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FF: Thier six month marriage (updated page 147) (Page 106)

Olive_Rose IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
OMG that was one cute updateBig smile!! The Rose and then the kiss just adorableDay Dreaming

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Originally posted by -JollyJabeen-

How cute was that update!?

Like llterally. 

Awww! Nothing registered into my brain after the kiss!LOL

That was just the best! Like ever!Embarrassed

LOVED it<3
Thank you
I love that loved the kiss.LOL

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Originally posted by MrsRaizada101

DancingHe kissed her and he was romantic for once!!! Party
I'm in like heaven now because that update was so beautiful!! LOVED IT! Heart

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rashika IF-Rockerz

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Hey all I will not be able to update tomorrow as I am not going to be home much. I hope you all like this chapter.

Chapter 27

Khushi was heading towards the kitchen still smiling then it struck her. What have I done? I just let him win. Oh no! Not again but wait I wanted him to didn't I? Confusion took over her again. She headed down in silence thinking about the day's events. Jalebi's, chat, bangles and the ROSE.  Arnavji bought me all of these. She realised she very much liked the way her husband was becoming. She headed towards the kitchen to help her sister with dinner.

Arnav was still staring at the door when he had realised he won the challenge. A few days ago he had been thinking if he made her jealous he would have certainly won but now he thought just a small gesture like this and she caved. His mind started thinking all sorts but realising he was still holding his laptop he put it on the table and tried to get on with some work but of course he could not concentrate. His mind was on one person and one person only. Khushi. His wife. He ended up thinking about the afternoon and actually smiled.

Later on.

Anjali was in her room and was near the calendar looking at the dates. She was dreading what was going to happen in a few days. Her and Arnav's mum's birthday was around the corner and she knew what Arnav was like. She was very worried at what he may do. It was good that he had gone away for a number of years but now he was married. She was very worried this year. Normally she would try to make him stay but he never did. She knew why but this year it was worrying her. At that moment Khushi came to her room to call her for dinner. Khushi saw Anjali near the calendar. She walked up to Anjali and saw her worried face.

Khushi: Di what's wrong?

Anjali: Nothing Khushiji. Just thinking.

Khushi: About what?

Anjali: Maa.

Khushi understood straight away. She had been through the same sorrow herself just like these two but she had babuji, amma and Payal to pull her out of her misery. She admired Anjali that that kind of sorrow didn't stop her from smiling but what about Arnav. To Khushi it seemed as though he kept his sorrow inside of him.

Khushi: Di I can understand.

Anjali knew Khushi could. What the pair of them didn't realise was that Arnav had heard the whole thing.

About half an hour ago Arnav had finally got some work done coming out of thinking about Khushi. He finished and then went to the washroom. Once out he remembered he wanted to go and speak to his di. Little did he know he was about to walk in on the conversation that he did. Once he heard his sister say Maa he walked back to his room and paced around. He knew what he was like around his mother's birthday. His temper would normally flare up at anybody who came up to him before he had the means to pay for him to get out of town. He hated being anywhere near home around his mum's birthday but then he thought about Khushi. It's not her fault. What do I do? I can't let her see me at this time. She has seen my temper enough times but I can't put her through this. Not again but I can't leave. Damn! What am I going to do? He stopped pacing, sat back down on his recliner and put his head back with his eyes closed not knowing what to do.

Khushi had left Anjali's room and was worried. She had a feeling Arnav was very close to his mum but she didn't know the whole story yet. She went to her room and saw Arnav on the recliner. She knew he was thinking about something but what she didn't know.

Khushi: Arnavji.

Arnav opened his eyes to look at her. He was mesmerized. Her eyes just use to catch him. Khushi could feel him gazing at her but she was looking for some sign to what he was thinking about. Arnav made a decision then and there.

Khushi: Arnavji dinner's ready.

Arnav: Khushi come here I need to talk to you.

Khushi came over. She stood next to him. Arnav got up to look at her.

Arnav: Khushi I need to go away for a few days. I know you will have a lot of questions but please I will not be able to answer them yet.

Khushi did look at him quizzical but knew not to argue. She had had the best afternoon she could ever remember and she didn't want to spoil the mood. She just nodded. Arnav cupped her face and kissed her forehead as a thank you for understanding. He looked at her and her at him. They both headed out of the room towards the stairs to go join the family for dinner. Everyone was already there.  As soon as they got the dining table Arnav informed everyone he was going away for a few days.

Anjali worrying: Chote why? You know you don't need to.

Arnav: I know di but I have to. Please understand.

Shyam: Rani sahiba if sale sahib wants to go let him. We will look after Khushiji.

Khushi and Payal exchanged looks. Arnav saw the look in Shyam's eyes. Damn if I go what about Khushi. I am not leaving here with him.

Arnav: Actually Khushi is going to her parents while I'm gone. She misses them so she is staying there. I will drop her off there before I go and pick her up on the way back.

Khushi was surprised at this. Shyam was pissed off.

Nani: That's a good idea. Khushi bitiya come see me later. I would like to give you some things for your family.

Khushi just nodded. Both Payal and Khushi carried on serving everyone food. Once they finished they sat down themselves each next to their husbands and had their food. Khushi had done what Naniji had told her went and went to her room. Once she got everything she went to her room. Arnav knew Khushi would have questions.

Arnav: Khushi I know what you are thinking but you yourself said that you were missing your family. So I thought while I was gone you can go stay with them. Is that ok with you?

Khushi smiling: yes.

Arnav was relieved that she agreed with this. Arnav moved towards her.

Arnav: Khushi about earlier. Did you kiss me to thank me or did can I think you lost my challenge?

Khushi: I'..i '..didn't lose.

Arnav smirking: Oh really. Then who kissed whom?

