akash just smiled.

Arnav: Khushi, Payal can you go inside and sit down so the pilot can leave.

Khushi and Payal came out of their trance and walked in. They both sat down. While Payal felt a bit apprehensive Khushi looked out of the window and was looking outside at everything.  The seating was in a way that both couples could face each other. Arnav and Akash took their seats, put their seat belts on and asked their wives to put theirs on. Once everyone was seated Arnav indicated to the stewardess to ask the pilot to take off. When the plane was moving neither Khushi nor Payal would realise what would happen next. As they ascended automatically Khushi and Payal started praying. They were both scared as this was their first ever flight. Arnav and Akash just saw the expressions on their wives faces and as both of them had their hands clutched to the sides of the seats neither Arnav nor Akash could reach their hands.

Arnav: Khushi open your eyes and look at me.

Khushi nodded a no.

Arnav slightly annoyed: Khushi open your eyes.

Khushi opened her eyes very slowly still praying.

Arnav: Reach out and hold my hand.

Khushi slowly moved her hand towards Arnav and grabbed it. Using his thumb he started rubbing the back of her palm to calm her down while looking at her. Khushi looked at what he was doing then looked at him. As she looked into his eyes she saw concern and him indicating to her to calm down. The more he rubbed the back of her hand in a circular motion the more she started to relax. Akash had also done the same with Payal. As soon as the plane was in the air both Khushi and Payal relaxed. It was good the flight was only for 1 hour and 40 minutes long. On descending at Mumbai it was a lot better.

Once they got to Mumbai airport of course Arnav had organized for security to get them to the car he had hired for them to take them to the hotel. Khushi and Payal wondered why all this security at this time. What both girls didn't know was that Arnav had got wind that the media were waiting for them at Mumbai as both Akash and he had gotten married and nobody had seen pictures of either of their wives. He was trying to avoid the media circus which he knew was going to happen at the show the next day. He had already called the hotel making sure that there was no sign of any one from the media around. He had also made sure the limo being sent by the hotel had tinted windows so nobody knew who was in the car. They drove right pass the media without them realising. Arnav breathed a sigh of relief.

Akash: Bhai was that….

Arnav: Akash we will talk about this later.

They were staying at the Taj palace hotel in Mumbai. Once they got to the hotel they had the hotel staff take their luggage while Arnav got them checked in. Khushi and Payal just looked around at the hotel. They had seen the exterior as they were driving in and now the interior just looked as beautiful as the exterior. They just couldn't believe how big it was. Once Arnav had their keys the hotel staff showed them to their rooms. They headed towards a huge flight of stairs where Khushi just looked at it and upwards where she saw the stairs spiral upwards. Arnav and Akash managed to coax their wives into following them to their rooms. Both of their suites were next to each other.

Once inside the suites the bell boy had put the luggage in the rooms and walked out. In both rooms Khushi and Payal were in awe. While Akash took Payal around there room to show her everything Khushi at first stood very still as she had walked in to the room. She stepped in the living room of their presidential suite looking around. She saw the beautiful reds, creams and browns of furniture around the room. The high rise ceiling had a beautiful chandelier in the middle of the room. A huge mirror was on one wall while a huge plasma tv was the central point of the room. The windows were had beautiful hand woven gold draperies. She then headed towards the bedroom where a huge bed was placed in the middle of the room while on the wall opposite was another plasma tv. She then opened the door in the room to see the on suite bathroom. She saw the whole bathroom was made from white marble. The bathroom had a big oval shaped bath in the middle with a mirror covering half the wall towards one side just above the two sinks place either side a cupboard. She then came out to walk of the on suite and out of the bathroom in to the living room. She then made her way towards side opening towards the balcony where she could see the gateway of india and beyond. She then went to find Arnav who was just watching his wife being memorized by the whole room. All of a sudden ran towards him and hugged him with a huge smile on her face. Arnav went slightly off balance when she plunged into him but he regained his balance quickly and hugged her back.

Khushi: Thank you.

Arnav was confused as to why she said that. He put his hands on her shoulder and moved her away to look into her eyes.

Arnav: What for?

Khushi: Nothing specific just thank you.

Arnav thought this girl is really going to drive me mad. Khushi then went towards the luggage and went to pick them up when Arnav grabbed them and took them into the bedroom. Khushi just followed. Once the luggage was in the room Khushi started unpacking while Arnav went into the washroom. Once he had freshened up he got on the phone to call Akash.

Arnav: Akash we need to head out to the venue.

Akash: Ok bhai.

Arnav: There is still a lot to be done before the show. Meet you outside your room in ten minutes.

Saying that he put the phone down. He looked at Khushi.

Arnav: Khushi I will back as soon as I can but we have a busy few days ahead of us. If you feel lonely Payal and Akash's room is just next door and Payal will be there. Ok?

Khushi: Ok. Ummm……What about lunch?

Arnav: Akash and I will grab something there. You and Payal can order room service.

Khushi: Arnavji…..ummm…

Arnav looked at her and had forgotten she has never stayed at a hotel to order room service. Of course she knew how to order at restaurants but this was her first time in the hotel. He got up and went to the phone on the side table next to the bed. He called her over and showed her what to do. She understood. He also told her that as they were in the presidential suite they had their own personal chef who will make anything she wanted. Khushi was surprised at this. Before Arnav left he showed Khushi how to get into the room as the door have key cards. Once he made sure she knew what needed to be known he was on the phone making sure that the hire was already at the hotel. As soon as he knew this he went out, grabbed Akash and went to the venue.

Khushi went towards the door with her room key and went outside to try for herself whether or not she could get in. She failed the first few times but she finally managed to get the hang of it. So she went to Payal's room to show her what she had learned but Payal herself had been also been shown by Akash.

Around lunch time they ordered room service and decided to talk about the morning they had and what they wanted to do for the rest of the week.

As soon as Arnav and Akash had got to the venue for the fashion show which was being held at Andheri  sports complex(same place they had star parivaar awards) Arnav and Akash got busy talking to various members of staff to make sure everything was ready for the show. They had lunch while they were there.

It was about 9 before they got back to the hotel. The pair of them were tired. Arnav called up Khushi to see where she was and found her to be with Payal. Akash and he went into Akash and Payal's room and they ordered room service. By the time food had come and they had eaten the time was around 10:30. Arnav and Khushi bid good night to the other two and went to their room. Once they had left both Payal and Akash got ready for bed and fell asleep.

They got into their room and headed towards the bedroom. Arnav got his clothes first and headed to the washroom. When he got out Khushi went in. when she got out Arnav was checking his phone for messages from aman. He had his back up against the headboard and his legs stretched out on the bed. Khushi just stared at him then realised there was no other place for him to sleep. Of course there were the couches outside but they didn't look that comfortable. She gulped realising the situation she was in. she headed towards the cupboard and found some spare blankets and pillows. She took them out and was heading out towards the living room. Arnav looked at what she was doing.

Arnav: Khushi where are you going?

Khushi: To sleep on the couch in the living room.

Arnav: Why?

Khushi couldn't think of an answer. Arnav could see her apprehension. He needed to do something. He couldn't let her sleep outside nor was he going to.

Arnav: Khushi stop being stupid and get on the bed. There is plenty of room.

Khushi: No I don't want to.

Arnav: Well that does prove it.

Khushi: Prove what?

Arnav: That you are scared of me. Always have been and always will be.

Khushi getting angry: What me scared of you? Never.

Arnav smirking: Oh really? Prove it.

Khushi: How?

Arnav: You sleep here with me tonight.

Khushi couldn't believe she just got railroaded into that. Hey devi maiyya why do I always have to accept his challenges she thought. She then placed the blanket and pillow back into the cupboard and turned around to look at him.

Khushi: Ok fine I will but I want to sleep on the right side.

Arnav: No way. This is the side I sleep on.

Khushi: So do I.

Arnav: Well you usually sleep on this side at home so it is my turn. Now Khushi get into bed I'm really tired and there is a lot to do in the next day and a half.

Khushi was still apprehensive so Arnav got up went to get the extra pillows and placed them in the middle of the bed.

Arnav: Now is that better.

Khushi just nodded and went to the bed and slept on her side. After a while they both fell asleep but Arnav was woken up an hour later to find that in her sleep Khushi had managed to move the pillows and come over to his side. He found her hand over him while her leg was over his. He couldn't believe it. He was about to try and move her back but then saw her sleeping peacefully. So instead he placed his arm around her and pulled her towards him. She was still fast asleep. He placed her head carefully on his shoulder. Her hand instinctively went on his chest and she had grabbed his collar in her fist. Arnav then placed his cheek near her head and had placed his arms around her. After a while he fell in to a sweet deep sleep. If Arnav had been able to see Khushi's face a sweet smile had appeared on her lips. They ended up sleeping in each other's arms. One knowingly the other unknowingly.

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Great updateThumbs Up

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awesome update
loved it

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Awesome update 
Awww sooo cute :P
Loved it loadz <3 

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wonderful update


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Great update!!!! thx for the pm!!!

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