Khushi knew she was cornered but she still didn't want to let him know he had won.

Khushi slightly angry: I didn't lose.

Arnav smirking: That means it was a thank you.

Khushi's eyes widen in shock when she realised what he was saying. Either he had won or she kissed him as a thank you. She was stuck. Arnav could tell she was thinking what to say.

Arnav: Think it over for the next days and I will get my answer when I get back.

He then moved the recliner near the bed and lay down. Khushi was still perplexed. She then went to the washroom and changed. Once out of the washroom she went to the bad to go to sleep not looking at Arnav. Arnav just smirked at her reaction. She couldn't sleep. Neither could he. She turned her head to see him looking at her. She turned back. Arnav fell asleep after a while knowing he had seen her face before going to bed. Once he was asleep Khushi carefully turned around. She knew she couldn't sleep without seeing him as well. She looked at him and smiled. After a while she slowly fell asleep.

Next morning both were up, got ready and packed. After breakfast Arnav took Khushi to GH. Once he had helped her take everything to the house he left. Khushi went inside and got into conversation with her family. They inquired how everyone was and why Arnav didn't stay back. Khushi made up an excuse as she herself didn't know the whole story. Her family were satisfied and then went onto other subjects.

How the days had passed no one knew.

Arnav was at the airport going through the baggage checks. He was back from London. The whole time he had been there his thoughts were only on Khushi. How he missed her. He couldn't believe how the whole time while he was there every time he thought about his past he would close his eyes and see Khushi's smile. Once he saw her beautiful smiling face cloud his thought his anger would subside and he would have a smile on his face. He realised something while he was in London. It was high time he told Khushi about his past. He knew a lot about hers so she deserved to know about his. With that thought in his head he couldn't wait to see Khushi again. He went out to the arrivals where his driver was waiting. Once he got into the car he asked Mohan to take him to Gupta House. He was dying to see Khushi but instead of the Gupta house Mohan took him to the hospital.

Arnav: What the'.? Mohan why the hell are we here?

Mohan: Arnav bhaiya I was told to bring you here.

Arnav: Who said that?

Mohan: Anjali di.

Arnav panicked why had his di asked Mohan to bring him here. He got out and went towards the entrance. As soon as he went inside he saw Anjali and was relieved that nothing had happened to his sister.

Arnav: Di why are we here?

Anjali: Chote'. Khushiji?

Arnav was now really panicking.

Arnav: What's happen Di? What's happen to Khushi di? Please tell me.

Anjali: No Chote. Nothing has happened to Khushiji. Her and Payal's babuji has been admitted.

Arnav: What? Where are they?

Anjali: Come I will take you there.

Anjali got hold of his arm and went with Arnav. Arnav was really worried. He knew how close Khushi was to her babuji and how the last time she had broken down. He wanted to be beside her. Once they got to the room the whole family turned around to see Arnav with Anjali but his eyes just darted towards Khushi. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. To him it seemed like she hadn't slept. He wanted to go near her and say everything was going to be ok. Something he never said the last time round.

The doctor came in and saw the amount of people.

Doctor: Everyone please the patient needs his rest. There can only be family only.

Arnav: We are family doctor.

Doctor was surprised to see ASR there. Khushi looked at Arnav and she felt happy he had said that.

Arnav: Doctor Can I have a word outside.

Khushi looked at him wondering what he was going to say. She looked back at her father who was looking at her. Khushi got up and went outside. She started looking for Arnav and the doctor. As she had been hear overnight with the rest of family she pretty much knew where the doctor's office was. She headed towards there and saw the doctor and Arnav speaking.

Arnav: What's wrong with him?

Doctor: Nothing just an anxiety attack. Nothing serious but in his condition we didn't want to take the risk. So he has been here overnight for observation.

Arnav: Doctor I would like to speak to you about his treatment. I mean he did have stroke and I wonder what the best possible treatment there is available.

The doctor went on to explain what can be done but it was gonna be costly. Arnav didn't care about that. What he cared about was the fact his wife his Khushi had been crying and he would do anything to stop her from crying. The doctor gave him the number to the specialist clinic that dealt with stroke patients and went to his office. Khushi had heard the whole conversation. She was crying even harder now. Arnav turned and saw her there crying. He walked up towards her. She looked at him still crying. He cupped her face and wiped her tears with his thumbs. Suddenly she hugged him. Her tears didn't stop.  Instead they flowed even more. He slowly put his arms around her and bought her closer to him. His one arm around her waist. His other arm on her head slowly caressing her hair. He put his head on her head while she cried into his chest.

 Arnav: Ssshhh! Khushi. Everything is going to be alright. You will see. Please stop crying.

After hugging her and caressing her hair Khushi finally calmed down. Arnav didn't let her go. She felt perfect in his arms. Khushi just stayed there hugging him. She felt nice and safe. He made her feel safe. Neither of them knew how long they were standing there.

Arnav: Come on Khushi. Let's go to your father.

He then lead her back to the room where everyone was waiting.

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Really cute update!

Awww it was a wonderful beggining! Hmmm i wonder if we'll find out about Arnav's past in your update?Embarrassed And OMG that was so unexpected! Arnavv going out and than Khushi's babuji! Dammnn!

Loving the turn of events though!Wink

Excited for the next chapter, Update soon!

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Originally posted by -JollyJabeen-

Really cute update!

Awww it was a wonderful beggining! Hmmm i wonder if we'll find out about Arnav's past in your update?Embarrassed And OMG that was so unexpected! Arnavv going out and than Khushi's babuji! Dammnn!

Loving the turn of events though!Wink

Excited for the next chapter, Update soon!
I love your comments. They are always so sweet. By the way can't wait for you to update your FF.
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Great update
loved it
thanks for pm
cont. soon

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